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336940 10/11/2018 7:35:53 AM    Memories
My mom and Rob just celabrated their their 15th wedding anniversary. I'm still embarrassed about this but when I was 16 and my mom and Rob began dating I exposed myself to him many times for almost a year. I never thought they would get married thinking it was just one of her many affairs. A few of her other boyfriends had also seen me naked at times but Rob saw me nude once or twice a week for about a year. It was always when my mom was out somewhere and Rob at our house. I'd walk around wearing only a towel and let him see me nude whenever possible. With a towel around me I would let it slip revealing my breasts or bend over to get something knowing he had sight of my butt and vagina. I haven't done it since and think I went through a stage where I was an exhibitionist to an extent. I'm embarrassed by it now but at the time it was arousing to me to be seen naked and to expose myself to men and boys. Their were quite a few times he saw me masturbating and still today has never confronted me or told my mom about it. Once I found out they were getting married I stopped doing it regretting every time I did. In a way I know he didn't avoid looking at me whenever I exposed myself or he saw me nude but never once ever said anything about it. There were times I knew he was standing by my open bedroom door watching me masturbate and it was like we ignored each other. Today I get along fine with him and he and my mom are happy together. I only see mymom and Rob a few times a year now so its been a lot easier for me to talk to him. We just act like it never happened.
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