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So, I used to work in a nursing home. I've done this for over 15 years. I take care of elderly people, get them up for meals, help dress them and help them shower and everything. And, I have formed a bit of a bond with my residents. Also, we only have about 7 residents at the moment, so we only have 2 employees mandated per shift. We are a somewhat underfunded facility, but during the morning shift, we have about 3-4 people staffed since those shifts are more hectic. but during evening shift and night to morning shift, there's not much to be done, so they really mandate only 1 or 2 people.

Now, there is this girl I work with, she started working here a couple months ago, She's this 20 year old perky little college girl, and I yelled and screamed at her. But I think I was justified. She had made some MAJOR mistakes and just dangerous things. I didn't just snap at her one day, this was kind of built up over time.

Anyway, there were 3 separate incidents that led to this. First of all, there was one day I came into work and relieved her (note: in my job, your shift may end at 8, but you actually cant leave until someone from the next shift shows up. She worked afternoon to evening while I took evening to night). Anyway, when I came in, I noticed there was a cup of pills still in its slot. I asked her about it, she told me it was Jan's medication. Now, at first, I assumed Jan was being, well, Jan. Because Jan is a sweet, nice woman, but she can also be a pain in the ass. There are days she'll flat out refuse to do anything. She refuses to shower, get up for dinner, or anything. So, I just asked "did she refuse to take it", because her being new, I assumed she didn't know what to do if a resident refuses medicine. But, her response shook me. She just nonchalantly said "No, I just forgot to give it to her". I was seeing red, but I just reported her. They didn't fire her, just gave her a warning. Obviously they never fire you for your first error.

The second incident was even worse. I go in, and I see in of the residents (who is in a wheelchair) still in the common room. I asked why she was still up, and why didn't anyone help her in bed yet. She mentioned my co-worker went into the staff room and never came back. So, I checked the break room, and I saw her on the couch. Asleep. Now, the way she was lying, she didn't fall asleep by accident, she meant to go to sleep. I was absolutely horrified. But, I ignored her and went to my residents. I helped the handicapped lady into her bed. While I'm doing that, I start talking to her, I asked how long my coworker had been gone, she mentioned it had been almost 45 minutes. I got her into bed, checked on the residents. Thankfully, everyone else was asleep in bed and ok.

So, I called my boss and reported her again.

Now, heres the straw that broke the camels back. One of our residents is called Marty. He's this big, diabetic guy and he actually has throat problems, I'm not sure specifically what his issue was, but his voice was always incredibly hoarse. Plus, His swallowing is REALLY bad. We can only feed him smooth things like apple sauce or pudding, or grind his food in a blender, plus we have to watch him closely while he does eat because he may choke. That's how bad his swallowing was. Another thing, sometimes we sneak the residents snacks in bed. We aren't supposed to, but management will look the other way. Except with Marty, you absolutely CANNOT feed him in bed. And, he always tries to get us to sneak him food, but we can't.

Anyway, I came in like normal and relieved her. Now, instead of leaving, she goes into the staff room. I ignore it, quickly check on the residents and see if they need anything, they're all fine so I go into the staff room and i see her making cocoa. I just let her do it, I have no idea why she'd make cocoa here and not wait until she got home. But whatever, I just left her alone, until I saw her start putting Thick-It in it (if you don't know, Thick-It is b
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