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My ex gf Jenny just posted on facebook about hating being addicted to cigaretttes and unable to ever quit and being mad at herself for smoking two packs a day the last 22 years.. i remember buying her a pack of cigarettes when she was 16 and I was 18.. she was way outta my leauge even then

what kind of 9mm bulllets are best?

I have to shit very badly but all the mens bathrooms rooms at the gym are full. I cannot hold it much longer and am about ton shit myself

I feel like there is an abortion inside of me

i want to be taken by force and have my guts shaken by a big hard coc*. i don’t care if my pus** is being ripped. fuc* me hard daddy and make me cum all over that big hard coc* of yours. make me loose my voice, mi grip, my mind and then finally my conscious. fuc* me however you want, show me how much of your bitch i am~:heart:

Let's play a word association game:


I think I am catching feelings for a girl but the thing that f**king sucks is that there are three days of school left and after that, I’m moving 8 hours away.

Alabama is on the wrong side of history again!

Abortion should be not only legal but mandatory!

Everybody needs to have one at least once, paid for by the government with tax dollars!



im scared of bookstores because i cant read goods

alabama so good at footballs, why no abortions? also, I want to marry my -6 year old cousin. cool?

You know deep down that you badly want to get a girl “accidentally” pregnant then make her get an abortion

you know you want to make her into an abortion activist one way or another by making her get an abortion

I cant stop smoking cigarettes. i know they will give me lung cancer. They already make me sick all the time. I just cant get by without them. every single hour, or half hour, I think about how bad i need them. the only thing that helps is smoking a real cigarette

Ive been addicted like this since I was a teenager in the 1990s, when it was cool to smoke - and now I cant quit. now its killing me.

you anti abortion activists are so full of shit

if i had to doit over again Id tell sar** she was not allowed to have the abortion.. I dont care that she was just a teenager, she should have kept the baby.

our child would almost 14 years old now

Banjo-Kazooie is getting in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as DLC. Mark my words.

i live on a farm with my grandparents. sometimes my grandfather brings street women from the city back to the farm. sometimes they just disappear and grandfather has a big bonfire next day. im scared to tell anyone because he is crazy and frightens me all the time.

I'm stuck in GOOP. Guilt, obligation or pity. I'm friendly with someone who I dated in the past but now its just akward. We meet up occasionly for lunch or dinner but no romance. I dont want or see a future with her but feel obligated or pity not to check on her. Her son was just diagnosed with Schizophrenia, she jsut lost her job etc etc.. We dont have much in common besides comizerating about our kids. I'm looking for language to address this with compassion.

i lost my virginity at 15 and domt feel sexual pleasure. so i fake moan and it turns on my boyfriend

i masterbate to my boyfriends moans

should i put the tip of mypen** in a meat grinder? for money or bet. dare really. i dtake pic dic* and send and make money. it looks real inviting and im so lonelie
also im drinking. alotz two full cups. ice and gin. large tall water cupsfull. bit not water
im might alcoholic again
but i feel so good
think i should