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Dear you, over there across the sea
we are two worlds apart,
but whenever I finally get over there, I really can't wait to suck your c*$k and lick your sp3&m. I love you so much that I want to TASTE you my loverboy.

Just was at the women’s shoes department at a store with my four year old daughter and was watching a red headed mom try on high heels barefoot and really enjoyed it.. she had her Red headed teenage daughter with her wearing converse without socks and trying on shoes... her skin was so pale white, I love really pale girls I stared at them both the whole time. For like 20-30 minuets and I followed them around

Have any of you ever had good quality unprotected sex with a random girl while camping? Like a random girl you meet at the campgrounds like at a common area?

I never have but badly want to - despite the fact that most of the girls I’m running into at these public camp grounds are redneck trailer trash in RVs owned by grandpa or uncle Steve and all they do is steal beers and ride around drunk on ATVs to go mud riding with little ass*** redneck boys who could all beat the shit out of me and who are all likely only 2 or 3 years away from a meth conviction

Cute girls though. Out sunbathing by the lake near the camp grounds. Gives me a lot of mental pictures to jerk off to furiously while alone in my tent. Again. Fuc*.

God damn it, I hate being out here alone being fuc*** eaten alive by mosquitoes. My underwear is soaking wet. My shorts and socks are filthy after even a one mile hike last night on a hilly forest trails and the red bugs have covered my legs and crotch with bites. My dic* is swollen and itchy, I counted 26 bites by chiggers just on my ballsack. And I used the off deep woods spray. I have a car load of camping shit I dug out of a garage, and more other swag I bought at Dic** sporting goods, and was planning on a great 2 week camping trip to go out sight seeing. Camping when done right saves a buttload of cash. Then after hitting the road yesterday the First campground I hit is full of redneck trailer trash girls tempting me, and boys and the girls fathers or uncles or whatever who would beat the shit out of me and skin me alive if I even touched the girls

Even hiding in the bushes by the girls common shower and bathroom area at night was a bad idea. It was no time at all before someone fat assed redneck grandma came out And asked me what I was doing in the bushes. I just pretended to be lost and then wandered away quickly. Fuc* man

I’d give anything just to get one of those little sunburned redneck ignorant teenage sluts all alone so I could slip my dic* in them. But then their redneck hillbilly boys would come chop my dic* off with delight. They all seems carry around the biggest fuc*** Bowie knives I have ever seen all on their belts. I swear every ass*** out here is carrying a knife

I just need to slip my dic* inside of a girl out here in the woods, please for the love of god, I’m all alone right now, in the men’s bathroom at the rest stop, using the WiFi and air conditioning and I’m tired of jerking off in this bathroom stall in the public bathroom. I need a real woman.

It’s been too many years since anyone has had sex with me. It’s been over 5 years since a woman has even touched my dic*. I’m so desperate. This camping trip was supposed to help get my mind off things.. but it’s making me hornier and sadder than ever. I’ve already drank half the alcohol I brought with me, so I’m going to need a lot more if I’m going to make it through this week.

I hate this. I hate it so bad. I hate my life. How do I fix this?

I think I'm falling in love with my friend's gf. Since I got divorced she took an interest in my life. We talk every day. She used to just make sure I was okay. I love her and can't tell her. It's getting weird recently because now her bf is acting strange, tho we hadn't done anything. She always wants me around, her son loves me, but I think his mama, the chick I want, told him something last weekend because he came at me with such hate, then said something like "you're not my daddy" and then showed me things that he has that are like his daddy's. He also hit me, it turned in to play fighting, then he cuddled up fell asleep. Before the play-hitting (he's 4 btw) he was pointing out things his mama and I were doing that was similar. His mama MUST'VE said something, as this was a sudden change for him. Her bf (also my best friend) is 'peacoc*ing' recently as well. The air is thick, and I hadn't done anything. But I love her, I want her, I want a future with her. Idk what she wants as her hints are borderline, and if I ask, she'll say I think too much. How do I go forward?

happy early vore day

One of my best friends got sent to prison in Michigan for trolling online to get 14 and 15 year old girls

They put him away for 5 years...

and he never actually got to have sex with any of them

He said it was really bad. He was a big white guy, like 6 ft 2, 250 pounds ... and very smart like master degreee and had been in a PhD program

But he said he was raped by Black people constantly

He said the guards didn’t care about prison rape

And that he was forcibly raped by Black men on a weekly and sometimes daily basis

He said they were a lot of inner city Detroit black men

He said he might have gotten protection if he had lined up with the aryan nation and other white supremacy groups in prison

But that because he didn’t he was raped a lot

He came out and is not the same man. He’s shattered.

He cannot get any work.

He’s a registered sex offender

He had to move back into his step mothers old house in Detroit

He’s living off her social security check for now

He’s banned from online social media

He’s banned from being a teacher - which is what his job was

He’s basically got nothing left to live for

And he’s only 48

And his life is ruined

shes smoking cigarettes again... she just cant quit

some dude told me i need to get married and have kids already that was a customer where i was working.

My fitness instructor makes my pus** throb so badly. My heart races & my panties get soaked just thinking of her. Her body is flawless & her booty is absolutely perfect! I fantasize about pleasuring her. I want to caress her body...I imagine how good it must feel for her boyfriend to fuc* her & watch her ass bounce as he stokes her wet pink pus**. I want to taste her pus**, I want her so badly, just once. I want to rub my fingers along her lips & slowly slide them in her warmth one at a time. I want to kiss it. I want to rub my bare lips against her bare lips & cream together. It would be our little secret...if she asked me I would'nt even hesitate. My sexual desire has been growing over a 10 year span & she has no idea. Signed, Married mother of 4.

I just took a nice blissful shower, engaging anal only masturbation (left my pen** alone) using two average size dildos and taking turns, then sticking both in (double penetration). One is blue and silicone and feels closest to the real thing. The other is a glass one which is abit longer. Nothing like feeling both in my ass*** at the same time using a combo of lube and baby oil). I came so hard , and kept cumming. Nothing like a good double stuffing. My dic* is getting hard and my hole is getting hot just thinking about it. Men who do not do anal are missing out on half their sexual potential. Don't be afraid to explore that territory, best thing of all you'll never take arough shit again.

Can’t quit my cigs to save my life. Been smoking constantly every day for 20 years now. 2 packs a day. somwtimes three packs a day...Been brutal on my lungs.

My ex girlfriend hated my chain smoking because she said it made it impossible for her to quit smoking herself. she had been smoking two packs a day since we first met when she was 16 and I was 20

She finally dumped me last year after years and years together... claiming it was the only way she could quit smoking

really I think it was my drinking. ive been an out of control alcoholic for almost a decade now. I have tried but I cant fix it...

she was patient with me...beyond patient but she reacher her limit.

claiming it was to try to quit smoking was just to make it easy on me

It worked for a while. She went on a big health kick. Got really thin and fit and tan.

But I saw her outside the gym yesterday smoking a cigarette- she looked rough.

shes way way too skinny now... barely 100 pounds...and shes about 5ft 3 or so... her skin looked terrible, yellow almost. her teeth looked worse

apparently shes been throwing up all the time to stay thin... bulemia is a hell of a thing

Her smoking addiction has really aged her prematurely very badly. She’s only 36 but looks like she’s mid 50s

I felt really bad for her

we shared a cigarette together

God I miss her

shtf. plan. prepare. the end is coming. get your bug out bags packed! food, water, medical supplies, spare clothes, outdoor survival gear. prepare like for camping. be ready to roll!! be ready to run for the hills!

trump. russia. its happening. north korea. hackers. grid collapse. believe me. i have information. I have known whats about to happen.

I'm a married man and my hot fantasy is to take another man's massive erection in hand and slowly jerk him off until he unloads all over me.

Im a woman who loves big women and wishes one would shove there face in me

ok fine: I stalk girls at the gym. I follow them around, staring at them, the entire time. I follow them out to their car sometimes. I even follow their car to see where they live and work sometimes. Ok, and yes, sometimes I secretly take pictures of them, and yeah ok, I also look them up online.

I can’t help myself, it comes natural. Ive been doing this for years. Over two decades really...

Sometimes I have flowers delivered to their home or office from “secret admirer”

its not illegal to admire girls is it?

sports let me down
religion let me down
government let me down

it is only up from here on
things only get better

boots without socks. do it. make her.

take off all underwear. none for a month.

summer WASTE

We Await Silent Tristeros Empire

All day. In my apartment alone. No tv. No internets. Keep the burner phone turned off and wrapped in aluminum foil, inside the microwave.

No job. No furniture. Justa mattress on the floor Taken out of a dumpster. There’s a single box of clothes from Goodwill, a hand-me-down Jansport backpack that’s held together with safety pins and a flimsy old messenger bag from an ex girlfriend who cheated on me.

Nothing to do but sit around and chain smoke cigarettes one after the other after the other and read overdue library books. She bought three cartons of cigarettes before she left and forgot them.

In the fridge all I have is a jar of mustard and a loaf of bread that says it was best by June 9th. 9 days ago, soon to be 10. I found a package of ramen noodles under the sink. I have an empty KFC plastic cup to drink from. In my backpack there is a mostly empty plastic bottle of Diet Coke found in the parking lot.

I do not have to report in until August 15th

In fact, I am supposed to lay low until
Then. No car. No public appearances. I have to wear a hat and sun glasses or hoodie everywhereso they can’t find me.

This isn’t even my apartment. I found this place where the renters left for the summer but their lease is prepaid. They had already moved out. They were trying to rent it on Craig’s list

But then they moved to Colorado and found no takers. So the apartment is just empty. The power and water still work. The window on the second floor balcony was left unlocked

So I let myself in. That’s how I get in and out now. When I need to use the internet Itake the burner phone down to the KFC fried chicken place just outside the far end of
The apartment complex. They have free internet.

I found a wallet with 43 in cash inside. That’s not bad. I’ve been checking the dumpsters at night since I came here a few weeks ago. Some valuable things get left in there.

I’m waiting here all summer. Nothing to do for two whole more months. Part of me wants to get a job, just to have something to do, but I know I’m not supposed to. It’s a condition.

I’m about to try to go fullblack out on internet for all of July. I may need to start sooner. I’ve already used it too much.

I’m leaving this message here so they can’t trace me. This phone is going to get microwaved then toased into the coal car of a train. Goodluck finding me ass***s. My one hoodie and sweatshirt couldn’t be more
Plain. My clothes from goodwill couldn’t be more non descript. It’s like I’m more Norm core than normcore when it was a thing. I’ve got 3 different student ids with the most brining sounding names you ever heard of, and will be sure to forget. Even the library books were rented under someone else’s name with a library card left behind in a dorm room on campus after they moved out a month ago. Somebody’s old military recruiter on campus would be proud.

Once I go internet Dark, I’m going to be really isolated. Will have to stay inside most days. Probably days or weeks at a time.

It’s going to be a long summer

How long can a man take this?

drinking on the job seems normal to me

I frequently take drinks before I go to work

Back when I was a teacher from 2000 until 2015, I used to drink several drinks in my coffee throughout the day. I also smoked on the job, all the time. Id chain smoke Marlboro Reds non stop from when I’d get up, when showering, when getting ready and driving an hour long commute to work, and I’d chain smoke a few more cigs in my car right before rolling into work

I had to pour a bit of Jamison whisky into my coffee every morning to soothe my throat

I also had to go run out of my classroom every hour or so to my car to quickly smoke another cigarette or two

Every time I’d come back, Just before the start of my next class I’d pour another shot of Jamison from my locked desk drawer and into my large coffee cup and top it off from the coffee pot in my room

During my planning period I’d duck out and smoke 8-9 cigarettes one after the other in my car

I’d have another class then I have a 30 minute lunch break again where I usually just went out to my car to smoke cigarettes, usually about 7 or so - and I’d take another drink of whisky

I always always always kept a bottle of crown royal in my car

Honestly I had started drinking crown royal when I was 14

I’d been smoking since I was 11 and by the time I was 16 I was already smoking two packs a day

In college I got to where I was smoking at least 3 packs a day

Teaching while continuing to smoke 2 to 3 packs a day was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done

At the end it wasn’t my chain smoking that got me fired

It wasn’t me drinking on the job every day

It wasn’t even the open secret that I’d hooked up with several teenage girls and even gotten one pregnant

It was paperwork

I had not been turning in my new lesson plans as required by the new state rules

When I got audited I was written up for it

When our school board had to cut funding for teachers after the state legislators slashed teacher salaries and gutted school funding - schools had to fire teachers

Even though I had rave reviews from all my students - I got let got along with about 7 black teachers

I’m pretty sure the 7 black teachers were fired because racism

I was fired because I never did my paperwork right

That same year my ex wife left me and took the kids and moved out of state

I was in a bad way and was drinking all the time the last two months I was collecting paychecks in the summer while not working

Later that Summer after I left I got a job tending bar

Im 43 now, and i wish i had just started off as a Bar tender first - its great

It lets me smoke on the job, which is good, because I’m smoking more than ever these days more like three and a half to four packs a day

It also isn’t frowned on if I have a few drinks on the job - at least not at the ruddy old bar where I work

To each there own.

Drinking on the job is fine

there were so many girls at the gym today wearing running shoes without socks

I could barely stand it. I was not wearing underwear, and I couldnt take my eyes off of so many different girls - there were literally 6 different women working out at 6am going sockless