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197289 1/19/2017 1:02:03 PM    Society
i am leaving work early today, picking my daughter up from school and we are headed out to the woods far far outside of town in my 4wd truck packed with extra bug out bags with "camping" gear and "hunting" gear, (truck is already well stocked w weapons, boxes of food and water, etc) for whatever the hell is coming our way with trump

you guys better be doing the same. for real.

my ex wife thinks im crazy, and that i'm having a midlife crisis since i turned 40... but she can die in the riots or terrorist attack on the city or chinese nuclear strike or whatever the hell happens with trump

i had hoped to persuade my daughter's babysitter to come "camping" with us, but she declined... because she said she needs to be with her family. she knows how real this is.

however i did invite my daughters piano teacher, claire (a reasonably cute girl that goes to college here in town, i think she's a sophomore? so like she's around 19ish i think) yesterday... she also declined at first... but then she called me at lunch today and asked if she could still come "camping" with us...

apparently the anti trump protests were really getting out of hand on her campus today and the campus police have started to crack down it was looking like a possible campus riot situation. she was really scared.

i told her we'd love for her to join us.

she said she can't get out of the parking garage because the streets on that side of campus are already blocked off for protests - so i told her to pack everything she thinks she'll need in the next 2-3 weeks and pack like she's going on a very long hiking and camping trip outdoors into one backpack and one gym bag and i will come get her by the taco stand by the north gates of campus in one hour.

my daughters school is very near the campus so i pass right by this taco stand on my way to pick up my daughter every day t...i feel at the least i can do for this poor girl. (apparently she has been really depressed since her boyfriend dumped her last fall and she has no family anywhere in town, and she's new to the school so she's really scared)

plus it will be good to have an extra person. i don't know how much camping experience she had - but she's a damn good piano teacher and she seems to be in pretty good shape physically, so i'm thinking she'll be able to keep up!

listen to me.

go take care of your loved ones.

you will not regret taking even basic precautions.

go fill up your gas tank. buy your groceries today. keep cash in your wallet or purse. be on the lookout!

have a bag packed and handy. pack your car or at least a backpack like you are going on a camping trip!

what do you have to lose by packing your car for a camping trip ?

this trump situation is so much more serious than you can guess

we don't know what is going to happen

we don't know if there is going to be mass civil unrest

we don't know if there is going to be a melt down of civil order

we just don't know what is going to happen

this isn't about your politics

this isn't about liberals or conservatives or republicans vs democratics

this is about you and your family and loved ones making it out ok

maybe this will all blow over and everything will be great

i hope so

but if there is even a 10% chance of some serious shit hitting the fan - don't be the person who said you were too busy to prepare

being prepared - mentally if nothing else, but even some limited physical prep - can make all the difference between life and death

you guys know this is serious.

i see other people posting all the time on here about trump

you know the dangers are real

let's hope for the best -

but let's all prepare for the worst.

stay frosty my friends.

-mick out.
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