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46526 9/5/2014 12:05:03 AM    Other
yeah, i think i'm ready. i think i will drive down detroit way and threaten someone who flashes a gun when they rob my skinny white ass and then lunge at them to draw the shot. end this fucking shitty fucked up goddamn existence i can a life.

i've lost faith in good humans, i have no trust in anyone, i'm losing my faith in powers above. i'm literally sick, exhausted, and just have no fight left.

i know some dickwad is going to reply to this post saying do it you stupid loser, no one wants you around anyway. why don't you go fuck your cousin or have some cab driver screw you in the ass. or lick your sisters expressed anal gland juice out of the bathtub ya underweight sickly freak. or you're good for nothing anyway, so who needs you, go play in the traffic and kiss an oncoming bumper. or go stick your head up a mares pussy, it's better then working the donkey show numb nuts.
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