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304445 2/18/2018 10:43:16 PM    Other
Part 2
This kid I've been somewhat tutoring, they're so mean to him and in front of teachers too. But no one does something, not even I and I go home complaining about it when I shouldn't. I should say something to adults who can do something. I should say something to the kids who bully him. I should say something because no one else is.

Kids joke about shooting each other up at school. How they have a list. How they're going to buy those guns. How they are going to take everyone out. But then you say how you would never do that because it's a cowardly move yet you can still manage to joke about it.

Or what about the time you said rape jokes are only okay to say when other rape victims aren't around?

Or what about the time you said you were going to kill yourself because everyone else is doing it?

They're only doing it because you treat everything like some joke. And since those things are "jokes", then all of us are too.

To the kid who said everything is a choice, was it your choice to get yourself suspended so many times that no other school wants you there? Was it your choice to lose your temper with other students over something that you as well as many others were responsible for? Because I know it's my choice to hold some bit of faith, to trust that maybe you're not as rude and disrespectful as everyone knows you can be.

This is why I'm afraid to go to school because one day they're going to say something to another person and the teacher who heard or saw them do what they did will do absolutely nothing about it and that person who was just treated like a piece of garbage will snap and we'll be the next school on the news where they talk about how all these people died. And their blood will be on all of our hands. Stop trying to put all the blame on one person because in the end any of us could of done something and we didn't.

We just didn't.
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