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girl at gym was not wearing socks today

it was fantastic

I had a skank

I had one like 17 years ago. She was 23 or so. Super fuc*** skanky

Like fuc* raw on the first date. No condoms or whatever. She was known for having lots of diseases. Had AIDS tests done a lot

She was super skinny and smoked like a ducking chimney. Like seriously three packs a day. Always coughing. She was bulemic too. Threw up after every meal.

Did a lot of drugs too. In a fun but scary way

Very sickly looking. Pale. Big dark circles under her eyes

I was 21. Senior in college. Had only had like two serious girlfriend, barely dated maybe half a dozen other college girls, not very experienced

She pretty much had her way with me

It was like that off and on for a year and a half

its time to escape civilization. time to get away before they catch me. time to get outta here before its too late. before the collapse comes. my bug out bag is ready to go.

pretend Im going “camping”...max weight 25 pound day pack. Camelback backpack has: 8 pounds of non-perishable food (freeze dried food, protein bars, Clifbars, and extra granola bars), 8 pounds of water, 9 pounds of other ultra light gear, like two water filters, good pocket knife and small folding shovel, first aid kit, matches and flashlight, portable solar charger, folding fishing rod, hat and poncho, two bandanas, spare pair of dry clothes cargo shorts and tshirt, extra pair of thick socks, good hiking boots. have a small one man tent and compact sleeping bag that only weights 6 pounds total, that can strap on to bottom of my pack.

I am outta here. going out to the mountians in western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. you aint never gonna find me

is it ok if I badly want to get my friends wives pregnant ? we are all at a beach house

Hahahahahahahahha! Trump’s steel tariffs backfiring with Harley Davidson laying off people and shifting some production to Europe. And best part is, the losers who are losing their jobs probably voted for him! Lololololololol! That’s called karma, bitch!

I hate the rednecks in this town. They're lazy, sit around and expect praise for fishing and hunting. Don't work, just blame immigrants and leech off their parents. We have plenty of jobs, they just think they're too good for them despite lacking any intelligence, higher schooling, or people skills. Usually fat as f*ck. Can't hold an intelligent conversation. Claim to "piss off liberals" by doing environmentally destructive things when it's the same environment they have to be in. Always smell like a disgusting combination of weed, cheap beer, and sweat. Catcall girls even though there is literally nothing worth f*cking about them. I don't feel bad at all about how "depressed" rural white men are, most of the problem is themselves! They need to grow up, WORK, and move out of mommy's house. Get a room mate if you have to, take a shower, develop some hobby that isn't destructive.

Pathetic at 38...
I have a small pen**, not even 3 inches. I don’t know if it’s micro or not?

I’ve always had to date much smaller, shorter and much much younger girls, often virgins, like teenagers, so they don’t know any better

I’ve only had actual sex with like 3 women.

And I have not had sex where I actually came inside of a girl in well over a year now and

actually, being fully honest I’ve only had sex where I got to finish inside a girl maybe 7 times in the past decade

My dating life is pretty pathetic really

I have to masturbate a lot and

I’m really lonely...

Like cripplingly depressed.

Always down About my utterly pathetic lack of sex, depressed about my weight I obsess about after years of trying to fight being fat, my drinking problem I hide from people, my job that emasculates me, makes me feel useless and abused and unappreciated.

i live in this pathetic apartment alone. sad. watching everyones life pass me by. I want to be a father. but no real woman wants a guy like me

Im not a Man’s Man. im pathetic and weak and worthless

It’s pretty sad


“Maybe I was naïve, but I didn’t realize how many girls were modern-day prostitutes. Whether you’re a stripper, or whether you’re an Instagram girl—these girls are so beautiful and they have so much to offer. But I started finding out that you give them a couple thousand dollars, and you can have sex with them. I was like, Yikes. It’s just sad that they don’t know their worth. It makes me sad as a woman."

Very fitting for many on here...

I hate hate hate all the weak, pathethic men. Messaging about how they want to lick p*ssy. Well, I want to kick your face in and tell you how pathetic you are. You're too stupid to know how to use your dic*, the only point of sleeping with a man over a woman. Picture endlessly needy soul sucking eyes that stare at you while rubbing your sensistve bits with slimy sandpaper; that's what men performing oral on a woman is. I don't feel bad at all looking at the male suicide rates, many want to live with their moms in their 30s and 40s because they can't take care of themselves. Pathetic and utterly worthless. Move out of your mother's place, get a roommate if you have to, learn to use your dic* not your tongue, and toughen up!

any evangelical who voted for Trump is going to hell! To sell out God’s word for a morality-free sexual deviant corrupt businessman? The burn of a thousand hellfires awaits you! For those who doubt me, prepare to lose control of your bowels when you discover yourselves at the gates of hell!

My ex has a drinking problem. She had 4 DWIs and they took her drivers license after last Christmas... she’s only 24 but she’s got a serious drinking problem. I think im making it worse...

The problem is, I still give her a ride to work - so I take her to every after work happy hour I go to on Monday- Friday’s and I buy her drinks... women get the first two drinks free!!!

I’m afraid I’m destroying her efforts to get sober. She keeps telling me she needs to quit drinking but I keep telling her I need her to come out with me. The court requires her to go to AA as a probation condition

I feel bad because alcohol is really ruining her life - but then I never got over her dumping me so maybe it’s a way to get back? Plus She still looks good... even if she looks sickly... She’s super skinny, kinda bulemic actually

Plus I need a date and she’s technically single - her last boyfriend broke up with him after her last DWI left him in critical condition and he may never walk again after that Christmas Eve crash last year. He was a super fit cross fit guy and now his life is ruined. He’s tried to commit suicide twice already.

Plus the court took custody of her 5 year old daughter after her latest DWI and gave it to her daughter’s father in Texas. So now she hasn’t seen her daughter in 6 months and it’s messing her up

Plus she’s been an emotional wreck thenpast several months drinking and chain smoking cigarettes every day and she’s very dependent on me now for a ride anywhere because her credit cards are all maxed out from bars ... so she’s said she feels really vulnerable and needy which I really really like...she needed a place to stay next month after her lease runs out so I told her she could crash on my couch...

I’m thinking eventually she’ll get blackout drunk and I’ll have a chance to get laid again. It’s been over 5 years since I’ve had any sex at all ... I’m pretty desperate

I feel bad about the whole thing

spiders ate myexgirlfriend

Whatthe fuc* is going on guys? Jesus Christ that’s messed up

They fuc*** ate her. Fuc*** spiders p

terrible insomnia.

Hadn’t slept for 49 hours. I never can sleep more than 2 or 3 hours every 3 or 4 days. I’ve tried drinking, drugs, sleeping pills, nothing works. I’m in so much pain. I’m losing my mind. I can’t think straight

I’m not safe to drive. But I have to take my daughter to daycare when I go to work. I zone out at work. Staring at the screen blankly. I’m not right in the head. My thoughts go dark places. I don’t know what’s causing this. I’m clean. I gave up smoking cigarettes almost three years ago. I eat better now, lighter meals, less caffine, more regular exercise, limited screen time.

Please help me. What else can I do?!

In our high school senior class elections, i voted for some folk i didnt know just because they were the same race as me (white). It's not that i feel that blacks shouldnt win some seats, it's just thst a shit ton of the applicants were black. i figured i wanted some representation, so i voted for some white Nobodies rather than black people who i know and like.This wasn't subconscious either. I actively worked out, in my mind, why I voted this way.

ah well, it's a high school election, who gives a shit

my efforts to quit drinking are failing and Im onmy on day 6

its been 17+ years and Ive drank nearly every single day !

I dont think quitting drinking can be done

How the hell did we get our entire western culture built around drinking?

Every restaurant? Every movie or tv show? Every chain store selling beer and wine front and center?

Alcohol is at the beating heart of American commerce and capitalism!

It’s impossible to escape!

How the hell am I supposed to quit drinking when I am surrounded by booze everywhere I turn!?

Im a lesbian and I dont even want to come out of the closet anymore. The lgbt community (at least the ones my age) are a bunch of dyed hair wanna be special weirdos with 50 different genders that always do and say weird shit for no reason so its hard for me to feel proud of being considered one of them by association. Its gotten to the point that I cringe when I hear someone say lgbtq or queer. I wish I could be gay but also not be grouped in with the lgbt community

To all the filthy prison guards who play games with people's minds and lives, I hope you meet your Dexter!

Abortions should be free!

Actually, people should be paid to have abortions!

At least $3,500 per fetus, by the government!

Call your congressman today