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336936 10/10/2018 10:31:33 PM    Relationships
Me and my friend have a locker right next to each other so we always play around and talk to each other. He is an emotional support for me. Today when I was opening my locker, I decided to write a note for him that i thought would be funny. We both make sexual jokes I thought the note I wrote wasn’t going to be a big deal. I wrote ,”I want you to fuc* me hard! XXX” with a heart in the bottom right corner. I opened his locker (we know each others combinations) and put the note on top of his books so he would see it. After 4th period, i came back to my locker and found a note taped inside. It said,” Bet! When you go to gym, wait in the locker room for me” and he drew a winky face like this “ ;-)”. I thought it was a joke but I waited for him in the girls’ locker room. When he came in I laughed and told him to fuc* off. He sat on the sink with me and we just sat there, on our phones, until he started to feel my thigh. I didnt want him to stop so he kept going and before I knew it, we were kissing. I never thought he would do that, but then he licked my cheek. We went into one of the showers and we fuc*** in there. He was an animal and I love the way he grunts. Im just nervous because he has been texting me for the past hour about how much he loves me. I dont like him like that and I want to stay friends. I dont want him to be clingy.
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