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yesterday's hooker had some issue with her pus** and had problems getting my dic* completely inside. I kind of forced her into positions that allowed deep thrusting. My dic* is not big but her face expression showed she was suffering.

I kinda regret it. I know it's her job, but still...

you shook my confidence, hopefully not for good. I'm working on that. you convinced me that I need another person in my space to regulate my behavior, to "keep me in check", to "challenge" me (which turns out to be a euphemism for someone who gaslights, contradicts, and in general doesn't take me seriously. But if I dare mention that, you'll say that I'm exaggerating), and as a result I still have to learn how to trust my own judgement. I got a weird feeling that you were jealous of me whenever I achieved more than you, and I stopped achieving as a result. How is codependency better than being alone and happy? How can you say that you have my best interest at heart when you enabled/enable so much shitty behavior from me? How can I take you seriously when you make everything into a joke (the exception of course, being when something affects you, everyone around you better be upset too). Honestly I'm tired of bitching about you and I'm exhausted just thinking about you. I've finally grown and it's liberating knowing I don't need you anymore. All those times you pushed me away growing up, I finally got the hint. Thank you.

yesterday I fuc*** a hooker without a condom and she said I could cum inside.


I asked her if she was taking pills.

she said yes.

I told her pills can fail and I don't want a baby.

So I didn't cum at all.

after I went to a brothel and fuc*** another hooker with a condom this time and cummed.

I sucked the cum right from the condom and swallowed it all.

My roommate eats all my food and his fat girlfriend keeps me up all night with their loud sex.

So I blow my nose in his towel every morning

Mr. No Socks is keeping this site alive.

after years of fuc*** hookers without a condom, some with odd spots on their skin, I wonder how many stds I have.

The only thing I feel is some disconfort when peeing.

In 1993 I urinated in a mason jar and hid it under the stairs at my parents’ house.

Yesterday I found it. Much of the urine has evaporated but what’s left is a cloudy dark amber. Mold and other white-looking organisms cling to the side of the glass.

But nothing prepared me for opening the jar. The smell hit me like a punch to the nose, so bad I almost dropped the jar. The vile odor of decades-old pee was reminiscent of a medley of sweat, vinegar, and cat feces.

I’m not sure what to do next.

NO means YES!

I was doing a set of snake bite piercings on a first timer around two weeks ago. Really nice guy all around.

I set up my needles and forceps, and I pierced the first stud into his lip. Cool, no issues. Told him to check it out in the mirror while I set up again.

He looked in the mirror- super pleased with it. I didn't think too much of it- until he turned around and told me that the piercing gave him a hard on.

Needless to say, that really made things a little more awkward

im straight but i love looking at big dic**.

I can’t stop masturbating to my mom’s old Sears catalogs.

btw I’m 43 and married.

I eat my own cum.

23 year old male when i was 7 or 8 my female cousin who is 6 or 7 years older than me used to touch me and let me grope her i loved it i still get off to it but she never let me inside her tbh i still wish she would let me

I've fuc*** dozens of hookers without using condoms over some years. why am I still alive?

Im trying to figure out if i want to rejoin civilization after hiding out in the mountians for the last decade or so

it all started because I was foolish and desperate and I once had an ex girlfriend who was about 17 - she was a senior in high school and I was her substitute teacher when we started secretly dating

Soon we start fuc*** like rabbits. No condoms of course, no birth control. I came in her almost every day for weeks

We started in August at the start of school when I met her that first week in class. She technically had just had a birthday that same month...By Halloween in October she figured out she had missed her period and was pregnant

By Christmas she was starting to show her pregnancy - she never told anyone it was me

She wanted to finish high school but she had the baby immediately before final exams so she was never able to graduate

That was 13 years ago

I wonder what happened to her...

I left town as soon as she got to the hospital

I was only 32 and wasn’t ready to be a father

So I just left town.

I freaked out and I ran away. I went by my ratty apartment while my roommates were at work, I hurriedly packed everything I could in 30 minutes flat. I crammed everything into several bags and an old backpack, tossed what I could fit into my tiny rundown old Honda and I quickly drove away that night without telling anyone where I was going or that I was leaving

Several hours later on the road I stopped in Alabama at a mall and I traded my old cell phone for cash and maxed out cash withdrawal on my credit cards then threw them away by leaving them in a mailbox in a black neighborhood

Then I just drove West non stop for 36 hours

I didn’t stop until I hit well past the Rocky Mountains near Utah

I donated my old car and

Then I anonymously joined a commune of religious pilgrims

I never used my real name

I lived like that for 12 years

They kicked me out a few months ago for wanting to have sex with an underaged girl I wasn’t supposed to - not that they minded the fact she was 14 at all - she was fine with it of course, she wanted to be with me - but she had been promised to be somebody’s 7th wife

So that was my “crime” so I was exiled and Now I’ve been hitch hiking through the High West making my way with “borrowed” hiking and camping gear and living off chairity food from churches and soup kitchens

I use the Internet in public libraries a lot, because it’s free and warm but eventually they kick us out

It hasn’t really registered to me that I’m technically homeless

I have tried to look people up from back where I used to be - it I haven’t contacted anyone

I guess everyone thinks I’m dead

Which is just as well I suppose

I never really liked Thanksgiving

I want to get pregnant and empower myself by aborting my baby.

I use "location search" on Instagram to find pictures hot girls in my town and then go their Instagram page and masturbate to their pictures.

i shared a lollipop with a friend while i was at a club today and remembered that she had herpes. I'm such a fuc*** idiot. I thought maybe i'd get lucky but i can feel a spot breaking through near my mouth. Herpes at 23 before i've even had sex. I was already fuc*** disgusting, now this has just made it even worse for me to find anyone. I can't believe this is happening to me

Nobody ever tells you how goddamn satisfying it is to outlive somebody you hate. Especially if their death was unexpected. It is, legitimately, satisfying in the way that good sex or cold beer is. It gives you that warm feeling like stretching out on a sunny day.

Screw you, Wes. You were a massive prick in life - and you died young for it. I’ll never tell anyone I know just how big a smile your death puts on my face.

May the world forget you just that little bit faster.

I hadn’t showered or changed my clothes in three days, in part due to a 14-hour trans-Pacific flight. Arriving home I disrobed, taking my pants off. Lowering my briefs revealed a disgusting brown dirtline, a burnt ochre hue in its center. I raised the shorts to my face, and slowly bringing them to my nose, I inhaled deeply.