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23839 2/7/2014 9:20:19 PM    Other
i'm in love with a woman at work. i think she has feelings for me too. there is always chemistry when we talk and get close. i think she knows i fight not to pull her close and give her the electrifying kiss like the chemistry and sparks we have between us. she is my ideal type physically, mentally, emotionally, she's the whole sexy smart package. even has a sexy name. whenever i'm having a tough time, just a few moments with her makes my day and all those troubles fade away.

she is married with a daughter, who is a smart young girl and a spitting image of her mother, beautiful. since she is married i won't make any move out of respect, but it's getting harder and harder to look the other way on my feelings for her. i'm sure the look on my face and the sparkle in my eyes say it all, just as hers does to me.

i love her, but i have to quit this attraction and these feelings even though she is a 100% match.
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