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240132 6/17/2017 4:38:55 AM    Other
my bff has an ex bf who is blaming my bf for their break up and now he is trying to be the victim of their breakup by calling out his friends and act big in front of us when he actually couldn't stand up against us by himself. just because me and my bf spent more time together with my bff than him means that we're trying to take his gf away. how delusional and stupid is he? he knows that im in a relationship with my trustful bf and there he is, stupidly getting jealous of something he shldn't get jealous of. not only that, he said himself that he doesn't like the rest of our friends because of their race. so he's not only overly jealous and a coward, but also a racist! my bff then has soooooo many reason to break up with him, she did and still he hasn't realise that even tho she alr told him so many times.
currently he and his friends are still targeting my bf, and i don't even know what to do anymore. all i could do is confess what really happened through this web. this is to reveal the truth before he starts spreading lies. i just hope the people who read this are one of the people he is trying to brain wash with his lies. i just pray that he stop his useless actions towards us.????
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