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What do you do with a woman you order online to be a live in girlfriend who cooks and cleans if you are dissatisfied?

There is no return policy. The damn website is shut down now. No return address. The girl doesn't even speak English. Wtf can I do to get my money back? I'm mean, in theory

i steal from the store that i work at. i know i shouldn't, and i feel guilty about it, but i do it anyway. i don't even need the shit that i take. kinda pathetic really.

one time i had sex at a dairy queen

that girl has like 3 fuc*ing kids now

god i love making america great again

i just got out of a 3 year relationship... we forced to break up by her parents and i dont think she fought for me enough and she handled the whole break up pretty badly, leaving me on the bitter side of things... when i think of it im pretty sure i dont want to go back... but then all my lonliness keeps creeping in and making me insecure and depressed.

im not really in the mode to go out and get more girls... but i dont want her back either... im just feeling so down...

i met my husband when i was two, he was five. i knew i was going to be his wife in the first grade. he walked me to and from the bus stop, drove me to school and back, waited for me after ballet class, ate my spaghetti, took me to prom, taught me to drive, watched me graduate, kissed me, walked with me, listened to me complain, helped me up the hill, belts me in the car, whispers his love for me, holds my hand, and took me as his wife the week after i finished college. one year down (not counting the 20 year courtship) and counting.

i'm retired now and no longer have to pass urine tests, so a few weeks ago i went to denver for a few days and smoked pot for the first time in 34 years. had some diesel kush and ate some edibles. it was freaking amazing to get high again and not be the least bit concerned about it. when will the texas wake up and legalize it? i think thousands of lives would be saved from the scourge of alcohol alone.

hey my future husband how does it feel to know that you'll never know that your angel was molested from age 5-13 and again at 20. do it make her unclean? unlovable? broken beyond repair? how does it feel?

the russians are coming for me

if i go missing you know what happened

tells TWB I love her

i rip the dead skin off my feet and eat it.

i definitely click with the boys in our family more than the girls. girls are so prissy and sassy.

if you could go back in time knowing what you know now, would you still experience that great love affair knowing the great pain and heartache it would bring or would you spare yourself.

i am "working from home" today. to perfect this one must kill all social media which will betray your location or pleasures. like when i am at the lake on my boat i will not take a selfie.

no matter what has happened or how much i deny it, i do in fact have low self-esteem, feel like no one wants to hang out with me in college, and possibly more. i hate it. i want to feel better and make changes but not sure how. i always feel like something is wrong because you know what i could feel ten times better.

it is really hard to love myself when i don't get the attention i feel i deserve from men. i know that seems crazy and superficial. i want to think that i'm really pretty, but maybe i'm not...

i have had unsafe sex more then i'd like to admit to...

i wear children cartoon pj's and i am over 35 years old...

i love both sides of my family, but i think my dad's side is way better than my mom's. my dad's side is loving, successful, humble, and genuine. my mom's side is materialistic and full of delusional people. they think so highly of themselves, but anyone else can see they don't have it as together as they try to make it seem they do.

when i get really drunk, my boyfriend lets his friends grope and fondle me. at first, i was ashamed and disgusted, but then his hot friend that i have always secretly fantasized about did it. now i put up with all the others just for the times when it's his turn.

i've literally been living in existentialism for like 5 years now and i don't know how to stop it and everything freaks me out like fucking hell i'm so done with this but there's nothing i can do

i was seeing a weird therapist years and years ago who was suggesting i was my grandmother in re-incarnate more then 100 years ago... well that is nice dear! that is nice!