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I've been really depressed lately, but that's not the point. Today I genuinely smiled because while doing laundry today, as I was walking back to my apartment, this beautiful stray cat I've seen around for months finally came up to me and started rubbing against my leg and pushing its head up against my hand as cats do. As cheesy as it sounds it felt like an anime scene, for those of you familiar. I was so touched by this little moment I started cryin of joy, because I had finally smiled out of something pure, by my own volition, and not just to be polite or whatever. Idk i just really felt like writing it down, it's too insignificant to say to anyone I know, but it means a lot to me.

I have a friend that I've become really close to recently. We play games together online, and text a lot. I've started to develop feelings for him. However, he's a lot older than me (I'm 24 and he's 35), and lives across the country from me. We will probably never live in the same place, and I've been rejected so many times before that I don't want to get let down and lose a friend.

My boyfriend made me hate the gay community.

I'm a gay man. So was my ex. We had a lovely two-year relationship, though we often argued about politics and whether or not to open our relationship. I was against, he was for.

We broke up at the start of this year. He said I was freak in the gay community, that wanting a monogamous relationship was akin to rape. He said that I shouldn't be hurt by his decision to cheat on me, because the concept of cheating itself is 'alt-right' and 'caveman'. He said I was bigoted for not wanting to have sex with someone with AIDS. Our mutual friendgroup agreed with him. All gay.

I want a monogamous relationship. I want to eventually marry. I am not interested in casual sex. This apparently makes me a pariah in a community where nothing seems to matter but sex. I hate the gay community. I hate the rainbows, I hate the fetish-y parades, I hate the lisp, I hate the sass. I'm a normal guy who can only love guys, but being normal is seen as being fuc*** up in a community where it's normal to fuc* people the day you meet them.

I recently dumped my ex boyfriend by telling him that he made me realize I was a lesbian. Then right after I left him for my female best friend. (: I don’t regret a thing. He only ever saw me as a baby maker and some shitty housewife who’s only responsibility was to make him meals. He was the most irresponsible person I knew. Instead of actually paying bills/rent he’d splurge out on videogames and when we were about to be kicked out of our home he said we’d live in his car.
Call me a bitch, but I don’t care.
Now that I left him I can actually work and make that coin. I also got a gorgeous new girlfriend and one less problem to worry about (;

I feel anxious about food, specifically about throwing up.

I think it started when I got a bad stomach flu the summer before high school. There was lots of bad stomach pains and I couldn't eat much. I ended up passing out in the bathroom once. After that, I was scared of every feeling in my stomach and refused to eat unless I was home for about 6 months. For the next 3 years everything was fine.

I think it started again once I got to college. A smell made me quesy and it made me nauseous. I threw up in the bathroom twice. I felt worried that something was wrong again and hyperventilated in the bathroom until someone called 911 because I was close to fainting. The medics put an oxygen mask on me and took me to the hospital. The doctor said I was fine physically.

Summer came and I got food poisoning in Vietnam. For about a month afterwards, anything that smelled like food made me gag even though I was starving. I had to force myself to eat. My roommate was sataying veggies with garlic and I threw up even though I was in a different room. However, I made food with garlic and could eat it. I didn't eat much though. Eventually I became comfortable with my own cooking but Would avoid eating out in case I throw up.

Now I get pangs of anxiety while eating out that come and go. I try to power through them to force myself to eat and get better/be normal. I am fine eating outside food by myself, but I sometimes get nervous when someone else is there.

When I get anxious I feel quesy, and when I get quesy I get anxious. I hope this feeling fades or that I can gather the courage to tell a professional and seek help.

I think in bold and the beautiful tv soap there are a few secrets to come out, like I am sure katey is Eriks daughter and that is why he has never slept with her. Also I think that Bill all along wanted to get with Hope because she was so pure and all he is not and she is the only Logan girl he has not slept with which could mean he is her father. and also do we really know Steph was with Bill? I wouldn't be surprised that it turns out that Bill is her father and that is why Stephies mother was so evil trying to kill him and the hate she has for Brooke kind of adds up. And it might turn out Stephies baby is Bills and that will shock them all and they will have to cover up a complete incestous thing and she will go back to him because if they did sleep together they have had a strange bond the whole time and more alike in blood then liam is to Bill ? Liam might turn out to be Ridges son or someone elses. and what if Hopes baby is to someone else as well? like Dwyete? Liams so called brother? She might have thought he was Liam and had a drug over doze.

Currently, Im 13 and I enjoy the pain of others. Im that one quiet girl but really fuc*** in the head. I'd be the most likly to shoot up a school. (Don't worry, I really wouldn't.) If i ever did though, I wouldn't want to shot anybody. I'd rather shot at people and chase them without hitting them. See i'd rather cause trama and meantal scarring than physical pain. I don;t know, I like it better that way. I just love the fear and pain of others, but it's not out of control. Like if I saw knew you just got raped, im not gonna laugh. That's fuc*** up. Laughing at that and the act of rape.

Last year when I was twelve, I had depression. I just wouldn't addmit that I was depressed. I didn't have any close frineds, people from the year before never talked to me, I sat alone andnever had anyone to support me.
Well, I had my family but I didn't want to invlove them in my mess of fuc*** up emotions But the thing that had pushed me to the egde was that I wasn't feeling anything.
It was like my emotions had been dampened and were gone. It was driving me insane that I couldn't enjoy anything. The closest i got was from reading so I would read every day and night and passout at 3 in the moring or pull alnighters and go to school like nothing was wrong. Days would pass by so fast and I couldn't rember anything that happened in the day. After (a long time) that, I tried to kill myself.
The overdoze didn't work of cousre, but my parents still never found out. I feeling better than before and im kinda glad I didn't die. I kinda want to watch my little sister grow up, y'know?

My cousin once removed is the coolest most beautiful person ive ever known, we are best friends but i wish we could be more. I dont think she woulf but now im more confused than ever since we have cuddled all might 3 or 4 times in the last weel or so and she sometimes scoots back into me and doesnt stop me from holding her breast when i spoon her. I need to get over it because im only going to get hurt. How do i get over this?

i have a problem and i would like to hear from other women. i started with anal sex in my early twenties. i am 34 now. i am having a problem with anal seepage. i wipe, i am sure i am clean. but later i have marks on my panties as if i didn't wipe correctly. it is every time now. i had my husband install a bidet in our house. i use it. i am clean when use the bathroom, but later i am always not clean. it is an embarrassment to have skid marks on my panties. could this be because i have anal sex?

Years ago when I was in high school we were in the showers after football practice. This one guy was a nut, a sick practical joker. He suddenly dropped down to the shower floor and laying on his back, pulled his legs back with his arms. Then, a huge shit started arching out of his ass and onto the floor. Everybody started shouting in disgust and running for the exit. The smell hit instantly because of the heavy steam, and this other guy immediately started vomiting. It was insane. I’m not sure what made me think of this again, but it was gross and hilarious at the same time.

I can’t concentrate today. I just keep thinking about later tonight when his mouth will be all over me and I can ride him again. Hard. God I want to f3ck him so bad right now. I want to feel him inside me and grip his c9ck with my wet, pulsing p3ssy. I want to feel him climax inside me and then again when I suck his c9ck. I want to tell him that his c9ck is perfect, that it feels so good inside me. I want to feel his tongue running all over me tenderly like he is making love, like he is teasing me to the most glorious orgasm. I want to whisper ‘I’m coming’ breathlessly in his ear as I ride the waves of pleasure into oblivion. And I want to fall asleep in his arms in perfect ecstasy.

When I was a schoolboy (many years ago), there was a guy in our class who was never out of trouble, and most of us were scared to get in his way. At the risk of being judgemental, I think he had definite psychiatric issues. One day on the way home, I heard some muffled crying down a quiet back alley, so went to investigate. There was a really quiet girl in the class below ours - a real misfit with no friends - and this ne'er-do-well had her pinned against a wall. It took me a few seconds to realise what was happening - she was wide-eyed, he had his hand over her mouth to muffle her cries, her skirt was rucked up, his pants were round his ankles, her legs were splayed apart and, to my shock, I was treated to the sight of his bare backside clenching and unclenching as he thrust between her legs. He sensed someone was there and muttered at me to "f***off or else". I can still see the look of horror on her face as she realised I was leaving her to suffer her ongoing rape. I watched from the shadows, unseen by either of them, as the sex seemed to go on forever before he finally climaxed. He obviously had her terrified, as she never reported him. On many later occasions, I sneaked down that same backstreet when I saw him dragging her by the arm and, to my undying shame, I often masturbated as I watched the looks of fear, pain and disgust that passed across her face as she succumbed to intercourse. Over time, these were replaced by a dead-eyed thousand-yard-stare throughout the entire sex act, with not even a flicker of a reaction to let you know when she was being penetrated or when he had started ejaculating. It no longer turned me on to watch them, so I stopped following them. A few weeks afterwards, she was taken out of school - the rumour was that she was pregnant.

To this day, I still feel guilty about my reactions. I was a horny adolescent and a physical coward, and I dread to think how many times in total she had to have sex with him over those few months.

This guy Sam stole my parking spot at work, so it was time to take matters into my own hands. First, I issued a fatwa in the form of flyers around the garage, declaring jihad on him. They were taken down by security pretty quick but fortunately it was time to move on to phase two: the mindfuc*. In order to sow discord and make him think his wife was cheating on him, I would call his house and disguising my voice in the Ebonics vernacular, ask for his wife.

Once Kavanugh is confirmed for the Supreme Court, the court will move to legalize groping and date rape within 60 days!

I am Hindu
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My supervisor at work is kinda badass and has an attitude. I have some much agression in me I would love to get into an argument with her and wrestle.
I want to mess things up on purpose so she'll yell at me and physically attack me.

i'm catholic...

Todays lesson: If you find yourself continuously questioning someone's actions then its time to fall back. If not, the you are then allowing that person to make a fool out if you! Enough is enough!

I have a confession to make about my neighbors they horribly embarrass me with they stupidity I can't even compete with their stupidity and they have horrible hygiene and their horrible body odor smells worse than a slaughterhouse were they kill pigs. I'm altogether embarrassed by my own apartment complex. And there's so many reasons that I hate this apartment complex. Because people are so obviously unsanitary that they brought coc*roaches and bed bugs into the place.