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I am going to spell it out: "WHAT THE FUC*?!"

I wish I could've told you the truth. I love the fact that you have kids.

I cant stop thinking about the abortion

she would be 13 now

why do they let teenage girls get abortions!?

How can you not know where you child is at all times?
How was the car door's child-proof feature not used?

Just awful!

LMAO that this is the trending so high!

there is nothing on right now

can someone change the internet for me?

feeling this banger. :slight_smile:

im not wearing underwear

I loved that show, "Catch a Predator." It's too bad it got cancelled.

This guys is a hero!

I am a 20 year old female. I have never had a valentine nor have I have ever been a valentine. This year I finally found a girl I want to ask to be my valentine, but truthfully, I have no idea what being a Valenine means.

I’m afraid of vaginas

beware those who gaze into the Abyss...

Guns. Abortion. Cigarettes. Camp. Boots. Money. Trump. Obama’s. Nuclear War. Camoflauge. History. Fancy plays. Sexy shoes. Bandaids On blisters. North face jackets. Stolen socks and underwear. Hollow point ammo. Red lasers. Advertisements for alcohol. Ads for camping gear. Ads for heel blister protection. Ads for women’s shoes. ads formaddiction recovery centers. Ads for discount ammunition. High capacity semi automatic firearms on sale now. Football. Tom Brady. The Chiefs. American history of oppression of Native Americans. Appropriation of native culture for capitalist profit gains. modern slave trade. free agents selling fit glistening black bodies. bodies made for sacrifice. made to sell. Selling black bodies for ancient white men’s greed and capital. Sports betting made legal. Alcoholism made acceptable. Forcing it down your throat. Drinks at brunch, pregame. drinks at lunch with friends or at work lunches. cutting out early for drinks with work friends. happy hour coc*tails. drinks at the family dinner table. after dinner drinks with friends. coc*tails at social events. drinking alone in an empty hotel room alone again. frustrated and repressed desires. impure and improper. Increased sexualization of young bodies while also increasing penalties on those who look upon it. The Gaze.

beware for the Abyss also Gazes into you.

Please keep this monster caged up!

goddamn it she is always outside smoking a fuc*** cigarette every fuc*** time Im looking for her! fuc*** every single fuc*** time she is running outside to smoke more cigarettes like shes got nothing else to do! its fuc*** ridiculous

hey, i don't know if any of you are in kpop, but if you didnt know kai smashed jennie when they were in paris but nobody knew, i cant tell you who i am or yg entertainment will fire me, bye

Not enough guys protecting people there?

I AM THE WORST FRIEND EVER! I feel so bad for what I did. Ok, so me and my bff like the same guy. He's nice, tall, handsome, and has the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen...anyway, we had a homecoming dance recently and I messed up big time. He had pulled me aside because he wanted to talk to me. He said that liked me and was wondering if we could "hangout". Now I know what your thinking, why didn't you just decline and say you couldn't do that to your BEST FRIEND?! Well, I'm sorry if he looks like a mix between Noah Centineo and Shawn Mendes! you weren't there. before I said anything...He fuc*** kissed me. And I know I could have pulled away, buuuuut, it was way to damn hard. We made out for like 25 minutes. what the actual fuc* is wrong with me. God, I feel bad, but I also don't feel bad?

We over praise men for simply being good husbands and/or fathers. Does this day that single childless men are undesirable uglies that hate women and children?