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19781 9/16/2013 2:53:49 PM    Other
so it's been 2 weeks since we stopped all our connections.

i miss you. of course i do. at times i feel like i'm ok.. like i'm mad at you.. that you're not worth my thoughts.. those are the rare moments when i succeed in forcing myself into hating you.

i miss your hugs, your smile, your voice, your everything.

do you feel guilty? because that's what i keep hearing from them.

i wish they wouldn't do that, so i can live in the illusion that you care. that that's the reason you do what you do.

i keep hearing about how much of a player you are... how you are such a bad person.. and i hate it. i don't want people to hate you. i don't want people to think ill of you. because i still think you don't deserve it. you had to do what you had to do...i couldn't make you stay because i wasn't the one. because i didn't know how to make you stay. so it's not entirely your fault that you didn't see us going anywhere further...

i just want to run to your place and fall into your embrace and just stay there. and we would fall asleep like we used to.

get out of my mind.. please..
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