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I have been selfharming for 2 years and none of my familt knows about it. I've been depressed and cryng every day. Please , someone help. End me.

We were good friends, but we ended up fighting and we did not talk for almost three years. However I still love him and I visited him at his college. He said he was not upset anymore and spoke to me as if nothing had happened, we spent a very good afternoon always cheerful. The next day I sent a message, but he did not respond. I do not know what to do, it seemed everything was fine as it was before, what should I do?

I'm really freaked out RN Bc I seriously can't tell if this person is joking with me RN but someone in my family won the lottery and I can't believe it, there's no way. But I can't tell anyone

I hate my boss. So I purchased a large pink dildo and smeared the tip in dried chocolate. Then I broke into his car and placed said item in his glove box. Hopefully his wife or kids have to open that glove box at some point!

Sick of my bipolar sister. She gets off her meds and starts getting paranoid and hallucinates at times.

She wonders why nobody in the family wants anything to do with her.

Well, stay on your meds and maybe people wouldn't have a problem with you.

To that one girl i knew in high school: I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better. I heard your father died recently, and you have my condolences. Maybe someday, we can pick up from where we left off. I mean, I'm not the kind of person you think I am. I'm not the Anti-Christ or the Iron Man.

My mother just told me something today that made me feel really sad. she told me that when she was a child her perverted Uncle molested her. When I was at the age of six I was molested too, by a neighbor boy who was an age 8 years old boy at the time. It's made me realize something. How sad I feel about holding resentment against my mother. When I just realized that when she perpetuated all her insecurities onto me that maybe she was just along on an insecure person too? All the times that she pushed my father away and threatened to divorce my dad it was because of her insecurities. She told me she wouldn't fully accept my father's love. And she told me that if a man loves me and if I love him too I have to accept his love. Maybe my mom is more relatable to me than I ever gave her credit? Because I have a bad habit of pushing men away. But maybe it was because of the sexual abuse that happened to me as a child? I understand from all the research that I've done on the effects of sexual abuse that it effects people certain ways. And not everybody handles sexual abuse the same way. Like for example I'm well-guarded and don't like to let men in very easily. And I actually understand dude is my research that that's one way that sexual abuse can effect a person or at least one of the symptoms a someone who has had the history of sexual abuse. And I also understand that I am avoidant attachment type of person when it comes to relationships. But I also understand that I don't deal well with abandonment. And I also understand that I don't ever feel good enough. I understand that self-love is a struggle for me. and I understand that I pressure myself to be a perfect and independent woman. But I do get lonely too. But even I need emotional support but I really don't like to talk to counselors about how I feel. I realize there's times that I'm sick being the Survivor girl and that maybe I want emotional support from a man for once in my life? And sometimes I get sick of having to be independent and wanting a shoulder to cry on. But I have a bad habit of beating myself up wanting emotional support and comfort from a man. I keep telling myself I have to be independent and that I don't need a man. because I find it hard to completely be reliant on men emotionally because I'm afraid that they won't care. And I know that I'm afraid of being vulnerable and I'm afraid of giving my power to man. Like I can't stand the thought of a man having control over me. I have an intimacy phobia but not the fun side of an intimacy phobia. I don't play the field and I'm not a cheating type. I just have a really hard time opening up to men. I have a bad habit of getting on the defensive with men and wanting to fight them. And I understand that I am a hot head but sometimes I wish I didn't have to be so defensive. And go out of my way to avoid situations where men will hit on me. I go out of my way to avoid bars often. And I'm not the type of woman who enjoys romantic movies and chick flicks.

i kind of have an ED i was never diagnosed but thats besides the point for those of you that know about ana and shit you might know what an ana buddy is but anyway i relaly need one and dont know how to get one. for anyone who wants to be my ana but DM me on insta my user is x underscore xlr dont bother reporting me i will just make another account sorry about lack of punctuation but it doesnt really work on this website so i just wrote underscore

the first time i babysat my friends kid it was an emergency and i happened to be super high! so i was the best babysitter! we cooked like 8 things she did my makeup we made crafts! so now she always wants me to watch her and i dont wanna disappoint the kid so i get super stoned every time shes here!

i have a thing with this guy, and we have been tlakign for a while but i dont know if he wants to date. his closest guy friend also happens to be my best guy friend. i was at my best guy friends house and some stuff happeend between us but i like the first guy not my best friend. im so confused

I keep thinking these racist thoughts that are not me. Racial epithets rush through my head and I don't know why. I am not a racist person and it's killing me. I love all people. I also want to fuc* people up on a regular, I work for a retail company but I am going to join the marines. I need to get ready for what is going to be the biggest challenge of my entire life. I think I am. Going to tame the beast but first I got to cut this racism out.

I went to a family reunion back in 2017 and my uncle licked my right ear. I believe that's the creepiest thing any of my relatives have ever done. And I felt like my right ear was violated. Is it possible my uncle is a pervert who wants to be incest with me? Because if so I feel traumatized.

why are so many baby boomers such total coc**tains as bosses?

is there a reason why so many men in their mid 60s must be total ass***s and belittle so many people who work for them? are they conditioned to treat everyone around them like shit all the time, and run them down? why do they fee the need to be such fuc*ers

I blame my ass*** boss for my drinking problems! I mean: ok sure ultimately I’m an alcoholic because I have a week spirit and Low willpower and many moral failings as a person - so that’s mostly all my fault. But my boss is such a complete raging ass*** he insults and degraded everyone in the office and because he pays slightly better than some other places we all subject ourselves to abusive and degrading treatments day after day and particularly on nights and weekends - I need the money to pay bills - particularly my child’s medical bills - as our insurance has cut back further and further on what they cover and charged more and more for premiums each month - almost half my earnings go to insurance and medical bills - so Im stuck in debts - even with scholarships at state schools for college I still have student loan debt 16 years later and One paid for car, one we bought on loan to replace one Intotaled due to alcoholism and drunk driving again over 6 years ago - but I just feel trapped! I blame my boss for both encouraging my alcoholism by forcing me to drink at work functions then driving me crazy and forcing me to drink to try to calm down from work

But now because I have the dwi on my record and I can’t get rid of it I’m afraid I’ll flunk the background check at any other employer - which means I’m stuck where I am at a workplace that abuses and degraded me - and I’m in debt and barely treading water - I’m working almost as many hours a week as I ever have and I haven’t gotten a raise in 4 years- and all of its too much - I need the six pack or two of beer or bottle of wine every night to relax And kick off my shoes and socks late at night and just watch tv and zone out andntry to forget about work until tomorrow

I just hate so much of my
Life and yes it’s mostly all my fault

But goddamn it of my crazy ass*** demanding boss hasn’t made my
Life worse and worse by driving me to drink and drink and drink to the point where I ended up with multiple DWIs and my wife Finally had enough of my bullshit so she left me

And I’m so fuc*** lonely and miserable. Yeah fine I’m skum. I’m a sinner and a prick and all the bad things that have happened to me are my own fault because I am weak and a failure and I am not worth of anyone’s love much less forgiveness

I just hate everything. It’s all my fault. Deep down I know I’m probably too much a coward to ever really try suicide the hard way like with a Gun so I just try to drink myself to death

why does my boss degrade and harrass all the employees including me on weekends and send demanding emails when people are off work and when he knows family members are sick?

I've had it UP TO HERE with my fuc***' job. Not only am I tired of the company's bi-weekly pay system, but one of my best friends there left and deactivated her Facebook account. I should just quit.

I ate 5 graham crackers for dinner.


I work at one of the mental hospitals that I stayed at as a teen and none of my coworkers know yet. It scares me to death and has been giving me a lot of anxiety lately. I've worked here about 4 weeks so far which has been good with regards to assisting the clients, but I worry on my interactions with the staff. I recently got in a debate with another staff member and had a long conversation with my lead about it. A lot of other staff witnessed it and I just don't want them to say "I knew it!" because of that when people start to actually find out I was a patient.

I am so envious of youtubers who have great bodies and jobs and they always buy new clothes and have friends and their houses look perfect. I wish I could be like that. I have no motivation in the house to clean it but I know I should. Often I just focus on one room to clean at a time and stop after about the 2nd room and start all over again. I am a lazy useless fat awful poor person who couldn't even afford the clothing those youtubers do. I am such a dumbass. I think I will go find the smallest room in the house to clean today. Why do I bother to study anyway, its not like there are jobs gonna come to me out of it.

I used to be homophobic and believed all the horrible things my family would say about LGBT people. Years later, I found out I'm attracted to men. That's right, I'm gay. Oh, how the tables have turned! ;p