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michael jackson made me suck his dic* when I was a little boy

I knew a guy in BC named Greg Mottishaw and in 1982 he raped a 12 year old First Nations girl. I saw it happen. We were all drunk and high as kites when it went down. He had intercourse with her on the back deck. He pulled out and ejaculated on her face. Some guys laughed. I threw up. Glad that worthless piece of crap is dead now.

my girlfriend left me high and dry. be Continued

I used to be a freaking stud! I was in amazing shape, with washboard abs, a massive chest and shoulders, and huge biceps/triceps. I used to get more pus** in a week than some guys get in a year.

Now, I'm a fat slob who can't tie my shoes without getting out of breath.

I have girlfriend who meets my basic sexual needs, but I regularly masturbate while remembering some of my past conquests.

I hate that it's so easy to get OUT of shape, but damned near impossible to get it back once you've lost it.

F U.

I didn't my ex girlfriend to break up with me.

It happens.

Once in a while I look up the boy who molested me in 2nd grade. I know it is unhealthy, but it is my way of reminding myself how he looks like so if I see him one day, I could avoid him.

Memory module drastically improving. Strong evidence. Some use. More to come. End.

I am coming out the closet as LGBQT. or all of the above.

I used to love Hey Arnold as a kid and thought their relationship with Arnold and Helga was adorable. Now I'm like if Helga was a dude and Arnold was a chick this would be super unacceptable and Helga would probably be an incel.

I lied to people for money.

In retrospect it was a mistake to put that tot soldier in my ass.

Valley View Lane.

You, being three years older, molested me for almost four years on this very street, within the confines of your house. The pain was constant, but no longer will it affect me. Sure, it took me years to even remember and identify that what you did to me was, in fact, abuse. Sure, I abused alcohol for a time, and railroaded many of my relationships, but in the last two years, I've found the means to cope. I even forgave you, because hating you is still allowing you to take residence within my head and heart. I'm not pious; I'm so unbelievably imperfect, I sometimes cringe over it. But I forgave you a year ago, and I forgive you now. Do I fear you've done this to others---even your children? Sure. It's a horrifying thought, really. But I've learned to acknowledge what you did, acknowledge the past, basically, and move on from hating you. I just hope you have turned into a better person.

Watching the Super Bowl with my bf and all I can think about is having every hole stuffed by big, muscular black men.

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game's winning shot and missed.

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that's why I succeed. —Michael Jordan :basketball:

I have a serious problem with submarines

I see chinese hookers for a sole reason: they let me fuc* them without a condom. Otherwise I wouldn't choose them because I actually find them kinda disgusting. I'm really a little racist, even though I accept white race is not pure and possibly a little mixing is actually good. But the idea of having got one of them pregnant haunts me. Having a mixed race son would be a horrible thing for me. I could never accept it. I have never actually cum inside a hooker, but you never know. I will never be sure.

My life didn't go as planned. There was no plan in fact, but I sure didn't want this outcome.

I remember having farting contests with my mom as a child. She usually ended up sharting.

Our daughter would have been 13 last month... I can’t believe I abandoned a poor heartbroken teenage girl after I made her get an abortion

Johnny got stinking shit all over his choda after wiping his ass from back to front.

I was sexually abused by my older sister. We're both girls. Currently I am 18 years old and she is 21 years old. It started when I was 5 years old and she was 8. She taught me what an orgasm was. All I remember was her touching me and telling me about "sex". Why an 8 year old girl would know that much about sex, it honestly beats me. She would go on to make me perform sexual acts on her, and she on me when our parents weren't home or looking. This included but was not limited to: fingering, making out, insertion of objects, sucking on breasts, humping, watching porn together, etc. I had no idea it was bad at the time because my older sister, the one role model I had to look up to as an example, taught me it. She would force herself on me. When she realized I was getting old enough to see how wrong it truelly was, she'd force me to do it. This included black mail and physically asserting herself because she was way way stronger than me. I dreaded when our parents went to work because I'd know what I'd have to do. She would also beat me and physically abuse me. This continued until I was 12 years old and she moved out. My parents found out from a Facebook chat I had left open where I explained to someone what happened and I told them with tears in my eyes what happened. I don't think my sister, or anyone for that matter, knows how much this truely affected me. Everytime I think of it I wince and cringe and wonder why I let something like that happen to me... Something that horrible and disgusting. I blame myself. Like, why didn't I tell mom and dad? Why did I let it go on for so long? Did I actually enjoy it?! I know I didn't, but these thoughts captivate me so so much even to this day. I am terribly distrustful of others and often cynical. I am not sex repulsed, rather the opposite. I masturbate every other day. I've been masturbating ever since I was eight regularly. It's like I need it or something to feel alive. Or to feel loved. I don't know how I'll ever find a romantic partner that can deal with all of this. I know any sex I'll ever have will never involve love. It'll all be physical because how else will I ever connect with another human being? My mind is jumbled and I can never think straight. I have trouble communicating my emotions because I have suppressed them for so long. My body is just a bag of bones and flesh and not beautiful. I'll never find it beautiful. It's been used and tossed around and left. Everyone has motives to hurt me and berate me and belittle me. I have good friends, but I know I'll lose them because of my attachment issues and abandonment issues. The thing is, if I ever see my sister again I won't hold her accountable. Deep deep inside I'll want to strangle her, but I'll just let her go because I'm weak and frail and I forgive too easily because I'm afraid to hurt anyone or lose anyone. This anger has been trapped inside for so long that I have no idea what to do with it.
Anyways, I just needed to get that off of my chest or I would have exploded.