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I have to say that I owe Mr. No Socks an apology. I used to roll my eyes at his stories, especially when he would write several paragraphs to throw you off, and then slip in the no socks thing near the end. But last month I needed a new phone. The girl who sold it to me was drop dead gorgeous. She could have sold me a bag of air. But she was wearing skinny jeans that stopped about an inch above her ankles, and the cuff was tight to her legs. She was wearing, you guessed it, shoes with no socks. I have to admit it was pretty damn sexy. So, Mr. No Socks, I apologize. You are definitely on to something.

Am I an alcoholic if I spend an average of $800 to $900 a month on alcohol ? Does it matter if I’ve often wanted to quit drinking for the past 8 years?

i'm not suicidal or anything (and that isn't something I'd ever do) but I genuinely don't want to exist anymore. Life is just...such a drag and I'm not excited about my future anymore. If there was another way out, I'd take it.

I am 30 years old. A white female from a household of five girls, a doctor father and a lawyer mother. I am not like my sisters. Yes I do want children, in fact I am hurting about that now. But I just cannot get married to a man. Sorry but that just won't work. Something in my chemistry won't let it happen, I know I have to procreate and that means I have to allow a man to impregnate me but that doesn't mean that I have to live with him, not in my book. I have chosen my brother-in-law to impregnate me, my sister is not happy about it but such is life. Better him than some random stranger. I am going to yoga and meditation to build up the nerve to let him impregnate me. I just have to be in the zone for it.

my older girlfriend went off of the pill. she is tall, dark hair and very deep vaginally. she can take any size cock. she has insisted that we use contraceptive jelly and a rubber during intercourse. she is most sexually aggressive during her ovulation time and she starts to get gooey and her vagina starts to dilate and become more open. she thought that i put the jelly inside of her vagina and we started to fuck. she is 10 years older than i am. i was so aroused and she was whispering really sick, dirty things in my ear about interracial sex that she wanted to try and see if a black man could get her pregnant, just to make me jealous. well, we switched from doggystyle to missionary. she is about 5'9" tall and has 42 inch hips and very big, thick thighs. on her back, she started up again about how long a really big black cock she would like inside of her and i slipped my big cock inside of her deep, stretched out hole. but there was no rubber on it this time! i pumped all the way to the balls for a good 30 seconds before i began to ejaculate uncontrollably. i dumped 8 or 9 full sperm loads all the way into her cervix. the thrill of possibly impregnating her is so exciting and bad. it was the strongest orgasm i ever had.

I am a male and ever since I hit puberty I have had an overwhelming desire for women. Obviously there's nothing unusual about that. But it has been almost obsessive with me. I have always had a very strong sex drive. When I was a teenager I was very awkward so there wasn't a lot happening for me in the sex department. But as I got older and more confident in myself I had many more opportunities. The problem is that I was raised to think that it is wrong to lust after women and that you should only be with one woman. So I have only had sex inside of a relationship, and there have only been three. One LTR and two marriages. I am now in my second marriage. But that desire for other women has never gone away or even slowed down. I have never cheated in any of my relationships because again I was taught that was wrong. And I am very much in love with my current wife. She is an amazing woman, a better woman than I deserve. So I would never cheat on her. But sometimes this desire feels overwhelming. I have always managed to control it, but I fear that if I was ever approached by a woman I couldn't resist, I would not be able to. I also love sex. And like everything else that interests me, I have studied it, and gotten good at it. I can make a woman orgasm easily in multiple ways. Right now it is my wife who benefits from that. But I fantasize about doing the same with other women and sometimes it is difficult to resist. Maybe I'm just complaining that being faithful is difficult...idk? So far I have always been able to resist the temptation, but I always feel like I won't be able to. I also love women. To me they are the most beautiful creation of nature. I prefer their company to the company of men. I've never understood why a guy would want to spend time with with a bunch of drunken idiots talking about sports when he could instead be enjoying the company of a beautiful woman. But that is just me. I have turned down opportunities because I was raised to believe in monogamy. And now that I am older those opportunities are fewer. But the desire is still there and I still struggle with it.

My name os Jenn Pitts (freedom mobile kiosk guilford mall) i would like to come clean about sleeping with a married man for 3 years i have destroyed a marriage and peoples lives because of my ways i am addicted to sex and websites like tinder and pof i have cheated on all my bfs and i need to get the guilt out o date guys use them and lose them so i guess i am a pretty shitty person akd i need professional help. So this is why i am doing this.

My older sister is such a fuc*, so many times Ive had to go along with her shit, she doesn't have the balls to do anything on her own. I wasted time helping her set up her "online shops" (yes it was more than one) which went to shit because the moment a set back shows up she quits.

She is always reading peoples blogs and success stories and then talks crap about how their product isnt that great and why she can't be successful. she expects life to be like school: memorize this shit, apply it and you'll get your answer because the formula is set in stone, it won't change. if that is all she's good at then where in all the hells does she get the idea that she can be an "entrepreneur"?? She also blames her inability to be successful for still living at home(thats her own fault for being too much of a pus** to move out lmfao), as well as blaming it on the city she lives in. "The next city is so mich better and people find sides easier there" she says
Uh no,. its a matter of those people not being little bitches and working thru the ups and downs.

And then she goes around giving me "advice" on what i should do based off some popular people on Instagram and I'm like uh... if i wanted your advice i would ask for it (because really how far would i get listening to her "advice"?) and then she gets all bitchy and resentful over me saying that. So I ignore her and then she goes around spewing shit my way with that vile tongue and trashy arrogance of hers. Funny how with all that arrogance shes only ever been able to land a half year contract and a one year contract job in her 35 years of living.

Im absolutely done with givingmy time; for free, to that ungrateful, incompetent fuc*. Im going to work on my own plans and ideas and shit so I dont end up being a salty miserable existence at age 35. And I hope I can end up in a position where I'm happy before she doed to spite her.

if my cat wasnt here looking me in the face right now i would kill myself. i dont want to leave him alone.

i found pictures of my wife's pussy with another cock in it. i kept them and masturbate to them.

When I see hot women and hot men in public kissing, hugging, dancing, flirting, etc., sometimes later on I will masturbate to imagining them having sex.

i went to my brother's wedding on saturday. he's three years younger than me. i didn't say hi to his new wife or his wife's sister (his new sister-in-law)... i guess i should have at least exchanged some pleasantries with them, but i just didn't feel like it.

my brother and i are not that close... we get along ok, but we're not tight... at one point i was thinking of not even showing up, just to spite him.

when we were just kids, we would do stuff... pretend we were a couple, touch each other a little.
sometimes when he thought i was asleep, he would put his erect penis in my hand. he thought i didn't know but i did...i just pretended i was asleep.

we never did crazy incest stuff though. we were just kids... apparently it's actually quite common, kids just experimenting with their natural sexual energy.

anyway, i've never been able to orgasm. i came close a couple of times, but i was young and not sexually educated, so i stopped the process and i guess i blocked myself, because i've never felt the sensation again.
maybe i also felt guilty because of the stuff me and my brother did when we were younger...

anyway, he has a healthy sexual appetite, he used to download (he still does!!) a lot of porn, read magazine etc... i'm sure he makes love to his new wife, and they both have a great time...

i didn't say hi to her at the wedding bc...i really didn't fucking feel like it!!!
maybe it's because she is plain looking (not butt ugly, just very average) and deep down, or not so deep down, i feel like he can do so much better!!!
she doesn't deserve him!!!
i don't want to say it's jealousy. maybe a little... like if a mousy chick like her can get a guy like him (he started off nerdy and kind of pervy, with the porn and all, but my brother's turned out to be very good looking, everyone says so), anyway if miss plain-assed jane can get a guy like him, why can't i find anyone?

i am really cute... we are asian, i am very petite (clothing size xs) and i have nice legs, full lips and a great ass (people used to come up to me and ask me if i was part black-!!)... i am talented - i write, i dance, i even dj... i understand all things happen in due time but seriously, reallly??? she gets a guy like him and i get f*ck all?

anyway, i didn't say hi to her at the wedding, and now i feel guilty. not because of how it might make her feel, but because i didn't do the socially appropriate thing and at least say hi.

what the f... i just didn't feel like it... does that make me a bitch?

fucking plain jane and her chubby assed sister... they should thanking their lucky stars that my brother chose her!!!

i hate how eating ass is becoming a norm. Then again, it'll weed out the subhuman waste by way parasitic infections, e coli poisoning, sepsis, so I guess it's not a bad thing.

I wish I could tell my girlfriend just how much I hate her. Then again it seems like I start to hate everyone in my life after a year or two. I think the longest I've ever had anyone is 6 years. After a while I just get tired of peoples shit.

I wish I could be alone for my entire life, but sadly life doesn't go that way. Don't have the money or even the energy to support myself.

i am 27 years old. i am living out of a hotel right now. i have a job but it isn't enough to get by. for the past month i have lived off of only ramen. i work whenever i can, getting maybe 15 hours of sleep a week. i just got my job and my first paycheck is already gone because i had to pay bills i couldn't afford in may. everyone i know knows this, i don't hide that. i am going through a divorce and recently moved. what i do hide is the fact that when i am alone, all i do is cry. i keep a strong face for everyone else, so strong sometimes, i don't even cry tears. i just want someone near me. i want someone to love me. i'm so lonely.

im pretty sure I have a severe mental illness, or maybe several. how can I tell for sure?

I cant go to a doctor, because they cant find out. I dont want my insurance to ever know because it could hurt my rates and I could lose my job if I get diagnosed with anything

Im terrified that if anyone found out how sick I am theyd lock me up or at least have nothing to do with me

Lol “muff” hehehehe

I'm going to marry Gloria, a mother in his second marriage, in Banyoles. She is older than me.

would you rather

a) be an attractive teenage girl who is addicted to cigarettes ?


b) be irresistably attractive to any woman or girl wearing high heels without pantyhose, regardless of her age or race ?