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My older sister is such a fuc*, so many times Ive had to go along with her shit, she doesn't have the balls to do anything on her own. I wasted time helping her set up her "online shops" (yes it was more than one) which went to shit because the moment a set back shows up she quits.

She is always reading peoples blogs and success stories and then talks crap about how their product isnt that great and why she can't be successful. she expects life to be like school: memorize this shit, apply it and you'll get your answer because the formula is set in stone, it won't change. if that is all she's good at then where in all the hells does she get the idea that she can be an "entrepreneur"?? She also blames her inability to be successful for still living at home(thats her own fault for being too much of a pus** to move out lmfao), as well as blaming it on the city she lives in. "The next city is so mich better and people find sides easier there" she says
Uh no,. its a matter of those people not being little bitches and working thru the ups and downs.

And then she goes around giving me "advice" on what i should do based off some popular people on Instagram and I'm like uh... if i wanted your advice i would ask for it (because really how far would i get listening to her "advice"?) and then she gets all bitchy and resentful over me saying that. So I ignore her and then she goes around spewing shit my way with that vile tongue and trashy arrogance of hers. Funny how with all that arrogance shes only ever been able to land a half year contract and a one year contract job in her 35 years of living.

Im absolutely done with givingmy time; for free, to that ungrateful, incompetent fuc*. Im going to work on my own plans and ideas and shit so I dont end up being a salty miserable existence at age 35. And I hope I can end up in a position where I'm happy before she doed to spite her.

To that loving coworker of mine who gives me hugs: I know you had trouble fitting in. I know you were bullied in the past. While I cannot imagine how sad it must make you feel to think about those days, know this: If you wanna cry, it's OK to open up to me about it. I've had my own troubles in the past, and I promise I'll understand. You deserve to be happy.

she told me she knew that if she left him and he would lose his mind and go on a rampage, silently stalking and killing two faced Trump supporting politicians and high powered friends. He was ex military you see, a former sniper you see, and had been in Iraq. Two tours. He won medals. Apparently for killing alot of people. She said he has two expensive scoped high powered rifles and two pistols, and a large bag full of ammo, and camo, and spare clothes and everything else he needs to “get the job done”. He refuses to go to the psychiatrist after they diagnosed him bipolar with severe PTSD after discharge. Apparetly he threatened them and had to leave Mar*land.

He is a very violent man, and he often hit her, but she knew she deserved it for being a lying bitch and for cheating on him. with me.

she has been trying to make him think shes been sexually involved with some right wing conservative trump supporters that she doesnt like. Signing up on websites, the MAGA hats, making small donations to sifferent republican campaigns. her email and mailbox are flooded with republican flyers. All Trump supporters. her job now requires it really. She needed the job.

he’s becoming paranoid now. Delusional. he thinks the Trump supporters are making his girlfriend cheat on him. She lets him think they are too powerful to resist when shes with them. But shes the personal assistant to a republican who is a big Trump
supporter, so she constantly has to travel around the country, and often to DC and New York City, and Atlanta, and so forth. Thats when we met when she was at a hotel bar on a work trip. Thats when we got drunk and fuc*** without a condom. I was such an idiot. Thats when I unknowingly marked us for death.

Apparently the guy is about to snap. Somehow he found an article of my clothing in her overnight bag. I dont know if it was a tie or underwear or a pair of socks, but he found something. A mans something. She was so scared once he started sceaming she ran out the door to her car and drove away into the night and called from the road begging to stay with me secretly. She has to hide from him.

now hes flipping out, texting her constantly, threatening to find “every republican son of a bitch she ever met and kill them all”

shes scared hes really going to do it. I told her its time to quit her job and move on. This guy is fuc*** crazy. I am legitimately scared.

I am seriously considering quitting my fuc***' job. It was bad enough in the first place with how little it's paid for all the stress it's caused me, but now one of my best work friends has been out for a week because her boyfriend's father died. I have had trouble smiling ever since then, and reading her Facebook posts about all the pain she's going through is really wearying me. I just don't know if I can take it anymore.

cumming in mcdonalds food. I work at McDonalds and often will cum in the food. At first on break I was cumming in napkins, then socks when I forgot napkins, then I came in my female coworkers non work shoes and stole her socks, then I started coming in the food. I’m a manager at a very high volume McDonalds in an major American airport.

Been doing this for years. Really.

Family hates me so much. They are always so hot tempered and mean to me every day. They are angry at my presence and always be distant to me.

my family is so stupid and it drives me insanr

A few months ago, one of my guy friends needed money for the payment on his family car, and I gave some. My Mom found out and threatened to start charging me rent.

Last month, one of my girl friends had the family truck impounded, and didn't have the money to pay off the fine. The fine was less money than what I gave my guy friend, but I didn't donate the money, I just reblogged the link to where you could donate money to her. The pound eventually doubled the fine and then they later got rid of the truck. My friend then made a post saying she could count the number of people who wanted to help on one hand, and criticizing the people who didn't help. She did not say anything to me, but I am 100 percent sure she considers me into the later category, especially since she knows that I was able to donate money to my guy friend a few months ago.

I'm angry at my Mom for threatening to charge me rent when she refuses to charge rent to my sister who spends all her cash on makeup. I'm also angry at her for punishing me for helping a friend, even though she once complained how I "used to care about the underdog". (And yet she tries to punish me for doing so).

But mostly, I'm angry at myself for not donating the money anyways when my friend first asked. If I had stood up to my mom, my friend would have gotten the truck back. I'm pretty sure I just lost a friend because of my cowardliness. There's no way I can justify to her what I did.

I am so resentful of my younger brother. He is the reason my stress levels are so high and my anxiety has been worse than it was before. I really despise him to this day and that I have so much anger towards him. I haven't spoken to him since last month and probably won't until further notice. He has almost ruined my life due to his poor choices in life.

I really did steal her socks from work on friday when I saw she had taken off her ankle boots and socks and was walking around barefoot. I slipped into the store room, spotted her shoes and socks, quickly lifted the socks befofe anyone saw me.

she had to put her shoes back on without her socks. and now her socks are all mine. shes about 19 years old, maybe 20.

One of my single secretaries at work asked me to come over and check out her broken water heater because I can fix stuff. Sadly...thats all she wanted. It really was broken, and I couldnt fix it. I have no idea why I thought she had ulterior motives. Damn porn.

I'm bi but idk how to tell my parents. They're christians and basicly against the whole LGBT communtiy. They always tell me that I better not like girls and stay away from gay people. I find it disgusting. Sometimes I wish I was born in a different family or get PUT with a different family. My bff is gay and I hate that she has to act "straight" in front of my parents. I've seen what my family has done in situations like this and it is not a good thing. I HATE when we go to church too. Just being there feels like a sin. I can't take it anymore, idk what to do. I just need someone to talk to. Plus, being a freshman in high school doesn't make it any easier. I'm 95% sure that if I tell them they'l disown me and kick me out. my life is not the best rn

My family hates me for no fuc*** reason. One day they go crazy over a fuc*** cake that is not perfect to the way they want it. Life is not going to be perfect. My family will go crazy over stuff that don't matter in our lives. Fuc* those ass***s.

My ex left me for another guy and totally got used and dumped. She cant admit the truth and has some BS story to make herself feel better. Her parents, friends and I know the truth and pretty much everyone has lost respect for her. I want nothing to do with her now.

hey there ppl, how's life? still fuc* up, well same as me bruh, being one of the top in the class it's hard to maintain your grades--no that's not actually my problem
because me im fuc*** loosing interest in everything, i don't want to compete with those nonsense ppl co'z i know they're just trying hard, not being boastful but that's true story, i can see to their faces how they want to be at the top, and even drag their friends down just to be in higher spot, fuc* i hate it, if I'm only capable to kill, i already terminate my classmates, they're so annoying as fuc*, lol where am i?? ow yeah loosing interest haha yeah bruh, i just wanna lay down on my bed without thinking anything.Maybe I want to be dead perhaps? tsss I don't know whatever, imma just weird nerd, btw fuc* people, so annoying
putangina gusto ko nalang maglaho

The 16 year old girl who just started working part time at the store told me she thought she was pregnant and didnt know what to do

she said she thinks the father is a guy she met at a hospital staff christmas work party that was held at the mexican restruant she used to work at last month. Her boss fired her for telling her she was pregnant. She thinks the guy is a resident but she doesnt know his name and is scared

shes is scared her step dad will kick her out if he finds out shes pregnant

I told her to go up to the hospital she thinks he works at and start looking for him. keep looking at all the other hospitals till he is found

I smell a lawsuit. That's an awful accusation.

My English teacher was apparently a sadist. It explains a lot about her

I feel so alone and worthless because of my mom. In 2019, it was my goal to become more productive and focus on schoolwork more. So after a week or so of studying and working on assignments for up to 5 hours a day (outside of school), I lost one of my water bottles and spent my whole lunch looking for it with no success. When I came home, my mom was livid, so I gave her 10 dollars without her asking for it because I assumed it was gone. She started yelling at me how I'm such a ditz, and I'm so antisocial lately, and I have no common sense. I'm on the verge of tears because she has no goddamn idea how hard I work to maintain my grades in a gifted classroom.

The horse ejaculated on my face!