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14102 1/29/2013 9:21:42 AM    Other
i have always wondered what it would be like to grow up in a normal household? at first, my brother and i lived with our parents until my mom left my dad for someone else after 3 days of knowing this person and then our lives went to hell from there. my stepdad told my mom either the kids go or he goes and so us kids went. first i lived with my grandparents but they couldnt keep me because i was a lost child. so i then i moved across the country to live with my stupid aunt and got pregnant at 17. clung on to some dickweed because i didn;t think anyone loved me from being moved place to place. my dad completely lost it after my mom left him and i have not seen him since. my mom ended up passing away, i don't have a huge family because i never met my father's family, and i'm only close with my grandma, 1 cousin on my mom's side because they live in another state. i never went to my senior prom, i got my ged. i'm just now engaged and never thought anyone would expect me and love me for me. i still have a hard time thinking that anyone truly loves me. i'm always wondering/thinking about it. i just wished i would have grown up in a normal household. sigh. such is life.
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