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I am sixty now and to be honest I am glad my husband has a young woman to spend time with. I travel with my girlfriends, I have my house and I have my grandchildren and I don't have to put up with his demands on me. I have zero interest in having sex. Zero. He found a young woman who pays attention to him, not without him paying things for her and she seems to be willing to lay down beside him. Good for her. He gets what he wants, she gets what she wants and I get what I want. To be left alone.

When I broke up with my first girlfriend I donated her stuff in my possession to the thrift store. The one thing I absolutely regret donating was the dress that my mother bought her for my mother's wedding. I was a beautiful blue dress and had a lot of sentimental value. It wasn't mine to give away and I still did so. My ex has not asked about it and it's been almost a year. But everytime my mind wanders to the fact that I did this fills me with regret and guilt. If I could go back to the thrift store and find the dress I would buy it back in a heartbeat, and find a way to get it back to my ex. In my mind this is one of the worst things I've ever done. It feels very wrong.

My wife doesn't know that I'm bisexual. I messed around with guys and girls in high school and college, but was exclusively dating women when we met. I really thought that being only with women was truly what I wanted, but last year I found myself attracted to a male coworker, and we started having an affair.

He comes to my house about once a week, and we "work" on projects out of my basement workshop. He's still totally in the closet, so we don't dare risk going to hotels, or anything like that.

I really do love my wife, and I love making love to her too, and would never leave her, but I can't deny this side of me either. I also can't talk to her about it because she's extremely homophobic.

I would love nothing more than to share this with her so that I wouldn't have to lie and see him behind her back, but I don't see that ever happening.

It feels good to put this out there though

I found a collection of dirty pictures of my wife online that I think her ex posted. They look to be taken about 5 years before we met. Not sure if I should tell her or do anything about it. She would flip out for sure as shes a very shy person in real life.

PS – Sorry I’m not sharing the link.

4 years ago I met this guy. The relationship was very sexual and fun. As time progressed I started developing feelings for him but soon after everything started to change for the worst tho everything changed, my feelings were still strong. For the 4 years of knowing each other the sex has always been on and off we would go months without speaking or seeing each other but again my feelings for him never changed. I don't know why I can't get over him and why I want nothing more than to be in a relationship with him. Yesterday he told me that I am too pushy and aggressive which he hates so I'm willing to change but the thing that really has me is him saying he doesn't want to kiss me. I don't know why hearing that hurts more than anything. I used to be submissive to him because of how he made me feel but when he started treating me differently I built up a wall because I felt like I kept getting hurt. Now I feel overcome with so many emotions because of the thngs he said. I can be submissive and let him be the man but I'm afraid that in doing so ill get hurt. I really want to be with him but he has this one request that I absolutely cannot submit to. He refuses to let me have what I want until I give him that. Part of me is hurting because I'm crazy about him but he doesn't feel the same about me or he wouldn't have such a request. I feel like I shouldn't be asked or felt pressured to do something that is not comfortable with just to get someone to be with me. I wish he could see this and stop asking but rather give us a 2nd chance. I'm extremely conflicted because I've decided to start dating and now that he's bk in my life I can't stop thinking about him. I just want to be his and he to be mine.

I just found the Sha*** site on my phone. I love going on there and let watch me jerk off, always cum soo hard.

It is cheating, particularly on my part as I am married. I love my cousin, always have, we have been having sex since before we could drive and we have sex now. No one knows we are very discreet about it and because we are cousins no one bothers with us if we go off together. The thing is that my cousin and I are both male, the same age and he is now openly gay reason why he isn't married. I would rather have sex with him than my wife, I am the woman to him and always have been, he is pretty Alpha if you ask around.

I don't go on Facebook or Instagram much anymore but I checked both recently and was surprised by this woman I used to work with 7 years ago. She's pretty hot, but back then she was married with a kid. It seems in the last couple of years however, she got divorced and now appears to be hooked up with a younger guy.

I got so turned on going back through her history and realizing through her pics that she must've dumped her flabby husband for this tight, chiseled, tattooed stud. She dresses more provocatively now and looks even hotter. All of the pics of her (I would assume) ex are gone and there's a bunch of beach shots with this new guy.

I started regularly beating off thinking about it, and now it consumes my alone time. I don't even necessarily want to fuc* her myself, I just find it so arousing that she's probably getting fuc*** hardcore by this badass stud.

I met a girl online over year ago on a website that sells custom "adult" content. We worked with eachother for a few months and both were into the same stuff. Over the course of times we started to become closer. I really enjoyed the person that she was! We ended up becoming really close friends and for the most part our conversations were no longer sexual. We shared everything about our lives with eachother. We even shared our real identies! We know all about eachothers families as well. One thing led to another and now we are both madly in love with one another! We even consider ourselves to be in a relationship. We've never met before but we plan to soon! I love this woman and she means the world to me! We constantly text eachother and call eachother on the phone every single night for an hour. Nobody knows this but us.

I still havent had a relationship. Everyone around me has. I feel so stupid and that its my fault why i dont. I feel not good enough for anyone and that nobody wants me.

my gf hasn’t been responding to my text for the past couple of days,i talked to her in person and she said everything was fine,I think shes lying for my sake,should I try to talk about it or just let it blow over?

If he only knew how often he enters my mind, how badly I want to be with him as more than just a hookup. There's something about him that excites me in every way possible and that draws me to him like a magnet. He clearly has his flaws like everyone else but they don't bother me in a horrible way, just makes me want to slap him sometimes. Most nights I wish I could fall asleep in his arms. He is my secret lover. I feel perplexed because even though to me he's my #1, I am aware of the fact that he doesn't want me how I want him. so, I've opened myself up to dating and meeting ppl, because I know we will never be a couple. His attraction to me is only sexually and I'm ready to be in a relationship but with the right person even if it's not him. I want to be happy and feel loved rather than used.

i'm a muslim, and my girlfriend is a wild kinda girl. The thing is she always edge me for sex and eventhough i don't want to, I keep on playing words that i would do her later. Now am gonna meet her this coming Wednesday and we will be staying in a hotel together. I'm worried that i might be having sex before marriage which is apparently a great sin in Islam. How am i going to go through this? I am worried i will crumble under my sense of guilt.

i know my female physical therapist is bi, and she flirts with me. i want to scissor fuc* her badly. she short with big ass and D cups. so do i make a move?

My girlfriend doesn't like getting eaten out. Since day one, she was hesitant about letting me go down on her. I tried, and she just hates it. I tried talking to her about it but she just says it's not her thing. I, on the other hand LOVE to eat pus**. I miss it so much. I miss the taste, the licky licky, finger bang combo hitter, the wetness, the way most chicks would have my head in a thigh vice, the leg spasms when I make her orgasm. I miss all that. Lately, I've been fiending it so much I've contemplated seeking a woman outside the relationship who would appreciate it. I don't want to cheat but goddamn the desire is real.

Married with kids... Not really sure my relationship with my husband is what I want anymore. starting to think that maybe he isnt my soul mate.

my sex friend of 5 years finally called it quits yesterday. I met up with her just so she could tell me that she met someone and was hoping that it will lead to marriage. She also told me that she doesnt want to have any contact with me anymore and that she is ashamed that she kept sleeping with me because of her low self esteeme. I’m sad and crushed...but glad in a way she moved on.

I had my 'first love' when I was a freshman in high school. I met this guy in my drama class and we instantly hit it off. It wasn't long before we were flirting and holding hands and meeting eachother at our lockers. It was innocent and dumb but I'd never been into anyone before. He used to call me his girlfriend but he never actually asked me out. One night we were staying late for the school play and we almost kissed but someone walked in on us. I thought after that he would surely ask me out. He ghosted me for a few days afterwards. A couple days later I found out he had started seeing an upperclassman girl, and they had gone on a few dates. I was crushed, but was never able to talk about it since we were never actually official, and nobody seemed to care. I started to wonder if I made it all up. 5 Years later at age 20 I'm still salty about it.

I'm not physically attracted to my gf. We've been together for 2yrs. and well, I envision someone else when we have sex. Every time. She's a heavier set girl, and that's fine I guess if she was curvy in the right places or at least worked out a little, but she refuses, and I obviously can't force her to do something shes doesn't want to do. I, on the other hand am very active; I lift, run, and rock climb. We're only together bc we hooked up on a dating app and convinced myself she was right for me, which then turned into me sticking around bc she fell hard for me and I had felt guilty about just hitting and quitting it. At the time, I hadn't been with anyone in 5yrs in any sense romantically bc of my super low self esteem, SO MANY failed dating attempts/courtships, and inability to attract any woman that is remotely attractive or interesting. I feared ending up alone or not having sex again for 5 more years or more. Not sure what to do. I feel stuck. I care about her very much but just not into her from a sexual/romantic standpoint. I fear that I'll just keep this going until she miraculously loses interest in me, I accept my fate and just keep filing through my mental spank bank forever whenever we have sex, or she loses weight and maintains her appearance finally. I can't even cheat (which I wouldnt do anyhow) bc Im a f*cking loser at courting women of any decent quality.

I feel like I've always had a very low sex drive compared to other people - I only have had two partners, and the last was ten years ago. Now I'm in my mid 40s, and my siblings have children, and I realize, even though I don't really have a strong motive to seek sex partners, I do wish I had been a father myself, and regret that it will never happen.