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meghan family don't make sense. seen a photo of her father giving his child bride a yellow flower that looks hammed up photo and not even like a wedding at all. all the reports make no sense. that guy was right when he said "all you will get out of this one is drama all the time. drama news to be seen in the news, crisis actors". so true. so true. I just don't like her. I don't like harry either. sorry guys. but so over rated for druggies that they are. i don't care what they wear. a crown and a frown or what still druggies and awful people. I can see a stunted up photo when I see em!

I have always wanted to sniff a girls feet especially if they stink, it doesn’t matter what type of girl. Big, small, thin, fat, I love them all. It’s super weird and I’ve tried to negatively reinforce this fetish of mine but I can’t stop.

I'm legit bored of living. I keep alive so my close relatives don't have to suffer a big trauma. But I wonder how long I wlll resist.

In late summer 1999, I hooked up with a young red headed teenage girl in Austin, Texas when I was a 19 year old college student. She told me she was a freshman in high school when we met online. In person she seemed quite a bit younger, like middle school. I felt bad, but then when I tried to leave she told me she had never been kissed and could I at least stay a while so she wouldn’t be all alone

Her parents were divorcing and she was a wreck. She was about to move away just as the school year started. We were both virgins and didn’t know what we were doing. Of course I didn’t have a condom. Of corse she wasn’t on birth control. We never even thought about those things. All I know is that she was trying out outfits for me - like her middle school cheerleading outfit and I noticed she wasn’t wearing underwear or socks or nylons and I just put my hand on her bare leg and started rubbing it and got carried away

We messed around over a long weekend and I started to feel really bad. Like in the pit of my stomach I knew it was very very wrong. I should have known with a screen name like Frog86! That she was way way too young for me

In the weeks before she left she was getting manic and frantically calling me constantly crying. I thought it was just her emotional about moving and losing her virginity and her parents divorce. I was a sophomore in college and had tried to just ignore her and move on

The week before Labor Day she called me crying saying she loved me and missed me. I told her I missed her too. She told me she missed her period and was scared and didn’t know what to do...

I went white with terror. I was horrified at the idea of going to jail... I told her she needed to never ever ever tell anybody about me, who I was, my name, or anything because I could go to jail... she cried and cried and said she didn’t want that to happen. I made her promise to never tell anyone and she did

Then I told her that it would probably go away in a month and hat her period was just late... she said it was two weeks late and she was feeling sick at her stomach... And she was pretty sure she was pregnant... I told her she needed to just wait it out and keep it a secret as long as possible

She was moving to Wichita Kansas I think. I told her to just hide it as long as possible up there if she really was pregnant and that I’d find a way to find her

She sobbed and asked if I meant it and I told her I did

Then we hung up

In a fit of paranoia I threw my phone away and tossed out my old computer that I had used to talk to her online. I cancelled my old AOL account and I got a new computer and log in.

I went on with my college life and tried to just forget about her for years - figuring she was probably pranking me - she was probably just super emotional about being a teenager forced to move because of divorce and then who suddenly lost her virginity and was just upset. I convinced myself she was just lying to me and that I had been a fool to mess around with a middle schooler when I was in college

I don’t even remember her name

I bet she never remembered mine either

But whenever I see all the back to school posts online on social media

It makes me wonder if somewhere out there I have a daughter who might be about to start her senior year of high school

It blows my mind when I think about it

I enjoyed Eromanga Sensei. I know it's trash but i still enjoyed it, it was funny and i'm a lolicon.

:nerd:weak in and weak out! hmm. seux.

I was video calling with my boyfriend and I saw his SISTER kiss his NECK. After she did it, he said to her, "Hey!" and then kissed her on the head. I can't stop thinking about it, it makes me wonder what other stuff she might do that he doesn't stop from happening. And what if he liked it? I feel like the neck is a really intimate area to kiss. She's 16 years old and has Down Syndrome. I'm trying to use that as an excuse for it, telling myself maybe she didn't know any better? She's a sweet girl and he talks about how nice, innocent and pure she is. I haven't said anything to him and I don't plan on it. Am I overreacting?

My younger brother tried to blackmail me into giving him a blowjob. I had a feeling that he would try something like this, he’s been looking at incest porn and when I told my parents they just said he was experimenting. He had been staring me down when I was trying a swimsuit a week or two ago, but Mom said he “wouldn’t think of me like that”. Guess that’s out the window now. I’m grossed out and can’t stand to be anywhere near him.

i have a deep sensitivity to light. It literally sucks.

I grew up in foster homes most of my life and honestly say I was never mistreated. When I became 18 I got a job as a plumber apprentice in the union and began renting a room from Tara who was recomended by a former foster mom. I'll be 21 next month and could afford my own apartment now. The thing is I have become addicted to the attention and and lack of morals Tara and her daughter Cloe have manipulated me into. Tara is 58 and Cloe is 40 and neither is the least big good looking or built well. Both are short and skinny but I believe they think themselves attractive. Aside from seeing them naked often when around the house they wear flimsy nightwear all the time leaving little to the imagination. it started the first month I moved in and the biggest problem is they house has only one bathroom. Tara was the first when I was only there a week and in the shower hearing her knocking loudly on the door. I had it locked but she opened it easily just saying she had to pee. There I was in full view of her as she pulled up her nightshirt, with no panties on and sat and peed in front of me. When I went downstairs later with her and Cloe sitting there she sort of appoligized. At the same time though she made it apparent that since we all lived together we had to share the only bathroom. She made a point of saying it didn't matter if we saw each other unclothed. Then Cloe asked me not to lock the bathroom door and that her and her mother never lock it. I wasn't sure what was going on but after all they not only had dinner for me everynight but Tara also washed my clothes and cleaned my room for me. Maybe not but the first few months here I think I was embarrassed but the more I saw them naked the less I cared when they saw me. I never walk around naked but most of the time I'm only in my boxer shorts for dinner and almost every evening we smoke weed together. They both wear short nightshirsts at night and on weekends and never have underwear on. I had been here about 8 months the first time Tara noticed I had a hard on one night while smoking weed. Cloe right away told me to jerk off for them and I was high enough to do it in front of them. It was about a month later the first time Cloe jerked me off in my room. I started having sex with her a couple times a week and she was more than willing to give me blow jobs and jerk me off. Funny thing is I didn't know Tara knew about it until a month later and all she said is to be careful because Cloe was still young enough to get pregnant. Believe me I am very careful that don't happen and most of the time satisfy her with a vibrator letting her jerk me off or give me oral sex. At least once a week both of them get me to jerk off in front of them but Cloe and I never do anything in front of Tara. They still come into the bathroom while I shower and even I go in to pee sometimes when they shower. Its like none of us care about it and Tara evidently don't mind knowing I'm having sex with her daughter.

I am a single man about 40 that secretly likes the bachelor, bachelorette, and other dating shows (even if they're not all really "dating"). I get off on its "softcore porn" of kissing, dancing, cuddling, concealed sex. I liked the competitive aspect of older shows like Elimidate and that one on MTV that showed the alpha males beating out the beta males--that also turns me on because I am a beta male. I also like walking around town and going to dance clubs to see the alpha males getting the girls and girls flirting with them. So if you see me looking at you while you're with your muscly handsome man, I may be checking him out too and fantasizing about you two together in bed.

Americans fart and say “Excuse me!”
British fart and say “Pardon me!”
Japanese fart and say “Forgive me”..for I have sinned
Indians fart and say “Not Me…

I m'bate to sextoy riding porn and dirty romantic music like "give it to me baby" and im a like a pervo sicko. god help me.

I (18f) always fantasise about older men dominating and controlling me.

When I was 16 I cheated on my boyfriend to have a bdsm relationship with a 37 year old man. I don't regret it.

I'm addicted to porn. And I know it affects everybody differently but I find it painful. It started out that I enjoyed seeing naked women but I was masturbating all the time and it got more hardcore. Now my brain seems to have taken the most disturbing aspects of it and creates constant stream of images that eat at my soul. So basically my soul is constantly being raped by 1,000 dic**. I suppose I deserve it, but it hurts.

I spoke and delt with a demon and now I hear voices in my ear. They touch me all throughout the day and like making me cry.

I'm the bonsai guy and saw a hooker today. Again. No condom again.

I love to jerk off on Omegle. I will search for woman but if I can't find any I'll let other guys watch me jerk off if they are into it. My favorite is that some guys will have pics or vids of their wives and they watch me jerk off to them. I'm married myself but can't get enough of it.

I wanna marry my cousin.
I love my cousin very much. So much so that I really wanna date her, and even marry her. She's super cute, really nice to me, and I even think she might feel the same (I'll explain more on that later). However it's illegal where I live. She's my first cousin (My dads brothers daughter), but that doesn't stop these feelings I have for her. When we were young her and I were closer than brother and sister. I only ever felt comfortable giving her hugs, and little kid pecks on the cheek. When we were younger and she fond out I'd never really kissed a girl (By which I mean with toung and such), She offered to be my first, which kinda lead me to believe she feels the same.
Am I just crazy, or is she just the one for me. I would be willing to never even have sex (As incest is illegal), or kids. But to be with her, to sped my life with her would be amazing.
(Also, just a little side note)
My mom married her cousin, and had two children with him (Both my brothers).