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last night we got drunk and i did something really bad... after getting drunk and all the guest had left, i was alone with my gf and her sister... who were out cold... i felt up her sister and jacked off to what i can't have... dear god please forgive me!

i know i'm not the same person i was at 21. when people say there getting married young, i think back to when i was "proposed to". he said we would be together forever. i put it in quotes because there was no ring and he later said he didn't want to get married. i know young people getting married and yet here i am 5 years later just trying to get through the day.

i'm on a second class in my masters program about english learners. i'm not even sure why i have to take two classes on this topic. one was enough. i get it not everyone in america speaks english and they still want an education. well guess what the new common core isn't going to make it any easier. perhaps the parents can get off their asses and teach their something at home. this goes for all the other students too. parents should stop using the school system as a babysitter, talk to your children at home, help them with their home work and show them some guidance. idiots.

be honest. i am hispanic and think whites make better parents because they don't feel the need to beat their kids for stupid shut like spilling juice.

i met his woman a week or so ago in the mall. she hit on me and i thought she was cute so i returned the advance. the first couple of days after we met she called me and told me she thought about me like crazy. i was happy at that thought because i am away from all family and have been lonely; meeting woman i don't care for emotionally solely physical attraction; but sleeping with them anyway. we hung out the following weekend quite a bit. i took her and her two kids to dinner, and spent lots of time with them and her. we were at her friends house that same weekend and ended up having sex, once more the following day as a matter of fact. the difference is that i like her alot even after only one week with her. the problem is she is 24 and i am 19. i told her i was 20, but only because i was afraid she would not take me seriously. i talked to her and told her i was looking for a real relationship because i am military and we live a lonely life and i want to start a family of my own. she seemed like she wasn't discouraged by what i'd told her, her only thing in fact was that she was scared because she couldn't find anything bad about me, and i got along so well with her children and she felt like she trusted me too much to only have known me for a weekend. she was married to her childhood love for a number of years so she is used to relationships. but since then she has had another bf for 6 months and it didn't work out. she got upset when i didn't call her after we'd slept together, so i made an effort to talk to her at least once a day after that, but now she doesn't really pick up the phone or return my text in a timely manner. now on her behalf she has two children and two jobs so i am trying to be understanding, but i want to be appreciated as the great opportunity that i am. i want her to see that i am not just putting on an act and that i am that nice guy, that accepts her and her children and if given the opportunity would try my best to give her the world. i feel like the more i bring it to her attention though, or express my frustration from the lack of returned phone calls or anxiousness to hang out; the more i am turning her off or pushing her away. it's hard to read her since we haven't communicated much.

i've wanted to make love to aunt jemima ever since i laid eyes on her lovely smile. i imagine her taking my penis in her skilled and talented breakfast making hands and jacking and stroking my white little throbbing pecker. her licking and flicking the slit and running her big lips all around the tip using my pre-cum as her lip gloss.

she's always got my day starting right. but i was always jealous of uncle ben being her husband.

i am really small, just barely 5 feet. i do not have hips, none, i am straight from the waist down. my breasts are non existent. i have sensitivity but no visible breasts. the only distinguishing feature that makes me feminine is that i have no facial hair, and i have fine features.

for whatever reason i get hit on both by big men, and by some women. i have only had sex with one man, but i never felt like he took me seriously. i tried to be all woman, but he didn't let me.

my other experience is with an older woman from my apartment complex, she is the same in that sense, but sexually she treats me with more respect, she gets me involved. the thing is i don't really like having sex with her, i prefer if she has sex with me.

i have a coworker, also an older man, he treats me like a person. the other day he took me to lunch, and when we crossed the street he took my hand and walked me across the street. i know he wasn't even thinking about it. i flirted with him at lunch, and he responded. i went out with him and although i was interested in going to bed with him, when we got back to my apartment he said good night and left me at my apartment alone.

i was so frustrated that i went over to my lady friend and just went wild. the thing is i want to have sex with a man, not just with her. that is what i really want, i liked having sex with a man, i just don't like the way i was treated.

for what it is worth, i have always seen myself with a family, i want a couple of kids.

damn noteful! ... don't you think you ought to put up the 'thanksgiving' decor up first? :)

after fuc*ing hookers, many times, but not always i feel really bad for 3 or 4 days. i'm really confused about what my feelings are. one part is realising i've spent (again) the little money i've managed to save. another part is having to accept i've paid for something others get for free and which seems totally unreachable for me. that is the biggest cause of my heartache. but there is something else which causes such confusion in my mind that all i can do is lie on bed all day and wait for it to go away.

oh sh*t
there is something on tv actually called Indian Id*l

they are ripping us off
we should add tariffs to those bast*rds

when i'm horny playing video games, i use my controller as a vibrator.

i'm a male and i love having women lick my asshole.

wish me luck, wish me love.

i have been having anxiety attacks almost everyday for the last 3 months. my backgournd i am 27 bf is 48. i moved out of my parents to rent an apartment with him. my daughter is not handling the transition well and cries all the way home when we leave my parents after a visit. i am the only one with a car. his ex, wants more money for child support and the only way to transport the kids is thru me. even though she now has a brand new vehicle etc. i just want this stress and unfulfillment to disappear. maybe it is a mistake to date someone twice my age who really has no assets, not that i am a gold digger. i want the pain of having a constant heart attack a couple of times a day to dissipate. i am severley stressed. i am told not to worry about things i have no control over. stop bringing your problems into my life. think i just found my answer maybe.

i'm half latina, from my mom. i just cannot get close to a milky white boy. they are nice and pleasant and smart and make good money and all that. but i need a macho latino guy, real macho who doesn't cover it up. my mother married for the money and and security, but even she confesses to the lack of passion. i need a man who is passionate and isn't afraid to show it. it is a real mess because the men i am atracted to are all from a much lower social economic position. i tried going with the right kind of white guy, but there is no spark, nothing. i dont' get off to black men at all.

the only time i have had sex was with a real man like my mother's brother, but he is exactly what my mother ran away from. i want the lifestyle, i just can't settle for a lower lifestyle, but i want the passion of a real man too.

*atheists* the scum of the earth.

i am suicidal and just dont have any more hopes from life. i am suffering from low self worth, low self esteem, many behavior problems and helplessly watching my destruction.

how can i prove that the aliens are communicating with me?

they won't make a public appearance. they are trying to hide behind masks.

you need to try these new bath salts - i feel so clean now

except that i shit the bed

my name is bryan i'm an alcoholic, compulsive overeater and mental adulterer (in the flesh years ago with two women - one was a complete "one-off", the other was with a lady who i intended to marry once my divorce went through. this turned into an 18 month affair, and the judge refused to grant a divorce on the grounds of insufficient mediation arrangements for my son - now 17.)

by the grace of god and with the help of aa and the 12-step programme, i haven't had any real problem with excess alcohol - about once a year, i pick up perhaps a glass of wine, immediately regret it, and contact someone to discuss this potential lapse, and get back on to the aa programme. i consider myself as fully recovered as i am likely to be, and my teetotalism is near-perfect - the miracle is that i no longer even desire alcohol, even when others around me are drinking freely. there once was a time when i couldn't get through a single day without well over the recommended weekly intake consumed by me easily within a 24 hour period. i was just a few binges away from the mortuary when i stumbled into my first aa meeting in london!

my wedding in a registry office in london in 1984 was at the height of my drinking "career" and, as a result, it was a shambolic and drunken affair, although, to our credit, we vowed not to take a drink before the 11am service, and kept that vow, though we were inside the nearest pub for the 'reception' by @ midday. the day went downhill from there, and i ended up in a violent row with my brother-in-law, who was running the bar at our second reception in the evening. i should point out that my wife, her brother and i are all irish!

there have been intermittent episodes of violence throughout the 28 years since we met - a few whilst we were drunk, but most whilst i was trying to stay sober, but exhibited mood swings, obsessional behaviour and other erratic emotional disturbances whilst sober - aa call these aberrations "dry drunks" i.e. behaviour which resembles that of a drunken person, though in fact no alcohol has been consumed. these have characterised our relationship since @ 1991, when i fully committed to try to live booze-free.

the damage to my wife from these "dry drunks" has been mainly emotional, though she has suffered bruises to her upper arms through me holding her too tightly and shaking her, in an attempt to make her listen to my version of events, and when i have obviously lost control of my temper. on another occasion, she barricaded herself into the kitchen, and i shoved the door in, which landed on top of her. the worst assault of all happened when i was exhausted through lack of sleep, having become disabled by depression, and she took me to task over shortage of money. her hyperaggressive verbal assault triggered me 'losing it' and putting her over my knee, and giving her a good spanking with a bible that i happened to have in my hand (i was on my way out of the house to a revival meeting, when she launched into me.) i fled the house, and didn't return for two years, which led to the 18 month affair. i was subsequently arraigned in a magistrates court charged with violent assault, after my wife flagrantly lied about, and exaggerated what had happened, claiming that i had kicked her in the stomach - this she later retracted, and i was found "not guilty."

since returning home, at my son's request, we have lived totally separate lives, in opposite ends of the house. i follow the teachings in proverbs which says "better to live in the corner of an attic than share a beautiful house with a quarrelsome wife" also "better to live alone in the desert, than share a house with a nagging, critical wife" (unfortunately a good description of mary, though she used to be fun-loving and carefree when we first met! the "violence" since returning home has been almost exclusively verbal, though my son has been caught in the middle of the battles quite often.

left to my own dev

my dog just died a few days ago. my kids and husband were upset. me the one that said no we're not getting a dog was the one that ended up being most attached to it. the kids and my husband want another dog. i don't think i can do it. i fell apart for two days after he died and today i thought when i walked in i'd hear him come running. i can't bring myself to get another dog and become attached like that again.