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my new bf is so huge! like seriously, he's way bigger and thicker than any guy i've ever seen. sex is a bit painful and doing oral on him is weird because i can't fit it in my mouth at all and i have to suck on the side of his shaft while using both hands. and he comes so much also! gina and tons of it. i try to swallow it but no way.

ignorant service and business. rivers are a good example. don't buy from them. they are unshameable.

once in the early 80's i jerked off to a kiddie porno. there was 2 girls in that porno, both around 10, having full blown sex with a fat guy with white hair. it was grandfather/granddaughter type fantasy porno. i found the porno movie in a plastic bag hiding between wood pallets behind a mall. some perv must of been hiding it there or trying to get rid of it? anyway, i kept it for a few weeks and then threw it in a garbage can. after i jerked off to it i felt really guilty and ashamed and didn't do it again. weird shit.

i wish they made a sex robot that looked and felt like a real women and you always satisfied it. this way i don't have to worry about being with a real women.

when i was major addicted to pain meds, i would steal some of my dad's pain meds since he had alzheimers, they didn't think anything of it.

i also stole thousands of dollars from him to feed the addiction. he was living with me and nobody knew how bad i was with the pain pills. he passed away a couple yrs ago and i hit rock bottom.

i finally went to rehab and it's been a long road, i am just so sorry for what i did to him. i am glad he wasn't able to realize what a horrible daughter i was at the time. he deserved so much better.

i know i can't change what i did, but have to some how forgive myself and hope i can help someone who is on the same path i was and show them there can be a better way.

My neighbors have a big new flying drone and they are clearly spying on people...I'm going to walk around my house naked and carrying all manner of knives and hatchets when they are spying on me and see what happens

my father died when i was four and my mother, brother and i moved in with her best friend. i went to sleep with the daughter, who was 11 and my brother and the boy had a room, he was 8.

that first night, when we went to live there, and i was getting comfortable in the bed, my new big sister told me that we were sisters now, and that one day i was going to marry her brother and she was going to marry my brother.

for all the years growing up this was the one theme at the house. when i was 12, my mother talked to me about the gift that i had for my husband, and that i was to make sure when i gave it to him that he took it in return for his forever commitment to me. that was my one and only 'sex' talk with my mother.

i am 26 and graduate in may with my masters degree, i am getting married in july. at a party my mother gave me with my friends the subject came up of how we met and all, and i told them i had been promised to him since i was four. at that moment i said out loud what i have known and thought of and lived for since that first night with my new family after my father died.

im a female, and i think im a bi, and im so freaking scared if i liked my best friend. because you know, friendship could be make some misunderstanding... she was always talked about her feelings, like she needed me, i had to stay by her side because im her besties. im her f r i e n d. but i cant see it as a "friend" way. and im scared if when im liking her much more, it will make me awkward when i talked to her, because in my country, gay people are taboo. and i dont want to continue this feeling. what should i do?

went to a company bbq this weekend. wore cute little outfit and high heel saddles. and drank to much and did things the i probably shouldn't have done. with that being said i am a work now and i am trying not to talk to any one or look at any one. i should probably look for another job soon.

I haven't cleaned all the blood in my house yet.

My boyfriend and I went to the bar with his friends, I am 24 years old, he is 46 and his friends are more or less the same age, we were drinking, he got drunk and at a certain point he touched his friend's (I will call him tod) nipples, it was a pinch on the left nipple also gave a massage on the shoulders to an friend (Ant***) guys I am a Mexican girl and this is not normal at all for me hahaha, he is white, we spent the night at his friend's house , and was making jokes like, maybe Ant*** will be around us (because the owner of the house assigned us a room with a bed, the guys slept in the living room), I do not know if I'm seeing hallucinations, what do you think? I'm sorry for my English, I know it's not so good, I hope you understand me
should be noted that the nipples and the "massage" happened at the bar.

i am 100% definitely a gay woman. i share my life with a 100% gay woman.

we rented a room to an older single man. in more than one occasion he has overwhelmed me for his needs.

the tension is high, he chases me until he overwhelms me and he gets his way. i orgasm several times, many times, i shake so hard i hurt afterwards. i only have these orgasms like this when he gets his hands on me. i don't give in to him. i run away, but he out foxes me and traps me, and i go into a continuous series of orgasms until many minutes after i'm released.

until several days later when he wants me again.

I work at a University and am surrounded by people all day. Every once in a while, I will notice a very pretty young lady and want to say something. And I don't mean slutty or even sexy... just beautiful. Maybe she has a nice smile or stunning eyes or is fit; she just stands out from the rest. I want to say, "wow, you really take my breath away." I don't want to do anything else, just let them know that they are gorgeous. But with the current MeToo trend and universities cracking down on Title IX, if I were to say anything like that, I'd lose my job, my marriage, everything. I just want to say something nice to someone and not worry about getting fired!

there is a paranoid and dark fear in my heart that i will lose either my young daughter, or my wife, at an early age

it haunts my dreams and fears. if my daughter died before me, i'd likely just kill myself

if my wife died before me, i'd greive, turn back to alcoholism that she tried so hard to cure me of, and i'd like to hope that eventually after some years, i might be able to learn to love again - likely a much much younger a woman i imagine - if at all

these are my fears

Many times when uninformed people throw around the word "ghetto", they're referring to a mixture of creativity and resourcefulness. When you're financially strapped, you do what you gotta do.

dylan is my kickboxing coach we started flirting the moment we met. it developed into full scale sexual tension over the last few months, and on saturday it finally came to a head.

my husband and son were gone for the weekend to a t-ball thing and i was all alone. dylan texted me and asked what i was doing. i went to meet him at a park he was playing soccer at. it was so hot watching him play with his shirt off. he's tall and chiseled and covered in tats. after his game we went out for a drink. one thing led to another and i ended up back at his place.

i suspected he'd be well-hung and i was right - he's long, thick and uncircumcised. the sex wasn't incredible due to that though, but because of his endurance. he's so fit and lean we had sex 5 times, including up against the wall. he was rock hard the whole time. i hadn't been fuc*** like that in years and i came over and over again.

i do feel guilty about cheating on my husband. i've done it once before, but it was a one-time thing. with dylan though, i can see it becoming a habit and that scares me a little - even though that also turns me on.

you know what? i have no pity for you. it was you that decided you didn't want help. it was you that decided i wasn't worth telling the truth. it was you that decided to pretend that hurting me was the best way to protect me. and now you are alone. and now you wonder what the fuck went wrong. why the fuck you aren't where you wanted to be. i have no pity.

In 2016 I moved to a different country to pursue a master's degree . I moved to a student city in the north of the Netherlands. It was hard at first because I have never been away from home for a longer period of time but I finally met some good people there, my classmates were amazing and I slowly started to enjoy student life more and more. One time we went to a party and I met a guy there who was a good friend of my classmate's boyfriend. He started talking to me, he was the one being interested not me. So we started talking, we went on a few dates, hooked up a few times. Soon we hung out every day and I felt like we got along very well. One night, after 6 or so months have passed he asked me what did I think about us and I smiled because I thought he was going to ask me whether I wanted to be his girlfriend. What a fool I was. He immediately made it clear and told me that he didn't want to date me ever because he wasn't into me like that. It really hurt me. I'm that type of girl who is very careful with boys and I had only been in a relationship once before. I have always been the 'smart one'. Anyways, after one week he then told me that we should not see each other again and never contacted me after. I have been heartbroken for months. Since then I have moved on completely but there is still this feeling inside that is weighing me down. Probably because I have never told about this to anyone. I was afraid this would ruin my facade of tough and carefree confident woman. But I needed to say it 'out loud'I guess, to finally feel 'free'inside.

Thank you for reading stranger.

wow, these democrats sure are war mongers.

i dont hear voices anymore