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I think in bold and the beautiful tv soap there are a few secrets to come out, like I am sure katey is Eriks daughter and that is why he has never slept with her. Also I think that Bill all along wanted to get with Hope because she was so pure and all he is not and she is the only Logan girl he has not slept with which could mean he is her father. and also do we really know Steph was with Bill? I wouldn't be surprised that it turns out that Bill is her father and that is why Stephies mother was so evil trying to kill him and the hate she has for Brooke kind of adds up. And it might turn out Stephies baby is Bills and that will shock them all and they will have to cover up a complete incestous thing and she will go back to him because if they did sleep together they have had a strange bond the whole time and more alike in blood then liam is to Bill ? Liam might turn out to be Ridges son or someone elses. and what if Hopes baby is to someone else as well? like Dwyete? Liams so called brother? She might have thought he was Liam and had a drug over doze.

I am Hindu
hit me with your best comments
make em funny btw

Todays lesson: If you find yourself continuously questioning someone's actions then its time to fall back. If not, the you are then allowing that person to make a fool out if you! Enough is enough!

i have a hard-on watching unbox therapy

terrified bwcUse I cannot get Hard anymore - please help me!

I’m used to masturbating 4-5 times a day. Sometimes more. My dic* won’t get hard for 3 whole days now and I’m losing my mind... What’s happening to me?

If I can’t get hard and jerk off and ejaculate soon Im seriously afraid I’m going to have to kill myself

I honestly cannot bear the thought of not being able to jerk off several times a day. It’s the only things that’s been keeping me going for at least the last decade

last weekend, I even drove by the old school I used to substitute teachat 15 years ago, Marcus, and I tried to jerk off in the parkinglot thinking about the ternage girl Sar** I used to have unprotected sex with when she was underaged

It still wouldnt get hard. i had slathered it in lotion amdnstill nothing. I tried smoking cigaretges and drinking more alcohol and chasing with caffine and then smoking smoke more - which used to stimulate it and work - but it just laid there all limp and shriveled

seriously Im worried - Ive never seen my coc* this soft for this long in over 25 years.

its so soft and tiny Its like its not even their

Please give me any help you can give me! I am so desperate to get hard I would do literally anything !

I've been happily married for a long time but I discovered that I'm actually a bi-sexual and I like being with other guys, too. Since craigslist personals are no more, I have no way of meeting other guys anonymously. Maybe it's for the best but I still have the occasional craving.

fuc* the site went to hell in the 2 months i was away. wtf people? wtf?!

coffee makes me shit

im a man who loves wearing womens panties. no i dont belive or have any desire to become a woman, nor is it for sexual reasons. i love wearing panties because i love to feel gentle and feminine.

I'm tired of people who ask for help, I give it to them, and they either don't take it or ignore it entirely. Recently contacted 3 attorneys I know and have worked with, on behalf of a good friend's guy friend. I've met him several times and talked to him about the issue, as it's in my field of work.

All 3 attorneys thanked me for the referral, and said left him voice mails. I told my good friend about it, and she said "He's getting ready for hunting season"..Well, dude...I tried. Hunting season or not, your issue isn't going away, and I did my part to help. Priorities, man..Priorities.

I am getting old. Our ring/operation is big. We make so much but I feel my age now. The girls are getting old as well. They have been abusing our product. I have thoughts about stopping but have no other career options.

ESP, Drug Dealer

end all teenage abortions now

if you arent old enough to buy a beer - 21 - then you arent old enough to buy an abortion

Americans are so stupid they elected this complete idiot to be their president, I cant stop laughing at how stupid they are. Keep the laughs coming America.

I wish I had someone to talk to about my addiction and the disgusting thing that I had to do to get more painkillers. It's too embarrassing to talk about with anyone that I know.

When the internet gets turned off we get turned on...

I'm a happily married 50 yeard old man and a few years ago I decided I wanted to know what it was like to be with another guy. So I started placing ads in craigslist and I had quite a few encounters with other guys. Some of them were really hot and some were gross. Now, CL shut down the ads and I have no outlet for meeting other guys anonymously. I guess I'm bi.

Ol’ Trump wakes up on 9/11, tweets “17 years since September 11th!” with an exclamation point, then pumps his fists on the way to meet military folks, then gives finger guns to the camera while touring the Pennsylvania crash site. What a class act!

I'm feeling quite depressed and inadequate. I can't figure out why. Perhaps it's a side affect to the new medication or just me being quite tired. Or maybe I just suck.

Maybe all three.

my cousion who is 4 years old wears specs. she was given a tablet when she was 2 and half years old. Her parents let her watch kids video for long time so that they don't have to look after her. I used to find her lying in floor starring at her tablet too close whenever i visited her. I told my aunt not to let her stare too close and also reduce the brightness. Now my cousion is addicted to watching videos in tablet. and, if i try to seize it from her she will bite my hand.
What kind of parents are they?

Selfies are fine in moderation but boy do I hate when guys send me daily selfies! Helloooo i know what the fuc* you look like- I'm sure not much has changed since yesterday. Some Girls do it to guys as well but i personally don't see the point in sending a picture of my face to ppl. It's so fuc*** narcissistic!
Sucks because im attracted to the guy in the beginning until they constantly send their selfies then the attraction goes away after the constant frickin selfies same with unrequested dic* pics. I love a nice big fat dic* but don't send a pic unless we are fuc*** or I've requested it. Please and thank you.