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336938 10/11/2018 4:41:24 AM    Relationships
Ive gotten 4 different women pregnant a total of 13 times

But only have 1 kid that lives with me and my current girlfriend... 3 of my kids live with their mom in Dallas, Texas and her husband and literally I never see them except on Facebook.

My ex wife had 8 miscarriages and could not have children ... we got divorced because she was infertile and chronically depressed I am an alcoholic ... and because I accidentally got a teenage girl pregnant when I was 37 with my 3 year old daughter that now lives with me and her mom, who is 19 and is my live in girlfriend who says she wants another baby very badly

The other time I got a girl pregnant was when I was 25 I got a teenage girl pregnant and then made her get an abortion ... I still feel really bad about that 15+ years later, she was just a sophomore

No more abortions!!!
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