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218700 4/2/2017 6:37:10 PM    Other
pack two suitcases, a gym bag, a backpack and a brief case/messenger bag.

pack the first suitcase like you are going on a week long business trip and you are expecting to make three big presentations and go to three fancy dinners, and otherwise have three more days of meetings at work.

pack the second one like you are going on a two week vacation to either your favorite place to go, or to your dream vacation. pack everything you think you will need for these two weeks.

now pack you gym bag, like you are planning to go to the gym and have a shower there to be ready for work or out whatever afterwards. have whatever toiletries or soaps, deodorants, shampoos that you need. bring your favorite sports drink bottle too. pick your two favorite gym outfits, or three of you go every day.

pack your backpack like you are going to need it all day - either around town or on a day long hike in the woods. pick whichever use seems most likely to you.

now back your briefcase or messenger bag like you are going to use it for work. save room for your laptop and charger, pack an extra charger for your smartphone. bring an extra notebook or pad of paper and pack extra pens. ask yourself what might you need for work in this bag in the next week or two, that you can fit in the bag.


go get rid of almost everything else you own that you haven't used atleast three times since a year ago today.

in fact,

you can probably get rid of almost everything else you own that you haven't used today - except whatever is in those four bags.

you can compromise on anything else you haven't used in the past week if you'd like.

take an inventory

take an inventory of everything you own

and realize just how much you have that you don't need

and just let it go

give it away to someone who needs it more

give all the excess away

you don't need it
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