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video games and masturbation all day? why is it wrong?

why does everyone assume I smoke weed?

I am just going to say it and I don't care who I offend here, the royals should not allow women into their marriage brackets or lists if they have done what kate and megs have done. strip nude and walk half nude down a cat walk for a future queen is not acceptable. I know times are not 1700s and we don't wear cover all bathing suits but you have one who deliberately wore a sluts outfit to get a future kings eyes googleboxed on her tits and ass and good thing cuz her face and brains are no assets and then you have the other idiot with the slut porn scenes slapping and fuc*** on set with men everywhere and its called acting now days? I call it cheap and nasty for both of them!

these were their auditions and criteria for royal life ha? well, that is disgusting.

then you have camilla killing diana and charles the adult-er unfaithful man lacking weak ass! all the sons are as weak assed too.

the monarchy is surely coming down with a bad case of something common and trashy! diagnosis= death! too unclean a person to be there I say!

my girlfriend tried on shoes at the store barefoot just for the hell of it. it occured to me later that was kinda gross

have you gotten an abortion yet? every woman should get at least one to feel empowered!

my shit is ruined

how is it that there has not been a serious assassination attempt on Trump?

Being 100% serious here - nearly all presidents have notable high profile assassination attempts against them... Im just womdering why it hasnt happened with trump ???

to be clear, I would never do it myself because I have a family and would never commit a crime like that - but Im just confused about how no one has tried it yet with all the crazy people out there

oh my god the aliens are watching us!

not again. Im so scared. not again. im not even wearing underwear. Oh my god theyre gonna get me again. I dont want to be raped

All sex is consequence-free! Enjoy it, have anonymous, unprotected sex all you want! If you get pregnant, there are always cheap, plentiful, abortions!


Best birth control methods, ranked:

1. Abortion in a clinic paid for 100% by the government
2. Coathanger abortion in a van by river
3. RU-486
4. Birth control pills handed out for free next to elementary schools
968: Abstinence

God, i feel so depressed.

I take medication.
I have anxiety issues.

I barely feel happy.
I keep thinking buying things is going to make me happy.
There needs to be a f---ing cure now.
Mental Health needs to be addressed.
Please help where and when you can.

Trump is going down! The law is closing in!

dear bitch cun*ocuzun, I don't care how your prego fat gutz is going. you are a terrible pathological diseased mother full of competition and you wonder why your teen runs away from you. I don't want to know how you are. you used your kids as a tool for your own ego prego gutz. you love that being fuzzed after pregpoked touched up by dic*ity docs and male sleaxy bag nurses playing titty fuc* and playing sweetheart mum-bums up and hair mares riden to pregopoked to death. yeh, can't raise what comes out of the c-hole much like the poo-hole. you sicken me. I have no respect for prego-poked women at all. don't respect them. she gone done this over and over, new man new babesy suckup party, teen kid with mental problems runs away from a mother who is competivite and crazy. they only baby shower you deserve is a truck load of all the baby parts from alll your abortions tiped on top of you in a dump were you belong. fuc* you. you are the kids problem. I hate all preggo poked sluts.


Late-term abortion at that!

**chef kisses fingers**


i will prove how much i can not care. because ultimately just because i had the hope of something doesnt mean i wasnt aware of the reality the whole time... i was just hoping it might be different. but its not and thats cool. dealt with much worse things in my life and not about to let something so basic slow me down. byyee

I realize George HW Bush and his family had their flaws but he was a good man and a classy president. So much more than this clown who is sullying the white house now. Consider this: Trump is the first president in recent memory not to have a pet dog or cat. Think about that: Hes a soulless, cold psychopath.

If you voted for him you are complicit in evil.

Bring back saying man up! I'm so sick of spoiled men doing nothing with their lives, living in their parents' house, getting praised for "expressing their emotions" when it's whining. Real adults sometimes hate their job, they suck it up and deal with it. Sometimes it takes a while to find a partner. Sometimes unfair things happen. Man up, move out, get a room mate if you have to. No respect for losers leeching off parents. Stop burdening women with whining then wondering why we don't want you!

if you foolishly think the Us military should go “do something” about that ass*** alabama christian missionairy who landed on the remote island of tribal people off the coast of India and was killed by the tribesmen - No they shouldn’t.

It’s Indian jurisdiction and he was a trespasser who violated Indian law and risked exposing the tribe to diseases that could wipe them out.

He probably should have been executed before he ever got to the island really. He had to break laws and bribe people tongetnto the island.

Imperialism is never ok. What the fuc* is wrong with you? you do remember fighting british imperialism as a part of american history maybe?

Listen, if you really feel that way, I need you to cut off your pen**.

Like right away, it’s offending God.

He doesn’t want you to use it the way you’ve been using it. The fact you touched yourself for pleasure and had impure thoughts about an unmarried woman who was not your wife means it’s time for you to cut your coc* off.. don’t go to the hospital,

just turn your phone off and put it in the microwave for a minute on high ... be sure to leave your wallet, and id, no identification on your person - that’s all mark of the beast type stuff - all
When no one else is home or will be home for a while

Then get out of the neighborhood, drive to a remote part of town - maybe a park in a black side of town - all alone and with no phone or Id or credit card

Then at night when it’s freezing cold in the park is closed, sneak in and go hide in the bushes

Now take a rusty old pair of gardening shears and cut your pen** off completely - cut your ball sack off formgoos measure too

Throw Them away - both your pen** and ball sack

Now take a nap I’m the park and think about how clean and pure you are and how you didnwhat God wanted you to do

Why is Florida full of such idiots? Is it the warm weather that attracts such a high percentage of morally bankrupt people? I mean, California and Hawaii are hot too and while they have their good share of trash, it’s not at the same ratio. Is it the cheap real estate, as in the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’?

What is it?

It upsets me when attractive and normal men are arrested for crimes while unattractive and weird men are still roaming the streets.

The way I’m shitting right now makes me feel like I’m disabled
Jesus Christ this shit is ruining me
I think this shit is going to cripple me

No fuchkng shit. Oh god. Shit
Oh Christ
I can’t walk right now

I’m bleeding from my anu*
Fuc*** help me