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i'm falling in love with a girl who has quickly became my best friend... i've let her in faster than anyone in years it's amazing. everyday i'm so happy to see her smile its been awhile since i truly felt that way.. worst part is she's a lesbian and married her wife will be here in a few months, but she's so beautiful and caring towards me. yesterday our boss walked by looked at her and whispered i know your secret and they both looked at me and had a huge smile on their faces. i don't wanna lose my friend but i fear if i don't i'm going to love someone i can never be with.

why say to me "maybe you should marry your best friend" when you were my only best friend at the time and you didnt have feelings for me?
were you trying to lead me on? i guess i never had a best friend.

when i was 15 i rode to school with an older friend and then ducked behind another car until everyone was inside. i walked to the highway (two blocks away) and hitched a ride to a large city about 50 miles away with this guy who tried to feel me up the entire time (i am male, by the way). he offered me money to see my penis but i turned him down and when i got out of the car i thanked him for the ride. i spent the whole day walking around in a mall, flirting with girls who were way older than me, and just having a blast. i hitched another ride back, this time all the way to the town i lived in (my school was 3 miles away). no one said a thing when i went back to school the next day - i didn't even have to explain my absence. now that was a stroke of luck for sure.

i took a small leap and started my own business. so far i'm doing rather well. i'm doing so well that i really should open a store. i need more room. i need to buy everything wholesale. i need to find a store and open it. my confession is -i'm putting it off. i'm scared to death to fail. running your own business is way harder then anyone ever told me it would be. i'm busting my ass to let people know what i do and what i make. and that's paying off. i'm just not sure if i have the energy or really the brains to make it on a larger scale.

two of my best friends are in a relationship and its wonderful but, they always do stuff in front of me. i know i tell them i don't care but of course i'm going to at least a little bit because i like them both.
her boyfriend always compliments me and hugs me and even gives me kisses (not lips) and she is always doing the same thing. they tell me they would only pick me to be in a threesome with them and i don't know how to feel about it.
they say we're in a love triangle but i really wish they would just not get my hopes up of someone actually wanting to be in a relationship with me.

god i miss smoking cigarettes so much i can't stand it sometimes!

i used to smoke cigarettes in secret. from 1996 until 2015 i smoked cigarettes every single day and absolutely loved it - in high school i maybe only smoked half a pack a day starting when i was 15, and i was still only smoking a pack a day in college... still hiding it from my parents and many of my friends - but i really really loved smoking and for a few years when i lived alone in grad school from 2003 until 2006 i smoked at least two and a half to three packs a day!

when i was smoking at least three packs a day were some of the best years of my life! i miss cigarettes so much i could almost cry!!!

i absolutely loved smoking and being a smoker - even though i hid it from my family - and deep down i really wish i was still a heavy smoker - and i wish i had only dates girls who smoked too!

instead i ended up dating and eventually marrying a non smoker

when i first started dating my wife in 2007 is when i started smoking in secret again like i was in high school hiding it from my parents

when she moved in i had to hide it - like right after she left for work i'd go out back and chain smoke 5-10 cigarettes every morning - then i'd stop on the way to work to smoke some more - then at lunch i'd slip out and go to a park and smoke another 5-10 cigarettes- then after work i'd stop by a bar and smoke another 5-10 cigarettes and have a drink then come home and blame the cigarette smell on the bar... then after dinner she would go to bed early and id slip outside and sneak another 5-10 cigarettes every night

but i quit smoking when my daughter was born in 2015

most days i guess i'm mostly ok without cigarettes if i just don't think about them

but deep down i want nothing more than to smoke two or three packs a day for the rest of my life until i get lung cancer

as absurd as that sounds it's the honest truth

do you like hairy of shaved pussy/vagina?

i smoke bud during breaks at work.  i guess, no one can really tell because i get high so often that i always look the way i do. 

bunch of rubbish wankers you all are. get a life.

i believe i am bipolar. i never was diagnosed, since i refuse to go to a dr.

it runs in my family, and i fear if i go to the dr, that i will end up like my sister on many drugs and like a zombie.

i would rather be dead, than to go through all that she has with so called treatments.

our dream rental didn't last long, back in my home area in a flat with a private balcony and fantastic neighbours. neihbour next flat over asked if i knew anything about electrics? honestly nothing other than some basic tests. he turned his tv on and the electric cut out, so i asked him did he have any other electrical appliances on at the same time?

yes the toaster, i opened the box and told him to hit the toaster on, the switch tripped. toaster plug out turn the tv on no trip. now take the tv plug out and turn the toaster on and it tripped. theres your problem it's the toaster. what do i do? he asked, take the toaster smash the fuck out of it and throw it in the bin. seriously? yes! be thankful your electrical fail safes are working or else you'd be found burned to a crisp.

he thought i was some messiah or something, common sense my dear. 3 weeks later my wife and i are packing up after the landlord sold the flat from under us. the neighbours were like 'jesus christ, why?' it's out of our hands the owner used us as paying house sitters but didn't tell us before she rented us the flat.

i was finally home in a place where my wife and i were comfertable, what sucks even more is my parents lived about 1/2 a mile away now were back down the road in an area we hate with locals who won't talk to us or say hello. correction one person said hello sort off, he told me to go fuck myself for saying hello.

i never have been attracted to a black girl

for real

i think that means i'm racist...

like, i like almost only white girls...

i did like more than a few mexican girls too, and a half mexican girl was the first girl i had sex with... i still would with her for sure... lots of fine looking mexican girls out there

a few asian girls too, still never kissed any tho

a few indian girls too, stil never kissed any

and like a few middle eastern girls... i did kiss and make out with one like one time, but i didn't go farther bc i was friends with her older brother

i wonder if that makes me racist

my life is over. i have been married for nine years. my husband, who is the father of my two girls, works in a small trucking company. there is a man there who always treats me like i need lots of protection. now i know why. he came to me and told me that he just could not continue to see me being cheated on by my husband. he had some pictures, several pictures, pictures of my husband with a penis in his mouth. that was the close up, the picture is of him sucking the penis of this truck driver who is supposed to be his friend. there is also a video of him being fucked by the same man. he has been doing this with this man for a long time, ever since he went to work there. the man who brought me the pictures told me that he has sucked off this man in front of other truck drivers, that is how he knows about it, because he has seen my husband sucking off this truck driver in front of other men. he took the pictures to show me, and the video, which he took because he knows that is where he is taken when he is going to get fucked by this man.

you know, really if they came and told me that he was cheating on me with another woman, i would have been really pissed. but this just makes me sick.

i had never had sex with a white woman before
and i never want to either

i hate germany and their people for how brutal and inhuman they were during world war ii. now i'm reading about the firebombing of dresden and how we and the brits leveled the city and their civilian population burned to death. it makes me happy inside to see those monsters get what they had coming to them.

this started when i was about 14 or 15. i started looking at a lot of porn. one day i stumbled on some animal porn. this got me interested in dog cocks. so the next time i was home alone i shut our garage and let out male dog in. i started rubbing his stomach and made my way lower. i had to work it a bit until in came out but boy was that thing huge. temptation got the best of me and after a while i decided to put it in my mouth. he must of liked it a lot too cause after about a minute he came all in my mouth and all over my face. it turned me on so much that i started jerking off right then and there. i've done it alot more since

i wish nbc would bring back to catch a predator. it's the best thing they ever did.

don't know why i started doing this, but i've gotten into the habit of not catching my cum when i masturbate. i usually masturbate in the bathroom, so i just let it squirt on the tile floor now for some reason and clean it up after. have to be careful in smaller bathrooms because i sometimes cum pretty hard and have hit the wall across from me.

Christmas ghosts have me nightmares and made me shit myself. I can't sleep at night since I left my girlfriends house Christmas Eve after her abortion

It went really badly. She won't return my texts. I think she hates me. I am starting to feel really guilty. Like a murderer

i can't stop touching her inappropriately

it happened again today on the office elevator when no one else was around