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I think my roommate is inlove with me. We have known eachother for childhood and have been living together for 5 years because of finacial difficulty. My family often made jokes about my roommate for years about how weirdly close we are. Now I'm starting to wonder if what they're saying has merit to it.

When I was younger, my cousin would come over alot. We're 4 years apart and both of us are girls. Whenever my cousin came over, we performed sexual acts on each other. The first time it happened, she showed me and for years we had done it. I never told anyone about it because I didn't want to get her in trouble and i didn't want to be the bad guy. I've held that secret for a long time and we don't do that anymore because I stopped it when I got older. I don't think she wanted it to stop but I did because I realized that it wasn't right.

I can’t fuc*** believe our company cancelled end of the year bonuses right before the Office Christmas party without telling anybody! They have given them out every year for the ten years I’ve been here and our business is doing great. Why would the boss do this?

People are so freaking weak and easily offended these days. In a Pathfinder (D&D knock off) there is a discussion of rather or not a DM needs to get special permission from a player to do bad things to their character after that character got captured by the enemy and the players failed to save her.

It's a game for 1. Your character isn't real for 2. The DM is meant to do bad things to characters if you screw up or the dice turn against you for 3. And last but not least if you can't handle something bad happening to your imaginary character you probably shouldn't be playing a roleplaying game.

my landlord has being a bitch since she found out im hiv positive, she wants me out of the house , ive been there for the past 14 years, never missed a day of rent . and on top of that im getting out of a real bad depression . im really in a stage where i dont trust anyone, im alone and i will face this alone . i have two choices either be strong or be strong.

I don't like the direction this family is going in.
That's why I'm slowly cutting off contact.

Hi god,

This is a farcry from my soul. I wonder deeply about my value and purpose in the society I live in. I am struggling to keep ahead. I am finding myself deeply lost in the challenges of survival, and need some positive energy from you, to give me the strength to move forward. I want to be someone my family deeply values, and I am continually letting them down, by not actioning the household responsibilities I am assigned. All they are asking I maintain a clean room, mind and spirit. That I take care of myself. I am struggling in this. I don't know why, but I'm living in a fantasy world. A world in which I am free, to think, do and live. The problem with this logic of mine, is that it's going in cycles. I want to be doing something valuable with my time. My mental illness should not be an excuse for not being a valuable man of this world. I am scarred and scared at the same time. What if I'm not good enough for this world. What if I'm the same criminal that I wanted to eradicate? I hope and pray that i have the strength to become a good person. To mitigate my sin on this world. I want to break out of this cycle, and need mental help. Please guide me, and let me know what I'm doing so wrong in my life, that I need to fix. While I may not have all the tools I need, I am confident that I can regain my sense of self with your light, love and imperfections.

there is a man in my office who has pissed himself at work repeatedly these past few months.

does accupuncture work for errectile dysfunction? do I have to go to a specialist?

only thing i wish for Christmas is a friend to share and laugh with.

You need to change. You need to learn. You stop wanting to learn, so nothing will ever happen.

all miserable people just want you to feel as miserable as them so they can feel some type of entertainment. it's sickening and sad.

I feel terrible, my sister is dying of cancer and I haven't spoke with her in over a decade. I know some people probably think I hate her and I don't, she was just very manipulative and I got tired of it.

Anyway, I feel terrible that she is now going to die thinking I hate her and I don't.

Fail. Spent 2 days editing my resume and cover letter to perfection. Then left out a word in my email to the VP of the company. ??

i'm so fuc*** angry right now. my best friend thinks i betrayed her over someone i put up so much shit with to defend her, another one of my friends in this group is being a rude brat for no reason, and the only person i can talk to about any of this isn't even picking up. literally cannot talk to ANYONE right now and i feel like i did something wrong even though i didn't- why me!!!

I am so down and depressed and short tempered. I need everything like more then yesterday. I wish people could see they pushed me too far 2 decades ago. I get so angry alone and demands put me to be perfect. Yeh shit I ned a job but I don't need shit. I just need the easiest boss to please and time out to have a life and meet people. I got to go on a date. Its been literally 17 years since I went out on a friends date with a male even. You wonder why I am sad. I was told by shitbag Melanie to go down. I should hurt her. I will.

I hate my dad.

Gay guys are so annoying...I wish I could kick their balls off!!!

Going to the barber for a haircut is too expensive

Most people are animal abusers.