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7169 9/6/2011 6:34:00 PM    Other
so i've decided to give up. i mean, i've been out for months or years or whatever but there was a part of me that had doubted, the part that saw you and thought "she's the one girl i could ever love".
but i know that joe guy is better for you than i am, and i could never love you like he could. after all, i'm gay aren't i? i guess there's no need to doubt anymore.
i don't know when you'll ever read this, if it's tonight or in a week or a year or never, and i'm sure the moment you do you'll know who i am and all my anonymity will be useless.
or maybe i'm overstating how well i know you. after all it's not like we talked all that much or anything, and i never sat with you at lunch or in class.
in any case, emma, i just needed to tell you so i could just have closure and forget that i could have loved you or any girl and just get used to life with some sort of clarity.
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