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i want to watch my 6 yr old daughter get raped female 22 here

do you support anti-muslim terror attacks?

when I'm on certain drugs, I have a tendency to consider Anders Breivik and Brenton Tarrant heroes, or even martyrs.

if you use a condom it isn't sex.

There is a pedophile that has never been punished for having sexual intercourse with girls under the age of 15, when he was in his 30's. This isn't his only crime but, as far as I am concerned this is the one that he should have had to pay for.

He moved here to Jackson from Compton, CA. several years ago.

They say birds of a feather flock together. And him and his friends were always flirting with underaged girls. They saw nothing wrong with messing around with these young girls until one of their 'friends' was finally sent to jail for molesting a 6 year old.

He now is all high and mighty with the things that young people are doing that is nowhere near as bad as what him and his friends did.
These young girls will be scarred for life.
Those young girls that they took advantage of will also never get any justice.

But, it is time that he no longer can hide his crimes in the shadows.


i like to kill animals 8/

I got pregnant via a sperm donor for the sole purpose of having an abortion.

So when I was about 16, I was somewhat sexual active. I was doing everything but "normal" sexual intercourse with my ex. We mostly did anal, and one day my period was supposed to come. And it didnt. It completely skipped that month. And the next. And the next. I realized what happened. I live in a Christian household, though its not as strict now as it was back then. (i was able to come out as bi this year) BUT I knew that if my parents found out they'd either force me to keep my unwanted child or they'd just staright up "kill" me. I told my ex who also freaked out because he didnt want a kid either. I realized what I had to do. I started to drink heavily and abuse drugs. I excerised myself past my limits every day. I even resorted to hitting myself in the stomach full force. After a week of self abuse my period i thought. it wasnt like any period i had before, the pain in my stomach was excruciating. i was bleeding through overnight pads within 10 minutes. then in the shower...well something fell out. i tried convincing myself it was a bloodclot, but it wasnt. and yeah, i self induced my own miscarriage.

i think that if i was a serial killer i would probably have sex with the dead bodies. i am that sick and perverted. i think having sex with a corpse would be incredibly thrilling because it is so taboo. that alone would make me want to do it. that plus the fact that it is one of my biggest fantasies.

When I was in my early 20s I exposed myself to kids on several occasions. I would go into the woods near parks and schools and drink beer and smoke pot and masturbate. Then I would wait for kids to come along the trail and I would show them my erection. Sometimes I would actually masturbate in front of them. I almost got caught a couple of times and was smart enough to stop. I can't believe I actually did that stuff. I've always been a bit of a pervert but never considered myself a pedophile, but I guess I was back then because I definitely got a thrill from being watched by children. I had so many issues and was molested as a young child (although I don't really remember it). I became a major alcoholic and came close to death several times before sobering up with the help of AA at age 45. I feel like I should turn myself in or confess for what I did but what would they do? I don't know the names of the victims and it was so long ago.

In 2007 I got a 15 year old girl pregnant. I was 35 at the time. Needless to say I got the hell out of that town and never returned! She was a local tramp and flirted with me to get her beer. So I did. What the hell, I was bored, single, and wanted company. It became a regular thing. She would come to my apartment, we would smoke a joint, have some beer, and then have sex. I guess my method of pulling out before ejaculation wasn't the best method lol. Little whore deserved it.

my coc* is vertically challenged

I’m a male who where’s thongs. I were thongs every day. It turns me on that I can be so feminine underneath my clothes.

Our 17 year old niece is staying with us for 4 months. I have been spying on her through the bedroom window and have seen her naked numerous times. I beat my meat and ejaculate while watching her undress. So hot. Perfecy 34C breasts and a nice triangle of golden brown pubic hair.

shoild I have worn a condom.
my pen** is stickynnow and it secreeta this weird yellow goo that burns
wtf happened tk me and
why is it bleeding now

there are sores on it

First names only:

What is the first name of the single, most amazing sex partner you've ever had, and what made them the best?

Mine is Monet. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do. She'd let me cum in all three holes, or on any part of her body I wanted (including all over her face). She would swallow, she would let me watch her masturbate, she would role/fantasy play, she would massage my prostate whole blowing me. But most of all, she would be "daddy's little girl" any time I needed her to, including the little girl voice, pig tails, and outfits. I miss her every day.

I'm a sheepshagger.

I touch myself to that r@pe sence.

My boyfriend has fungus growing out his butthole should he see a doctor? Because I'm pretty concerned right now and the fungus seems to be growing and growing more. At this rate I could grow a garden in his butthole.

I'm at a flat waiting to see the hookers. they don't know I have no money lol