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i hate gay guys. really, it's not just them, it's all persons who indulges in anal sex. playing around or with the anus is just plain nasty. thats where your shit comes from god damn it.

i called the samaritans anonymously and confessed all my sins - all. it was a really distressing experience, but the best thing i did. i wasn't judged, i was listened to and i was actually told that although i'd done wrong, it was a result of the stuff i was going through at the time. it wasn't something i'd normally do. just remember, the bad things we do in life are often a result of a situation we're in. we may unintentionally create a bad situation for ourselves. we don't always deal with it the right way - we're human. we may hurt others along the way. as long as we know we're truly sorry from the heart for what we've done; i now believe we can heal. god loves and forgives. we should honour him by doing the same. we're on this earth to learn vital lessons and as we strive not to make the same mistakes we can only become better people. we have to learn to love and not to hate or judge people. the only true judge in this world is god. we should only be here to support one another.

No matter how hard I try I just can't fuc*ing stop smoking and I'm terrified I'm going to die from lung cancer - I'm only in my thirties but I've been smoking for over twenty years

This morning was really scary, whenever I almost blacked out while smoking. My chest and lungs have hurt lately, and I finding myself gasping and wheezing if I try to walk up even a single flight of stairs. I'm afraid I already have early onset emphezema, that my doctor warned me about four years ago. I have a terrible chronic smokers cough and I spit up nasty brown phlegm every morning - yet I still can't go twenty minutes with feeling the overwhelming urge needing another cigarette

It's been like this since 1996 when I started smoking when I was just 15 years old and it's just gotten worse and worse over the years. My smoking started to get out of hand in college and since then I've never been able to cut back smoking

How do I explain to my three year old daughter why I can't quit smoking? She copies everything I do and I'm terrified I'm both not going to love to see her graduation and also that she's going to end up becoming a smoker like me - what do I say to her?

i love you. save me. i promise to save you too when i get my strenght back.

i don't believe humans evolved from apes.

i'm happy with my job. i'm happier than ever with my friends. my relationship is making me miserable, and it's the reason i'm depressed. i tried having an affair, but then i just ended up self-loathing and feeling used on top of being depressed. sometimes i wish i would just die. suicide would just make me feel guilty.

i love yoga!

am i a bad person?

i've been trying to get this girl in the sack off and on for a few years now... i just want sex... she wants more than that... i say the only way to see if it would work out between us is if we try... but i really just want sex.

oh, and im banging her friend as i'm doing all this.

so am i a bad person? or just a pimp?

i know this will come across as intensely abhorrent and repulsive but i've been in love with my maternal aunt for the past ten years. these past few years have been spent hidden under a mask of secrecy and forced apathy each time i've met my aunt, only shaken by occasionally subliminal betrayals of impulse when i've contrived to accidentally brush my hand against her ass, or when i momentarily grope her breasts each time she deigns to hug me. she is 55 now, yet i continue to harbour feelings of forbidden lust for her. this repressed passion and desire has started to manifest itself in unsavoury thoughts and fancies that are too perversely disturbing to contemplate. i've been fantasising over the possibility of subjecting my aunt to rape, and increasingly the desire to enact the fantasy in reality has become overwhelmingly compelling. latterly, i've become oblivious to the heinous consequences of such a demonic act of incestuous depravity. i've even had a couple of opportunities to take advantage of her and play out my fantasy but thankfully better sense has prevailed thus far. i need serious help to brace myself to take the ultimate vile step or to make a clean fist of it and lay open my heart to her. i admit the upshot of a confession would be grave and i would probably be vilified, however, there is a slight probability that i may appeal to her passion and she may reciprocate given that her sex life for the past ten years is hardly likely to be fulfilling. it seems to me that each course of action would require infinite courage, cunning and resourcefulness, but the sheer fact that the more despicable course has a higher chance of success makes it more appealing and i'm not sure better sense can prevail much longer. either way, i need help.

i really did steal my friends diamonds.

i'm literally a terrible person. i lie and cheat and manipulate and i wish i could live with myself but i can't i just hate myself

what do you do when you don't like someone no more? how do you go and tell them that you don't really love them anymore? my inability to answer these two questions has left me in a relationship that is strangling me alive.

i am 33 married for 10 years, i have only had sex with my husband. i was a virgin on my wedding night. my husband took me both vaginally and analy on my wedding night. the next morning i learned about taking it down your throat, by vomiting on the motel carpet. i get anal a lot. i have three kids.

i saved myself for marriage, my husband makes a big deal about he being the only man that has ever fucked me. he gets a big bang out being able to fuck me in the butt. for me it doesn't matter either way, either way i am getting fucked. to be totally honest, i really feel fucked when he puts it down my throat, controlling gagging and breathing make me really focus on his dick. that is when i really get that feeling.

i like being his whore, not supposed to, and i have to be careful because of the kids, but i love being his whore. i was a lacy goody goody growing up and now i am a total whore for him. i must have had some real repressed feeling while i was being a kept a virgin.

I am an alcoholic

i saw a purse at the mall and nobody was near it. i put it in my shopping bag, took it to the bathroom and took the money that was in it. it wasn't a lot of money, maybe 70 dollars.

i've suddenly had the urge to wear one long glove on my left hand. how weird is that?

i learned how to masturbate from a dog (icky!!!), sorry if this came across loud?!?!

we may be done. i can't keep up with her anymore.

i'm a selftaught and i studied hard to become a published photographer, and i have bills like everyone else. i don't mind shooting a few pics for free for those who are close to me, but dammit they should at least be thankful! i did a maternity shoot for my boyfriend's sister, her husband told me they looked great, and thanked me - and he was only in 1 of those pics!! she looked at the pictures, didn't say anything, didn't thank me, and said "where are the pictures of me and the teddy bear that you took? there are only a few pics in here". wow... talk about rude people! i really like her and she cooks and lets us stay at her house when we come over, but she crossed the line this time! i usually charge for a set of 10 pics & over, she got 20, and she thinks that's too little. she didn't pay for my time & work, i went an extra mile, i didn't get a thank you, i almost got told off! wow...i'm still speechless. i bought a cute body for their unborn child, she went on and on about how cute it was, but i never heard thank you. i came back from my holiday with tons of souvenirs, no thank you either - at least not from her. i mean... arghhh i could so kill somebody right now!

i 'm a man in my mid- forties and my elderly mother just died recently. it's been several months now, and i haven't cried or had any kind of emotional breakdown. i'm seriously thinking of having a sexual encounter with the first decent looking woman in her sixties i come across. maybe this will trigger some feelings to the surface and help me through the mourning process. right now i feel like a rotten son!! is this a good idea ?