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336934 10/10/2018 7:26:27 PM    People
I work with a bunch of fat old middle aged bitches. All they do is gossip and talk shit. One of em in particular does this and is nice to their face. She got mad at me cause I playfully joked with her to not kick her crap in my area just cause she's too lazy. So your fatass gets mad at everyone else for every little thing and complains to me about it but the moment I have a tiny issue with you, I'm the bad guy?

She straight up hates her own friend there too and talks shit about her. But she takes her crap cause she is her ride to work. Her pathetic ass is nearly 40 and lives her parents and other grown siblings. The fattest bitch there, hair loss, and just looks so goddamn awful for her age I legit thought she was in her 60s. She has no license and doesn't pay any bills. No idea why. I remember these little details and realize I am doing ok with my life while she's a fuc*** failure.
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