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i am married and I am paying a woman this week to let me watch her pee.. i love to watch and my wife wont let me

I am a male in my 30s, boy next door type with a bit of a scruffy beard. I am much more horny, ravenous and insatiable now than in my teens and 20s. I used to be able to jerk off and be good for 2-3 days. Nowadays my refractory period is shorter, I get aroused easier, and will cum/precum from just wearing skimpy underthings like thongs or jocks, or even tight jeans. In fact if I wear a thong I can almost guarantee that later that day I am at least stroking my meat, and if I'm feeling lusty enough even pull out my toys and stuff my hungry hole and have a few assgasms before stroking it. The orgasms I'm experiencing in my 30s (both penile and anal) make the orgasms from jerking off in my teens and 20s seem like a sneeze. I also notice myself being more open to new kinks and fantasies (new to me that is)such as anal stretching, coc*cages, Fisting, Femdom, S&M, devils threeways, MSM, and groupsex (however very unlikely to carry them all out in real life). I see now why it is called the dirty 30s. Definitely not complaining though and neither is my S.O.

I masturbate to porn and look at huge wangling coc** and favourite men I like photos while I watch listen and finger myself. I miss humping my pillow fast and hard as well. I wish I had a surprise nice man to fuc* on holiday. I wish I won more then a rainbow. I want a whole diamond mine.


why am I allowed to say bitch but not allowed to say Tod*?

i am a guy and was getting physio done on my back by a male phyiostherapist who i am pretty sure is gay.
every session he would massage my lower back and I loved it..I even moaned once and had a hard on..
on my last session he seemed to go lower than before just above my butt crack.. I was hoping he would go lower.
afterwards he asked me to roll over and stared at my crotch..
i am married but have always been bicurious.. I have been thinking about going back to see what happens.


I've started to develop seriously intimate feelings for my boyfriends best friend and last night we acted on some of those. We didn't go all the way but it was the first time I realized I could with him. I'm just really not sure how to feel and it's a secret so I have no one to talk to about any of it.

I have two former friends of mine in jail for serious sexual misconduct with underage minors

One guy was a really great guy and he is in jail for soliciting 14 and 15 year old girls to have sex with him. He was 48 years old ... they are never going to let him out. He will rot in prison forever

He was a really great guy though and helped me out a lot when I was a teenager

I just had no idea he had been sexually assualting and molesting very young underaged girls for years and years

Theythink it was maybe hundreds of girls he molested

All of them around 14 or 15 years old. Not many 16 year olds at all

He mostly preferred the 14 year old girls above all but would take a 15 year old girl if she was readyand available

I haven’t even begun to wonder if any got pregnant or what diseases he may have given the girls

He was a respected teacher

He had been my teacher 21 years ago

The other was a guy I went to high school with who was sent to jail for raping 11 and 12 year old boys and for attempting to rape a 9 year old boy.

The facts of the case are terrifying

There are far more children being sold as sex toys than anyone ever imagined

It’s fuc*** terrifying

Still I feel bad for my friends

For once though, after 9 years of marriage, I would just like to be with somebody who finds me irresistible and vise-versa...someone who loves and accepts me for who I am no matter what, always wants me for the most part...someone who ultimately wants to be with me for who I am, not for anything I've got and can provide. i dont think that I've married the right person who fell in love with me just for me. he played the goody two shoes christian card in the beginning seems like. lolmore like for selfish ambitions...and now it just seems like we're both stuck...waiting for each other to die so that one of us could at least sell all one day just to get a big chunk of money out of the whole thing as a boosting head star For a fresh life. it should've never had to be this way... why can't we just be wealthy in the here and now? so that neither one of us can ever feel stuck and trapped anymore?

married woman here, and I really do wish that I could fuc* who I want, when I want. I just want to fuc* 3 more people that I have my eyes on, not including this one girl. I'm getting really fuc*** bored in general.(never been with one but I really need to get that out of my system at least once or twice in my life too) and by then I shall have the rest of my whoredom desires off of my chest. lol

I can’t tell any of my friends this for fear of it getting back to him so I found this place to vent. Maybe by letting it out into the universe beyond my own head I won’t ruin my life with this.

Long story short, I am going to cheat on my boyfriend. I can’t stop thinking about women (a particular woman actually) and I feel like maybe this desire can be purged, so I can move on with my life. I love him, he’s my best friend and the only person who has ever loved me so much, but I feel like I’m going to burst. The only way I can get off by myself anymore is by fantasizing about her, and our last time together.

For a year I’ve felt ashamed and disgusted with myself for even the thoughts, but I can’t take it anymore. It’s nothing on his end, he’s basically perfect. I’m going crazy. When we’re together it’s amazing and I’m happy and in love but when we’re not, I’m as gay as can be.

A girl I hooked up with a couple of years ago is back in town and wanted to meet up. I need to be sure if I miss women in general or if I’m just sick and missing a person who never wanted me (for more than sex anyhow). I’m so ashamed.

I'm really, really proud of myself. No one else I know is proud of me because they don't understand how my social anxiety works. But I have done so many things recently that are completely out of my comfort zone that I never could have done or seen myself ever doing a year ago. They're all very small things that no one probably cares about but to me they are huge accomplishments. I'm better than I used to be and that means that one day I'll be better than I am now.

i wanna see my aunt huge tits

I used to contemplate suicide when I was 24-25 I had flunked out of grad school and was chain smoking god knows how many packs a day of cigarettes and was getting as drunk as possible as early in the day as i could stomach it, as often as I could !

The number one thing that saved me the year or two after that is that I started having sex with an underaged girl who I got pregnant

I had finally gotten work as a public school teacher after living like a bum for two years, contemplating suicide everyday.

She was only 15 when I met her. It was so wrong and I was buying her alcohol and cigarettes and we’d just drink and smoke nonstop on weekends- she was a moody gothic teenage girl type and we joked about wanting to give ourselves lung cancer ...

I was about to turn 28 and would joke I had to die at age 27 like all the legends...Jimmy Hendricks, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, etc

But I told her about how I wanted to commit suicide before age 28 and she told me there was no way she would allow me to do that

I had a gun at the time, a cheap 9mm pistol I had come into possession of, and a box of hollow Point ammo

She conspired to fool me - she stopped taking her birth control without telling me

Then she secretly got pregnant

Then one night when I was drunk again and threatening to kill myself and had a gun in my hand - she came and stood in front of me with a cigarette still in her mouth - and I swear to god

She put the loaded gun in my hand on her belly and said I needed to kill my child and her first

It fuc*** killed me - I started crying

sobbing uncontrollably

I did not know she was pregnant - she had been pregnant for two whole months and not told me

She told me it was too late for an abortion and that she was too young to be allowed to get an abortion without parental consent

She told me she was keeping the baby and naming it after me

And then she told me she wanted me to still be around to see the baby

It was so fuc*** up

But it worked

I didn’t kill myself

We had two more kids together, first when she was 15, the second right away when she was still 16, because she wanted another baby right asap then another when she was 17,

Things between us didn’t work out that following year and she moved away with our kids when got pregnant by another man at age 19

turns out she had started talking to some weird rich doctor guy - I think he was a rich cardiologist who had a fetish for anime cosplay girls - and she did a lot of that and posted pics of it online for money

You would not believe how much money people pay pregnant teenage girls to do anime cosplay online ! She was making more than twice as money a month in cash as I do working as a public school teacher !!

Anyways, thing is even though that was two almost three years ago that she left me - and even though I miss her and the kids - they are all doing much better now because they all live in a 12,000 square foot mansion in a gated neighborhood - he pays for private schools and the beat clothes and a full time live in nanny and he bought her a new Mercedes suv to drive and all that - just because she does whatever weird pregnant cossplay he wants

crazyshit I know. but just because he was a weirdo couldn’t talk to normal women so he just hired a cosplay girl online to become his wife

The doctor guy has given her so much more than I could ever give her... a safe life ... hell they literally have a safe room!!

But she saved my life

And while I still struggle to get by in my tiny one bedroom rathole apartment in the hood
and I struggle with drinking and alcoholism and I still chainsmoke too many cigarettes everyday - at least I don’t wake up every morning wanting to kill myself !!

I started up another relationship with another young nerdy shy teenage

went to workout today without socks or underwear! it was glorious!

how do I stop drinking by myself?

i think id be better at being my World of warcract character than i am at being myself.

when i was a teenager, i always tried stealing my mother from her boyfriend

I love my mom, I love her more then I should. My whole life, my mom was the most important person in my life. In my teen years, I tried stealing her from her boyfriend. I bought her flowers and chocolate in my teen years. And whenever she'd argue with him, I always tried comforting her. Like, one time, it was night-time. She was arguing with her bf, she started crying so I went in her room, I comforted her and pretended to fall asleep inher bed. She tried to wake me up, but I didn't move so she laid down with her back to me on her side. When she did, I scooted right up next to her and wrapped my arm around her waist and went to sleep like that.

Crossdresser that loves the idea of dressing up as a little girl for her first communion. Every aspect of the event is just fantastic to my mind - the dress, the veil, the gloves, the hand-bag. There is nothing physical about any of it to me really and personally I find "ABDL"/"Ageplay" to be rather gross and disturbing and bordering on you-know-what.

In my mind I would just like to temporarily become an innocent little lady enjoying finery on a devotional day in all innocence and joy and even as this will likely be me doing it alone ideally I would like to have a domme to play my platonic-only "auntie" to fuss over me perhaps also!

My wife and I got an email invitation to participate in the Spencer Tunick photoshoot on Sunday in NYC.
I want to go, but the wife says we cant afford the time to waste this weedend.
(We're having friends arrive on mon, and it would be madness to make it back late, and get the house in order)
I cant wait to see what we missed. We love STs work, and have been before.

I'm a freshman in my college's honors program, and I've been truggling with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts for the past few years. I've always been good at academics ever since I can remember, but now I'm really strugling, and I'm worried that I won't pass my chemistry classes (I'm a biochemistry major), despite the fact that I've excelled in science classes in the past. I honestly wish that I hadn't done well in school as a child because that academic success became the only thing I liked about myself, as I basically didn't have any friends until I hit seventh grade, and because everyone immediately expects me to be succesful no matter what, and if I slip up even a little I get berated for it. My family has always been so proud of my academic success, and I often feel like I constantly have to do well because everything else will fall apart otherwise (my parents don't get along that well and my mom and sister fight a lot), and I don't want to dissapoint my relatives. Whenever there's conflict in the house, I have to be the one that's calm and collected and who doesn't bring up arguments and just takes everything because everyone else is arguing and I know things will only get worse for me if I make any waves. Afterwards, when friends call, my parents just ignore all of the massive family problems, and when they talk about me to their friends or the extended family, I feel like they're using me as a trophy kid to tell everyone "look at how wonderful our lives and family must be since we have this successful, balanced child!". I'm just so tired of always having to be the responsible one in a house where people call each other worthless and threaten ech other one minute but act just fine and dandy when other people are around.

I honestly wish I had been a screw up as a kid so that no one would expect success from me. If I had gotten terrible grades and been less involved in after school activites, maybe I wouldn't hate myself for getting bad grades on tests. Maybe if I had been worse in life, I wouldn't worry as much about dissapointing my relatives with bad news about my mental health. Maybe if I had barely made it, I'd be okay with not being perfect at everythng later down the line. If I could go back to the past and relive my childhood, I'd intentionally screw up all of my grades and skip out on activities just so I wouldn't have to deal with these problems, so that I could be a normal person who's happy with what I have.

Bu I guess I'm stuck here.