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347198 11/6/2018 2:58:39 PM    Afflictions
64 hours of sobreity. holy fuc* i cannot do this muchh longer. I need a drink so fuc*** bad. i have the shakes, and the sweats. I am fully alcohol dependent

I am an alcoholic, a raging, pathetic excuse of a man. There I said it. I have probably been an alcoholic for nearly a decade. Ive destroyed relationships, broken trust than can never be repaired, and tanked my longterm career prospects... and I still cannot quit.

TWB what do i do with myself? I need a girl like you to be my guardian angel. Im a ruined sinner. Im old enough to be your father, maybe older, but I cannot manage this much longer. Im a liar and a theif

please somebody help me.

I just need a few drinks tonight then I’ll be ok tomorrow I promise. maybe I can start quitting drinking again tomorrow
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