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I got drunk at the holiday party at work last Friday and got talked into scanning my privates on the copier in our office. I even autographed the copies and gave a few out to a few of my male coworkers. It seemed funny at the time, but now I regret it. My husband would shit if he knew I did that. I really think it is going to be odd seeing everyone at work tomorrow.

I smoke cigarettes because it's more socially acceptable than self-harm.

I have dealt with a lot these past two months and I've felt like I've gotten nothing out of it but just crying over a fresh break up and school.

Snow is racist

"All white"

Anyone who likes "white Christmas" is
A racist clan member

I’m still continuing to pretend I have Tourette’s Syndrome. It’s great. During a meeting at work this week I cried out “Fisting Video dot net!” and everybody just accepted it. I think one or two people might be suspicious I’m faking this disease, but they can’t prove anything!

I hate talking to and asking my mum for things, she makes me feel like a joke.

Is this hot gents?

I'm Sad

Can I just say the idea of Republican Senator Roy Moore fuc*** 14 year old girls is hot and makes me want to vote for him even more!!!

He is the ultimate embodiment of everything the GOP stands for!!

It gets me so hard just thinking about all those underage teenage girls he fuc***!!!

God bless America indeed!!!

Vote for conservative values!!!

Why is it so hard to do the little things? I wish I could live off the grid and not to have to pay rent, if I did I would not be in the debt I would be now. I wish I didnt wait to realise what I wanted to do in life. I hate my family, especially my father, my mum acts like my sadness is there to entertain her and my sister. All my dad does is when my mother isn't around is complain about about how much I owe him and I'm sorry for that. I didn't care before because I was suffering depression, I still do but Ive begun taking pills for it. I'm seriously trying to work through everything. I lived through so much crap with no one to turn too. I have so much anger inside of me, I don't know how to deal with it

when I was 16 I worked at a Christian camp pretending I was Christian, and I was a pretty big stoner. The first day I started working there one of my co-workers offered me weed, and a week later, another also wanted to smoke with me and wanted to have sex.
So I was having a pretty good summer, and I found a lot of my co-workers at this camp were pretty sinful, to say the least, and we even through a few parties. However, a pastor of a nearby church got word that we were partying pretty hard, and told the owner of the camp. The owner held a meeting, and one bitch ratted on me and the co-worker I first smoked with so we got fired.
The following month I heard a lot about myself from local churches, and it sounded like before I left town that the camp was gonna have a rough time the next summer.

I need advice.Sorry for the long post, I would really appreciate it if you read it.I don't know how to get out of this situation?I'm writing this post because basically I'm lost.I don't know what to do?I invited my boss's sister to join my all female group with a specific focus.My boss is always complaining that her sister is socially awkward and lost in life so i decided to invite her to join my group.I work there for the past two years but my boss doesn't like me.She seems very uninterested and unimpressed with me.I should also admit I'm scared of her.She basically ignores me in the office and our offices face each other.Twice a week after work I facilitate this all female group with a specific focus.My boss's sister started coming to the group two months ago.She is a 53year old short like 5ft2tall skinny masculine freckled face creepy green eyes thin lips red haired woman. I am a 39year old 5ft10 tall heterosexual curvy hourgllass shaped attractive brunette.I I like dressing well, and looking presentable. I don't dress sl*tty at all. My boobs are 32 f bra size though and I do have a big butt. My hourglass shape is unique and i am tall, and I appreciate that.If you are curvy, tall and busty, many clothes tend to look sexier on you than on a thin person. So things that fit properly that are relatively conservative can be suddenly too revealing and sexy when you put it on. This happens to me a lot.I wear almost always my satin and silk blouses fully buttoned to the top combined with a satin skirt or satin pants. I prefer wearing satin pants and a little shorter satin skirts, always above knees, sometimes even quite much, but not any miniskirts anyway. I am always on high heels and full make up on.I am always in tight form fitting satin and silk clothes. I am a stylish person.I usually stay away from anything too revealing.I am describing myself because i want you to know the complexity of the situation.This woman my boss's sister started touching me on her first day at the group.She said that she likes to caress satin fabric and that silk and satin is so smooth to the touch when rubbing.She said that she just can’t resist touching and stroking satin fabric.She started rubbing my back,touching my hair,wrap her hands around my waist, tight from behind and hugging me (for no reason) while I am busy at various tasks.At one point she asked if she could touch my breasts. I was like, No! Then I said, alright. Then I get a hand extended so I'm like okay here it goes... and she was not shy about just full palm feeling all around and getting a real grab!I think she was a little shy to ask and was suprised when I agreed.LOL! It was no big deal for me.She commented on how soft they feel.Since then this woman my boss's sister who i am not close with is OBSESSED with my boobs so much that every time she sees me.. she just cup and squeeze them over.. and over.. and over. its actually REALLY annoying.For the past two months she have touched my boobs quite a lot.Also she is constantly patting and rubbing my ass.She also always place her hand on my ass when i stand beside her.How can I discourage this woman my boss's sister from touching me/groping me/hugging me/getting in my personal space in a way that makes me uncomfortable without offending her?I know that many women have to deal with worse, and I should just "man up", but I am an extremely non-confrontational person, and I usually prefer to endure something uncomfortable than draw attention or displease the other person.Any time I'm even within arm's reach of her, I feel her caressing me.As far as having intimacy with a woman? That's just something that I haven't done and will probably not do so.Im a straight woman never got turned on by a women.Usually when this short skinny ugly ginger geek woman who shouldn't be touching me try to...I just kinda... let her do the touching,rubbing and hugging, but I basically just sit/stand pretty stiffly.She isn't a horrible woman she is really very

he's like a really bad drug that I can't get away from.
I want to tell him every little thing, but I just can'r bring myself to do so, now

When I was twenty, I left the religion of my youth and joined a new religion. It caused my family a lot of pain. Twenty years have passed and I can see clearly that it was the right decision despite many short term difficulties. My family is completely fine with it these days and that new religion has made me who I am today (which I really like). Now I'm starting to feel like maybe the time has come for me to leave this religion and join yet a different one. This time I have a wife and children and friends. They would be very sad to see me go. I don't want to hurt them, but I also have to do what I believe is right. It looks like I have some thinking to do.

Oh my goodness, there's blood all over the place!

The revealing signs were present in my childhood, in regards to my attraction to the same-sex. I just didn't label and fully understand those feelings that I acted upon. I remember being in reception class at school and I would play mother and father roles with my bestfriend Nancy, I was 4 years old.

At 8 years old, I played Doctor and Nurse with my neighbours daughter who was 11 years old at the time. Yet, I thought nothing of it. At 11 years old, I initiated a kiss with my bestfriend who was 15 at the time. She was my first kiss.

I was always a free spirit as a child and was encouraged by my mother to express who I was, without any labels attached to it and without any reservations. It was only three years ago I fully acknowledged I wasn't heterosexual, when reflecting on childhood memories - I'm now 33.

My point is, I didn't label my attractions towards girls and I didn't categorise myself by societies standards. I just did what I did and enjoyed it, without thinking too much into it. Why would I?

I'm 33 and in a loving relationship of 9 years, my sexuality is irrelevant and inconsequential. I love whom I love. Gender is irrelevant.

My ass is sorry.

Yo where is happy hour ?

Are you fuc*** serious?!

Do men have to announce and need to be thanked for every little thing they do? Like bringing back garbage cans from the curb, emptying the cat litter, emptying the bedroom wastebasket, cleaning the dryer lint screen.