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Met my ex after a few years and she told me a story where she got drunk and taken advantaged of at a party, blew a bunch of guys in the shower. I showed compassion but I jerk off to the thought a lot now

Instant break up or big time pay back!

I lost my fully loaded AK-47. I cant find t anywhere. They said it was a Romanian clone. should i be worried?

is my girlfriend addicted to cigarettes?

she smokes them everyday, starting first thing when she wakes up, and gets angry if its been more than an hour since she has smoked a cigarette. she smokes two packs a day. she claims its only one and a half but I can count and its two. she cant sit through a movie in theatre or a dinner without going to take a cigarette break. when we go out she insists the bar have a smoking patio, otherwise shes outside the bar smoking one cigarette after the other every fifteen minutes I swear. She says shes only been smoking everyday for a little over 5 years, since the summer before her senior year of high school. she said she started smoking the year before but doesnt count it because she wasnt buyig her own pack to smoke everyday like she did when she was a senior... but she has straight up admitted to me that she has smoked every single day for the past 5 years ... she coughs all the time and gets winded walking up a single flight of stairs but she completely refuses to ever consider quitting... but claims that she is not addicted and doesnt need to hear anymore about it from me

am I crazy or does she really have a cigarette addiction?

to hell with eating ass. piss porn is fuc*** hot.

$1,000 a month on booze. thats my booze bill. no shit. does that make me an alcoholic?

Im abusing methphetamine. I used to abuse opiods like heroin, morphine, codeine and whatever. I didnt want to be on anymore but i couldnt stop, so I went on methadone, 3 years ago and am currently at a daily dose of 100mg.
I shoot the methanphetamine introvenously and found myself out completely this afternoon and I was in need. So I'm on the phone and for whatever reason i ran my hand along the underside of my coffee table and it bumped into something...i look..its a full syringe of what could only have been meth as heroin and all that doesnt present as clear as water, meth this was meth.
Exceptit wasn't, I found out 30 secs after shooting into my vein.
What it was, was Naloxone. Naloxone is a agent used on overdosed opiod addicts. It binds to the narcotic and instantly neutralises it, or in my methadone dose sending me into instant physical and mental hell. I tell you what...themoment i realized what i had done...I was scared. My body instantlystarted pouring all water out of my body in ways i didnt know it could.
There was nothing i could do about it except ride it out...even if i had a pile of black-tar heroin the Naloxone in my system would have just binded to it too so i had to ride it out.
All I've ever wanted to be was a good-man,
but I'm a loser. Sry bout any spelling mistakes.

will anyone miss me here when I go to Hell?

I have very large breasts and would like to show them to the man who gives me the best reason why I should show them to you, pictures may either help or hurt your chances to see them.

I have the opposite of the Ted Bundy effect. I'm unattractive, have a facial paralysis, have Tourette's Syndrome, and am socially anxious/awkward at times. I imagine people think I'm deranged and a potential serial killer/rapist.

my ass is ruined, it wont stop leaking... my underwear is worthless could this have happened to me?! im only 39

If you don’t like my cat, don’t even think you are going to get to see my pus**.

ive put alot of thought into it and ive decided im not wearing underwear anymore

When I was young my mother would have me help her bathe. I would get to touch her breats and her pus**. After her bath, I would kneel on her bedroom floor and hold open a pair of panties for her to step into. I would pull them up and the ask for permission to kiss her. With permission I would kiss her on her thighs and across her panties. Her hand s would go to my head and hold me firmly while she ground her panties into my face. When she finished, she would push me away and say, "That's enough now." I would go to my room and masturbate with a pair of her panties. We did this until my aunt caught us when I was 15.

I hate being bipolar. I haven't been formally diagnosed.

I try to hide my feelings, but sometimes it's hard when the depression hits in, it's like I just want to cry and I can't explain my emotions inside.

I just don't want to end up like my sister who was diagnosed with bipolar and they put her on a host of drugs and some ECT treatments and still nothing has stopped her from being crazy and a horrible mother.

I don't want to end up like her like a drugged up zombie and don't know what day it is half the time.

she was only 13 when I got her pregnant. I was 27.. I cant believe they disnt send me to jail

I had a friend who ditched me and I think I did something wrong but I don’t know what I did. I see him everyday but I ignore him but I secretly still care for him because he was my closest friend aside from my other friend who dissapeared about a year ago and I wish I had a reason I was getting super sad and scared but I don’t.

Hopefully this disrespecting dinero or anyone

money can't buy me love.
money can't buy me happiness.
money can't buy me riches.

I want to fuc* my new neighbor Kat** and put another little red headed bastard inside her.

im really pissed off at instagram rn. i was sexting someone and as soon as i was getting wet, they fuc*** crashed. i legit have blue ladyballs rn, instagram COC*BLOCKED me :sob: