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the majority of the guys i get attention from are 55+..i'm 21. guess it serves me right for not walking around in booty shorts and flip flops.

i am a 50 year old man who loves everything about taylor swift. i play her music in the car and sing it out loud and i would love to lick her sweet innocent pussy until my tongue could lick no more.

my partner is worried one of my friends is trying to steal me - but it's their jealousy and mistrust that's driving me away and making me question our engagement. i wish i could run away to avoid the problem entirely.

Eveytime I see you my heart skips a beat. I am not really sure why I am crazy about you but I am. I know it is best to just try and suppress these feelings but I want so badly to hold you.

It's official. I'm getting fat. When I stand & look down I can't even see the tips of my toes and when I sit I have to literally adjust it from being "folded" & then it just lays on my lap. It's getting in the way a lot. I can barely suck it in anymore. It jiggles, no bounces, just when I walk. I will admit that it's fun to rub & play with, but also embarrassing.

i'm a 15 year old high school guy, yesterday while in the shower one of the senior bullies tried to fuck me. some didn't pay any attention, some cheered him on, i struggled some, but nobody offered to help me. it was embarrassing having them around, but if had just been me and him, i would've let him.

i am a male and have fantasies being gang raped by a crowd of men. i have had several encounters and really love the feel of another man on top of me

you're all fuc*ing crazy.

quack quack

my house mate just blocked the toilet, flooded the entire bathroom, hallway and laundry room and left leaving me to deal with it. its my birthday today. my depressions getting uncontrollable again and i keep surrounding myself with people that make me feel horrible. this is not what i wanted today. so i'm now left to clean up her gross toilet water on my bithday while she goes out and has fun. i hate myself.

i was forced mounted by a very big guy who thought i needed to be put in my place. it was at a party while i was a sophomore in college. granted i was a real pris a the time and pretty stuck up and the mounting was the first loss of control in my life. when he finally got me to the point of no return and he rammed me, i had the wildest orgasm of my life.

ten years and i have never been able to duplicate the orgasm. i have a guy who mounts me hard, but i have to lose myself in that night to even orgasm.

i want to feel it again, i just don't know if i will ever meet a guy who can do that to me again.

yes pitza tart you should go home and fuck your wife and be grateful for her, no one is as lucky as you to have such a lump of lard loser dumbass dog like her as you are, your one lucky man to have a dropout like that.

when i were 16 years old i used to post nude artistic photos of me on art photography forums.
i got tones of horny messages from men
stupid girl i was!

i'm afraid that i'll die before i ever really live

get a clue. he doesn't want you, you're ugly.

we had a family party this past weekend and things got weird between me and my mother in law in the basement and we were all drunk and we had sex..

don't contact me. i'm making myself not want you anymore. i deserve better, but i'm sure you already knew that. i'm tired of being your bitch. shit got old.

i am so sick and tired of other guys in the locker room playing bag tag. the coaches do nothing about it if someone complains, so i'm afraid i'm going to have to beat someone senseless the next time they backhand my sack. i just hope i don't kill someone. who invented that stupid gay game anyway?

my previous girlfriend of 5 years had huge tits... 44dd's. she was 10 years younger and gave good blowjobs too, but didn't like to swallow. now i am dating a woman my age who has not only the smallest breasts, but also the smallest nipples i have ever seen. we have only had sex a couple of times, she has a nice pussy, but the fact that her tits are so small kind of bothers me. she does swallow though... definitely a plus. overall i can't complain, at least i am getting laid.

i used to like coming here. now it's kind of blah. oh well.

i grew up with my mom and my aunt, not really my aunt, she was my mom's overlord. my mom is definitely and completely the sub and my aunt is definitely and completely the dom. my aunt has a friend, his name is ives, he's french. when ives comes over, things got weird, he would take my mom back into the bedroom and i could hear her cry. my aunt would tell me that my mom was being punished because she was disobedient and if i disobeyed she would give me to ives to punish me.

i was 16 when i was given to ives. he used a horse whip on me until i stripped naked. he clamped my clit with a wire and shocked me until tears ran down my face from the pain, and then in one move he penetrated me completely and consummated his act, i felt he was going to break my back.

without pain there is no ecstasy.