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Please help me reach my goal, I just need a little help, all is appreciated, thank you for looking.

While I was changing in the locker room at the gym I met a girl named Tera. She wasn't wearing socks and said she had a bf named Tod*. I asked if she wanted to go out for coffee, but she said she needed to buy a bonsai tree from someone close by. I saw her smoking cigarettes too out in the parking lot after we left. It made me think of this site.

One of my greatest fantasies ever is...somebody owes me a large sum of money or a huge favor and they dont have the means to pay it back so they bring me a hot young teenage girl with big titties, long hair, and a tiny waist. They make her undress in front of me And order to her bounce on my hard coc* as pay back. They leave me alone with her and she refuses to do it. So the men come back in very angry and threaten her with extreme violence if she does not do it. They stand over her and make her bounce on my dic*, they tell her to make her titties bounce. Then they tell her to moan and breathe heavy and that they dont give a shit that she does not want to do it. And that she is just here for that young sweet warm wet hole between her legs.

I deep down wish racism is acceptable again like it used to be in the 1930’s-1950’s. All you easily sensitive libtard snowflakes (especially whities) can fuc* off. I love how libtards say they have no problems using profanity by saying “They’re just words” but end up in shock like someone just killed an innocent puppy everytime someone including me uses words such as “nig***”, “jigaboo”, “wetback”, you name it. Lmao what a bunch of fuc*** pus*** and faggots.

I fluctuate between planning my life and looking for ward to a bright future, to being sick of breathing and not having the guts to blow my own brains out.

There's really no point in me living anymore. My emotional state is so volatile that I can barely keep myself afloat. I'm at my wit's end.

What's the sex position called where he's holding the girl while standing and she's got her legs wrapped around him while fuc***? I always see it in porn but know the name of it

Im 41 and at my age there is not a girl on this earth no matter what age that meets me and is not madly in love with me. I csn have any girl i want any age and to be honest...its overrated.

I got a 16 year old girl to get on her knees. Not for the reason i would have liked to see her on her knees. I strategically placed some candy in a podium all the way towards the back. When she went to get it, she could not find it so she had to get on her knees to get it. It looked like she was reaching to unzip the pants. That shit was hot as fuc*.

Anyone else recall that troll fest tht was 60+ comments long? All I remember was that it pertained to sex and was an all-out flame war

So all the trolls got bored and left, or got banned. Hardly any of the posts get bumped anymore.

okay so im an 18 year old girl and really into olders guys, especially men over 30.

I hate my job.

So why was this deleted?

All these stupid memes on FB about hoping someone you meet is as weird as you are...hell, I just pray that they're half as kinky as I am.

dont be a sleazeball of a person

it isnt good

Ive had a life long fantasy of fuc*** a girl while she is bawling her eyes out and making it clear to her that i dont give two shits that she is crying while i moan loud and pound her pus**

mental confessionals
this should exist for people with depression.

I am a shitty person, just as you and dad are. You're just better at lying and sweeping things under the rug. I've never cared to have that kind of charm; probably to my own detriment. But oh well. At least I'm taking steps to better myself, reach out to people who genuinely enjoy having me around, and solve my own emotional issues instead of projecting them onto other people/attempting to control others' situations (that's what I never understood about control freaks: why are you attempting to control the world around you when you can't control yourself worth a shit?). Now that you are not around to hinder my growth, I can finally make myself into someone actually worthwhile. The problem I have yet to conquer is setting boundaries when you actually come back around.

i thought i couldnt be suicidal again and its not like a frantic urgent desperate need anymore but i really want to be in the afterlife... this place is so grey. i will prefer the afterlife so mich more than this place. i dont understand why i have been sent here and why my life is dragging out for so long... i dont know how long ill be able to take it. certaintly not 60 more years. i doubt even 10. i just dont see the purpose for any of this. i want to go home!!! my spirit is not of this world. i just want peace. there is no respite in this place. every happiness is fleeting. maybe its all a bad dream and ill wake up soon

confessing on here sometimes makes me feel like more of a scumbag than I already am