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one of my good friends has a 6 year old daughter that i really dislike. i have a 6 year old too so i know what kids are like but this kid is a pain in the ass. plus she is stupid. and kind of ugly. my friends boasts about her nice manners but when she is away from her mother, this kid is rude and lies a lot. she is a crybaby. she is old for her grade but dumber than most of the other kids. she drives me crazy. i feel terrible about not liking her because i love my friend.

my brother keeps on eating me out when im asleep and although it feels good and i wake up and act like im still asleep and i enjoy it but at the same time its annoying and i wish he would stop but i wont confront him about it.

fucking seneca scum. my worst is your best.

a priest at my church just compared gay marriage to the berlin wall
separating loved ones and tearing them apart.

You want to know what my life is like? It's like being in the back seat of an automatic car- and it's just driving and there are no doors just windows and it's driving in a huge circle around a big theme park/circus and I can see everyone laughing and playing and falling in love I've shared cotton candy and the kids are playing and the elephant are dancing and are riding rollar coasters and the clowns are taming lions and I can't get out I can only look and I can wave and sometimes they wave back but I'm just inside the car and all I can do watch as beautiful things happen to everyone else - and as they live their lives and have immeasurable fun. It's liked being on a planet where the sun shines once every 6 months and being locked in a dark closet Everytime it happens. I'll never be the object of anyone's affection I'll never be admired no one will ever fawn Iver me or tell their friends "there's just something about her smile" avoid me and all this empty space and soulless environment is starting to get to me, I can't even help talking to myself out loud it's pathetic.

i'm starving to death but too afraid to eat this afternoon. i went out drinking last night, and this morning i already went through the whole headache, vomiting, shaking, horror show. i'm glad that i at least didn't try to go to club #2 where ultimately i could've been in a worse scene... possible rape etc. it's happened before.

how is it that i have fallen to life is not fair?

has anyone ever had sex with a teacher or professor?

i recently started fucking one of the professors in my department, and it is incredible! he can do things with his tongue when eating out my pussy that i've never experienced, make me tingle all over with pleasure, for the first time i really enjoy a man going down on me. and the way he fucks me is out of this world.

i never want to fuck a boy my age again. with age comes experience, right? seems my professor taught me that i need a man ;)

i fingered my daughter last night and she gave me head.

if i kill myself, the voices will stoi
they sing so loud
ut hurts

horses are revered by society and beloved by most people. yet while the average human believes the equine is loyal, lovable and workmanlike, the truth is quite the opposite. most horses are devious, even diabolical, beasts. they will rape you if given the opportunity. consider the case of ken*** pin***, who while inviting penetration by the steed had his colon torn to shreds by the massive equine phallus. their deviancy knows no bounds.

are east indians and packies born stupid or is it a cultural thing? i am wondering because i work with quite a few of them, and it's frustrating because they work hard but seem to possess zero common sense. i have been at this factory for 2 years so i know their work habits quite well. it just seems to me that when god was handing out brains he gave them the rejects. seriously, they are very nice people in that they are polite and want to please, but they require constant supervision. they will do whatever you ask them to do - which is great - but they will do it in the most time-consuming and dangerous way. it literally takes 3 or 4 of them to do the job of one white guy. how racist does that sound??? anyway, just thought i would throw that out there and see if anyone else has the same feelings.

girls get to show their stuff and everyone enjoys it. their always naked or with little clothes in movies, they were skimpy sexy clothes when they go out and some times flash some guy that they like. if guys did that, they would be cosidered perverts or immoral. since i was 10 years old, i've had this sexual fetish of exposing myself nude to girls that are fully dressed, only i don't walk streets or parks going around dropping my pants in front of them. i just make it appear like and accident, in which i got caught because i left my window open. i get so aroused when i know girls are watching me and having fun doing it. i don't know if is right or wrong, but if they get to do it why not me.

Americans are so stupid they elected this complete idiot to be their president, I cant stop laughing at how stupid they are. Keep the laughs coming America.

my wife ( 5 years married, no kids, yet) has always had " issues" in the bedroom. dark ones that she couldn't tell me. all she kept saying was that it wasn't me. so last march we went to a therapist counsellor, a woman. we had two sessions together as a couple but nothing got said, really. just questions, write down our feelings. then she saw us apart.the counsellor then told me that my wife confessed her " secret" was deeply ashamed about it, but that it was a really " deep need" that she needed, or felt compelled to do, but was conflicted about. and then she told me what it was..and finished by saying it wasn't about me. my wife, the prim and proper wanted to go to an adult store or club where they had a " glory hole". she wanted me to take her. i was shocked. and the therapist actually askéd me how i felt about it, and could i understand that this was something my wife was stuck in. the fantasy is deep rooted and maybe letting her have the real experience would bring about a closure or resolution. your wife has a fetish. can you accept that? my wife at a glory hole, and me having to be there and watch. can i accept that?!. so now my wife comes in and i tell her i know her secret and i am processing, but it doesn't change my feelings for her. i love her. which is all true. but it took me some days to process. end of my confession: i not very happily agreed but then tried to make it special like a date night.. dinner and around 10 we hit the bookstore video booths next town over.
my wife went into the booth and stayed in for more than an hour. i was outside her booth watching the men going in and out of the one next over. i heard them groaning. i heard my wife. and it literally drove me f***ing crazy. i was horny for my wife like i had never been before. when she opened the door, i pushed her back inside and fuc*ed her doggy in the booth. and that is when my wife had the very 1st orgasm of our 5 year marriage.

i know that most people in the u.s. are pretty naive about other places. i grew up in central america where my dad worked as an expat. i was in highschool, and being white and blonde made me a first pick for the guys. i was 'chosen' by this guy, who was a senior when i was a freshman and after that no other guy would interfere. it was his priviledge to choose. so i dated him exclusively all through highschool, i went to every dance, every home event, every party, every movie, everything. i was his 'social' girl friend so i was kept pure. sure i got kissed and we held hands and all but no sex, their women marry virgins so you can bear them their pure children. of course he had sex, all the time, for that they have girls that they 'keep', before they are married and after they are married. most of these girls have children with them, but they are not considered first in line for inheritence. most of these kept women are with them for a lifetime. my husband's mistress has been with him since before we got married and she is kept in her house and has a family. she is is his other family, while i had the 'official' family. my sons are just like their father, now that they are grown up they have their 'social' girls, who are very uptight and pure and they have their mistresses who are their true loves. these men truly love their mistresses. oh they love their wives, but in a very different way. it has taken me over thirty years to understand this and accept that it won't change. my daughter who is now 19 is the most protected thing on earth, by her father and her brothers and her cousins. and she wouldn't have it any other way.

today is my daughter's birthday and i will buy her a nice present and go see her. my wife does not approve of her as her mother is that other woman.

for me this daughter is everything a man could ask for, she is nice, really a nice little person, smart and works hard at school. i attribute this to her mother, who is also one of the nicests human beings a man can get to know. i love this girl like no other, and i love her mother too. a man rarely has a woman in his life like her mother.

my wife doesn't understand what i see in that other wonan, and why i have to have that little girl. i am sorry she can't see that. maybe if one day she had decided to allow herself to love unconditionally and to be not just the wife, but her husbands woman and soul mate, she could understand. life for me has gotten so much better since i met my other woman, a woman to me in all respects. and she gifted me with the wonderful child.

yes i will spend this evening with my daughter for her birthday and my wife can either come along and be nice or stay at home. but i am not going to miss my daughter's birthday.

i have been living with my guilt for close to ten years now. when i was about 12, my mother was friendly with another woman who had three daughters. we all knew each other since we can remember. one day i was alone with the youngest girl and i told her to close her eyes and i put my dick slightly in her mouth to see what it was like. she didn't know what happened and soon after they were going home.

we got a call from the girl's mother saying that i had done bad things to them, about half an hour later, that she had been saying stuff about me on the way home in their car. i had also shown one of the girls my dick because it got my aroused. i was asked about this and i of course denied everything.

its been about ten years since then, and they don't come round our house anymore. i feel terrible about what i've done. i hate myself, i hate that i was a stupid kid. i see them sometimes and they talk to me and everything seems fine, but i can't help but wonder what they think about me. since then i have tried so hard to be a good person. and i am also kinda thankful that it happened, because now i can see how these kinds of situations can happen out of innocent circumstances. i won't ever allow that to happen again. i was only a kid myself but i can't forgive myself. i want to protect people and kids from what i did and what could happen, but i feel like a failure and ashamed about what i have done.

i just want to be forgiven. i want to help people and make them happy and move on. i want to live my life.

will no one forgive me?

how many kids is too many. my mom is pregnant, again. this will her eighth. i could never see me with more than two, i mean it. two is all i will have.

i'm a 15 year old girl and have never doubted my sexuality until this girl came to our school, now all i think about is her.
shes popular, but really nice, though i haven't talked to her much. im not popular, but im not unpopular either. i dont think shes gay... but she sometimes make me wonder, like when we were doing p.e, she picked me out of the group to hold her hand, she walks really close to me when she goes to her seat, she constantly looks at me in english and science, and she even held my waist to get past ( believe me, she's not the type of person to do that to someone whos not her friend ).
i just don't know what to do.
although my family wouldn't be that bothered that i like a girl (i am not a lesbian, only for her!) i just cant face telling them.

why on earth i like her i don't know, but i know its more then just 'like' because i've never felt this way before... or am i just analyzing this too much?