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kar** marie kiebert from essex ontario has herpes

Im a straight male. I had one of my other "straight" male friends ask me if he could suck my coc*. I thought about it, cuz i dont want to seem gay, but then again i hadent nutted properly in months. Well a bunch of us were out to drinks last night and after a few shots, i pulled my friend to the side and said he could suck me off if he wanted, but i had to nut in his mouth. He said that was fine. We went out to my car and got in the backseat. I unzipped myself and pulled it out, ashamed to see i was pumping hard already. My friend started ro suck me off and oh my god it was actually amazing. The way he sucked my lifeforce out of mt coc*, he deep throat all 7and a half inches of me, and even cradled my balls in his fingers. It was the best head i evee recieved and it was from another dude! It didnt take long for me to start to nut, i grabbed a fist full of his hair and i held him down on my coc* while i shot my hot load deep in the back of his throat. When he sat up he had a huge smile on his face. He told me it didnt change anything beteeen us and he wouldnt tell anyone. We went back into the bar to hang with our other friends and it was like nothing happened. So now im finding myself in a delima as the fact that im not gay, im not attracted to my friend sexually and dont want to have sex with him, but i do want him to suck my coc* again. I want to feel that euphoria again. It was better then my days taking lsd and molly. I tell ya, the boys got talent

So, after losing 50 lbs on the Keto diet since 1st week of December, I can once again self suck when I need a nice release.

I didnt think I could fall in love with someone.
Ive been through a lot of shit like a lot of us have- so much so that I had given up completely at the idea of being with someone- I was comfortable being alone

I did though. By ill timed circumstance and mutual friends of course.

This person is so far away logic stands that no something like this isnt possible- and I would be safe. I was wrong we have been talking for a year now and I knew I loved them this past October.

Then I had to decide not to be in love or... how do you call it distance myself. Because I think you dont really stop loving someone you just recognize its not meant to be.

I had to do this because while this person is amazing their traumas have caused them to discern that they are incapable of loving someone. They confessed to me last night that yea they hoped for the best between us.. but they dont think they could love anyone ever.

honestly it is a lot for me to ask that they let there guard down especially since we only know eachother from facetime, phone calls, texting and other various platforms of social media. None of it is enough to be the equivalent of being in the same room with the person.

I have to be ok with that.
I see the value in what it is we have, I can always trust them.

I hate hearing that there is a reason for everything because it puts a sense of optimism for a neatly tied ending or solution.

Because I know the ending to all of this is us slowly disintegrating from eachother. I dont want that. He doesnt want that. but what else is there?

I was molested as a 6 or 7 year old. He was a mentally retarded guy. He took me on the stairs and made out with me and tightly hugged me and rubbed his pelvic against mine. I dont remember how long it lasted. My sex life is ruined. 27 and no sex life.

The recent loss of a certain secrets website a few days ago has me climbing the walls needing to vent and troll. In case there are any fellow former posters on here, I won't spoil the site secret in case it comes back. Initials were S A and it had an orange background. People could be very brutal on there, but it was pure, unfiltered honesty and exposition of the human psyche.

For the first 35 years of my life I was always around guns. Lots of them. Always had lots of guns. Rides and shotguns, pistols. Semiauto rifles (sometimes called “Assualt rifles” in media) and many semi auto pistols. Grew up hunting and shooting from a Young age. I even did competition shooting in college and afterwards for a decade or more.

Shooting guns, carrying guns legally, going to gunshows, going hunting, being in the woods withguns, taking friends and family shooting
- all of that was part of the southern gun culture I grew up with.

I suppose I might have reflected on it some in College when the Columbine school shooting happened, but I just thought: there’s no real way to stop it if someone wants to break the law - it’s alreadyillegal to shoot people - and also that it was protected by the second amendment.

But lately with all these crazy school shootings - I have started to rethink things again; particularly as I have become a father a few years ago

I’m a registered republican and I vote. I do a lot of work in the oil and gas business, I’m college educated and I’m very pro business and pro military. I still live in the South and still own over 20 guns. I’m still a member of the NRA - but I’m starting to question that more lately

I’m really starting to rethink everything about American gun culture. Something is wrong. Something has to change

Thoughts and prayers aren’t going to cut t.

had a dream i got asked on a date to hungry jacks

said yeah

woke up before getting there

im taking my friend’s wife out to dinner and a movie tonight while he is out of town!!!

he is out of town for 2 weeks and she is all alone. We’re going to eat dinner, get drinks, go to a movie (Deadpool 2 - her pick!) and then go for after dinner drinks!

Conveniently my own wife just left town for the weekend with our daughter on a trip to see her family since I have to work the next so days - my wife won’t be back till lte Sunday night

My friends wife and I are basically planning to hang out together tonight, get drinks etc and then we have already talked about going out again on Friday night! —- She is a heavy drinker like me and unlike her husband/my wife who rarely drink; she and I like to get truly plastered!

I’ve crashed at her and her husbands house when i was drunk before and She’s crashed at our house before after she and her husband went drinking - she gets really touchy feely after a few drinks, particulary when im around - so when it’s just the two of us, I’m fairly sure she’ll end up spending the night

She also told me she really wants to do stuff with me all day Saturday too and so she and I had already planned stuff to do together the whole weekend ! Going to a wine tasting and a new art show! She is also checking into getting some concert tickets - it’s going to be like Several Date Nights!!! We are both really excited!!! She and I have a lot of similar interest and really get along fantastically

We’ve also always had a lot of chemistry with each other - she’s a very very cute nerdy girl who looks great in heels and has the smartest teacher vibe going (she’s a teacher and school just got out) - Shes also 11 years younger than me - which I really dig - and she’s always loved my Alpha Male personality

weve already agreed we are going to keep all of this secret - there is no need for our spouses to know

This is going to be a fantastic weekend with just me and my friends wife!

women never wear pantyhose anymore? why

If only to make it ones lifes work to delete all these stupid sites...there would be at the least less contribution to the mental illness of many.
Please someone do it!!!

In my mind I have the power to control what happens in the world. Through watching YouTube videos, listening to music and staring at album covers.

I've been this delusional since 2005, I take anxiety medication and a lot of caffeine.

this woman is sabotaging my plans!

This bitch is doing it. She’s 40 and divorced and lonely and skinny as hell. Like maybe 100 pounds max, and about 6 feet tall. She always wears 4-5 inch high heels making her even taller. She always smells like cigarettes, and tries to hide it. She hates her life, and she wants to make everyone else miserable!

ive worked for over a year to make this happen and all she can do is be a soulless burecrat without any care for anyone else. jesus I wish someone would just go fuc* some happiness into her, so she wouldnt be such a bitch!

So my sister decided to take in a child (a 9-year-old boy) from foster care late last year, the child had been living at a children's home for quite some time. I'm not dogging my sister for taking the child but I have a complaint about how the facility is run.

The facility in questions constantly doing things with the children at the home. We're talking multiple outings a week to movies, the theme parks, to eating out to theme parks. This is all done on the dime of people and business who donate free passes and gift cards. The home has all modern game systems donated by the local sports teams. This already raised some flags for me because from what I understand a lot of these kids come in with nothing and are suddenly given EVERYTHING.

My sister and her family get by just fine, but they do it by being thrifty so they can spend the money on things they need. They can't afford to go to a baseball game every week or even a movie every week for two adults and now three children. They don't buy their kids every toy that crosses their path, they've taught my niece and nephew to value experiences over things.

This boy they've taken in constantly bugs them to eat out (he actually refused to eat my brother in law's burgers because he wanted to go to McDonald's instead), to go places, to go shopping (he has a state required allowance that comes out of their per diam rate and he always wants to go buy more crap)and it's driving my sister to a breaking point. The first day he was in the home he said he wanted to play Xbox which they don't have and he didn't seem to grasp that not everyone has a video game system. He actually came in with almost as many toys as my neice and nephew combined.

Two weeks ago my brother in laws mother died and they asked me to watch the boy during the funeral. The family was going to be gone for most of the day. This kid immediatly demanded to go to Chuck E Cheese and I explained to him we needed to stay for whenver the family came back. He wanted to play my PS2 ("this is old"), I have no child friendly games. I tried to get him to take my dog for a walk with me, to go to the park, I had some art supplies. When he didn't like any of my suggestions he begged to watch Let's Plays on Youtube ( I was specifically told no Youtube). When I said my sister told me not to let him, he sat on the couch and stared at the black TV screen for almost two hours.

It was infuriating because I constantly got "at "the children's home" we did this and that and why can't everyone do it this way?" And I constantly got asked why I was so poor I couldn't afford to eat out or have Netflix or cable. I didn't like having to justify to a 9-year-old my spending habits.

It was a long day for me to say the least. WHen he got home he told my sister that I refused to play with him and sat on my computer the whole time. (I was working for maybe 90 minutes on a final school paper since he didn't want to play with me) He also said I all I would give him is a peanut butter sandwich to eat for lunch and dinner. He refused to eat my banquet chicken nugget meal, he wanted Chik-Fil-A and didn't want my homemade pizza and said I should order Papa John's just for him. The PB&J sandwich what I was told to make him should he refuse any food given to him.

When my sister finally picked him up, she told me that he had stopped this behavior with them because he knew it didn't work on them anymore. They had finally laid the law down when their 11 and 8 year old started to exibit similiar behaviors.

My sister and her husband are now wanting to go on a date night and have asked me to babysit again, this time all three kids. I'm not exactly sure I want to do that. I love my neice and nephew but that foster kid is stressful and I'm worried how the other two will react while he's around.

Sorry if I sound like a bitch but I needed to get that off my chest.

if you had just one of the following mutant powers which one would you choose and why?

a) ability to make someone shit themselves -within line of sight

b) ability to make someone have an errection but not ejaculate -within lineof sight for initial use, but can last for months afterwards

c) ability to make any girl orgasm repeatedly by physical touch

d) ability to teleport your semen into the vagina of a target girl at will - but realizing that if you had old school sex and came inside a woman it would make her infertile forever

which would you pick and why

i want you, misty.

earlier today i was feeling like utter shit, but now, after writing about my feelings for a little while like how i used to when i was younger, i'm feeling much better. i didn't know why i was feeling how i was feeling, and i still don't, but even if you don't know why, sometimes just writing about how you feel is enough to help you feel better. and honestly, i should be asleep right now, but i just feel like writing until i pass out (which honestly might be very soon rip). i dunno though, i'm just glad i'm feeling better

the older i get the more i appreciate people who are genuine and real and kind. its actually so nice interacting with someone like that whether theyre a chick dude or grandpa hey. so many huge egos out there.

so grateful that i havent gone down that path, every challenge i face just ends up humbling me more and teaching me about grace and being in the moment. hard to believe how huge my ego used to be and how hardcore i used to hold onto grudges. so grateful i get to live a life free of that, its like a ball of hate clenching your stomach and sucking all of your energy like a black hole. my place inside myself now nourishes and heals me these days and i couldnt be any more grateful for that if i tried.

being able to let go i can cry if something hurts and let it go, then its no longer an issue. then im back to my life. can pretty much live a healing or destructive life in my opinion, not much in between as apathy only destroys yourself

peace dudezzz

the only thing keeping me from comitting suicide is how my loved ones would feel and suffer if i died. life is meaningless to me. the world is going to end anyway, so nothing here matters in the scale of the universe.

We lost more American school children to gun violence this year than than we lost soldiers in war zones

what the fuc* is wrong with you people?