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I pretended to be sick for a year. I missed out on school and friends. I stayed home like a lazy bum. I went to hospitals with top doctors deciving them all. But my test results came back and I am actually very sick. It makes me scared to think it was real. And it is for sure. I have done surgery and more and im still sick. Is it karma? Maybe. But now looking back i wish i enjoyed the times going to school and with friends instead of staying home. Im really stupid, honestly. What should a terrible person like me do? Please i need real answers.

i hate the fact that my husband thinks our son can do no wrong but my daughter, his step daughter does everything wrong. its so fuc*** infuriating

I recently found out that my dad has been cheating on my mom with his cousin, he recently took a"vacation" with a shit ton of cash that he had safed up before, as a family we were struggling with bills and such. Its incredibly frustrating to see my dad go on vacation without us to go cheat on my mom. He ended up buying the mistress a new 900$ phone which i saw on our phone carrier plan thing. when he got back from vacation I called him out and called him a coward and we have been acting like it never happended. Everyone in the family including my mom knows about what my dad did. We can't leave my dad because we are actually because my mom is sick and she cant work and we need our dad to live. TLDR my dad is a dic*head

Everyone has a family whether they wan't one or not mine is great... but most of the time it doesn't feel that way. My mom and dad always fight and my mom and I never get along. I love my dad but he is like a teddy bear, sometimes he's sweet and other times he is a bear out to kill you. My mom on the other hand is The Queen of Negativity and huge pain in the ass. Both my parents love me a lot but honestly I'm so ready to leave them and live my life without them controling. -Rain

Save up or you'll suffer as I am suffering now. I have worked hard, I really did, but I had to leave an old job 2 months ago because of personal reasons. Now, I'm applying for another job, and with the approval so many months away, I'm not even sure if I'll starve first or get denied. With enough money to live for the next 3-4 months, I've sacrificed my meals to only eating roughly 600 calories a day. That's enough to help me reach the 5th month, for sure. I have plenty of job experience, though, as I'm 28 now, but this last job that I'm applying for, would be all I need. This is my last job opportunity, one to ensure I'll live with just enough for myself, just enough to survive. I'm tall, slim, 178cm tall and 59kg, and always hoping. So, save up or you'll suffer with nothing left.

A letter I want to send to my ex-husband:

June 30th, normal day, daughter wants to go to the store to get items for her costume and her little boyfriend. You ask me to take her I don’t mind doing but you then change your mind. You bring along a large Tervis filled with vodka and a can of diet coke. You stop at your job to say hi and do whatever it is you feel needs to be done with your daughter tagging along. Trying not to show anyone that you are drinking that day.
You head over to the party store to do something for her while drinking your alcohol as you go. By the time you get there you stumble out of the truck, as well as, stumble around the store. Slurring your words on top of it all, that’s when I get the text message. Mom? Mom? I need to talk to you? Are you there? I respond as soon as I see that with what’s wrong? (meanwhile I’m thinking what is she going to ask me for)
Well it turns out she was scared, really scared that you were slurring your words, stumbling as you walked around the store and telling her let’s go yet staying stationary at times swaying. You finally check out of the store and head for the truck. Meanwhile she is still texting me to say she’s afraid to get in the truck with you. I try to reassure her that she will be ok.
Nope you proved me wrong, she wasn’t okay. She kept texting me while she was videotaping the whole thing. Did you know she has an app that can track her if she keeps her finger on it? Once you release your finger you have a certain amount of time to press that you’re ok before it sends a message to a contact she has set up as well as 911. Well she did that as well.
Did you know that there is video of you slurring your words, speaking to her in a way that was hurtful and well proof of her telling you to pay attention to the road? You nearly swerved off the overpass while reaching the house. I was on facetime with our son when she got back to the house. He had to put me on mute because she walked in through the door to hug him. She fell into his arms crying.
All this yet, after your halfhearted apology to her as well as our son on Monday. Halfhearted after hearing that you were asking her to say she sorry as well. Bringing up what happened prior to the incident the day before saying she was not so nice to you. You couldn’t just take what she was saying and apologize. You had to make her feel like she’s the bad guy too.
You then don’t contact them through text for six days and only to our daughter. You have not talked to them verbally for nine days. After I bring it up to you apparently you justify it by saying the phone goes both ways.
DO YOU REALIZE YOU SCREWED UP BIG? DO YOU REALIZE THAT WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN IS YOU WANTING TO SEE THEM, TALK TO THEM AND MAKE SURE THEY KNOW YOU LOVE THEM? One text saying I love you to only one kid does not do that. You have shown no remorse, have not shown that you have changed and that you will not drink when they are around you.

Do you think I want to keep them from you? Well you’re right I do, right now I want them to be safe and happy. You couldn’t provide that feeling the other day and now at least one of them does not want to be around you. She still loves you with all her heart. She is afraid of you. You are not yourself when you drink, you make poor decisions and your reactions towards things are not appropriate for the situation.
For example, sober you drive right, you don’t get mad at a drop of a hat, you’re reasonable, you’re more fun and you want to do things with the kids.
If you would show effort and I mean MAXIMUM EFFORT things would change for them. They would want to be around you more, they would want to spend the night. They don’t want that right now and that’s sad.
I want them to be happy, safe and feel loved. Right now, only one parent is providing that.

i dont know whether it's liberating or a sign that im dead inside when i realize ive started to feel indifferent about not having one single person in my life that i can call a friend. i don't even have fake friends. its an absolute desert out in here for me. and im becoming OK with that fact. sad or what?

I have always been indifferent about children. Now that I have children, if I could go back in time, I would have chosen not to have them. I envy my friends who've chosen not to have children. I even envy my friends who have only one child and only has to go through everything once. To anyone who tells me how it's all worth it, well, I am glad it's worth it to you, and I am happy for you that that's how you feel. But please, stop telling me how it should be worth it, and how I should enjoy it while it lasts.

my indian coworker stole my pendrive again. yes its him again. he thinks he is super clever. his breath stinks so much. i hate him

I was at the gym today doing reverse leg curls on the weight machine (face down, lift up). Some guy came over to chat and that was fine. Then he started to gleek (spit little streams doing a tongue thing) on my ass. He kept doing it for like 2 minutes. I said "What the hell is wrong with you?" He said, "Nothing, I'm digging on it." That is precisecly what the hell is wrong with guys these days. wtf?!?

i watch the trump channel 24/7

i bet i can make this site as popular as You*u*e

by posting videos and getting comments

Haha, Just found out my ex is pregnant with her new bf she has been seeing for a little while

She will now have 4 kids with 4 different fathers. Her oldest kid gets ss because his dad got killed, her son who I raised from an infant father was in jail for not paying child support, and I left after she got too crazy. She had post partum and wouldn't take meds.

Anytime I would leave she would accuse me of cheating. I tried to stay with her because of the kids, but it just got to be too much.

Now she has another guy who can deal with her craziness.

I am really shitting at elizza for fuc*** me around over money. it seems to be the new thing companies don't feel the need to send a invoice with payment dates and amounts notices in advance. It adds up to me as $450 plus $650 is $1100 so I owe the slime old slag slut weirdo just another $900 but she sends a bill of $1700 so that just don't add up from 650 and 450 or are we having a fight or will we have a fight over this? she is an entitled bitch and overprices her courses and she better get the act together to help me. cuz I keep thinking she is the bitch who knows how to poached her eggs and I will see her cut down if she back stabs me.

I'm a nice guy and very good to the hot bartender girls at the sports bar. They like me because I tip well and don't make creepy comments, and have told me so.

That doesn't mean that I don't eye them up like other guys do, sometimes head to toe and back again, and think about ways I'd use their tight bodies until they'd shake and tremor, even the younger servers and hostesses. If they only knew what goes through my brain about them at times..They'd change their view of me in a minute.

ive been doing alot of meth for 10 years

but ive neverlooked better still have my fuc***job

woman at the gym wearing her running shoes without her socks is driving me crazy

I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been over here in the corner, touching myself all morning, rubbing it, stroking it, tempting it. I’m going to burst. I must touch the bare skin on her feet... my fetish / sickness is getting out of control

Why did she have to not wear socks today?

I’m really sick. I have a serious sickness. like a psychosis. I can’t get better. all te drugs Ive taken cant fix it. Drinking to forget only makes it worse and causes me to become an alcoholic.

my obsessions are now fully out of control. Every time I see a girl wearing shoes without socks I obsess about her. It’s been like this for years. Decades really. It’s getting worse.

Girls without socks are everywhere. I couldn’t focus at school; now I can’t focus at work.

I literally cannot get work done. I stare at youtube videos of girls in shoes without socks all day. I sneak around the office secretly taking pictures of womens feet when they dont wear socks and then masturbating
furiously several
times a day. Im going to get fired for sexual harrassment

It is always on my mind. I can’t focus at home alone after seeing Just one single girl or woman wearing shoes without socks. I cant sleep. I jerk off to pictures of girls in shoes without socks just to try to get any sleep. but it doesnt work. I have to get away sometimes.

My brain is overloaded. now I can’t even focus when working out. It’s ruining my life

I’m losing my mind. Please help

my wife has been open about her nudity in front of our 10 year old was not a big deal when he was much younger but now i feel like he knows a thing or two. he insists that she gives him a bath instead of me cos she eventually gets naked and ends up in the shower with him. while i dont think she has any sexual intentions, i noticed last time he has a hard small as it means his mind and body is sexually activated. what do i do. she plays it off saying..i gave birth to him so its normal. is this normal? does anyone have any similar situation? im not sure what to do. last evening while she was changing he was in the room and i saw him starring at her body. this is bad for my son

prepping Time! SHTF plan! world shaking change is comming! the signs are all there! the Big Collapse is comming!

Get your gear ready. Guns and shit. Food and water. Knives and camo. Camping Back packs and Bug Out Bags. The BIG STORM is Comming. Be fuc*** ready! You’ve done been warned!!

im gay and my family knows but no one ever mentions it or talks about it. sometimes i feel like my family's dark secret. around the holidays everyone brings their girlfriend or boyfriend. except me... i just sit alone because my family is awkward about my "friend" when he comes over. ive been dating him 4 years going on 5

We should have a new solution for all the worthless men that live with their mommies past 25. Every time they visit a gaming site it says "YOU HAVE NO VALUE, GET A JOB, STOP QUESTING!". Every time they visit a porn site: "YOU DON'T DESERVE TO FAP, MOVE OUT LOSER!". Endless bombard them over and over with how utterly useless and a drain on society they are. Don't give them space for their shitty ATVs or fishing boats. Cut off everything except unappetizing food, water, toliet, heat/AC, shower, and access to job search engines, basic e-mail. Make it as miserable as possible so they know every minute, every second of life they have FAILED. They are human scum.