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Really Miss cigarettes terribly right now. I smoked everyday for over 19 years and I absolutely loved it. My Gf made me quit 3 years ago when I got her pregnant

I miss cigarettes so fuc*** much sometimes it makes me want to cry.

I don't give a tinker's damn about Stan Fuc*** Lee. He was a low-talent glory hound who wrote crap stories and is adored by idiots because they can't let go of their childhoods. Fuc* every last one of them. The only--the ONLY--bad part about him dying is that I have to put up with endless "tributes" and adulation and general wailing and gnashing of teeth. It's enough to make any sane person sick, frankly. His comic books were clumsy, badly written shit. His cameos exceedingly tiresome, and the endless adulation the final clinching proof that there is no hope for the human race. Fuc*'m.

sometimes I go to seek or indeed or jora and other job websites to just be a dic*head. send them rubbish or ask the company for a date or friend or where to get fish and chips or new cupboards or cars. sort of get so sick of being rejected I see it as a joke and avenue to treat it with the general barf-ary they treat the applicants.


inside of her


no protection

no I dont have a condom

what happened

it shrivled?

I dont know why it wont get hard

wait, what so you mean youre not on birth control?

Oh whoa wait a minute

It feels so

uh, oh, it was an accident

look, im sorry, it just went off

I guess I just got too excited and went too fast

Im sure not that much got inside you

Im sure youre not going to get pregnant

you could always get an abortion if you wanted

what do you mean youre against abortion?

what do you mean the test says youre pregnant ?

what do you mean youre keeping the baby?

I used to catcall and weirdly hit on girls just for a reaction and the adrenaline rush. I don't do that any more. But I'm secretly afraid to go to a woman's rights rally because a woman might call me out, rightfully so.

I honestly want to f*** my cousin so bad!!

2 years ago when you said you were gonna fck and marry your cousin as there was no dingleberries there, you were wrong. the dingleberry your cousin has is you!

I planned kissing the guy I liked back then, and we ended up doing just that, at the mall in one of the dressing rooms, we promised eachother to keep it secret, but the next day, he ended up sharing it with everyone, boasting about how we kissed, and to his ex. I now realize..I don't think we ever really liked eachother, I guess it was just me being delusional, and him being the playboy he is.

I blocked some loser of instagram who has marajuana leaves and calls name like golden greens. I don't want to mix with fools like that. I only mix with decent people not illegal drugs and ill reput concepts. I know they use that crap for medical stuff now too but its still got a past reputation right. I just don't want to mix with those shadey types cuz I only want to be around real medical researches and not idiots.

Imagine somebody anounces on noteful that they are going to shoot up a public place in America. What would happen?

can find my pistol.. lost it last night when I was blackout drunk
fuc* man. why this always happen to me
it was loaded
my girlfriend isnt answering my texts either and I cant find her
jesus I hope no one was hurt

bleeding from my anu* again
so dizzy

I think that unattractive men should always close their eyes when I’m in their view, no matter a store or crossing the street.

remember kids, what you do affects others. a temporary win is just that. don't think too much of the little battle. you're going to get fuc*** over during the war if you think you've already won.

ok just to try.. can I say... tits? cun*? pus**? ass? shit? ass***? er.. hooker? whore? pen**? vagina? fuc*? motherfuc*er? uh... breast maybe? ok tod* no... bitch yes uh... what about witch? prostitute? sex? condom? suck? balls? ok I think that's it.

I am a dingleberry

at least that is what the prank mail i been getting at my home is addressed to.

Have a great turkey day/break! i know some of y'all dont really like me, and honestly, cool for you. i know some of y'all really like me, and thank you i like you too! honestly, i hope ALL of you enjoy the break.
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endless love

I am turned on by hot girls flirting with and grinding on hot guys. This is why I sometimes go to bars/clubs at night. I am especially turned on by white girls doing this with black guys. But if they're muscular, any guy will do. I like to watch this happening and maybe even take a picture if I can be discreet. Then I go home and fantasize about what happened after the club. I'm more turned on by single people doing this than couples. Yes, I'm bi, which helps.

I am catfishing an ex lover on kik. It has gotten way out of hand! We have not shown each other our faces but we have sent videos. He has no clue it is me!! He wants to meet and get a room. Says he thinks about me all the time. He's actually married (I was his mistress) and he has a new lover now. He has told me all of his deepest secrets. Said he has never told others what I know! Is that bad???

i desperatly want to see TWB boobs