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An ex married lover wants to meet me today. We have not seen each other in two years. I used to like seeing him but I fell in love with the last married guy I had an affair with so I don't think I should go see him. I am afraid I will think about the one I am in love with and feel all hurt and crazy. But I need to see other guys to get my mind off of him. Idk what to do. I have men on dating sites that want to meet me but I get scared and don't go. My life sucks. It is not where i want it to be. So I resorted to meeting married men for forbidden sex for excitement. This has to be the worst...being in love with a married man that at one time cared about you, or said and acted like he did, and now just threw me aside to the curb. I should be over this by now. I get better, then I back slide. I know I can never be with him. I hurt so bad. He doesn't know I ever felt this way. My life sucks to begin with and then you add this in. I walk around like a ghost. I have no one to count on, to help me, I just trudge through life. I am extremely depressed, lonely, heartbroken, hate myself for how my life turned out, I am filled with hate and revenge. I miss him so much. How do I get over this?

I feel insecure because my husband's ex seems to be more successful and beautiful than me. She owns a makeup distributor , and a bridal makeup service company. She always look beautiful and stylish. While I am on the other side just a plain woman with zero knowledge about makeup and a salaried worker. My husband loves me and I just happen to know her existence because he told me that she keep shooting his fb inbox everyday. She already married with 3 children. My husband told me that their relationship ended because that woman wants to marry someone equal to her status, so she left him few years before I know my husband. She only started to contact my husband when she knows our marriage. She has been asking around my in laws family about my husband's phone number because she wants to "congratulate" us, but luckily none of them gives the number. I know and I can feel my husband love for me but I still have that insecure feelings.

I pretended to be sick for a year. I missed out on school and friends. I stayed home like a lazy bum. I went to hospitals with top doctors deciving them all. But my test results came back and I am actually very sick. It makes me scared to think it was real. And it is for sure. I have done surgery and more and im still sick. Is it karma? Maybe. But now looking back i wish i enjoyed the times going to school and with friends instead of staying home. Im really stupid, honestly. What should a terrible person like me do? Please i need real answers.

I want to look at pornography right now, but I don't want to feel shitty when I see my girlfirend later.

I hate cardi b and iggy azalia and selena gomez and kadashinans. I hate them. I so hate kayne west. I hate so much on tv now. I just hate it all because its so bad and pathetic.

I am more of a butt man.

i have to confess... i have pure hatred for society, the greed, the selfishness. everyday i wanna see people burn. why should there be billionaires while there are people starving out there..some days i just wanna shoot up a populated area. and kill these filthy pests i share the same air with. but my confession... i have killed 3 people in my lifetime. i do not regret my actions. one was a rapist that killed a little girl. i watched his eyes roll back while he choked to death... i have a constant urge to kill. i stopped feeling human many months ago. now i feel like im becoming the monster i once hated, greed rage and selfishness. i wish i was telling a lie, but im not but i wish i could end this acrimony in my heart and be normal. but all i see is bloodstained hands every night i sleep. voices telling me to die, to kill, reminding me of the rage i have. so to whoever sees this, tell me, who the real monster is, me, or the ones that made me what i am...

Been going without s e x for a bit now ...trying to enjoy my company etc. I would rather do that than be with a dude who thinks he can randomly show up to my apt. Wtf. I am worthy and a good fk you if that doesnt fit with your agenda for the evening.

To Girls! Every single one of you need to understand that it is your job, your duty, and your obligation as a girl to suck dic*. There is no, I dont like doing it, its gross. It is your obligation as a girl to put a mans dic* in your mouth and to suck on it...period.

I'm in love with one of my best friends. Only problem? She has a girlfriend. When I found she had asked out this girl and she said yes I was filled with grief. So, I made up a lie. I told her that my parents are abusive and that I hated them both. Every chance I get I tell more lies to her just to get her attention and compassion. I hate lying to her. I wish I could stop but this has gotten out of hand. If she ever finds out I don't think I could ever show my face to her or my parents ever again. This is a horrible experience.

God me to overcome this heartbreak. I'm supposed to be happy and strong for this daughter of mine while I'm here and around her...but idk if i can hold it together. I'm too hurt. I know that she can sense my hurt and sadness. I don't want her to.

don't youveven realize that it's gonna be even more painful wity you out of my life for good?!

I have no clue what to feel anymore, im constantly torn on finding the strenght to kill myself and finding the will to keep living. i feel like someone and no one. I love myself but i hate myself. Life has never been easy and ive kept so many secrets so no one in my family will get hurt. ive lived a fuc*** up life and for once in my life im in a stable home but ive never been more depressed or felt more sucidal in my entire life. i know i wont kill myself right now but i feel like i will one day, like im just not going to able to stop it. I want to live but each and everday in this horrible suffering i dont know if i can do this everyday. its such a battle to even get out of bed. i work and ill be starting college soon but im scared because i never even thought id get this far. ive never told anyone before. i just cant keep going on feeling this way. i just want to see the world in color. everyrhing is so bleak.

I had always feel like there's something wrong with me. I hate myself and always imagine myself being someone else. I have so much hate inside me even though I tried to hide it.

I still miss him terribly. I get better and then I fall back again. I hate myself when I do this. I almost told his wife anonymously this week. I will never have him again. This is awful. I love him and don't want to hurt him, but then I do want him to hurt like I do. What should I do?

It has been 8 months since I saw this person. At times I feel as if I am forgetting them and then it all comes back to me and I miss them so much it hurts and I cry. I thought this person cared about me and now it is as if they never did and they just threw me away. They have no idea I obsess and can't get them out of my mind. I am at the point where I feel my brain just wants to go into pretend mode, and secretly pretend the person is still in my life. LIke when I go to sleep at night, I pretend the person is with me in bed holding me. I tryed to forget for awhile and I was doing good, and now I had a setback. I can't listen to certain songs, when I drive by certain places, I see this person everywhere!! I don't want to give them up. The worst part is this person is married and I will NEVER have them! I think this person hates me also. I hurt so bad. I still feel as if it is a bad dream but it is real! Does ANYONE know what I am going through??? This person was so comforting to me even though the relationship was wrong. My brain can't accept it.

meghan family don't make sense. seen a photo of her father giving his child bride a yellow flower that looks hammed up photo and not even like a wedding at all. all the reports make no sense. that guy was right when he said "all you will get out of this one is drama all the time. drama news to be seen in the news, crisis actors". so true. so true. I just don't like her. I don't like harry either. sorry guys. but so over rated for druggies that they are. i don't care what they wear. a crown and a frown or what still druggies and awful people. I can see a stunted up photo when I see em!

we should be more like bonobos than chimps. bonobos are cool

why do indians fart a lot? What do they eat? My fellow worker is indian. His fart smells like hell. and when he farts he acts like nothing has happened.

when i was 11 my grandpa used to take my hand and stroke his penis with it, sometimes he'd jack off in front of me showing how to make the white cream release from the tip of his long muscle. he would even allow me to inspect his large hairy organ. it was my favorite part. i was curious how a limp muscle can turn so big and hard, i especially loved playing with his balls although i never allowed his requests of putting my mouth on them. i'd hate the taste of his hair in my mouth. so one day he got his razor and asked me to be a lamb and help him shave. but as soon as i was done his muscle was hard again and this time he pulled my panties and tenderly thrust on my opening. i was stunned but i didn't stop him. i didnt understand what was going on but i knew grandpa was inside me pushing his way deeper and then a sudden rush of something warm. i was sore like hell after, kind of made me mad.
i stayed away from him after that, years later moved out, i didn't even go to his funeral.
i'm 23 now and when i masturbate i think of him and wish he were alive, i didn't understand sex then but i do now. i know it's a sin to want to fuck my grandfather but he was amazing in making love if i think of it all now.