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Everyone in my family hates me soooooooo fuc*** much.

My brother is in an abusive relationship, emotionally and mentally. But he doesn't understand that by proxy, he's put all of us in one as well. He will never leave her, and we all have to accept it. If he did, he would never see his kids again. None of us would.
Not that we really can now. She doesn't allow him to get a better job, but also won't work herself. She doesn't allow him to be alone with his kids, nor can anyone really. Her mother quit/retired when my niece was born early, and her life has now become keeping my SIL company in their 1 bedroom in-law apartment during the day.
I've never held my 4 yr old niece, and only held my 2 yr old nephew once, the day after he was born.
My sister and I aren't allow to freely interact with the kids, and my mother is only allowed to visit because she and my father literally live down the street and are able to do things for my SIL at the drop of a hat. The one time they refused, they didn't see the kids for a month.
My brother almost lost his job because his wife would call his boss if he wasn't out of work the minute his shift ended, because heaven forbid he be with a customer (as a manager in retail he often is) when the clock chimes 5.
They live in a 1 bedroom apt with 2 kids, but whenever we offer to help them get a bigger place, she flips out. She'll take the money my parents give them for holidays and birthdays and blow it on nothing. I'm not allow to give gifts that don't fit in a shoebox (she throws them out instead of giving them to the kids) because they don't have room. But she buys big items for the kids herself using my brother's money (his paycheck goes into their joint account, and the one time he tried to change it to go to an account she can't blow through, she withdrew it all and went to her mother's with the kids)
She also doesn't drive, so my parents are constantly being called to drive her places and buy her things. She decided to join a gym and makes my elderly take her, because if he doesn't, neither of my parents can see the grandkids that week, even though it's 5 houses down. Did I mention their apartment is an in-law? It's part of my aunt's house (my mom's sister) but my aunt has never met my nephew. And my brother walks down the street every night with laundry that he throws in and expects my parents wash, dry, and return.
The kicker was my nephew's birthday. Since she doesn't want my family to have free access to the kids, we can't go to her family party. We have to go to a dinner where she decides the seats, where she and my brother sit between the kids and the rest of us. And makes my parents pay for all nine of us. But when her family couldn't host a party, she convinced my brother to borrow money to rent a bowling alley, and 'asked' my parents to deliver all the decorations, help set up, and lend her the money when the cake was delivered (I did corner my brother can get the money for the cake back) But they weren't invited to the party.
My sister and I are basically banned from seeing the kids at all except for these dinners twice a year, and the five minutes they come down Xmas Eve to get the gifts from my family.
But if my brother leaves her, none of us will see them ever again. She'll claim she needs full custody since my niece has medical issues (nm my mother is a 37 year RN with experience in NICU and Pediatrics) and even if my brother gets visitation, she'll find excuses to deny it. Plus he will need to pay for her living standard. Only plus would be that he could finally get a better paying job.
We all regularly cry about it, but there is literally nothing we can do. All I can think about is a week before they got married, my brother and she had a fight, he left her in a parking lot 3/4 of a mile from home and debated calling off the wedding. My dad scolded him for leaving her in the August evening cold(?). And they got married. And now we are all in an abusive relationship with this bitch.

You need to learn to pick up after yourself. You need to learn how to eat like a human and not like a fuc*** dog. You need to not pick your nose in public, make weird noises, fart and stink up room. Stop fuc*** butting in on other peoples conversations and make them about you. Stop plopping your fat fuc*** ass down on the furniture and lumbering around like a god damn ogre. Learn to change your clothes everyday, especially your nasty ass underwear and socks. Learn how to fuc*** shower. Learn that I don't want you touching me or being within five feet of me at all times. Learn what GOD DAMN PERSONAL SPACE IS!

Then MAYBE I'll love you, you little shit.

we are friends at the office and get along well but Im pretty sure when she leaves at the end of the month that she will pretty much fade out and cut off contact with everybody. Sad, i thought we were better friends

I went for a job interview and everything seemed fine. At the end however I got up and said “I best be getting this gig” before making finger guns and pumping my right hand up and down while saying “bup bup bup” reggae-style.

I was not hired for the position.

I work with a bunch of fat old middle aged bitches. All they do is gossip and talk shit. One of em in particular does this and is nice to their face. She got mad at me cause I playfully joked with her to not kick her crap in my area just cause she's too lazy. So your fatass gets mad at everyone else for every little thing and complains to me about it but the moment I have a tiny issue with you, I'm the bad guy?

She straight up hates her own friend there too and talks shit about her. But she takes her crap cause she is her ride to work. Her pathetic ass is nearly 40 and lives her parents and other grown siblings. The fattest bitch there, hair loss, and just looks so goddamn awful for her age I legit thought she was in her 60s. She has no license and doesn't pay any bills. No idea why. I remember these little details and realize I am doing ok with my life while she's a fuc*** failure.

Recently I've been inadvertently finding out things that has left me speechless. Yesterday something that I have long suspected was confirmed. Learning that what I have speculated for about 4 or 5 years is actually fact has left me beyond speechless. I want to know more and learn more but im not sure how to go about it. On the other hand, this knowledge of what I know has left me feeling some type of way about the reckless choices I have made that I am immediately changing. The lesson here is you never know who is who has an STD. STD's do not come with name tag. These days STD are in the form of a beautiful looking individual. The bombshell that was dropped on me yesterday was learning a friend is HIV positive. Unfortunately as the day progressed the thoughts started to formulate. Then I rememered a mutual friend had mentioned having a 4some with this friend who is HIV positive. Now I'm just wondering if this mutual friend was aware that this person is HIV positive and does this mutual friend now have the disease. Not sure what to think. I'm sure this friend has to have known if I suspected it...
One of my questions to this friend is, are preventive measures being taken to limit the spread of the virus as this friend is extremely promiscuous gay man that has a thing for straight men. I can only imagine how many "straight" men he has been with.

are all bosses total ass***s or is it just the vast majority? has anybody had a boss who was not a total dic*head? what percentage of peoples bosses are total ass***s?

I struggle with both my inner naive child and inner Cynic. So basically my inner child wants to beileve in the world and believe in love and she refuses to come back to reality and except that the world is a $hity place and people are $hity and full of $hit. While my inner adult the Cynic is more rational and practical and my inner adult has very little tolerance for people in their bull$hit and their mind games and lies. My in Cynic has a built-in lie detector designed to detect bull$hit. My inner Cynic also gets very easily annoyed by very annoying ignorant optimistic people who obvious narcissistic hypocrites and who think their $hit don't stink and they they lack the understanding of mental disorders like Depression and Bipolarism and Anxiety and Borderline disorder which I find it highly annoying because I suffer from Depression and Bipolarism and severe anxiety and self esteem issues. And I find it more easy to talk to a Cynic who is more relateble and more understanding of my situation and my very personal issues.

Somepeople say I a fat retard. And I say I a walrus. And I have a imaginary friend and he I name him crunchy the dinosaur. And I not a fat retard I a fat walrus with a big walrus coc* and I a big boy my mom tells me. I have a habit of puttin my clothes on backwards so my mom she dress me up like a big boy. I a 30 year old big boy and somepeople say I a man child. And I remind somepeople that I a fat walrus and a big boy and I have a big coc*. And mommy super proud of me and my special walrus powers.

I want all the women at work to talk behind my back and say that I'm lame. I want them to emasculate me. I love treating them like they're my friend and I let them pick on me.

My hot older sister and I have been having sex for years, and enjoy it. She also knows I hate going to family gatherings, so, will dress as I tell her,, sexy, and do her 2" long nails jet-red, to get me to attend, as she states need to "keep the peace" with people and not have to explain why I'm not there. This arrangement works well, and I admit, have had her so exhibited and hot that other guys in attendence, i.e.- neighbors or guy friends who'd stop by, would comment in amazement at how much of a slut she looked like. Great thing is, she knows and loves it.

One Easter, though, she couldn't go as skin-showing and sexy as usual, as it was more formal, but..I told her to wear her shortest, tightest business skirt, heels, white, see-through button-down shirt, and defintely do her hair and makeup as slutty as possible. I wanted her business-sexy, the hot secreatary who the boss fuc*s. Also told her, with my own reason, to not worry about the thong or undies; I wanted her bare-assed in that tight, short skirt.

She did as told to get me to attend, and I did. We went to the brunch place, I sat next to her the entire time (barely leaving her side, period..even in the buffet line, my hands were on her waist and caressing her ass), and told her I wanted to leave, I was done. In her need to keep the peace, she told me to find a side room, and we could have sex, since she knew such was why I was so firm on no undies or thong. We found an unused side room, with round tables, I locked the double doors, and laid her onto a table, spread her open, and fuc*** her against a wall as she ummphed and ahhed with delight. When we returned to the others, her shirt was still unbuttoned a little, and one was broken off.

When asked what happened, she only said we had to go out to her car, and when the trunk was opened, it caught her shirt and tore the button. For the rest of the time, I had her hanging out of that shirt, at the table, presenting for every busboy, server, and other guy staff who came by to get a good look. Was the best Easter brunch I ever had.

Nerve of those people. Inviting me down there... On such short notice.Even if I wanted to go my schedule wouldn't allow it. 4:00 pm Wallow in self-pity, 4:30pm Stare into the abyss, 5:00pm Solve world hunger tell no one. 5:30pm Jazz and exercise, or a.k.a. Jazzercise. 6:30pm dinner with me and my cat I cant cancel that again because she very simply won't allow it. 7:00pm Wrestle with myself loathing and beat myself myself senseless... I'm booked'! Of course if I bump the self loathing to 9:00pm I could be done in time to lay in bed with my cat and stare at my maroon colored ceiling and slip slowly into madness,but what would I wear?

My supervisor at work is kinda badass and has an attitude. I have some much agression in me I would love to get into an argument with her and wrestle.
I want to mess things up on purpose so she'll yell at me and physically attack me.

I have a confession to make about my neighbors they horribly embarrass me with they stupidity I can't even compete with their stupidity and they have horrible hygiene and their horrible body odor smells worse than a slaughterhouse were they kill pigs. I'm altogether embarrassed by my own apartment complex. And there's so many reasons that I hate this apartment complex. Because people are so obviously unsanitary that they brought coc*roaches and bed bugs into the place.

Know a guy who can't not spend money, everytime he has $1.00 he'll spend it. He keeps talking about saving up for some big nice thing that would actually be good for him (like a car) but then he goes out and spends $20 on McDonald's or buys 3 new videos games.

He got paid today and somehow had a little bit left over from previous check and started declaring how he had 5% of a downpayment for his first car. And of course I just rolled my eyes because I know come tomorrow he'll be coming in with sacks of junk food or like 5 more Funko Pops.

I was kind of friends with this guy in High School. He joined the army and I didnt see him for a while. Now he comes back to our hometown once a year and I used to meet up with him. After a while he became like a stalker. He would ring me up at all hours of the day and night wanting to hang out with me. I dont think he had that many friends. He started calling me again but I havent answered. Every year he kinda freaks me out.

I do weird things in public during festivals like sit down and write.

This guy Sam stole my parking spot at work, so it was time to take matters into my own hands. First, I issued a fatwa in the form of flyers around the garage, declaring jihad on him. They were taken down by security pretty quick but fortunately it was time to move on to phase two: the mindfuc*. In order to sow discord and make him think his wife was cheating on him, I would call his house and disguising my voice in the Ebonics vernacular, ask for his wife.

I've always been a loner and had a hard time being accepted while growing up. I have connections, but I mostly hang out by myself when I go out. Beause of this, I have grown to be more comfortable with rejection than acceptance. Acceptance feels foriegn, I'm just not very good at it with the lack of experience--sometimes I even reject acceptance itself. Rejection feels natural.