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My boyfriend is a perfect sexy genius who is literally the best thing in the entire universe. Just thought y'all needed to know this, in case you mistakenly thought someone else was the best thing in the universe. Because they're not- at least not in my universe, and there's nothing you could do to convince me that my boyfriend is anything less than perfect. Do I sound arrogant? Maybe. Do I care? No.

Just a friendly reminder to drink lots of water, and brush your teeth :)

Honestly, sexual harassment is fun for both men and women most times - controversial claim these days I know - but get real

We have a new girl who just started at the office, about 20 or so, short, chubby, nerdy, but cute. Big Ass Taking classes at community college, graduated from high school two years ago.

It's been 3 days and I'm already flirting with her pretty heavy. She loves it. She's single. I'm married, almost 40, have kids, etc. but I'm in good shape. I'm number 3 in the office. Waybehind the manager and senior manager; but after them I'm the boss of everyone else. She digs it.

I can tell she really likes the attention.

Why the Hell is everyone so willing to crucify every politician Or celebrity or entertainer that ever slapped a girls ass or grabbed her boobs?

Most girls like it!

I have a terrible desire to turn into a muskrat and scurry off into the woods. It's getting to the point where I can't control it anymore; all day long I day dream of slinking through the reeds by a pond, storing little seeds in my pouch for the winter... and oh! How I long to *gnaw* with my sharp little rodent teeth! On millet, on wood, on anything I can get my paws on! The other day, I... I just couldn't help myself. I was called into my boss's office to discuss my recent shifty behavior, and I began gnawing on the wooden photo frame containing a picture of his obese wife, Karen. He was not very pleased, and sent me down to HR. If only they would understand! I was meant to be a muskrat! The breeze through the cattails that tickles the waterside calls to me... and I can resist no further to its beckon. I have purchased a rather large brown furry suit; just wearing it makes me squeak with delight- I finally feel at home in my skin. Tomorrow, I have decided to run away and start anew in the marshes- I am certain that the other muskrats will accept me as one of their own. I feel so very alive, and I am ready to begin a new life, true to my muskrat nature. These beady rodent eyes will only look forward from now on, to the road scurrying, gnawing, millet-filled road ahead. Wish me luck. SQUEAK!

Disney is overrated. There, I said it. Sue me.

A joke kiss in junior high with my girlfriend from soccer resulted in us being labeled as lesbians. We never outlived the reputation, we are still lesbians as far as our school is concerned. We are going to college together, so that proves it. If only people understood how we really feel about each other.

There's a reason I prefer animals, compared to humans. Humans are animals too and hierarchal in the animal kingdom because of our intellectual capabilities, abilities to apply our intellect - to invent, create, evolve and so forth. But apart from that, we aren't superior than other animals, we're inferior.

I feel really awful every time I get frustrated and lose my temper. I'm bipolar and have an autism spectrum disorder so I feel everything intensely, even negative emotions. Sometimes old things that angered me like a year ago pop into my head during moments of frustration, which I have no explanation for tbh. I just feel bad. I know it's important to stay positive and I always try to do just that. And I know things happen for a reason, such as losing a job or losing people. But sometimes I temporarily forget that, even though the belief that everything happens for a reason literally saved my life. What should I do about this? Should I mention it to my therapist?

Take off that underwear right this minute and I promise you that you will never regret it

i came home from the bar really drunk and wanted to jack off. i got a penthouse mag from under my mattress and my tube of petroleum jelly. got my cock nice and lubed and started to beat my meat. so many hot chicks in penthouse! nice tits and cunt and my cock is raging hard. then i start to cum. fucking cum hits me in the face! cum on my chest, my stomach, cum dripping off my hand, cum all over my cock and balls. then i just got too relaxed and i fucking passed out. penthouse open on the bed, my limp cock in my hand, cum all over the fucking place. my mom walks in around 9:00am and finds me like this! fuck! she screams at me, "oh my god you sick bastard! what are you doing? clean this mess up right now! how dare you! get out of my house right this minute!" so i stumble into the hallway and trip. i got no pants on and cum is dried up on my face and jerk jelly all over the place. my 12 year old sister comes out of her room and starts to scream! fuck! fuck! i've never been so embarrassed and ashamed in my entire life! i want to fucking hang myself! my dad hears about this and i am dead. dead like fucking dead fuck!

Not only did Roy Moore have the sex with the preteen girls, he also sodomized a baby! Video footage indicates an intoxicated Moore stumbling through the maternity ward of a hospital in search of the infant sodomy. Sad!

Found a girl online from a different country in a MMORPG. Became best of friends and also has deep feelings for each other. She told me she still had feelings for ex, but I decided not to listen to any negative thoughts. Remained optimistic that she would be with me. But as expected, she reunited with her ex irl. I know I shouldn't feel sad, devastated and disappointed in myself, because I know this was coming. But the way she reacted at the end, it seems like she had willfully forgotten what we had all these days as if it's nothing special. This makes me very sad for which I'm disappointed in myself because I saw it coming. But she's still nice to me and that's why I have trouble letting her go and move on. How do I get the will to move on, because I can't see anything wrong with her, even anger is a motivation but there's nothing here for me,hence no motivation to move on. Can anyone help?

I am worried about sharing anonymously on the internet.

i'm still in love with the person my gf caught me cheating on her with, and i don't think those feelings are ever going to go away. i gave up that relationship to try and make things work with my gf, and promised i'd never speak to them again, but it's getting harder to resist that temptation. i wonder if i made the right choice.

I'm about to show up to my therapy session with a hickey. I'm in therapy because I wanted to stop sleeping around. Somehow I don't think she's going to believe that I'm making progress.

Sometimes, for some odd reason, I get off masturbating by thinking about a strong man with a large pen** impregnating my slutty wife.

It's super awkward getting on an elevator in an office building when you see a woman that you hooked up with in an illadvised one night stand many years ago

Being young and adventurous I agreed to attend with another girl a group sex party. Full disclosure, we were supposed to be paid.

I got cold feet, I wanted to leave, but my friend needed the money. A man there took me to a room and asked me what the hell I was doing there. I stayed in the room with the door locked. He came back and he said he would take me home so we left, we tried to get my friend to come with us.

Anyway, I did not get paid and I never took my pants off. A close call. Still my worst experience.

I spied on my friends wife Coll*** and found out that she shaves her pubic area

I love taking pictures of girls titties out in public