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So my best friend just left her fiance and dropped off the face of the book because she accidently recorded him and his twin sister having sex in their home while she was at work. when she realized what was going on in the video she was going to invite them over and show them but then their mother had a heart attack and died in the sisters house next door before she could show them feeling sad for them she got deleted of the video she felt bad about exposing them. i dont know why after all he and his family put her through she didnt want to ruin his sisters marriage but she was still disgusted by him-so she left -now she is being judged for leaving him when he needed her most— by him and his shitty family. I hate that she has a good heart i saw the video with my own eyes and that was not their first time if it were me i would have leaked it anyway the never gave a fuc* about her

I've been having sex with my hot older sister for years..We enjoy it, are good at it, and have no plans on stopping. Since she took an early buyout from her job, we've been going at it more than ever, including my college years, when I'd spend some weekends at her apartment, nobody knew, and we'd just go at it like animals from Friday night until I left late Sunday.

This past weekend, we got together again during a gathering, as we often do. Steal away for some us time, have sex, then return. She fell in her basement a few weeks ago, and broke her forearm, and is in a cast from wrist to elbow. Limited mobility. My confession, strange is it is (to me, anyway), is that...For some reason, having her in that cast, a bit immobile, seemed to turn me on more and make her that much sexier. Something about, I don't know...Knowing she couldn't do as much, needed my help, or maybe, in a worst-case scenario (not with me), wouldn't be able to defend herself..Just got me going. I've never had this before, with anyone. Having her in that arm cast just revved me up, and I really plowed and plunged inside of her this past weekend.

My fetish has taken a disgustingly nasty turn.

From a very young age, I have always had a panty fetish. It started when I was about 7 or 8, and was playing hide and seek inside my babysitter's house. She had a teenaged daughter, and I was hiding in her bedroom closet. There was a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, and without really knowing what I was doing, I picked up a pair of her panties and sniffed the crotch.

From that very second I was like a heroine junky, always looking for his next fix. I have snuck into the closets and dirty clothes hampers of virtually every girl/woman I have ever known, just to get a whiff, and in most cases, a taste of the crotch of their dirty panties.

But in all those cases, I knew exactly who the panties belonged to. Whether my aunt's, my cousin's, my sister's or her friend's, my own friend's wive's and/or girlfriend's, even my mother in law's, I at least knew where they came from.

But the other day, I hit rock bottom. I was at the laundromat, and I found a pair of panties on the floor by one of the washers. They had not been washed, and the secretions on the crotch were still slightly sticky to the touch. Without hesitation, and obviously without thinking, I rushed into the restroom, and started sniffing and sucking on them while I jerked off into the toilet.

Afterwards I felt disgusted with myself. I have no idea who those panties belonged to. She could be some nasty chick with any number of diseases. Although they didn't smell nasty (quite the opposite actually), you never know.

This has actually scared me, because I didn't even hesitate. And I didn't think about how disgusting it was until after I was done.

today i fuc*** myself in my ass with three different dildos then put one in my pus** while fuc*** my ass and squirted all ove my bathroom. now im holding my virator on my cli* trying not to cum. i wish i had a verbal dom to tie me up and degrade me while using my holes and torturing my cli* with a vibrator.

how do I stop sering hookers and fuc*** them without condoms?

My deep dark secret is that I get around and do things with other men. I work in logistics and I work around a lot of other men. I fantasize but of course I can't act on it. There is a bar three stops before the stop to my house that it is frequented by businessmen before they go home to their lousy lives. I sit and talk with them and sometimes they will go back into the stall and let me enjoy myself and maybe let them enjoy themselves too. I take pleasure in breaking down their resistance and getting them to release all their pent up tension in my mouth. I swallow as they say, and I love to swallow to the last drop. I go home I live alone. I want to get fuc***.

I pretend to be a teenage girl on a site called 7 Cups and lie about my background in order to help teens. It works and they end up actually divulging the necessary information needed for them to actually feel better. I still feel weird about it, but I know what I am doing is working because they have said so and thanked me.

yesterday i was on a hot dog stand. behind me there was a fat middle aged lady on a tight jeans.
suddenly i heard the brrrrrr sound. yes it was her. 5 seconds later the whole surrounding smelled like hell. me along with few other people standing on the line had to move away from that contaminated area. the lady took a hot dog and grinned at us. you know it wasnt funny at all.

why do i need a 9mm?

just saw a hooker. I told her to lay down. she asked: no condom? I answered: no condom. she: I'm on my period. I thought for a moment and answered: no matter. I felt so disgusted afterwards.

he made me squirt so hard this morning... i need that again!

That actor David Boreanaz is an attractive man. I’m not gay or anything, but I’d pay $100 to drink his dirty bathwater.


Do you think Kenneth Pinyan is in heaven?

I am 54 and married with 3 grown children. I started peeping in windows at night when I was 16, and I still do it today (although not nearly as often). I am a total voyeur. I love watching girls undressing. I have watched many couples having sex as well. I always masturbate while watching. I know I am sick, but I am harmless. I would never break into a house, hurt someone physically, or steal something. I just want to watch, that's all. It is my belief that if they don't know I am watching, no harm is being done. I don't brag about it, I dont talk about it, and I don't write about it (except here obviously). I consider it to be a victimless crime, but a crime nonetheless. It's an addiction, that's for sure. I've spent thousands of hours engaged in peeping. It has had an impact on my life. I have slowed down a lot and I suspect that one day I will just stop altogether.

This is a fantasy. I want to go out one night, alone without my wife and cruise around and meet a man and suck his coc*. It is a fantasy but doesn't mean that I don't want to do it.

When I see one of those graphic anti-abortion ads, I get hungry.

hey, im currently a year 8 living in england i attend a grammar school. a few important things for this confession to note are im an introvert, i dont talk to people about my feelings not even my family members, i’ve had so much practice lying through my eating disorder that im scared one day the lies will catch up. so basically im weird and also i have anorexia nervosa. my doctor said if i dont get better soon im going into in patient. in England you get one month free recovery care and then you have to pay. and i know my parents will pay for me to be there and i cant help but feel so so guilty because i have two other siblings, my twin brother and my little sister. im know my siblings worry about me and so do my parents and i wish they didnt because then it would be so much easier to lose weight and i know its sooo ungrateful of me but i cant help it. my friends at school think im getting better but everytime i tell them i have a detention i actually just go to the bathroom and run on the spot in one of the cubicals for the whole lunch. they still havent figured it out and i feel like im addicted to lyiing and im so disgusting because im so fat and the unhygenic things i do to lose weight like spitting in the cup are horrible. over all im just a fuc*** up daughter and sister . im sorry to my family and my friends. especially you luke im sorry i couldnt be the perfect twin sister but im really trying to be more pretty. im sorry im a liar and a disgusting pig im so sorry. xoxo lying crazy fat anorexic bitch Xx

Happy Thong Thursday, hope everyone is having a naughty one. I sure did. I masturbated anally in 3 different thongs (each one got soaked with piss and precum from my semi hard coc* and the buttstring soaked in lube crisco and ass juices). luckily no shit as I just evacuated earlier and was able to clean out without douching (poops came out smoothly and well lubricated).
I used 5 different toys, small blue silicone dildo for warm up and last minute cleaning, silicone buttplug for keeping my hole open, my two glass dildos, one longer and thinner and the other fatter one, but still long enough to hit all the right spots. then for the star of the session I used my thicker 8 inch 2.5 inch wide hot pink silicone dildo, which felt awesome. especially sliding my thong to the side and riding thrat moster hence cumming multiple times.a little 420 helped relax the hole and increase my pleasure back there.session lasted a good 1.5 hours with me finally cumming in yellow microfiber lace thong. the feeling of sitting on a moster dildo while wearing a sheer thong is indescribable, especially when stroking your coc* and you finally shoot a load or 2. I'm sure some of the more sexually liberated fellas know just what I'm referring to.

Definitely recommend trying it. and for those who worry it will make one less of a man, remember, Real men(gay, straight or bi) take it up the ass. Anyone who does not do anal is missing out on hlf their sexual potential.

thats all I got for now, until next next time :wink:

I want to porn YOU.