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336576 9/2/2018 5:59:41 AM    Advice
Back when i was 13(female), i got a kindle for christmas. obviously being that age, i was going through some changes and i got intrested in mature content . it was pretty much only soft core literature (the other stuff was too much for me) , but when my aunt found out. she took it upon her self to tell everyone else in the family about it, publicly shame me for it by making me read it outloud at a resturant we went to, and the rest of my family joined her in making me miserable for months. they would make jokes about that hit at my now broken mental state and call me vile. i felt so outcasted and broken that i still find myself crying sometimes whenever i think about it. it still hurts so much that the people who are supposed to be here to help me through the hard times decided that they wanted to belittle me and tell me my feelings were unnatural. I became suicidal and had a failed attempt with pills a couple months later. i just want to know what people think of this. i havent had a child myself so i cant tell whether this is ok or not
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