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336359 8/7/2018 11:25:29 AM    Taboo
I grew up in foster homes most of my life and honestly say I was never mistreated. When I became 18 I got a job as a plumber apprentice in the union and began renting a room from Tara who was recomended by a former foster mom. I'll be 21 next month and could afford my own apartment now. The thing is I have become addicted to the attention and and lack of morals Tara and her daughter Cloe have manipulated me into. Tara is 58 and Cloe is 40 and neither is the least big good looking or built well. Both are short and skinny but I believe they think themselves attractive. Aside from seeing them naked often when around the house they wear flimsy nightwear all the time leaving little to the imagination. it started the first month I moved in and the biggest problem is they house has only one bathroom. Tara was the first when I was only there a week and in the shower hearing her knocking loudly on the door. I had it locked but she opened it easily just saying she had to pee. There I was in full view of her as she pulled up her nightshirt, with no panties on and sat and peed in front of me. When I went downstairs later with her and Cloe sitting there she sort of appoligized. At the same time though she made it apparent that since we all lived together we had to share the only bathroom. She made a point of saying it didn't matter if we saw each other unclothed. Then Cloe asked me not to lock the bathroom door and that her and her mother never lock it. I wasn't sure what was going on but after all they not only had dinner for me everynight but Tara also washed my clothes and cleaned my room for me. Maybe not but the first few months here I think I was embarrassed but the more I saw them naked the less I cared when they saw me. I never walk around naked but most of the time I'm only in my boxer shorts for dinner and almost every evening we smoke weed together. They both wear short nightshirsts at night and on weekends and never have underwear on. I had been here about 8 months the first time Tara noticed I had a hard on one night while smoking weed. Cloe right away told me to jerk off for them and I was high enough to do it in front of them. It was about a month later the first time Cloe jerked me off in my room. I started having sex with her a couple times a week and she was more than willing to give me blow jobs and jerk me off. Funny thing is I didn't know Tara knew about it until a month later and all she said is to be careful because Cloe was still young enough to get pregnant. Believe me I am very careful that don't happen and most of the time satisfy her with a vibrator letting her jerk me off or give me oral sex. At least once a week both of them get me to jerk off in front of them but Cloe and I never do anything in front of Tara. They still come into the bathroom while I shower and even I go in to pee sometimes when they shower. Its like none of us care about it and Tara evidently don't mind knowing I'm having sex with her daughter.
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