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promoting teenage smoking is what I do for a living now..I feel terrible about this job. I’m paid through a shady third party shell company to find ways to encourage teenage smokers to smoke cigarettes - and get addicted - both to start smoking outright and instead of vaping .. it’s so fuc*** up

I’ve gotten 57 girls to start smoking cigarettes everyday this fall. They are all teenagers. Now they are all addicted. I manage an app that tracks their consumption and we give them rewards for them shooting selfies of themselves smoking cigarettes in different places - it’s so fuc*** terrible

My life is trash. I commit sinful fraud for a living. I feel like the lowest scum of the earth. why the fuc* am I doing this?!?

I have had enough of this talk. I can't control someone else's behavior but they can isolate me and block me out from having any love around me for no reason , ha? how come they should be allowed to control what I get out of life? ha? do I have to go to TIMBUKTU? wake up to the lies you are being fed. don't tolerate cun** and ass***s and trolling rapists and convert bullies.

my drinking is out of control because Im an alcoholic. I need a drink right Im hosting a party with serious drinking going on and I have custody of my daughter this weekend. she is a tod*ler.

My girlfriend is already drunk. its 7pm here and shes already drunk. she started drinking at 3pm when she got out of class.. she is way way too young for me.

My head is pounding, even after all the advil and coffee Ive been chugging all day. I have a cold sweat because I haven had any alcohol since lunch... but Im worried because Im shitting blood

again. why does this keep happening to me

I love my pets a lot. But as I am getting older I just can't stand the hassals of cleaning up after them and cost of food and care, and everything they wreck like furniture, carpet and throwing up fur balls or dog chuck and dog shitting while walking. I really dislike carrying a shit bag with me and I am sick of picking up shit around the yard or house from them. I am just generally old and tired and sick of stressful things. I love my pets but there comes a time of where its like "I can't do this anymore", I am sick of cleaning up shit and chuck! does anyone understand?

I sometimes pray for my old life back where I had a nice clean house. Fewer problems as well.

I just don't want to do this anymore.

used Condoms seem like they just make sense... But Didn’t plan on telling the girl I bought it used because there is so much stigma - but Spending good money on new condoms seems like such a waste ... plus they never fit me right.

They are always way too big and just slip and slide off .. I think maybe my pen** is really undersized and just doesn’t fit inside normal condoms. Normally there is always enough room in there that the condom just falls off as soon as I stand up. It’s like completely loose. If I pull on it even slightly it falls off.

If had condoms come off inside of girls before... at least 7 times I can think of. Some of the girls get so pissed. Two girls have walked out on me after the condom came off inside of them and then I came in less than sixty seconds . One couldn’t get it out of her and had to go to the hospital

sobreity is terrifying

how do any of you make it through every day stone cold sober?

Spears vs Swords ? which are better?

Real question. Which is all round better? In a variety of fights? Assume gunpowder is unavailable. Which has more use or utility? Which makes you crap your underwear if you see someone within 5 to 10 feet of you weilding one? Is there a better personal combat melee weapon?

64 hours of sobreity. holy fuc* i cannot do this muchh longer. I need a drink so fuc*** bad. i have the shakes, and the sweats. I am fully alcohol dependent

I am an alcoholic, a raging, pathetic excuse of a man. There I said it. I have probably been an alcoholic for nearly a decade. Ive destroyed relationships, broken trust than can never be repaired, and tanked my longterm career prospects... and I still cannot quit.

TWB what do i do with myself? I need a girl like you to be my guardian angel. Im a ruined sinner. Im old enough to be your father, maybe older, but I cannot manage this much longer. Im a liar and a theif

please somebody help me.

I just need a few drinks tonight then I’ll be ok tomorrow I promise. maybe I can start quitting drinking again tomorrow

I used to catcall women because I wanted to be insulted and rejected. Now I have cam girls verbally assault me—and sometimes roleplay the catcalling.

Trying to not drink. its been about 30 hpurs since I had any alcohol... I dont know how long im going to make it

I’m sorry I’m waiting outside the clinic to beg them to see me

I asked my boss for time off last night and she slapped me. I told her my pen** was diseased and rotting and that I had no health insurance and she just laughed at me and grabbed my ass

I told her I was serious.

She said she was serious: that if I fuc*** her shed let me have the day off
And if I reported her for it she’d fire me and report that I tried to rape her to the police and the police would believe her because her brother is a cop who works vice and she knows my arrest record so I have to submit to her

It was terrible. I could barely get it Hard. I hadn’t been able to masturbate in a week

She insisted I not use a condom. It fuc*** blew my mind. I cried during part of it because it hurt so bad but when I came I thought I was going to have a heart attack

Then she dropped me off after midnight at a health clinic on the far south side of town past where the mexicans are since I don’t have a car

It’s freezing cold. 35 degrees and windy and I don’t have a jacket or sweater. I’m in my soiled work uniform from yesterday

I lost My wallet and only have 5% charge left on my phone

There is nothing else around here but an abandoned gas station and an old row of warehouses

This place looks like someplace brutal crimes happen

This clinic doesn’t open for another 4 hours

What the fuc* am I doing here?

I am turned on by hot girls flirting with and grinding on hot guys. This is why I sometimes go to bars/clubs at night. I am especially turned on by white girls doing this with black guys. But if they're muscular, any guy will do. I like to watch this happening and maybe even take a picture if I can be discreet. Then I go home and fantasize about what happened after the club. I'm more turned on by single people doing this than couples. Yes, I'm bi, which helps.

I have authored several posts here glorifying Kenneth Pinyan. Many have been removed by the crack staff.

Acceptable or censorship?

I have been digesting small doses of poison with the hope that when I go to sleep, I won't wake up.

I have been angry with the Lord for so many years. I felt he cheated me out on things I was entitled to in life: Love, mariage, family of my own, a career. I feel I was robbed and cheated out of happiness that would have been mine.
I'm very angry for what has become of my life and I can't find it in my heart to ever forgive myself for this.

I can’t read about 40% of the numbers or letters that Noteful asks me to input to confirm I am not a robot.

im ruining all my relationships. i feel like i cant do anything to stop it

I am seriously depressed and need a life. I am hopeless and a real loser. how do you get a life for yourself?

i think i have a porn addiction. i watch it all the time, sometimes when i'm not even horny. i've tried to break the habit but it's so addicting

I am going to give up porn. Eventually. I can never judge anyone I see to be an addict, because I understand how powerless you are to your addiction. You practice cognitive dissonance and do things you know are wrong, even though you don't want to. That is addiction. It completeltly ruins you and corrupts you from the inside out. I'll probably relapse again tonight, but right now, I want to rid my life from the pain it's causing me. I just want to be happy. The end is coming soon, for all of us. I just want to find my way back to the straight and narrow before it's too late. I have been doing this for almost 8 years of my life. I always said I would,'t let it go on this long, but addiction made me a liar. Please, God, I know i am doing wrong. And i know i am a coward for not asking anyone for help. I feel like even if i ever did leave it all behind, the guilt will always remain unless I confess to someone.

I'm sorry for failing every day. I didn't even get to experience my path into adulthood properly because of this addiction. my entire life from that point has been built on nothing but a lie.