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shave with the passion of barbers!

it's 4 am

I can't sleep

why? because I've masturbated

does it happen to u guys?

19514 gladwater ct. Houston, Texas 77433 Girl: 15 years old

youre such a cutie. that is all

i hate the fact that my crush and my enemy are hitting it off and i am just watching everything happen like a loser. my crush is the coolest person ever and i feel like we have a lot in common. if only i had the balls to go and actually converse with my crush i wouldn't have been feeling this regretful. plus watching them flirt is like adding fuel to the fire. this is not a problem as such since i don't really give heed to petty crushes but sometimes those "what if"s pop into my mind and make me lowkey depressed. i feel like this isn't who i am, i hate getting jealous over people who aren't worthy of being jealous of. i can only hope i get over this mental dilemm* and move on.

dating a woman who works at a fertility clinic

She’s a nurse at a fertility clinic. Recently divorced. She has 3 kids, sole custody. She’s only 42 but looks good like early 30s and very fit. always wears scrubs and tennis shoes without socks, and nothing else but man, even in scrubs all the time, she looks really good.

We met on cinco de mayo. She was lonely so I bought her margaritas and she got wasted. We hooked up without protection.

She called me this morning to say she’s missed her period, but that it’s nothing I need to worry about.

I told her if she’s pregnant I’m 100% with her, and I will support her, and her children, and that’s have always wanted to be a supportive father and have a family.

She started crying and said that I was the man of her dreams and that she doesn’t deserve me. I told her I’d like to see her again tonight. She said yes.

This is really happening.

we were joking around in the breakroom at work and i said we should just deport justin bieber. this fat old lady who is a manager stopped spreading cream cheese on her bagel and stared hard at me. i saw anger and violence in her eyes. she told us with 100% sincerity that justin has made some mistakes but we should all respect his artistic contributions. it was quiet until she left because she is a manager but damn, i just made my first political enemy at work. i can't believe a 40-50 year old lady would give a rat's ass about bieber. it's actually scary.

I am so goddamn sick and tired of grown-ass men going on and on and on in my office about comic books and video games I could scream.

this is gonna make me sound like an asshole, but i need yalls help. i was at this party over the weekend, and i got fuckin trashed. there was this short girl there, and she had, by far... the nicest fucking ass i have ever ever ever grabbed. i mean, this ass fit perfectly in your hand, not too hard, not too soft... i mean fucking perfect. nice titties too. so i got her number and all that... hell i even called her up. but now heres the thing:

theres something fucked up with her. shes got crossed eyes or something... and like... her hand is fucked up. its like... gimpish. i dunno what it would be like on my cock... i wouldnt want to be freaked out. plus, what would other people think of me?

what do you guys think... does the greatest ass outweigh the deformities?

i want her.

I have a huge crush on my sister in law.
we talk via messages all the time and are good friends and she confided in me a few months back that she doesn't have sex with her husband (he isn't into it) and is getting desperate. See seems to flirt with me but then I wonder if it is just me imagining it.
She lives in another city so we don't meet much but we recently met up with the whole family there for a few weeks and I saw her a few times.
She gave me the biggest hug (all I could think about was how good her boobs felt on me) then we all sat down and she sat next to me and started to rub my upper thigh. I was beginning to think that the feeling was mutual.
Then the next time I saw her after a week she gave me a half hug and only another half hug when we left and things seemed a bit colder so now I am really not sure what is happening.
I saw her mothers reaction to the first hug she gave me and I could see she wasn't impressed (they are from another country where woman hugging anyone apart from husband/brother etc is considered wrong) so I also wonder if she got a talking to.
When I left I gave her a kiss on the head (first time I have done that) and she didn't seem to react (but the whole family was there too)
I seriously want to know if the feeling is mutual but don't want to ruin the friendship we have.

I'm totally falling for my coworkers wife; she works for the same company, too. I'm single fyi. We often go to lunch or out for drinks after work, and a lot of times, it's just the two of us. Her husband knows about this; it's not a secret. We can talk to each other about pretty much anything and we have the same sense of humor. Needless to say, she is also absolutely beautiful! She's even said that she thinks we "get each other." She knows how I feel about her and it doesn't seem to phase her. She's told me that I'm "allowed to like whoever i want." I am literally texting her right now and it's close to midnight! I shouldn't be texting someone else's wife at this time of night, right!? Her husband is the one who hired me at work and used to be my boss, and earlier this year, he helped me get a promotion. I feel like such an awful person. This is not so slowly killing me inside.

18 (f) and only like older, controlling, dominating guys.

when i was in grade 10 me and my best friend spied on my older sister while she was having sex with her boyfriend. it was so hot and nasty!

after decades of hookers, masturbation and worrying about not getting girls, I feel I'm just bored and tired about the matter. I never wanted a wife but I know I might have ended up having one if I had been succesful with girls.

Now I just don't want any girls.

I feel I dodged one big bullet! lol

hi, my older sister always use to let me hug her when i had a boner, and she knew i had them, one day i was laying on the floor and talking to people and she was wearing one of her usually sexy skirts, and she gets up to get a drink, and walks right by my head, i saw her g-string fit snug again her nice camel toe, and the way it vanished into her nice sexy ass, the thing is she knew i was there, so knew i was awake, and my feet where clear why would she let me see up her skirt. i mean i would always walk around the house when it was just me and her awake or home with my boner sticking out of my pants only being covered by my shirt, and my penis is over 8 inches long. i wonder if she likes it.

end of times near! nuclear, chemical , biological.
Get ready! Look at the world today. Russia. North Korea. Israel. Gaza. China. Suria. Iran. Trump. Egypt. Lybia. This is how it goes down. Biblical prophecy or not. Get ready now

Get your bug out bags packed right now!!. In the car and at home. Food, water, medicine, spare clothes, fire starter, basic camping tools like hatchets or knives or multi tool, that’s the 101. A compact folding shovel is more useful than you’d ever imagine. Compact sleeping bag, or billet. Keep it under 15 pounds, preferably under 12 lbs, and have enough food and water for 3 days. Plan to be able to walk at least 10-12 miles a day. Practice walking everywhere. Practice mode

Double check your list: Compact tent, and Sleeping bags in car or garage Folded Tarp. Pack your car or garage like you might have to be away from home for a few weeks. Be able to load your car in 10 minutes or less from home if not already pre-loaded. Mine is pre-loaded.

Food like granola bars but also cannned food like beans. Water filters and purifiers, but also bottled water. Flashlights, extra batteries. Cash. Jewelry to trade.

Medicine/drugs are key. All weather clothing. Rainproof jacket. Good boots. Good socks, if you wear socks. Clean underwear. Extra pairs. Matches. Lighter. Compass. Band aids. You’ll get blisters. Bottle of alcohol, either for drinking or trade. Cigarettes if you smoke, or for trade. Bullets if you have a gun, or for trade. Look at 3rd world countries: people barter for booze, cigarettes , bullets/ ammo, and medicine/ drugs when the currency is shot to hell. Thatand food if things are real bad. Pills, bullets, cigs, those things have value. Stock up now.

Have an escape plan. Think about radiation and fall out. Wind direction. Are you in a target zone.

Who in your friends or family has military or police background? Who has survival skills? Hunters? Campers? Hikers? Learn these skills. Learn mechanics. Start watching YouTube videos on prepping. Lots of peepers are stupid. Many are smart. Start watching videos right now - pack your big out bag first - then watch more YouTube videos on prepping.

Make your wife or girlfriend prep with you if you have one. Mine left me, so I have to prep alone whenever I don’t have custody of my daughter. When I do I have her prep with me by practicing “camping” and “going hiking”

Nature hikes are great cover for prepping. It seems normal. Not like you are a survivalist wacko.

Learn to become a Grey Man. To walk unseen and unnoticed either in a Crowd or alone.

Learn to forage. Practice. Both in the wild and in city.

Go spend the night on the streets with the homeless. I learned so much from them. Every time I go spend a few nights on the street, Ilearn something new. They survive weeks or months, some of them years, with nothing. Nothing.

Give back to the homeless after you have stayed with them. Give them your leftover prepped food. I used gift cards to buy extra food, batteries, other supplies for homeless. We all can learn from that toughness.

Plan your camping weekend now. Holiday weekend coming up.

Summer is here.

Look at the world today. It could be our last.

Be ready.

This time it’s real. Be ready.

I've just cum after weeks without cumming. Huge load. I didn't need to actually grab my dick and masturbate the usual way, just touch it a little just under the glans. I've swallowed all the cum.

not to sound arrogant, but i love the fact that my boyfriend is so happy with me, and i laugh at all the lame asses i dated the months before that didn't want to get "involved". their loss!

I’m 28 and in Corporate Comm ... I think I just slept with our outside Lawyer whose 39 years old and married

now what?