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so.i spent 3 months taking my uncles adopted 15yo daughters phone after she went t sleep and bombarded my phone with texts from her trying to seduce me threatening tolie that i touched herjustconstantly harrasing me,, shes been trouble for over a year now cops her 5 or more times 2 she said we all beat her. andso much bs 2 nights ago she ran away arund the corner to the sherffs house he came backwith her she had accused my uncle of raping heri dont think she knew i was home..after the cops showed and left aunt and ucle left for why idk... im a 35yo 6 ft 6 250lb ironworker..she is a half black, reallight skinned 5ft maybe a100lbs..looks like a tiny young riahnna.when uncle left she called her frend and told her everythingher bedroom connects to my aunt and uncles thru a shared bathroomand i was in his room while she was laughingto her friend in the bath she hung up and showeered i turned the lights outshe stpped and gotout of the shower and walked into her roomm i followed and grabbed her in her towel and pinned her neck to her pillowkinda sideways bher mouth was not covered...and told her to read i took here sim out and she "our" texts for maybe 30 seconds and as soon as i saw she was understanding what i was showing her.. i tols her to stand upbut she was scared and kinda slid back i grabed her threw her towel and told her if she wanted to stay a virgin shed suck it she started sobbing so i turned her aqnound andchoke holded her she sobbing went down i slapped her twice and told her no hands and that if i felt a tooth she was loosing 8 i slapped her so many times shee kept choking and crying so i told cked her out when her eyes opened i slapped her and choked her again4 times she came back iasked her if she felt better not being a lyer anymore she lookedup at me iten took her virginity and he little pooper this monig i went in her room and only gestured and she quiety sucked me dry no words. ima go show her this Nikole and i used to be a liar now i know a skill. he sais im gonna bring my friends over or suck everyday.. and i now have a live nig***bitch pocket pus** im gonna pnch her when i cumhere in a few min pts me a 16 total girls now 14 to19 pretty warm wet holes somthin about breakin em with pain but then makem orgasm love whores

Cancer... :weary:

I fart hard and smell bad and wonder why I am single.

depression is like having a cloud over your head

Where can I find decent women in late 30s or early 40s around my age who still smoke cigarettes? It’s like they all disappeared all the sudden! Where’d they all go! Everyone knew cigs were bad for decades but in just the last few years they’ve all but vanished!! I’m not talking vaping - I hate vaping - I’m talking smoking real cigarettes everyday.. it seems like attractive women who smoked real cigarettes were all over the bar scene just 5-10 years ago ... but now I can’t hardly find any wbelieve men my age who smoke! Which makes it hard to find dates for a smoker! What thehell happened?!?

Seriously: we’ve all known about the risks of smoking for decades at this point - women my age - near 40 - all started after knowing the risks - everybody used to smoke cigarettes now it seems like nobody does ??

How’d it happen so fast?p

I think the restaurant Wingst*p is high end

It feels so juvenile of me to say. But ever since I was twelve, I've fantasized about taking heroin, or abusing any sort of opiate. It feels awful of me to want, that desire scares me. I wonder if I'm making a bigger deal out of this than I should be.

i hate life right now

should I go to church to try to get help with all my sick addictions? in particular my need for young teenage girls ? do they help you with that at church? if the church youth group is full of fertile young teenage girls, shpuld I volunteer to help? is it best for me to confront my sick obsession by surrounding myself with temptation?

trump is coming for you like a seething Nixon on an alcohol and pill filled raging bender. hes got the codes. blood is in his eyes in his you know what

I was molested as a kid. For most of my life I justified it and blamed myself because it was another kid. I'm in my 30's now and I'm so afraid to talk about it with anyone because I feel like it's been so long that no one will believe me. I have a son who is the age I was when it happened and it has made it feel so much more bitter and painful. I can't imagine my child going through the shame, secrecy, and bitter pain of hiding something from that age on. Part of me hates my parents for making me feel like I could never tell them. I wish I could tell them now, but the fallout would be too much.

Spent 2000 USD on mechanical keyboards. Can't tell girlfriend even if she doesn't mind and supports my hobby. I've spent SO MUCH on this weird hobby and tell myself "it's not drugs at least"

Still miss my ex best friend. She told me she liked me before but i was already taken -- and then took it back. Fuc*. She's never been there for me but fuc* I still miss her.

i am a recovering anorexic who still hates their body and has anorexic habits and isnt honest about the struggles because i don't want to get fat or go back into rehab.

Im a 30 year old bedwetter. Relationships are hard for me.

Am I an alcoholic if I spend an average of $800 to $900 a month on alcohol ? Does it matter if I’ve often wanted to quit drinking for the past 8 years?

Over the last 4 years I have spent over $40,000 on webcam sex chatting. All of my credit cards are maxed out and I am out of cash. But I still don't want to stop. If I won the lottery I would spend the rest of my life doing nothing but that. But right now I have no way to pay for it so I have no choice but to stop.

A girl in Massachusetts was convicted of murdering her 18 year old boyfriend by texting him to commit suicide. she was 17 and wasnt even in the same building as him.

thats sorta fuc*** crazy right?

if someone on here told me I was an ass*** and should kill myself (been told that befofe many time) if I did it - they would go to jail for the rest of their life?

We all have our perception of truth. This becomes our reality. In times of emotional stress don’t cloud truth too much with unfair bias. Do your best to look at life for what it is, so you can take the steps to make it what you think it should be.

I’ve jerked off 2-4 times a day at work at the lffice in the bathroom every day for 11 years

I’ve jerked in the office building, but in hotel rooms, in government buildings, airport bathrooms, convenience store bathrooms,

For the year before that, I jerked off 4-5 times a day, when I worked at an office in a government building

The court house was near by and I jerked off in the bathroom there

I also jerked off in the bathroom in the public library across the street often

For the three years before that: I jerked off at college 2-3 times a day, then another 2 times at my apartment

I also had a part time job then where I jerked off 1-2 times a day

For 2 years before that, when I worked as a substitute teacher, I jerked it about 3 times a day at the school in the teachers bathroom

Being around all those teenage girls made me uncontrollably horny

For the 4 years I was in college before that I’d jerk it 4-5 times a day, in between classes, in the library bathroom, in the bathroom of the campus union, in the bathroom at the classroom buildings

Imagain so many hot teenage girls on campus was too much to take

For the 4 years of high school I also jerked it 5 times a day total - but at least 1-2 times a day in the boys bathroom or in the bathroom in the school theatre

That 1 last year of middle school I jerked it easily 4-5 times a day after I discovered masturbation - and I frequently jerked it 2 times a day at the school in the boys locker room

Being around all those middle school aged girl just made me uncontrollably hard

So I’ve been jerking it a lot

Spent most of the last 20 years drunk. Now what? I’ve been an alcoholic through all my 20s and 30s. Ruins everything. About to be 40. What now?