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10601 7/10/2012 5:04:00 PM    Other
in a very strange series of events, i came into contact with an individual who served time at the same prison as the man who molested my step-daughter. it turns out that the child molester used to go around, bible thumping like he did before (he is the most fake of all christians, a real holier than thou prick). he also ratted out fellow inmates for different things. turns out that he snitched on the wrong guy, because some prisoner serving a double manslaughter charge beat him to within an inch of his life. the child molester is now confined to a prison infirmary, paralyzed from the neck down. now he can lie there in a vegetative state and time will tick by so slowly, he can reflect on the pain he has caused his two victims and what he did. i will only assume that care in a prison infirmary is not exactly top-rate. i hope he lies in his own piss and shit for hours. i hope he gets an itch on his face he cannot scratch and i hope that itch drives him completely nuts. he is serving a sentence until 2019. i imagine the next 7 years will feel like 77 years- if he lives that long. i know that people who are paralyzed often die of hospital-acquired infections and pneumonia. it would be ironic if he died within days of his release date. as for me, i am happy that there really is divine justice.
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