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I am poor so i am used to going to sleep hungry.

only in the good old..

Growing up, as a kid, up until i was a teenager, or around 11, and things "clicked" for me. I was about 4 or 5 when i thought about this kind of thing. I didn't have internet back then so i couldn't google this stuff, so i jsut inferred what i saw on tv.

I learned about this when i was about 5, my mom rented a movie called Last American Virgin (it was an 80's teen sex comedy, similar to Fast Times at Ridgemont High). She wouldn't let me watch it, i couldn't figure out why, i mean she never had any problems with letting me watch Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street. But, when she was gone at work, i stole the dvd and watched it anyway.

So, that was my first time ever seeing female nudity. There were a few (fairly detailed )sex scenes in that movie, all in missionary position.

So, growing up, i thought the act of sex was just a man lying on top of a woman. It wasn't until i was older that i learned the actual mechanics of it.

I remember my Job Interview from 10 years back... I was fresh out of College, and had signed up for a position in an Office that my Dad used to work in. This place paid very well, and I figured since my Dad used to work their that I might be able to get a Job here based on that, combined with the prestige of my Degree.

Come time for that Interview, I had decided to go with a Casual Dress that looked nice, but I figured wouldn't send any wrong impressions... Unfortunately the Dress I chose was one I had not worn ever, and it turned out to be a bit tight... I figured it was the best one I had tho, and foolishly wore it.

Come time for the Interview nothing out of the ordinary happened, besides the tightness of my dress coupled with me trying to not let it bug me to much. It went on for quite awhile, chatting about this, or that... while the tightness of said dress started feeling a bit worse after awhile. Somewhere along the way, it happened.

Now, I don't know what exactly happened, but I recall getting approved for the Job starting the next day, and while standing up, ready to head to the Door... *SNAP* something loosened on my dress, and soon it was on the floor, Leaving me exposed.
I was completely mortified since I was half-naked, and I had a long pause before I snapped out of shock and got my dress back on while I apologized profusely... the guy had the decency to look away at least, and thank god that the blinds to that room's window were closed at the time. This didn't cost me the job, but it made getting out to my Car a hassle since I had to clutch my dress in the back to keep it from slipping down...
it also made my start a bit awkward to work for awhile, since I had to deal with the same guy a lot more then I had hoped.

To think, we think some things can only happen on TV, but it is more then possible to have it happen in real life!

i had a terrible memory resurface recently about my grandmother. specifically, something she told me when i was younger

to explain a little first; my mother and i were living with my father in another state, and then they got in a fight and my mom took me and moved in with my grandmother. i started going to school there along with some kids that lived on our street. i was in the 4th grade

one day when i was outside in the front yard some kids from my school rode by on their bikes and asked if i wanted to play. i was excited because at that point because i had talked to them but hadnt really made friends and was desperate for companions

when i went inside to ask if i could play, my grandma got mad, told me no and i had lost my mind. i vividly remember her telling me to 'tell those n***er children to get out of my yard'

i told them my grandma didnt want me to play with them. at the time i was very sad and wondered why my grandma hated them so much when we hadnt really met or talked. i thought maybe she knew they were bad people or something. she never would explain why she hated them, only saying 'theyre n***ers and we dont talk to them' and i didnt understand the weight of the word.

that summer i used the sentence 'i dont hate black people, i hate n***ers' because my mom had said it before. i almost got the shit beat out of me. i should have honestly.

im glad that ive grown as a person and have become much more open minded. i know i was racist now because my family taught me to be that way. im still ignorant about things but i try to be kind and learn as much as i can before making a decision about a person; and then that decision is literally based on how they act and not their skin color.

ive met way more 30-40 year old white men that i despise more than any other group. i find them often times to be bullheaded, nasty, offensive and harmful to people mentally and physically. my sister in law's husband hated me and my bf for no other reason than we were poor and 'didnt have any sense' when it came to business and as such were failures in his eyes. hes getting divorced now ( lol) and im now a student making a decent amount of money on my own, happily engaged to the most open minded, loving person

why the fu*k are people still racist. it takes next to no brain power to realise that not every minority you meet is a bad person, and its a persons actions and words that define them, not their color

im grateful that i escaped the vicious cycle of racism and blind hatred

I let a friend from college fuc* me last week because we were drunk and I just thought, "Why not?" I'm a straight, married guy, and I cannot believe how amazing it felt (after he got fully inside me) to have his cum fill me up. I want it more. I don't know if this means I'm gay, but man, I loved feeling that hot cum inside me.

im a wretched soul. im obsessed with thoughts and i hate myself for it. im
a Christian. Jesus is my savior. i lvoe Him. but i just want to die. i feel like such a failure. i feel like im
never going to be good enough ever to do anything.

For many years, I was seeing escorts once or twice a month according to my disposable income. I started to taper off by hitting the AMP scene to finally not diving into the hobby at all. I have been free of this hobby for several years now, but not one day goes by where I am tempted to go back in.

Now that sites like RB are down, where I left many a review, I'm glad I don't have easy access to this service (although I could start from scratch again but I don't want to put in the work). It's almost like my past history was erased and I can begin anew. I have been with women I would have never dreamed of and all I needed to do was to pay them.

I left because it was not helpful for my social skills nor my wallet. Since the years that I left I do want "it" but I want to be able chat up a girl and take her home. It feels like I'm pushing a boulder up a hill with weights tied to my ankles.

Eventally I would like to start a family but I just want to at least develop my social skills. I do not know how. Just making small talk is a challenge and sites like okcupid and are not getting me anywhere. I hate to admit this but I'm in my mid-40's. What should I do?

I'm dumb and have been all my life.

We thought our roommate was a guy from Boston named “Garrett”. Then one day these Romanian people show up at our place asking “where’s Yiric?” in thick accents. We were high as kites and this old Ceauceascu dude keeps asking “where’s Yiric?” over and over again and we realized it was his parents. The guy had made his whole backstory up, and had been kicked out of school months earlier for stealing books across campus. He screwed us on rent but this Yiric name pronounced by Romanians was pretty funny.

When I was 13 I grazed my crotch up againced a teachers butt. 4 years later I am very guilty about that and think about it all the time. I've never told anyone that, even my psychologist that I go to once a week, I can't even tell her becuase of the shame. I would never do anything like that again.

I lost my virginity aged 15 to my then girlfriend aged 16. It was in a tent at a local festival event. It was a really positive (and sober!) experience for us both, made more memorable by the way we made a big deal about staying silent so neighboring tent inhabitants would not hear. Cumming of age moment.

My mom and Rob just celabrated their their 15th wedding anniversary. I'm still embarrassed about this but when I was 16 and my mom and Rob began dating I exposed myself to him many times for almost a year. I never thought they would get married thinking it was just one of her many affairs. A few of her other boyfriends had also seen me naked at times but Rob saw me nude once or twice a week for about a year. It was always when my mom was out somewhere and Rob at our house. I'd walk around wearing only a towel and let him see me nude whenever possible. With a towel around me I would let it slip revealing my breasts or bend over to get something knowing he had sight of my butt and vagina. I haven't done it since and think I went through a stage where I was an exhibitionist to an extent. I'm embarrassed by it now but at the time it was arousing to me to be seen naked and to expose myself to men and boys. Their were quite a few times he saw me masturbating and still today has never confronted me or told my mom about it. Once I found out they were getting married I stopped doing it regretting every time I did. In a way I know he didn't avoid looking at me whenever I exposed myself or he saw me nude but never once ever said anything about it. There were times I knew he was standing by my open bedroom door watching me masturbate and it was like we ignored each other. Today I get along fine with him and he and my mom are happy together. I only see mymom and Rob a few times a year now so its been a lot easier for me to talk to him. We just act like it never happened.

There was this guy I really loved and it was definitely love because he doesn’t have shit, he’s short (not even in a cute way) and his dic* is small. So why is it when I show him genuine niceness and love... he wants to act like his dic* is big, like he’s tall and doesn’t need a roomate to survive because he’s never lived on his own and quits his job every week and plays video games all the time and like he’s niot well into his 30’s! smh...I look back now and this guy is really a loser!

when i was 16 years old i had gay sex with our pastor, a middle-aged married man. we did oral and anal on 3 different occasions. he didn't rape or molest me, it was 100,% consensual. i wanted our relationship to continue but he ended it. i think he felt ashamed.

For most of my life, I have had things kept hidden from me. It has honestly affected my trust with people and now I always think of the worst of the worst if someone has news for me. Whenever my boyfriend is about to tell me some news, I always start shaking and have the urge to vomit. Don’t even get me started when its through text, it makes me lose appetite and I just cannot stop shaking. Part of me wishes my mother would have not made me wonder about her drug problem..

I am pregnant with a child from my fiancé raping me. i still want to be with him and i still love him. and i dont want to get rid of this baby because i was told i would never have kids. I cant tell anyone because it would ruin both our reputations. i just wanted to get this off my chest.


Years ago when I was in high school we were in the showers after football practice. This one guy was a nut, a sick practical joker. He suddenly dropped down to the shower floor and laying on his back, pulled his legs back with his arms. Then, a huge shit started arching out of his ass and onto the floor. Everybody started shouting in disgust and running for the exit. The smell hit instantly because of the heavy steam, and this other guy immediately started vomiting. It was insane. I’m not sure what made me think of this again, but it was gross and hilarious at the same time.

When I was a schoolboy (many years ago), there was a guy in our class who was never out of trouble, and most of us were scared to get in his way. At the risk of being judgemental, I think he had definite psychiatric issues. One day on the way home, I heard some muffled crying down a quiet back alley, so went to investigate. There was a really quiet girl in the class below ours - a real misfit with no friends - and this ne'er-do-well had her pinned against a wall. It took me a few seconds to realise what was happening - she was wide-eyed, he had his hand over her mouth to muffle her cries, her skirt was rucked up, his pants were round his ankles, her legs were splayed apart and, to my shock, I was treated to the sight of his bare backside clenching and unclenching as he thrust between her legs. He sensed someone was there and muttered at me to "f***off or else". I can still see the look of horror on her face as she realised I was leaving her to suffer her ongoing rape. I watched from the shadows, unseen by either of them, as the sex seemed to go on forever before he finally climaxed. He obviously had her terrified, as she never reported him. On many later occasions, I sneaked down that same backstreet when I saw him dragging her by the arm and, to my undying shame, I often masturbated as I watched the looks of fear, pain and disgust that passed across her face as she succumbed to intercourse. Over time, these were replaced by a dead-eyed thousand-yard-stare throughout the entire sex act, with not even a flicker of a reaction to let you know when she was being penetrated or when he had started ejaculating. It no longer turned me on to watch them, so I stopped following them. A few weeks afterwards, she was taken out of school - the rumour was that she was pregnant.

To this day, I still feel guilty about my reactions. I was a horny adolescent and a physical coward, and I dread to think how many times in total she had to have sex with him over those few months.

My sister and I were raised by a single mom. I don't think she did the absolute best she could...but she tried. I'd say she spent 87% of my teens and early adulthood high. She smoked weed every single day and it was hard to carry on conversations with her. She constantly forgot stuff and my sister and I were forced to become independent at an early age. My dad was part of our lives...and somewhat stable factor. my mom spent child support on drugs, and never left the house on weekends. She had some drug buddies whom I'm sure she was banging. I won't judge anyone who smokes weed. That's their life. It's just not for me. I'm grateful that my childhood wasn't worse... but I can't say I respect my mom.

Once I had a conversation with a submissive shehe on the phone and I convinced the shehe to hump the wall.