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110826 2/12/2016 11:17:31 AM    Other
i have a hard time understanding all of these roadside memorials that people set up when they lose a loved one in a car accident. recently, two ladies in our community were hurt very badly at a curve on a road near our town when they stopped to look at a roadside memorial that someone made after a recent fatality. the ladies were stopped looking at all the pictures and stuffed animals and crosses that were placed beside a broken off utility pole when a semi came around the curve and plowed into them because of the foggy conditions. it was a bad choice for those ladies to stop there but i know if this stuff wasn't setting along the road, they never would have stopped because one of the ladies admitted to stopping to look it all.
i know everyone handles grief differently, but my family didn't set up a memorial along the road where my brother died on his motorcycle. we chose instead to memorialize his life, not the place where he died. would the people who have passed away along the sides of roads want shrines made at the places where they met the end of their lives anyway?
i don't get memorializing death. let's honor these people in the life they lived and quit making all these places that will distract drivers and possibly cause more fatalities. it's a touchy subject but some laws need to be passed and enforced to help eliminate what just happened in my community.
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