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Incest turns me on ...i love looking at my aunt huge tits :grin:

I love going down on a guy and hearing him moan as I suck and lick his throbbing manhood. So hot! Nothing nicer than a warm, throbbing, hard piece of meat to play with. Usually, just as a guy is getting ready to cum, I will gently squeeze and pull on his ball sack. They go crazy and cum so hard when you do that. My reward is alway the bitter-salty creamy treat in my mouth - which I eagerly swallow. BTW, I am a 53 year old married man and my wife doesn't know that I am a man whore.

I like to dress up like Im going on a fancy night out sometimes and go to to large gas station that all the tourists use and picking up older married men who stop with their families. usally all i have to do is show them that im not wearing panties and they'll be fuc*** me in one of those trucker stalls in under five minutes. that almost all men are dogs turns me on.

I wanna make love to my cuz aim** I wish she would see this and figure out who i am and invite me over to her place for a whole night of fuc***, sucking and licking. Then we make it an ongoing thing

I have desires to make love to my own mother.

For the longest time, I've fantasized heavily about my mom. Holding her and touching her in ways I'm not supposed to touch or hold her.

As a kid, I always loved my mom mode then anyone in the world. It broke my heart when she had my sister, I got pushed to the side.

Since I was a teenager, I always tried some way to make her mine and steal her from her boyfriend. I bought her candy on Valentine's Day, flowers on Christmas. And, whenever she'd argue on the phone with her boyfriend, I always tried to comfort her. Like, one time, they argued at night. When she hung up, I went in her room and watched TV with her, I pretended to fall asleep. She tried to wake me up, but I didn't move. She just laid down with her back to me on her side. When she did, o scooted right behind her and wrapped my hand around her waist and fell asleep like that.

Unfortunately, none of my attempts at wooing her never worked and I still have desires for her.

I think i consider myself an abdl, and it’s something i’m really embarrased of, i tried forgetting about this a lot of times, but i just can’t. I don’t know what to do, i can’t even tell it to anyone because i’m pretty sure they will judge me, also, it’s sad the way people see abdl’s…

I paid $1500 for an illegally-obtained bonobo monkey to be delivered to my house. It acclimated well but after a few days I realized that I couldn’t wait to fuc* that monkey. So I drugged it with muscle relaxants and placed it in the “small package” sexual position, pumping its pink shrimp ring-like ass. I came deep inside the ape. The monkey slept it off and afterward I rewarded him with some carrots.

I scored a bottle of vodka and some weed, and took it to my girlfriend's house while we skipped school. Her best friend skipped too and her younger sister had faked sick so they all got drunk with us. Then we smoked a couple of bowls and my girl got really horny so we went to her parents room to fuc*. I didnt notice til we were Fuc*** but her friend had followed us and had gotten naked and started kissing my gf. I ended up Fuc*** them both and even though I have to wrar a condom her friend let me raw come inside her because she's on birth control. when i went to take a shower he sister got in with me and sucked my dic* and let me give soapy dic* anal.

I am turned on by hot girls flirting with and grinding on hot guys. This is why I sometimes go to bars/clubs at night. I am especially turned on by white girls doing this with black guys. But if they're muscular, any guy will do. I like to watch this happening and maybe even take a picture if I can be discreet. Then I go home and fantasize about what happened after the club. I'm more turned on by single people doing this than couples. Yes, I'm bi, which helps.

I don't know if I am the olny woman who thinks like this but I wonder if there is an alternate dimension were men poop out their pen**es while standing up and women poop out their vaginas.And they basically poop and pee out the same hole. And I wonder what sex would be like in their alternate dimension and what if a guy ends up pooping in a woman's vagina when has sex with her? And then she shouts do me dirty poop in me so hard I want you're turd babies"?!

Sometime about 5 or 6 years ago I started eating my ear wax. I would randomly stick my finger in my ear and scratch it like we all do from time to time, and there would be dried ear wax on my finger and I would just put it in my mouth and eat it. I don't know at what point it became an addiction, but I would do it so much that I started scratching the inside of my ear so badly that it would bleed. And then the infections, one after another. I would even pick at the scabs and eat those too. I found a way to lessen the damage however. Now I only pick my ears once or twice a day, and instead of eating it immediately, I save it untill I have a nice ball of it. Now I only eat it once or twice a month, but it is the size of a quarter and a couple of millimeters thick.

I’m typing this as I sit in a roomful of people at a banquet, and all I want to do is stand up and scratch my ass and pick my nose. My ass is incredibly itchy and my nasal wall is encrusted with dried snot. I yearn to relieve myself! I don’t even want to go to the bathroom, I jusf want to service myself here and now.

Fuc* manners, here I go

im a lefthanded guy. im not talented but i masturbate a lot. my personal record is 6 times a day.:yum::yum:

I have never sent a dic* dic*, nor would I ever, because I don’t even want to see my dic*—it looks weird.

hookers again. no condoms again.

i feel dirty

I am addicted to hardcore porn. I cannot stop.

I'm a straight male, but on impulse one night, I paid a homeless guy to let me give him a blow-job. It's like I wasn't in control of myself - I just kept thinking "what are you doing" as I tried my best to stimulate him, as he wasn't really into it and couldn't maintain an erection. Eventually he stayed hard, and it was only when he put his hands behind my head to hold me in place that I finally came to my senses - just in time to get a mouthful of semen. To my shame, my reflex was to start gulping it down as it spurted into my mouth, though some of it dribbled down my chin. We couldn't look each other in the eye afterwards as he hurriedly fastened his pants and I frantically searched my pockets to find a tissue I could use to wipe his semen off my face. If I'd planned it, I would have brought some mints, but it was an impulse thing and the shops were closed. So I had to take a long walk home with that awful taste in my mouth.

24 years ago today I raped my next door neighbour, a 67-year-old widow. Before you judge me, let me just say that I was convicted and did my time. Hard time. My little secret that I want to share with you is that I still think about what I did to her when I jerk off.

I have bum troubles again. can't shit. there is shit there it just lazy and body won't work right to get it out. I have been sick on and off for weeks and today pain was worse. I hate this. its not good feeling.

I have a pen** fetish or pen** envy, one of the two. I have very clear recollections of when my grandad would take me with him to inspect the farm. We walked most of the time and from time to time you have to pee. If i had to pee I dropped my pants and squatted and held his hand so I wouldn't fall over and if he had to pee he would take it out and pee on the ground. To me the pen** is something I can't explain. I do fantasize about having a pen** and humping a pretty girl, but mostly I just wish I had a pen** to pee.