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My memory's bad @ 29 and I always forget who I had that one random conversation with the other day.

Then I realize i talk to myself more than anyone and it was probably me. It's gotten so bad that I imagine there's someone else answering me; that's probably where the actual confusion comes in.

My sister is a hot bbw. I've seen her naked and I can't stop thinking about getting naked with her.

I can't stop thinking about my last affair lover. We have not talked in over 6 months and i still think about him. it went away for a little while. I was doing better and now I am back. I am so depressed and I just want to die. I have no one in my life to count on. my life is completely depressing and I can't take it anymore. Should I contact him? just to get some closure or something? I feel as if I need something more.

women wearing sexy high heels at work barefoot is making me crazy. cant contain my foot fetish.

I can’t stand it. It gets me hard so many times every day. I’ll do whatever they ask me. If they only knew what they could ask me to do. It’s a secret fetish, but I work in an office building with women who do this basically every single day.

I just can’t stop touching myself. It’s been this way for years. Decades really. I stare at them. The high heels. I follow women around. It’s been worse this past 15 years since I started working in an offices buildings. Now I see it every day. It’s making me jerk off 3-4 times a day at work. For years. My soul is exhausted ... my pen** is raw and thirsty

It's hilarious how you could be a helicopter parent (and made great effort to give everyone around us that impression), yet you couldn't protect me from getting sexually abused. Looking like a "good parent" took all effort away from actually being one.

And you wonder why I neither trust or respect you? Give me a fuc*** break. Now that I'm no longer financially dependent on you, I don't give a fuc* who you trash me to when my back is turned. Live your own miserable existence and leave me in peace.

All you bleeding heart Liberals who hate on Trump every chance you get can now surely go to hell. He made more progress with North Korea in 5 minutes than all other Presidents combined! How? By being a leader, that's how. I am sick and tired of turning on the TV or radio and hearing nothing but hate about our Commander in Chief. The man is doing everything he promised and much more. He is creating jobs, for AMERICANS! Not for Armenians, or Allah, or other pedophile loving rejects. For AMERICA!

Buying Upcycle shoes on you Tube from girls who wear them without socks

It’s an addiction. I’m spending several hundreds of dollars every month buying shoes from girls on you tube who promised to wear them without socks and post videos of themselves doing it

$5,540 last year. That’s how much I spent buy shoes from girls who wore them without socks

boots without socks. do it. make her.

take off all underwear. none for a month.

Moved in with my boyfriend in January this year, and it was going great until about 2 months ago.

He's very withdrawn and hardly speaks to me at all, let alone give me any sort of attention. Just a few weeks ago he went to a LAN and gave his phone to somebody else so he wouldn't have to speak to me.

That really hurt.

I spoke to him yesterday about this, and how it's affecting our relationship; and that I've even planned on moving out if this continues. There's still tension. And he's still ignoring me now so... What I've said went in through one ear and out the other it seems.

He doesn't look at me with the same eyes anymore. I'm afraid that he's lost interest in me or just doesn't like me anymore.

I don't know what to do or say to him. Feels like I keep trying to start a conversation but all options are exhausted.

Just feeling numb and pathetic.

Pathetic at 38...
I have a small pen**, not even 3 inches. I don’t know if it’s micro or not?

I’ve always had to date much smaller, shorter and much much younger girls, often virgins, like teenagers, so they don’t know any better

I’ve only had actual sex with like 3 women.

And I have not had sex where I actually came inside of a girl in well over a year now and

actually, being fully honest I’ve only had sex where I got to finish inside a girl maybe 7 times in the past decade

My dating life is pretty pathetic really

I have to masturbate a lot and

I’m really lonely...

Like cripplingly depressed.

Always down About my utterly pathetic lack of sex, depressed about my weight I obsess about after years of trying to fight being fat, my drinking problem I hide from people, my job that emasculates me, makes me feel useless and abused and unappreciated.

i live in this pathetic apartment alone. sad. watching everyones life pass me by. I want to be a father. but no real woman wants a guy like me

Im not a Man’s Man. im pathetic and weak and worthless

It’s pretty sad

I had a dream about my biological father. I haven't seen him in 18 years, haven't actively thought of him in the past 5. In that dream, I let him have it. I don't remember everything I said, but every feeling of anger and resentment I'd pushed to the back of my mind reared its ugly head.

I remembered how he slapped my mother's face and felt justified in the action.

I remembered dreading seeing him every month after the divorce, because I knew he'd talk shit about my mother.

I remembered my mother figuratively breaking her back to make ends meet, sleeping in the car when I had rehearsals and performances, and having to comfort her every night because she still felt she was failing me somehow.

I remembered him talking shit about me; how he would repeatedly tell me to quit every artistic passion I had because I'd never go anywhere with it.

I remembered him taking me to meet his lady friends at a dance party; telling them of my accomplishments, just to hear them praise him, when I knew he made none of the sacrifices to make that happen.

I remembered him telling me to perform for them, and being angry when I refused.

I know that man is a narcissist. To this day, he does not believe he is in the wrong. He has never apologized for his actions, and while I asked for an apology as a teenager, I have accepted that I will never get one.

And yet, in my dream, he was crying. He didn't apologize, he just cried. I handed him tissues, but I still felt so angry and upset.

I woke up and cried.

I can't tell my friends about this, because for all intents and purposes, my mother's second husband is my father. He adopted me. His family accepted me. While he's not perfect, he has been wonderfully patient, kind and supportive beyond societal expectations. Opening up to my friends would mean exposing that lie.

I am happier maintaining the image that my life has always been this idyllic, but it also means I cannot tell friends who are currently suffering with abusive parents just how deeply I can relate to their pain. Many of my other friends are dealing with depression and/or discrimination due to their orientation and identity. As someone privileged enough to not be going through that, I think talking about a long-dead issue I've mostly resolved myself would distract my friends from their own progress and self-care. I feel more useful to them as an emotionally stable and cheerful person.

I am genuinely happy. Still very suspicious of men, and recovering from justifiable bitterness, but happy nonetheless. Thank you for providing a space for me to unload my thoughts so I can get on with my day. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you can relate to any part of what happened with my father, I sincerely hope you find your own bliss. Remember that what happened is not your fault and there is no shame in asking for help if you need it.

I do not want to be "taken care of", and I really don't understand when I hear other women say it. To each their own though; I'm not judging.

I grew up taking care of/being the adult to my own father and am receiving therapy to work through my issues stemming from this. But the thought of the roles being reversed is alien and uncomfortable to me.

If anything, I would rather be equals with my significant other and we can run our household on an even keel; if for some reason he feels like trying to run things as number 1, he can leave and find someone else. I'm not trapped with anyone, nor is anyone trapped with me.

Advice for my daughters. You have to choose. Your job/career or your family. You can't do both at the same time. Your family comes first. Children and husband need you full time. You can't fix the mistakes of not taking care of your family. I feel for you, but it is your baggage in life. Enjoy your job before marriage, when the first baby shows up your only job is mom.
Corollary: Not having babies is not an option. It's your job, the most important job of your time on earth.
Your Mom, because I love you.

i dunno, im not being self centered like i know im not perfect at all but i think i look cute naked. i would totally fuc* me

back in summer 2001 summer before my senior year of college, I kinda date raped a freshman girl who had a crush on me after we went to a concert. she asked me to stop because she was a virgin

I didnt stop, even when she was crying. i finished inside her. she cried herself to sleep. next morning I bought her breakfast. no charges were ever filed. she thought that meant we were in love and kept coming around my apartment for months until i told her everything was over right after 9-11

finally found her on facebook late last night. her daughter was born April 15, 2002.

I had no idea - shes been a single mom this whole time

my god her daughter lookes just like a clone of me, except better looking, my eyes, my nose, my face, everything. shes just much much prettier. shes a star girls volleyball player in Texas now, and Honor student, just turned 16 and going to be a Junior in high school next year

should I reach out to her now that I finally found her!?

ok, preventing girls from wearing socks is one thing, but this is a bit too much

I have looked at porn and any type of erotica since I was 9 years old I am now 27 years old and over the years the content has left a scar in my mind or my psyche whichever you choose and at this point I am so kind of messed up that half of your entries are stirring something in me that I don't even understand even the things that are horrendously horrible seems like they're doing it for God help me I do not know what to do cuz I think I'm addicted to the idea of sex.
if there were no God no law no order or just simple common decency I would fuc* anyone any person at any point I think I have lost my true boundaries and is willing to smash hell even during the entry and admitting this is kind of doing something for me anybody got any help cuz I'm not sure where I'm at in this department anymore

Last night I was looking through my sons phone and found pictures of his hot little girlfriend naked and tied to the bed at our cabin up north. I am blown away at this girls body. Absolutely blown away! I cannot believe my son landed this. Her body is mind blowing!!! Literally mind blowing!

I've found out so many things from social media about people I'll never see again. Mark... I never had Myspace but since trying to get an attention of a boy, I joined Facebook and I never left Facebook. Now I participate in Facebook auctions and find out lots of cool stuff sometimes. For the most part though, I know way too much about anybody.