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198174 3/8/2017 1:13:38 AM    Other
last week i saw a colleague being bullied by a client. the client was behaving very aggressively, loud voice, finger in my colleagues face, telling my colleague they had no right to speak to them like they did during the meeting that had just finished. my colleague was very calm, telling the client that they did not want to continue the conversation any longer and that they were done speaking to the client who was angry. the client continued to harrass my colleague, which i thought was just not ok. i was only observing the meeting but since it had finished, i stepped in and said that the client was being aggressive, that it was inappropriate and asked them to leave, which they did.

today, the ceo called me into their office for a meeting. somehow the ceo had found out what had happened and what i did/said and told me it was "not my place" to ask the client to leave and that my colleague "can look after themselves".

this makes me so mad because the ceo was not there, they were not involved in the meeting or the events afterwards and have got second hand information. the ceo said my actions were inappropriate and not needed. the ceo instead told me next time, to "step back and identify my emotions and reflect on them instead of getting involved".

personally, i think this is a crock of s*** and this is what contributes to the "bystander effect" and the fact that bullying, violence and harassment continue to happen everywhere in society. because people are gutless and don't stand up for what is right.
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