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Sometimes when I go down on my girlfriend, she grabs her phone and pulls up some porn videos to watch. She says it helps her when she has a lot on her mind, and wants to clear it out so she can fully enjoy what we're doing. It seems to work, I guess, because no matter how hard of a day she's had, she always cums. But of course my insecurities end up getting the best of me, and I start to wonder if maybe I'm not doing it right, and she needs more stimulation.

Has anybody else ever had a similar experience? Am I just being stupid? Part of me says I should just be happy that she never says she's not in the mood, but then there are those damned insecurities.

Ok, I think I have anger management issues

I just chased a single soccer mom back from a burger drive in to her house honking at her and screaming at her because she cut me off. I stalked her to her house with her children

I screamed and told her I’d come back at night to rape her senseless without a condom. And that if I didn’t come back tonight it’s going to be a future night I’d be there as soon as she fell asleep to rape her out of her ducking mind and that I’d follow her wherever she goes and that she’ll never be safe as long as she lived

... that all seems a little extreme now

I really hate myself half the time. Sometimes I feel like the girliest bitch to ever grace the earth and other times, I am the manliest Man ever to Manly Man. I don't know if I'm gender fluid or questioning or trans or whatever but I really hate being a girl one second and a guy the next. It's confusing and crap. I don't even feel like I can tell anyone because half my friends think that gender fluid is a thing and the other half are dealing with their other LGBT problems. I don't have a rant buddy so I'm turning to the internet. Thank you guys for being the best rant buddies in the entire fuc*** world. <3

p.s Does anybody have any advice? I really need it

- Moon

if you hate your life so bad go do something about it, quit blaming others for your shitty life. shit happens the way its happening because a wrong turn of events in your life.

I’m a guy in my mid 50’s who never thought much about the way I look. I was always focused on my work. I have kept myself in excellent shape since I was a teenager, and I still work out regularly to keep my energy up. Throughout my life I would have friends, or girlfriends, even my ex-wife, tell me that a woman was interested in me or that a woman or group of women was checking me out. But I always dismissed it because it seemed like a distraction to me. I wanted to focus on what I was doing. Spending most of your life being responsible and taking care of your parents will do that to you. There have even been times where someone has told me that the woman I was just talking to was seriously flirting with me and I didn’t even notice it. Since I’m never thinking about it I’m really bad at picking up on it. But at this point in my life I can relax a little bit and pay more attention to the world around me. As a result I’ve gotten slightly better at noticing this. But I have a situation that I can’t quite figure out, and I need some advice. There are a lot of 20 something girls who work where I work on the weekend. It seems to me that a few of them are flirting with me, but again, I’m not good at picking up on it. I’m sure they don’t know how old I am because I don’t look my age. What clues should I look for? Is this even possible? I’m thinking that if I’m noticing it, it must be pretty obvious. I have to admit that I find quite a few of them attractive, so I’d like to know if I’m being realistic or not, and if I’m seeing things clearly or not. Any useful advice is appreciated.

My best friend is a Yandere and he is in love with me.

For people that doesn't understand the meaning of the word "Yandere," they are people that'll do anything for the person they love. It obviously depends on the person, but some might go as far as injure/kill other people/animals. My best friend is one of them, so it's obvious that he's in love with me. I've never had any guy friends other than him after I found out because I'm afraid they'll get hurt (we met when we were 5 years old). I really want to make more friends but I don't want to lose him because I feel like the only person that can calm him down and make him happy.

Being superficial and clinging to every superficial aspects in life, has no real meaning and significance.

Time to be realistic and love who you're inside, instead of seeking - Self-love, self-worth and acceptance from others.

I have decided to tell my parents about me and my boyfriend being caught by his mother. Neither of us has ever had sex so I guess this will come as a shock to my parents. I was only curious and now I even feel disgusted at myself for saying such a lewd thing. I don't even want to eat, I keep wishing that it was a nightmare but then I open the chat between me and him and I feel like vomiting. I know it was a stupid thing to do, I take full responsibilty, I know that talking about it online wont help anything, I am just pleading for someone to give me advice on how to tell my parents. My parents are going off to a party tonight so I am going to wait until they come back to tell them. My phone is getting taken in the next 24 hours so please , anybody respond to this with some advice. Thankyou.

Me and this guy became friends at school. We soon started liking eachother and eventually started dating. He said he would never force anything onto me and would be open about things he wanted to do. Being a virgin myself and never having met anyone like that made me curious. I did feel safe around him, I do love him. Eventually it lead to us dirty talking online...His mother found out. He told me, was entirely honest how she found out, what the circumstances were now and he even said he was sorry for leading me into a lust trap. He said he would take all of the blame but I said no. I am not going to let that happen to him because I love him, I care for him and I dont want something that I coulf have easliy said no to drag him down. We have agreed to let out parents meet and talk about it...The only thing is my parents still do not know. I need help, or advice on how I should approach my parents and tell them what is going on. I do not want to lie to them and end up making things worse (yes I know exchanging a few dirty words online is bad) but I just want to get this over with. I understand my actions and take full responsibility of them but I just need help on how to tell my parents and to get them to understand that themselves. Me and him are both really scared in losing eachother. So if anyone has any advice on how to keep things as calm as possible between our parents please let me know. Thankyou.

So, I've had a confused feeling about whats going on with me, I've been depressed for the past 7 years, and i'm just now getting out of it. I've noticed lately that I've been flicking the bean more often. And, any other way to get me to my climax, suprising thing is, for the age i am, i still am a virgin, in which im proud of. I dont know what to do, i do have a therapist, but sadly, im too embarrassed to tell her. In these past 2 days, I have masturbated over 100 times, i dont know what to do about it, and its been getting horribly worse by the time Passing. I hate the living hell out of it, and i have no idea on what to do, is that weird or what? Does anyone have advise they can tell me to help myself out with?

My girlfriend is fantastic in almost every way, but I sometimes think about the defects of her genes, and how I might prefer our children to come from someone else's eggs. I don't know how to think about that fact.

My sister-in law has gotten me into a very delicate situation that I have little or no control of. I retired from the Army at 56 years old, lived alone and own a small but beautiful home in Florida. I golf or go fishing a few days a week and enjoy my retirement. My brother died in NJ 3 years ago and last year I became aware Mar*ann and her daughter were living in poverty. She moved into my house 11 months ago along with her adopted daughter Rhea who is 14 now and mentally backwards. Her mentality is like a 5 or 6 year old and Mar*ann enrolled her in a special school. The problem is that Rhea has no sense of modesty and I frequently see her naked or with little on. Mar*ann knows all about it and I tell her all the time to try to get this kid to dress all the time. I myself scold Rhea making her go put some clothes on but it keeps happening and I see her naked 4 or 5 times a week or more. Shes only 14 but is well developed having breasts and pubic hair. I am far from any type of pedophile and would never abuse her but at times I get aroused seeing her like that. I've been divorced for a long time but do have a girlfriend who has also seen Rhea naked a few times. Mar*ann does as much as she can to stop her from doing this but it contiues to happen. It also scares me that Rhea will run into someone who would harm her. I'm at wits end about it and don't know what else I can do. I even have Mar*ann leave nightgowns in a dining room drawer so I can make Rhea put them on when she comes into the kitchen or living room nude. I hate being alone with Rhea which fortunately isn't often. I go out sometimes just to avoid being arond her. Its turned into a nightmare and I'm afraid for her as she gets older.

How do people who are confused deal with the reality of a very confusing world? And how do you find you're self in a world you feel like you don't belong in? Because I would like to understand why? Because everything mostly seems pointless to me. And I feel confused and I feel like I don't belong here and it feels like agony but more of social Norm type of agony where you can't seem to find a place you truly belong in and you don't feel accepted. Well thats how I feel about myself and my social anxiety and anxiety as a total Misfit who is not cut of from a normal life. I feel awkward and out-of-place.

is it rude that i write my friends worst and best qualitys in my journal ?

need answers?

I need advice with how to deal with extreme feelings of inadequacy and the potential borderline personality disorder and extreme anxiety? I understand I have avoidant tendencies and I have an extreme fear of abandonment and I am well guarded and have a really hard time opening up to people emotionally when it comes to dating and romantic relationships and I have a I have the extreme phobias of Philophobia and Koinophobia and I can't people taking control of me and opposing their will on me. I'm also happy to deal with the fallout of emotional neglect from both by parents and how I want to love them both but they hurt me bad with their emotional neglect mostly mother who I believe has Munchausen by proxy and I believe she brainwash me into believing I was mentally retarded and she premeditated she wanted me on disability since I was age of seven and I have been disability for attention deficit disorder since 2011/2012 and I am now still on disability now that I am 31 year old female and I got on disability because I didnt want to be homeless and I struggle really bad with interviews and how they make me really bad anxiety. I also feel like I'm not cut out to live a normal life. I feel like a totally Misfit who feels like she does not belong. And I feel horribl about myself and I feel highly unmotivate and deeply depressed.

Back when i was 13(female), i got a kindle for christmas. obviously being that age, i was going through some changes and i got intrested in mature content . it was pretty much only soft core literature (the other stuff was too much for me) , but when my aunt found out. she took it upon her self to tell everyone else in the family about it, publicly shame me for it by making me read it outloud at a resturant we went to, and the rest of my family joined her in making me miserable for months. they would make jokes about that hit at my now broken mental state and call me vile. i felt so outcasted and broken that i still find myself crying sometimes whenever i think about it. it still hurts so much that the people who are supposed to be here to help me through the hard times decided that they wanted to belittle me and tell me my feelings were unnatural. I became suicidal and had a failed attempt with pills a couple months later. i just want to know what people think of this. i havent had a child myself so i cant tell whether this is ok or not

Yes I'm a male and over 22 years old, but watching what I did last sunday embarrassed me a lot. I was driving around on gravel country roads, while stopped to piss, I watched a big red and white bull try to mount a horse a little smaller than he was.
The horse moved away, but a few seconds later he tried again, this time he mounted and the horse started moving away again. When he slid off, the horse truned sidways and the horse was a mare, and it was plain by the way she was standing that the bull had penitrated her, why did that embarrass me?

I like looking up girls skirts and dresses and also why do girls wear black shorts under their skirts and dresses :((

How do i kill my lazyness?

im confused ab something... so i like to watch gay porn but i also like straight. but i would never date a guy i just would open sexually is that gay or is there a name for feeling like this?