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336701 9/13/2018 1:13:49 PM    Taboo
I haven't had an intimate contact with a woman in decades. As a result of my pent up sexual frustration I suppose I have allowed my mind to go to weird stuff. I look at legal but taboo porn online. These are over 18 year old porn stars acting out various weird scenarios that I would never to in real life, but I allow my mind to go there. Roleplay, fantasy, fetish, bondage, type stuff. Deep down I always wanted love. Good, clean, honest, loyal, true love. But never found it. Like a straight guy in prison, I too have been forced to go place I never thought I would (in my mind). For example, I would never have sex with a friend of mine's wife, but in fantasy I go there. I would never do anything to hurt anyone in reality, but in my mind the skies the limit. It's akin to playin Grant Theft Auto on my Playstation. I can steal cars, rob banks, run folk off the road, but in real life I would never do these things. It's just a twisted relieve. I know the difference between realty and fiction. But honestly, my loneliness has me delving into weirder and weirder porn. I'm basically straight, but of late am looking at not only woman, but men, transexuals, etc. Weird stuff.
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