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21694 11/22/2013 4:59:47 PM    Other
frankly it is a small price to pay by putting up with all the stuff of having to be a female. you get supported, i worked for a while, but now i get supported. sure i put up with his shit, but i also get to have kids and stay at home. you can't have it both ways. he gets sex when he wants, which means you are getting sex too. and even if a lot of times you are just putting up with it, sometimes getting knocked around feels good. in fact, you need it. i have never done anything stupid like anal, but i will suck his cock and i will swallow his cum. since i am at home i fix dinner and make the beds and look after the kids. sometimes he helps, but if he doesn't what's the bid deal. i never mow the lawn, that's his job. and my lawn and outdoors is always kept up and looks neat. i like a neat house so i do that. and my kids help. they don't like cleaning the bathrooms, but they have to learn, so this month the girls clean the bathrooms. when the kids are school and i have finished with my housework, i take a long hot bath and masturbate. i like masturbating. my husband fucks me but he doesn't get me to have an orgasm. so i masturbate. there is no way i would want to be a man and put up with all the shit they have to put up with, including us women and include my daughters in that, we are clingy and needy and never let up. after dinner and the kids are doing their homework, he goes to his tv room and watches his shows. if the girls are asleep, i may go up there and give him a blowjob and make him cum. that way i can get a good nights sleep because he already got his rocks off. when i was a kid i wanted to be a boy, but i am glad i am not. i got the better part of the deal. i get to have kids and stay home with them and he has to go to work.
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