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88741 4/5/2015 6:12:20 AM    Memories
my father died when i was four and my mother, brother and i moved in with her best friend. i went to sleep with the daughter, who was 11 and my brother and the boy had a room, he was 8.

that first night, when we went to live there, and i was getting comfortable in the bed, my new big sister told me that we were sisters now, and that one day i was going to marry her brother and she was going to marry my brother.

for all the years growing up this was the one theme at the house. when i was 12, my mother talked to me about the gift that i had for my husband, and that i was to make sure when i gave it to him that he took it in return for his forever commitment to me. that was my one and only 'sex' talk with my mother.

i am 26 and graduate in may with my masters degree, i am getting married in july. at a party my mother gave me with my friends the subject came up of how we met and all, and i told them i had been promised to him since i was four. at that moment i said out loud what i have known and thought of and lived for since that first night with my new family after my father died.
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