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336709 9/14/2018 7:06:38 AM    Relationships
I've been working on two hot bartender girls from a national chain place I go to, and have them both almost reeled in. Both are defintely interested in having fun and sex with me, and have said so. Now, it's a matter of which one I get first.

The confession is..They're both more than half my age. One isn't even 21 yet (but soon). I should feel bad about going after, basically, girls younger than my nieces, but don't. I put the line out there, and they took it. There's actually a third, a gorgeous spanish girl, but she's not there often enough for me to really work on. One of the girls has a tongue stud (across, not the middle), and has leaned in and told me things like "This feels really good. I'll show you". The other, who's not 21 yet, is hot, great smile and body, and..Reminds me of an old girlfriend. A lot. Probably why I want her so bad.

The hot spanish girl also has really long, polished nails, which are my fetish, so I'd like to get her whenever she's there again. Bottom line is..I'm likely old enough to be these girls father, at the least, older uncle, yet..We have a good thing going, and I'll have two if not three of them. Don't care how young they are. And I'm being honest.
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