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8491 1/31/2012 5:56:02 PM    Relationships
what's my secret, well its like this. i am married. i have been married for three years. i still live with my mom cause that is what they decided, my mom and my husband, until i finish high school. when i finish highschool i will move in with my husband.

the thing is that i am so in love with him now, but i wasn't when i got married. i got married because my mother couldn't handle me and there wasn't a dominant male in my life to set down rules. so out of desperation she married me off to my husband, who agreed because he just agreed. but after he married me and took me to his house, he saw that i was too young to be a real wife so he took me back to my mom's and they agreed for me to stay with my mom until i finished school.

i had to see him every day because he gave me the responsibility to look after him, so even though i was with my mom i still had to look after all his needs. when i was 17 he told me that i was old enough to be his wife in the biblical sense and i became his real wife and it changed me for ever. as soon as i finish highschool i am moving in with him where i belong. for christmas he gave me some money, well lots of money, so that i could decorate my new home for when i move in.

like i said earlier, i love him more than anyone i have ever known and i never get tired of being with him.
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