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I have a friend that I've become really close to recently. We play games together online, and text a lot. I've started to develop feelings for him. However, he's a lot older than me (I'm 24 and he's 35), and lives across the country from me. We will probably never live in the same place, and I've been rejected so many times before that I don't want to get let down and lose a friend.

My boyfriend made me hate the gay community.

I'm a gay man. So was my ex. We had a lovely two-year relationship, though we often argued about politics and whether or not to open our relationship. I was against, he was for.

We broke up at the start of this year. He said I was freak in the gay community, that wanting a monogamous relationship was akin to rape. He said that I shouldn't be hurt by his decision to cheat on me, because the concept of cheating itself is 'alt-right' and 'caveman'. He said I was bigoted for not wanting to have sex with someone with AIDS. Our mutual friendgroup agreed with him. All gay.

I want a monogamous relationship. I want to eventually marry. I am not interested in casual sex. This apparently makes me a pariah in a community where nothing seems to matter but sex. I hate the gay community. I hate the rainbows, I hate the fetish-y parades, I hate the lisp, I hate the sass. I'm a normal guy who can only love guys, but being normal is seen as being fuc*** up in a community where it's normal to fuc* people the day you meet them.

I recently dumped my ex boyfriend by telling him that he made me realize I was a lesbian. Then right after I left him for my female best friend. (: I don’t regret a thing. He only ever saw me as a baby maker and some shitty housewife who’s only responsibility was to make him meals. He was the most irresponsible person I knew. Instead of actually paying bills/rent he’d splurge out on videogames and when we were about to be kicked out of our home he said we’d live in his car.
Call me a bitch, but I don’t care.
Now that I left him I can actually work and make that coin. I also got a gorgeous new girlfriend and one less problem to worry about (;

Um i dont know how to start this but here goes. Ever since i was a child ive always had a crush on this one particular girl. Growing up running into her time to time. I realized i still feel the same way about her. But now im married with another woman. But i still have feelings towards her. Have dreams about her. Dont get me wrong i love my wife and my two kids. But i dont know what to do about these thoughts and subconscious desires

I had sex for money for the first time last night. I need the money because I'm too depressed to work enough to pay rent. I feel like I'm in a catch 22.

I wish I confessed my love to my ex in May instead of July. Before she become extremely suicidial and depressed, which is the reason she broke up with me. She deleted all her social media accounts and blocked my number. I think about her everyday, I wonder if she even remembers me. She forgets thinks easily. I try and go over to her house but no one is ever there. I just want to hear her voice, see her voice, anything..

I met a woman younger by 10 years. Introduced myself. Hit it off. cashier at my local grocer. Talked a couple times previously. Shred always looked at me with a devilish twinkle in her eye...What to do now? Rock and a hard place. Stuck in a pointless boring, but loving relationship. Always gotta have a plan B I suspect.

Sex is so fuc*** boring with you. Why arent I interested? Because its the same every fuc*** time. No variety, No change just the same fuc*** thing over and over. to be honest I am not attracted to you. not your body, or personality, or any of that other bullshit. I still love you, but i dont think I like you. And as the years pile up and the days go by as our life if filled with kids schedules, hockey, church crap and school it gets harder and harder to stay married to a stranger.

Im fed up with my marriage. Im tired of occupying the same space with a stranger. We have four kids so thats nice. But it is so dreary. My spouse asks why i am not more interested in sex, all they do is lie there on the bed. Spouse has body image issues so when we can change positions its with the lights off and the fans on to make background noise. That happens once every six months. We've been married 13years now. I am not sure how much more of this I can take. Its to the point now where I am not even attracted to them. They are great in their role as a parent, but as a best friend/life partner I can see myself getting a divorce once the kids move out (if I make it that far) because the stranger I sleep next to at night is starting to get on my nerves

I've been working on two hot bartender girls from a national chain place I go to, and have them both almost reeled in. Both are defintely interested in having fun and sex with me, and have said so. Now, it's a matter of which one I get first.

The confession is..They're both more than half my age. One isn't even 21 yet (but soon). I should feel bad about going after, basically, girls younger than my nieces, but don't. I put the line out there, and they took it. There's actually a third, a gorgeous spanish girl, but she's not there often enough for me to really work on. One of the girls has a tongue stud (across, not the middle), and has leaned in and told me things like "This feels really good. I'll show you". The other, who's not 21 yet, is hot, great smile and body, and..Reminds me of an old girlfriend. A lot. Probably why I want her so bad.

The hot spanish girl also has really long, polished nails, which are my fetish, so I'd like to get her whenever she's there again. Bottom line is..I'm likely old enough to be these girls father, at the least, older uncle, yet..We have a good thing going, and I'll have two if not three of them. Don't care how young they are. And I'm being honest.

No abortions for anyone under 21! if you arent old enough to buy a beer then you arent old enough to buy an abortion!

no abortions after heartbeat is detected! thats usually 6-7 weeks. require Doctor to do sonogram to detect heartbeat before any procedure, and if heartbeat is detected require the doctor to let the young mother hear her babies heartbeat - then explain thats why you cannot kill your baby.
heartbeat is the gold standard for legally determining if someone is alive. keep it consistent!

Why do guys with a girlfriend or a wife always want me, but no single guys? I am not a home wreaker. I will not have sex with them. No matter how much i like that person. But I want to be with someone and not feel so alone in my life. Writing this right now is getting me teary eyed and i hate it.

I'm a dorky looking guy and I check women out everywhere I go. I love the idea of them silently judging me.
I love turning women off and being really unattractive to them because I love cuckold stuff.

I wonder how the man who I deeply desire feels about Me? Does He like me? Am I attractive to Him? Theres alot I am deeply curious about revolving Him. And I would love to get to know more about Him. And I wonder how I can win him over completely?

My wife Lyn*,a beautiful long haired brunette, was a virgin when we met at the age of 18, She had been touch by a guy but never penetrated, After 7 years of marriage she became cold and with drawn and I had an affair that she found out about. Her “revenge” was that I had to arrange for her to have a wild night of sex. I approached my cousin’s wife asking for her help, I knew that she had several “male friends”. She was very willing to help have Lyn* wish fulfilled. She suggested a guy named Cor*, saying he was very large and had great stamina. I said OK and I talked with Cor* on the phone, telling him what Lyn* wanted. He asked if anything was off limits, I said only that he not climax in her. A date was arranged for the following weekend. Lyn* was eager and I remember how she spent an hour soaking in the tub getting ready. When she left in our van, she looked wonderful. I really thought she’d back out and return home. The arrangement was she would go meet him, bring him back and park in our driveway. I would have to stay and listen and watching from a window, listening to her having sex. I was worried after almost 2 hours she hadn’t come back, thinking that was a sign of her backing out. Then I saw the van approach our house. It wasn’t long before I could hear the sounds of him pounding her. She kept yelling for him to f- -k her harder, I could hear her climax time after time. About 40 minutes later I heard her say she had to use the bathroom. She came to where I was, her face and arms were bright red. She asked if I saw them and was disappointed when I said no, only the sounds. She informed me they had done it twice before they came back! I had to leave to go to my job working the grave yard shift. All night long its all I thought about. The next morning she told me they did it 8 times that night, in every place. I thought it was over. A week later she informed me she had made an date with him. I begged her not to go. She promised she’d go tell him it was off and come right back. After an hour passed I knew she had gone. I knew where she was to meet him and went to the area. Sure enough her van was there, but they were not. I left a note calling her a whore. The next morning she came home looking like she had been abused. Her clothing was wrinkled and dirty. She said again he used her completely in ever place, but this time he climaxed in her several times without protection! She also told me they went to a friend of his apartment where they had sex on a water bed while the friend watched. I asked if he joined in and she said no. The friend was a black guy. I have serious doubts, thinking she did them both. I asked her how she could do that, not being on the pill and bareback. She replied that was what she wanted. I told her no more, she had her revenge. She promised no more. 3 months later she had to have an abortion. I met Cor* some 30 years later. We sat and talked. He described the house we lived in at their original meeting, the large family room. the juke box, a long hallway leading to the kitchen. The only problem was he described the house we currently lived in. My assumptions that they continued their activities proved true. She continued their affair for 30 years!

Years ago, while at my first job, I developed a huge crush on a co-worker. We talked and became friends, we ate lunch together sometimes. I didnt try to make a move or anything I was already seeing someone. As i became more and more unsure about my current relationship, i talked to my friends about it and i relized i was starting to fall for my co-worker it wasnt just a crush anymore. One night he invited me over and i blew off all my plans and went to go see him. we watched a movie and talked. As i was leaving i wanted to kiss him but i got scared and awkward im not one to make the first move, so i said goodbye, stumbled then ran walked to my car. i was extremely embarressed. i texted him the next day to maybe hang out again and he texted me asking if i liked him. I became flustered and paniced i didnt know how to respond and then i just deleted everthing off my phone blocked his number. He had quit a few days prior, i knew i wouldnt see him at work. but i went out and found a new job since he was the only reason i stayed at that job. i’never talked to him again i never answered that text. that was 8 years ago and i regret it deeply i wish i had answered just sucked it up and told him. I still have feelings for him and now ill never know what could have been :disappointed:

I literally hate submissive men. Their existance is a waste of oxygen. They are a huge burden with their whining, their NEEDINESS, and then they want to make it out like it's for your benefit. It's NEVER for the woman's benefit, it's always for their selfish benefit because they're too lazy and stupid to learn how to have sex and want to be babied. If they really wanted to please a woman they'd stop burdening them and learn to TAKE CHARGE and use their dic*. If you can't take charge in the bedroom as a guy and need reasurring or want to be babied, you are a complete and utter failure at life. You don't deserve your creepy fapping to random women who ignore you, you don't deserve a moment of happiness. The reason you're so insecure is because it's ALL true, you are NOTHING. Unlovable and worthless.

is squirting real?
tell me your experiences. I am a woman and so badly want to. I have tried to no end. myself. I feel the urge to pee and try to relax and keep going but it doesn't seem to happen.

the Syrian resistance is recruiting fighters inside the U.S.
Was contacted by my ex girlfriend from high school who is Syrian. She is with the resistance against the Russians, she said they needed out help. Assad and the Russians are murdering them, raping the women.

I told her I’d only consider helping if she let me have sex without a condom and finish inside her -even though she’s married and very religious and I’m white and also married and a Christian infidel so I’m pretty sure that violates Sharia law...

She’s extremely committed to her cause.
That’s all I can say about that

As I answer the question: Why did I allow the deceit and all the bad that followed? I've come to realize that I kept holding onto what was never there simply because he made me feel amazing when we were together. I was so blind to all the clues, and deaf to hearing the truth. Truth is, letting go of what was never there to begin with allows me to find a better person that will make me feel amazing in more ways than 1. Problem solved!