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I don't need a religion or some sort of "faith" to be a happy person with morals. I don't feel a thing whenever people talk about how "God is good all the time" and "God loves everyone unconditionally" and stuff like that. Instead, I roll my eyes, cringe and wanting to vomit.

It's all ludicrous to me because why should I believe in something without proof? Faith by definition means you believe in a God/doctrine based on "spiritual apprehension" rather than proof. I'm not gullible like the rest of my family.

Therefore, there's no proof of evidence for any deities. It's all man-made fairy tales just like the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, the easter bunny, leprechauns, bigfoot, ufos and the rest of the mythical creatures to name. Even people who believe in astrology and horoscopes are idiots too.

It baffles me to know how many people out there don't dare to think for themselves and are unaware of how gullible they are to believe in what a thousand year old man-made book says. Don't get me started on the proselytizers (and my parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle happens to be one of them too).

The books such as the bible, q'uran, torah and the book of mormon are all filled with contradictions, immoral, unspeakable things and evil, barbaric stories.

Any sane person with a brain would never ever get their morals from ludicrous books I mentioned above.

I don't respect anybody who doesn't know how to think for themselves. You can't believe in a deity and call yourself a "free thinker" at the same time. It doesn't work that way.

Ugh, I deep down wish religion and spirituality and all that nonsense would go away forever. Gone. Eliminated. Eradicated forever worldwide. All religion/faith/spirituality has done a lot more harm than good. The world is better off without it. Don't give me that "it's important because of culture and you should respect it blah blah blah" talk because it's a load of balderdash. I don't respect any of it. Religion/faith/spirituality stops society from making advancement progress.

Science is where its at. I trust science a lot more than outdated fairy tales/old wives' tales. Technology is growing faster like never before. We have easy access to education and research. The future is now!!

I have no idea how i am going to come out to my friends and family. i am bisexual.

Look, I understand that people get upset about anything involving the abuse of animals, and I abhor that sort of thing. But Ken Pinyan and Jim Tait didn’t penetrate the horses themselves. Instead they covered themselves in equine breeding pheronomes and invited the steed to penetrate them. The horse was not raped, but rather himself found a tighter-than-usual orifice to fuc*, and was therefore able to achieve pleasure.

Again, I’m not saying this is normal, but the great beast came away unscathed. Tait was even recorded on video, crying out “did he come, did he come” after the horse’s member left Pinyan’s ass. Just saying. In the end, full responsibility for this lays with Pinyan himself, who submitted to receptive anal sexual intercourse with an Arabian Stallion that he and Tait nicknamed “Big Dic*”, for which he subsequently paid the ultimate price.

Famous Presidential quotes:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
-John F. Kennedy

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”
-Ronald Reagan

“You just grab them by the pus**”
-Donald Trump

Is policies plural for plural for police? GO GET EM ALEX@

Back in my day the saying used to go “if its not Boeing I’m not going”. Not so much now eh!

Do you know where I can get an abortion cheap? My ex needs one really badly. She saids it’s probably not mine from when she got Blackout drunk at a Christmas party and AI kinda nailed her at my friends house when she passed out. She was so fuc*** mad at me but then I bought her some more alcohol and a few cartons of cigarettes as anpresent to make it up and she forgave me . she said she really she doesn’t know who the dad is because she was with a lot of guys over the Christmas holidays because she was always shit faced at parties and passing out after barfing everywhere everynight but she has midterms coming up before spring break but they just closed the abortion clinic near campus because it didn’t have admitting priidges or some shit like that. Closest clinic we found online is 600 miles away, which seems insane. What the hell do we do?

I didnt wear a condom and now im horribly sick
it feels like the flu only its much much worse
and my pen** smells putrid and rotten

I'm a Christian, but lately I've drawn greater guidance and comfort from the Qur'an and the words of Buddha than I do from the Bible. It's too bad that religious communities are so tribal and I can't share the depth of these feelings with my Christian friends without unpleasant consequences.

People can not escape their curiosities. So True!

LOL, "According to officials from both cases, race and gender were not a factor."

the POTUS should be allowed to grab any anerican girl by the pus**

I can barely keep myself from getting in the car and going to see you tonight. Why do you have this effect on me? When it's clear you're horrible for me. The good times were great and the bad times were the absolute worst. You couldn't even respect my art or my career. "It's not real" your answer to everything. Every time we'd have a talk and sort things out and you seemed agreeable and sensible. But that last time when I kicked you out thank god you showed me your true self. The injuries haven't fully faded and the scars on my heart and mind will take even more time to heal. I AM good and honest and faithful. You told me lies about myself and I'm so grateful I learned those lessons years ago so I could stand up to you and not even defend myself - I did nothing wrong - I just told my truth. Your problem you couldn't accept me or my life or my work or my anything. Then why do I miss you so much??? I gave you 3 chances. You made your choices. But I can't sleep alone, can't sleep without being entwined skin against skin, can't sleep without your calm night presence and your soothing me if I had a bad dream. You were so KIND! Until you weren't.

If Donald Trump has really been president for over two years now - how come were not all dead yet?

this sounds like a conspiracy

I feel like everyone who has supported the #MeToo Movement is a threat to society and that humanity would be in a much better place then it currently is if they weren't allowed to exist. I truly believe that most of the followers of that movement are evil and that there's no repentance for them. They're megalomaniacal fascist and they've done irreparable damage to our species with their childish whining.

the NFL referees who completely blew the 4th quarter Pass Interference call in the Saints v Rams Game - to rob New Orleans ans gift the game to the LA Rams shpuld be very very worried

people from Louisiana are vengeful bastards

my ex was from Louisiana and was a Saints fan... and is a violent psycho who has spent time in Jail

these Refs shpuld be terrified about whats going to happen to them.

video games and masturbation all day? why is it wrong?

why does everyone assume I smoke weed?

I am just going to say it and I don't care who I offend here, the royals should not allow women into their marriage brackets or lists if they have done what kate and megs have done. strip nude and walk half nude down a cat walk for a future queen is not acceptable. I know times are not 1700s and we don't wear cover all bathing suits but you have one who deliberately wore a sluts outfit to get a future kings eyes googleboxed on her tits and ass and good thing cuz her face and brains are no assets and then you have the other idiot with the slut porn scenes slapping and fuc*** on set with men everywhere and its called acting now days? I call it cheap and nasty for both of them!

these were their auditions and criteria for royal life ha? well, that is disgusting.

then you have camilla killing diana and charles the adult-er unfaithful man lacking weak ass! all the sons are as weak assed too.

the monarchy is surely coming down with a bad case of something common and trashy! diagnosis= death! too unclean a person to be there I say!

my girlfriend tried on shoes at the store barefoot just for the hell of it. it occured to me later that was kinda gross

have you gotten an abortion yet? every woman should get at least one to feel empowered!