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357843 1/10/2019 2:43:28 AM    Other
advice I gave a depressed young wife online:

I’m An Anonymous husband who understands!

First off, it’s absolutely ok if you don’t feel like eating! A little fasting every few days can do wonders for your health and keep You slender!

Second, it’s ok if you don’t want to work or go to school! I’m fact, I think a wife should never work or go to school if she doesn’t want to! Tell him you don’t want to ever work or go to school again and I’m sure he’ll be happy to provide!

Third, have you tried going to the gym everyday? It pairs great with the fasting and not eating you describe! Or you can add running, at home yoga and Pilates, other body weight exercises. There are so many free workout routines online and on YouTube! You can get super super skinny and fit and you’ll love yourself even more!

Honestly, exercise is the number one thing to help with your depression I promise!

You will need to shower everyday when you go to the gym, or after you work up a good sweat!

Plus you can wear cute workout outfits! Sleek One piece workout shirts with a bit of cleavage and a build in sports bra, or no need for a bra! Yoga pants everyday everywhere with no need for underwear ever! Cute running shoes designed to always be worn without socks! It’s a killer fashionable look!

Athleisure look is sexy! You can sport it everyday!

It’s absolutely ok !! And things are going to be alright!

Lastly, my last request as an anonymous husband is please stop taking your birth control

Don’t tell your husband that you are stopping birth control

But if you become a young mother you’ll be so much happier I promise

Again, no need to argue with your husband about it! I as a husband, give you permission to and I fast specifically request you to not take any birth control!

Goodluck sweetie! Write back to tell us how it’s going!
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