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304715 3/7/2018 8:11:41 PM    Pains
When i was in my middle teens i used to pretend to be two people at once. I ultimately ended this by pretending the older sibling (bc i was pretending to be two sisters) was dead and had lost an eye recently. I did this for about a year all told, though it was on two separate occasions.

the reason for this is because i was in the middle of a very abusive relationship that mentally broke me; my only escape was to literally pretend to be another human being. i was being raped and abused on a nearly daily basis.

now i'm better. i'm getting ready to have a book published. i'm getting ready for all kinds of things in my life but i still think about this all the time. it was on a stupidass rp forum and i did it because i was such a broken individual at the time (i was 17 the second time i did it, the first time i was 15, both times i was in different sexually abusive/mentally breaking situations). idk. i think about this shit so much. it haunts me. i haven't dared to actually look up stuff about it though, and try to get in touch with these people, because i'm sure they hate me and think very badly of me, bc i got caught faking at the end.

but i was a lot younger then than i was now and i feel like explaining myself may help me out a bit idk it just eats me alive, what if one of them recognizes me, what if one of them calls me out for the shit i did ... six or seven years ago???
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