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i wanna have sex with my step daughter...she is so hot!!!

Lol “muff” hehehehe

I think i consider myself an abdl, and it’s something i’m really embarrased of, i tried forgetting about this a lot of times, but i just can’t. I don’t know what to do, i can’t even tell it to anyone because i’m pretty sure they will judge me, also, it’s sad the way people see abdl’s…

I have noticed lower engagement on recently, a head-scratching development given its first-class content.

ever just want to walk away from it all and be FREE? And just start a NEW LIFE?

I paid $1500 for an illegally-obtained bonobo monkey to be delivered to my house. It acclimated well but after a few days I realized that I couldn’t wait to fuc* that monkey. So I drugged it with muscle relaxants and placed it in the “small package” sexual position, pumping its pink shrimp ring-like ass. I came deep inside the ape. The monkey slept it off and afterward I rewarded him with some carrots.

I have desires to make love to my own mother.

For the longest time, I've fantasized heavily about my mom. Holding her and touching her in ways I'm not supposed to touch or hold her.

As a kid, I always loved my mom mode then anyone in the world. It broke my heart when she had my sister, I got pushed to the side.

Since I was a teenager, I always tried some way to make her mine and steal her from her boyfriend. I bought her candy on Valentine's Day, flowers on Christmas. And, whenever she'd argue on the phone with her boyfriend, I always tried to comfort her. Like, one time, they argued at night. When she hung up, I went in her room and watched TV with her, I pretended to fall asleep. She tried to wake me up, but I didn't move. She just laid down with her back to me on her side. When she did, o scooted right behind her and wrapped my hand around her waist and fell asleep like that.

Unfortunately, none of my attempts at wooing her never worked and I still have desires for her.

I realized just how much I love my submissive girlfriend, and appreciate how well trained she is. whenever I ask for a blow job, usally once or twice a day, she will drop to her knees without hesitation, she swollows everytime and thanks me for it. she lets me fuc* her ass*** whenever I want. and she'll let me pus** fuc* her under her skirt it public. i love my little slut

Every time I see an Asian woman (Japanese, Chinese, Indian, all of them) wearing a skirt with bare legs, I immediately get hard and fantasize about burying my face in their pus** and ass and making them so so wet.

I like to dress up like Im going on a fancy night out sometimes and go to to large gas station that all the tourists use and picking up older married men who stop with their families. usally all i have to do is show them that im not wearing panties and they'll be fuc*** me in one of those trucker stalls in under five minutes. that almost all men are dogs turns me on.

I regret having donated one euro for child food. I've literally helped muslims take over Europe. I'm a traitor. Literally.

i saw my sexy 18-year-old niece in her bikini yesterday, and i can't get the vision of her out of my head. i've never thought about sex with a teen before, but after seeing her barely covered body i have thoughts of her being naked. i want to make love to her. i want to slide my hard cock inside her slippery pussy and fuck her. i want to hear her moaning in pleasure. i want to lick her and taste her. i want to orgasm inside her and feel her inner muscles clamping down on my cock as cum spurts out of my throbbing cock. oh god i want her so bad! it's all i want in the world right now. she has a perfect body and such a beautiful face. her pussy must be magnificent. i want to eat her out so bad! i want her to orgasm while i am eating her pussy. oh fuck! my cock is hard right now and i am jerking it. i am going to cum... here i cum... aaahhh!

Everyone in my family hates me soooooooo fuc*** much.

Incest turns me on ...i love looking at my aunt huge tits :grin:

I love going down on a guy and hearing him moan as I suck and lick his throbbing manhood. So hot! Nothing nicer than a warm, throbbing, hard piece of meat to play with. Usually, just as a guy is getting ready to cum, I will gently squeeze and pull on his ball sack. They go crazy and cum so hard when you do that. My reward is alway the bitter-salty creamy treat in my mouth - which I eagerly swallow. BTW, I am a 53 year old married man and my wife doesn't know that I am a man whore.

for guys only, when was the first time you sucked a dick? you are not alone, most of us have.

i was 13

I am terrified that my coworker's bf is going to find out that we've been screwing around. He's an mma instructor and former marine, but she is absolutely irresistable.
She is the driver for my carpool, and since I live closest to her, she always drops me off last. As soon as we drop the last person off before me, she reaches over and starts rubbing my coc* through my pants. So of course I start to grope and fondle her too. Then she calls her bf to let him know she'll be home soon, while she's unzipping my fly. They make small talk while she's stroking me to full attention, and I usually get my hand inside her pants and a finger or two inside her by the time she says, "Okay, see you soon. I love you"
Then she hangs up and pulls over up the block from my house, and sucks me off while I work her to an orgasm with my hand. She swallows every drop, every time. I've never had a gf that would do that before.
After that, she drops me off and heads home.
My biggest fear is that she's going to throw this in his face one of these days when they get into an argument.

I don't think human beings were meant to be monogomous. I love my wife but I'm always thinking about doing other people. I don't act on it but if the opportunity arose, I'd probably screw around with someone else on the side.

I have Tourette's Syndrome, a facial paaralysis on one side of my face, and a deformed ear (the latter two I was born with). However, nobody has taken a picture or video of me, to my knowledge, and made it go viral on the Internet. Part of me is comforted by this, but part of me is kind of disappointed.

I was told the percentage of me having a child was next to none. My partner and I knew that. We didn't think anything of it. A month ago I found out I was pregnant. I had been drinking to excess and knew that a child would not be right at this time. I scheduled my abortion for a week and a half away. Being a drinker, I know what it's like to puke.. But let me tell you, I was not ready for what this pregnancy threw me. I didn't eat for five days and could hardly hold down liquids. Finally, abortion day came. Unfortunately, I was so sick I thought I might need an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I've never felt worse in my life. I was vomiting blood, I was fluctuating body temps like I had a fever ( I didn't) and I thought I might end up dead. Suddenly I started cramping. And then bleeding. Fight or Flight kicked in, I called and uber and 30 minutes later I'm profusely bleeding on a hospital bed on a pee pad I would use for my dog. "What's going on?" says the doctor as I'm miscarrying right in front of her. 45 minutes in and I'm covered in blood. They take me to get a sonogram, I bled drops all down the hallway to the suite. I sat in my own blood and fetal tissue for at least 7 hours. And I came home numb. I showered and went to bed. And here's the thing, that entire thing was very traumatic. It was not supposed to happen this way and it was supposed to be done medically. I had it planned for THAT morning. SO I feel guilty. No, not for making the decision for abortion but for feeling bad that I miscarried in such a dramatic way that I feel the need to talk about it but also that it's incongruent thinking. At this point, I'm not allowed to feel, or at least it feels that way. It does not change my mind about how I feel about abortion being legal; it should ALWAYS be legal and an option for ANY woman who seeks it. But sitting in your miscarried embryo's blood for 8 hours is enough to make you never want to try to have children.