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336674 9/11/2018 12:16:47 AM    Relationships
My wife Lyn*,a beautiful long haired brunette, was a virgin when we met at the age of 18, She had been touch by a guy but never penetrated, After 7 years of marriage she became cold and with drawn and I had an affair that she found out about. Her “revenge” was that I had to arrange for her to have a wild night of sex. I approached my cousin’s wife asking for her help, I knew that she had several “male friends”. She was very willing to help have Lyn* wish fulfilled. She suggested a guy named Cor*, saying he was very large and had great stamina. I said OK and I talked with Cor* on the phone, telling him what Lyn* wanted. He asked if anything was off limits, I said only that he not climax in her. A date was arranged for the following weekend. Lyn* was eager and I remember how she spent an hour soaking in the tub getting ready. When she left in our van, she looked wonderful. I really thought she’d back out and return home. The arrangement was she would go meet him, bring him back and park in our driveway. I would have to stay and listen and watching from a window, listening to her having sex. I was worried after almost 2 hours she hadn’t come back, thinking that was a sign of her backing out. Then I saw the van approach our house. It wasn’t long before I could hear the sounds of him pounding her. She kept yelling for him to f- -k her harder, I could hear her climax time after time. About 40 minutes later I heard her say she had to use the bathroom. She came to where I was, her face and arms were bright red. She asked if I saw them and was disappointed when I said no, only the sounds. She informed me they had done it twice before they came back! I had to leave to go to my job working the grave yard shift. All night long its all I thought about. The next morning she told me they did it 8 times that night, in every place. I thought it was over. A week later she informed me she had made an date with him. I begged her not to go. She promised she’d go tell him it was off and come right back. After an hour passed I knew she had gone. I knew where she was to meet him and went to the area. Sure enough her van was there, but they were not. I left a note calling her a whore. The next morning she came home looking like she had been abused. Her clothing was wrinkled and dirty. She said again he used her completely in ever place, but this time he climaxed in her several times without protection! She also told me they went to a friend of his apartment where they had sex on a water bed while the friend watched. I asked if he joined in and she said no. The friend was a black guy. I have serious doubts, thinking she did them both. I asked her how she could do that, not being on the pill and bareback. She replied that was what she wanted. I told her no more, she had her revenge. She promised no more. 3 months later she had to have an abortion. I met Cor* some 30 years later. We sat and talked. He described the house we lived in at their original meeting, the large family room. the juke box, a long hallway leading to the kitchen. The only problem was he described the house we currently lived in. My assumptions that they continued their activities proved true. She continued their affair for 30 years!
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