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18418 8/1/2013 7:26:57 PM    Other
when i was in my senior year of college i went on a study abroad session. i met a man on the plane and as were both in europe at the same time, he escorted me around and i went to paris with him for a long weekend. of course we ended up staying together. we had fun, and he was very knowledgeable and a great guy. but, he returned to the states for work and i went back to frankfurt for my semester abroad.

well, although i thought i was in the safe zone, i still got pregnant. i did not tell anyone until i returned home after studying abroad and made up a story about a college student. i never contacted the dad. today my daughter is 21, the same age i was when i got pregnant. she is so special, such a fine person. i have kept his name and address all these years, kept safely in a small pill box that he bought me while we were in paris. a part of me wants to reach out to him and let him know about this beautiful child of his. and a part of me says leave things well enough alone. as i said, no one knows about 'him'. i have kept to my story of the dad being some college student who i can't find.

i am torn, as time passes i wish more and more that i had not done what i did, hide her from him. but will he remember? will he care? i don't want money or anything like that, and most of all i don't want to hurt my daughter. he must certainly be in his late 50s or early 60s by now, exactly how old he is i don't know but he is 20 years or so older than me.
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