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Married 25 years. Love my wife to death. However, I also love sucking coc* and watching men cum.

I blame my ass*** boss for my drinking problems! I mean: ok sure ultimately I’m an alcoholic because I have a week spirit and Low willpower and many moral failings as a person - so that’s mostly all my fault. But my boss is such a complete raging ass*** he insults and degraded everyone in the office and because he pays slightly better than some other places we all subject ourselves to abusive and degrading treatments day after day and particularly on nights and weekends - I need the money to pay bills - particularly my child’s medical bills - as our insurance has cut back further and further on what they cover and charged more and more for premiums each month - almost half my earnings go to insurance and medical bills - so Im stuck in debts - even with scholarships at state schools for college I still have student loan debt 16 years later and One paid for car, one we bought on loan to replace one Intotaled due to alcoholism and drunk driving again over 6 years ago - but I just feel trapped! I blame my boss for both encouraging my alcoholism by forcing me to drink at work functions then driving me crazy and forcing me to drink to try to calm down from work

But now because I have the dwi on my record and I can’t get rid of it I’m afraid I’ll flunk the background check at any other employer - which means I’m stuck where I am at a workplace that abuses and degraded me - and I’m in debt and barely treading water - I’m working almost as many hours a week as I ever have and I haven’t gotten a raise in 4 years- and all of its too much - I need the six pack or two of beer or bottle of wine every night to relax And kick off my shoes and socks late at night and just watch tv and zone out andntry to forget about work until tomorrow

I just hate so much of my
Life and yes it’s mostly all my fault

But goddamn it of my crazy ass*** demanding boss hasn’t made my
Life worse and worse by driving me to drink and drink and drink to the point where I ended up with multiple DWIs and my wife Finally had enough of my bullshit so she left me

And I’m so fuc*** lonely and miserable. Yeah fine I’m skum. I’m a sinner and a prick and all the bad things that have happened to me are my own fault because I am weak and a failure and I am not worth of anyone’s love much less forgiveness

I just hate everything. It’s all my fault. Deep down I know I’m probably too much a coward to ever really try suicide the hard way like with a Gun so I just try to drink myself to death

i haven't had sex in 6 years, i am afraid i will get too intimate with someone and then enter into a relationship and then it will end badly because i am bipolar and then i will be devastated, because the last 2 times i was in a relationship and it ended, i couldn't handle it and started drinking really bad each time and got duis.

i dont know y i keep doing this: waking up after a nite of heavy drinking wondering if i had died from inhibited breathing last nite.

i am scared and overwhelmed. because i might be pregnant. my boyfriend says he will be here for me but idk if he will he is so immature. he is 17 and i am 16 almost 17. i am on week 3 and can’t get the test because i can’t drive and he is going out of town and he is grounded. my parents are super religious and my mother is narcissistic. i don’t know what to do i’m just scared.

i'm so lonely. all i've got is my jugs of hot piss. i urinate into empty plastic soda bottles and then hug them just to feel the warmth.

I'm at a flat waiting to see the hookers. they don't know I have no money lol

why does my boss degrade and harrass all the employees including me on weekends and send demanding emails when people are off work and when he knows family members are sick?

My wife wants to have sex with a BBC and have me watch. I'm not sure I am comfortable with this. What if she likes it? What if I don't? Has your marrage stayed strong after your wife had a big black one?

i purged again after almost 8 months and i feel horrible.

I lost my fully loaded AK-47. I cant find t anywhere. They said it was a Romanian clone. should i be worried?

Cancer... :weary:

i've come to realize that love isn't built for me. i know that and accept it. i'm not sad, hurt, bitter or mad about it. i am relieved about it. no more searching, waiting for miss right. no more painful breakups. i feel free. i'll just focus more on myself and doing the things i enjoy doing, and trying new things. i know understand in the end you have nly yourself and your life so you got to make the most of it!

I asked my mother about going to senior prom and she agreed, although hesitant. She now accuses me of something I didn't do and tells me that if AP tests are important I shouldn't go to prom. I just want to leave.

dear co-worker.

stop jacking off at work. we smell u. its disgusting.

a new superviser position opened up last week and though i have seniority and experience they chose some new douche bag guy that brown noses everyone. he is a fake! i taught him everything and now he is my fckn boss? wtf!

TRYING to find a dirty old man willing to spank me while I masturbate to repeated orgasms ...

me and my friend showered together. for fun we pressed our asses together and farted simultaneously.

After years of fantasizing and role playing about it, I finally set up a gang bang for my wife. I found 3 guys on POF, and rented a nice room at a local hotel

As soon as we started, I realized I'd made a mistake. Seeing her naked in front of these other men, and starting to breathe heavily from excitement made me instantly jealous. I tried to catch her eye to indicate that I was having second thoughts, but she was already in a world of her own. The last thing I saw before I stormed out of the room was her swallowing one guys massive member while stroking another, and the third had his face buried between her thighs.

I was hopeful that as soon as she realized I had left, she would stop and come find me. It wasn't until nearly three hours later that she came (slightly staggering) into the hotel bar asking where I'd gone.

I hate that she was up in a hotel room getting her brains fuc*** out by 3 different strangers. I hate that she didn't stop when I left, and come chasing after me. I hate that she (obviously) enjoyed every second of it. And most of all, I hate that the whole thing was entirely my idea.

I don't think our marriage is going to survive this.

My ex girlfriend is my roommate and she insists I drink every night whether I like it or not. Her and her girlfriends all come over, almost every othe night, five or six of them and they force me to drink with them because I’m the only guy and I’m nine years younger than them. I think some of them have taken advantage of me when they were drunk. I worry one of them is trying to get pregnant. Like some witches coven or something. They light candles and so weird stuff. Even nights when she is alone she forces me to drink with her so she’s not drinking alone so much. It’s wearinf me out. I don’t feel right.