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Years ago when I was in high school we were in the showers after football practice. This one guy was a nut, a sick practical joker. He suddenly dropped down to the shower floor and laying on his back, pulled his legs back with his arms. Then, a huge shit started arching out of his ass and onto the floor. Everybody started shouting in disgust and running for the exit. The smell hit instantly because of the heavy steam, and this other guy immediately started vomiting. It was insane. I’m not sure what made me think of this again, but it was gross and hilarious at the same time.

When I was a schoolboy (many years ago), there was a guy in our class who was never out of trouble, and most of us were scared to get in his way. At the risk of being judgemental, I think he had definite psychiatric issues. One day on the way home, I heard some muffled crying down a quiet back alley, so went to investigate. There was a really quiet girl in the class below ours - a real misfit with no friends - and this ne'er-do-well had her pinned against a wall. It took me a few seconds to realise what was happening - she was wide-eyed, he had his hand over her mouth to muffle her cries, her skirt was rucked up, his pants were round his ankles, her legs were splayed apart and, to my shock, I was treated to the sight of his bare backside clenching and unclenching as he thrust between her legs. He sensed someone was there and muttered at me to "f***off or else". I can still see the look of horror on her face as she realised I was leaving her to suffer her ongoing rape. I watched from the shadows, unseen by either of them, as the sex seemed to go on forever before he finally climaxed. He obviously had her terrified, as she never reported him. On many later occasions, I sneaked down that same backstreet when I saw him dragging her by the arm and, to my undying shame, I often masturbated as I watched the looks of fear, pain and disgust that passed across her face as she succumbed to intercourse. Over time, these were replaced by a dead-eyed thousand-yard-stare throughout the entire sex act, with not even a flicker of a reaction to let you know when she was being penetrated or when he had started ejaculating. It no longer turned me on to watch them, so I stopped following them. A few weeks afterwards, she was taken out of school - the rumour was that she was pregnant.

To this day, I still feel guilty about my reactions. I was a horny adolescent and a physical coward, and I dread to think how many times in total she had to have sex with him over those few months.

My sister and I were raised by a single mom. I don't think she did the absolute best she could...but she tried. I'd say she spent 87% of my teens and early adulthood high. She smoked weed every single day and it was hard to carry on conversations with her. She constantly forgot stuff and my sister and I were forced to become independent at an early age. My dad was part of our lives...and somewhat stable factor. my mom spent child support on drugs, and never left the house on weekends. She had some drug buddies whom I'm sure she was banging. I won't judge anyone who smokes weed. That's their life. It's just not for me. I'm grateful that my childhood wasn't worse... but I can't say I respect my mom.

Once I had a conversation with a submissive shehe on the phone and I convinced the shehe to hump the wall.

I hate how I'm attracted to James Franco

i have been working for the same company for six years when i became a woman two years ago i still do the same job i did as a man but now as a woman i get paid a lot less as a man i was getting 21 dollars and hour now doing the exactly the same job as a woman now i make 8 dollars and hour. its not fair the other women working there for over 15 years are getting paid only 7 dollars and hour. i don't know why women are not making as much as the men doing the same thing. i dont complain because as a woman now i dont have the same rights as the men do .

All I’m left with is memories. The memories of golden showers and Cleveland Steamers. I can still smell your diarrhea on my chest.

When I started smoking cigarettes every day before school in 1996 when I was a junior in high school it was just two or three off in a park I would swing by in my car on my way to school. That way the cigarette smell would be one by 12 hours later when my mom got off work... I had always liked the idea of smoking and tried my first cigarette in 1991 when I was only 11

I had wanted to smoke more but my mom was strictly anti smoking so I always had to sneak around and hide my smoking from her. I had bought cigarettes from a vending machine in a college student union center near my neighborhood a few times in 1991 and 1992. I would ride my bicycle to the campus to buy cigarettes with quarters and smoke them secretly in the drainage ditch behind my house then sneak back home and shower and Brush my teeth before my mom got home from work.

I honestly had wanted to be a smoker since I was maybe 8 years old when I first stole a pack of cigarettes from my friends mom in 1988. But she caught me with her cigarettes and made me give them back to her and told me she wouldn’t tell my mom but that I had to wait until I was older before I could start smoking.

In truth, I was wanting to start smoking every day when I was in 8th grade in 1993, because I wanted to seem cool but they removed the vending machine from campus. For some reason I always had trouble finding a reliable source of cigarettes since my mom didn’t smoke... So from 1993 through 1995, I only ever got cigarettes when I had friends who had some, or when I could steal them from my friends parents, or when this cute older blonde girl Melissa down the street would share them with me. She was 2 years older than me and smoked every day, but she just “stole” cigarettes from her mom. By the time Melissa graduated high school in 1995, I was out of luck

But then in 1996 I got a car and my possibilities for smoking cigarettes really opened up. I also started dating girls, like real dates. And one girl I dated some in 1996 and 1997 dames Deanna smoked al the time. Like she was a “serious” pack a day smoker every day in high school and was smoking two packs a day on weekends. She shared her cigarettes with me and she also went with me to stores where she knew she could buy cigarettes. She was also old for our grade and had turned 18 summer before her senior year so she could buy all the cigarettes she wanted

But I still had to sneak around and hide my smoking from my mom when I lived with her in her house in the 90s. Lots of mouthwash and showers and spray on deodorant like right guard sport and lots of cologne like polo. I did everything I could to hide my smoking from my mom

my freshman year of college in 1998, twenty years ago today when I moved in to my dorm - that’s when I really started smoking. I was 18 and could buy my own cigarettes. My mom was 400 miles away and we only talked maybe once a week after the first few weeks. My floor in the dorm room was technically non smoking - but there was a floor right above mine that allowed smoking in dorm rooms! So I either smoked out on the porch of the dorm or smoked anywhere I wanted while walking around campus

They even had a smoking section in one of the cafeterias on campus in 1998! They even had a smoking area in the study lounge! I loved all of it! I could smoke as much as I wanted, nearly whenever I wanted, and no one cared! I only knew one other girl at the college from back home, Ann, and she smoked too! We hung it and smoked cigarettes together and went to parties and it was great. I had a crush on her but she was into older guys at the time - but yeah 1998 that’s when I really came into my own and when I first embraced my life as a smoker

I still tried to hide it from my mom when I went home for winter break in 1998, but it was so hard because I had gotten to where I was smoking a pack a day to a pack and a half a day every day

I liked the fact that I was addicted to cigarettes even though I still hid it from my m

when i was 9 i saw my mother having sex with my uncle in her bedroom in the middle of the day. i never told a soul.

I was behing a young girl and her mother in the grocery store, on the way out when I was getting into my vechicle I saw the young girl(about 10 years old) skipping as she was putting the cart back. When I saw that it kind of hit me that I never had that joyful skip in my step and that made me super depressed. If I ever have a kid I hope I can give them a good life, so they can have that skip in their step, the skips I never took.
Fuc* my parents.

Digitally penetrating the nostril I encountered substantial blockage. Excited, I began probing with my finger. Digging up against the septum, a tremendous rhinolith broke free of the nasal wall; it was solid, yet trailed by a long stream of wet snot. That was a great Tuesday.

Me and my friends(1 guy, 2 girls) have decided to play Truth or Dare at some house party.
Since I'm a software developer I created my own app so me and my friend could cheat at the game and get the dares we want.

i was sexually molested by my uncle when i was a little boy. i was very young, maybe 4 or 5, and it happened at least twice. i dont remember all the details, but he definitely touched me and i remember it hurting a little bit. perhaps he tried to jerk me off? i just remember it not feeling good. i remember his grin as he told me it was ok. that grin. and i remember him being nude, his thing looked huge to me. like a monster. a big hairy monster. he had me touch it and kiss it. it was salty and smelled funny. he moaned and groaned and smiled at me. he told me what to do and i did it because i didnt know any better. i also remember him taking it into his own hand and beating it violently. i thought he was hurting himself. he groaned so loud and even screamed. surely he was in pain i thought. he told me the stuff that came out was milk. he put some on my finger and told me to taste it. i did and it tasted like salt. horrible and salty. the second or third time he molested me he performed oral on me. it did not feel good and i wanted him to stop but couldn't say no. it seemed to last forever. i felt a lot of discomfort and even some pain. he sucked too hard because my thing was sore for days afterwards. i remember him with this big thing and it vibrated. i had no clue what it was and he tild me it was to make you feel better. he touched my thing with it but i cried so he stopped. then he told me to watch as he put it on his thing and rubbed it up and down. he was groaning loud again and the milk came out. i never told anyone about this. never.

in 1984, when i was 20 years old, i stabbed a homeless man to death on a dare. i stabbed him 34 times. i was in prison for 14 years total. parole for 5. i am very sorry for what i did and served all my time cleanly.

i love you so fuc*** much. i dint think its fair, the number of times your silence broke my heart. and i dont think its fair that my heart broke for your wedding. and if this were the movies, i would have crashed your wedding, and it would have been awkward and terrible for everyone. and i’d cry, and she’d hate me, and you. and he’d never talk to me again. and i’d spend the rest of my life windering if it was worth it. but i still think that would be better than wondering “what if..?”

I went out with the captain of the girls' volleyball team in high school.:sunglasses:

I am 54, married, reasonably successful. Many years ago, when I was in my early 20s, I was a peeping tom. I would walk around the neighborhood at night and peep into people's bedroom windows. I would masturbate while watching women undress. I would sometimes see couples having sex. I even masturbated while watching people masturbate (male and female). By far the most arousing thing I ever saw was a threesome between 2 bi guys and a girl. In fact, it was that incident that kept me peeping for years to come - I always wanted to see it happen again.

i really wished that it hasn't ended. i really showed the best part of me. I make time for you, i really got out from the country and meet you even just for a few days. i put all of my efforts to be with you. we talked about our fantasy , how we're going to get married and have a family. it feels just really nice. all the sudden that one fine day, you decided to change. you we're not what you used to be. you left me without a reason. all of the fun we had at the theme park, we spend time talking about everything. you left me wondering and hanging. i. never been such an acceptable person i didn't care about your looks eventho you don't look like all the cute guys I liked. i was just simply loving you without a doubt.i missed you. But now, day by day I'm just learning to live without your presence. sad songs just seems to be sadder. i cried at some nights. it hurts E, it really does. but yeah, thank you for wasting my time.

I've been here since February and have written some crazy confessions here but I mostly lurk. I don't know sometimes how I manage to keep coming back but I do.

pewdiepie put his hand in my ass