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A hooker told me I was the only client of hers who wasn't married. Is it funny? Or sad? I laughed.

i've [f22] been in love with my best friend [m22] for about 3 years. i've confessed my feelings for him 3 times, and every time, he said he only sees me as a friend and nothing more. i've come to terms with it, accepted that he doesn't want anything more with me, and we've stayed close friends.

but recently, he confided in me a secret and he's doing things that are sending me mixed signals. he recently told me that he bought himself a thong and a jockstrap.

and it threw me for a loop. because 1) he's a good christian man, and 2) he never really showed interest in sex and doing kinky stuff. the thing is, that, a few weeks earlier he asked me which i preferred, a jock strap or thong? he doesn't know that i have a strong male underwear kink, and he shows up with this. and i'm still in love with him.

fast forward, and i'm sitting in his car and he's showing me the color of the thong that he's wearing. later that night, we facetime and he shows me the jockstrap that he ordered. and ever since that day, every time he wears a thong or jock strap, he tells me, he even specifies what color he has on that day. and it's driving me insane. i don't know what to do.

a while ago, we were alone in his house, and he pulls out all the thongs and jockstraps that he has. and he wanted me to touch them. to "feel the soft material". and i did. they were soft. he likes to pull down his pants slightly so that i can see the thong line, or wear tight pants so i see the jock straps. and he's killing me.

is this normal??? does he want something else? does he see me as something more than a friend? is there hope for me?

we talk on the phone every day on our way home from work. i go over to his house often, and we play video games together, watch movies, eat out. we're always play fighting and recently, i've caught him looking at me. i want to touch him so badly. i want to hold him. we're so perfect for each other and he does things that make me have hope for a future together. i'm in love with him, and i wish so badly that he loved me too.

should i try one more time and tell him i like him and risk everything? or should i suffer in silence and be his "best friend" and keep the friendship?

i don't know anymore. i hate being in this limbo of "more than friends, less than lovers." what do i do? does he like me? i'm so terrified of losing him. it would kill me if he found someone else.

I have been thinking about soulmates,there is one person who said that the tragedy is that everyone has them,but will probably never meet him/her,because one lives in for example China,and the other in Portugal...That makes me think if i should be satisfied with what I have or believe in a soulmate and search for it?

what do you think?

I'm in love with a girl but our age difference might be a problem. I am 53 and she is 11. Very developed for an eleven year old, but still totally illegal. Not that that's ever stopped me in the past.

I picked up this butt ugly chick at the bar and took her back to my place and banged the guts out of her. The sex was great but man is she an ugly whore. All snaggle toothed and zits all over her body. I actually had to look away as i did her from behind. Probably hasn't washed her fat ass in days! Yuck! But she was on the pill and told ne to cum inside her so i did. Didn't use a rubber and i know that was dumb. Her hole felt ace so i had no prob leaving my future kids inside her. Doubt that garbage dump could produce a baby anyway. The gods wouldn't allow it.

I hate Sundays. all I do is lie and bed and wait for day to end. I live with parents and I hate them, so I wait until I am free one day and I am in my 40's

i love to get blowjobs. if i get you alone with me you better believe i'm going to ask you for one.

My penis burn when I pee. Maybe I shouldn't have fucked all those hookers without a condom.

I'm using this site to generate random numbers. Things you post not only get stuff off your chest, they might also be changing die rolls in a game I run. I used to use that supposedly "anonymous secret" site, but seeing as they don't implement https, I'm guessing posting there is less than anonymous, and it's full of repititive spam to boot.
So remember. Your brightest joys and darkest secrets get ground up into randomness, and help me decide if orcs live or die.

It's the weekend and again I drank too much throughout the week.

My mother just turned 84. I am 53 and I still jerk off with her panties. I wonder what her reaction would be if she knew I have been using her panties to jerk off with for over almost 40 years!!??

I'm really fuc*** depressed and I haven't showered in almost two weeks

My husband brought his friend Brett to our apartment. Brett is hot and a ladies man. We were all drunk and my husband passed out. Brett made his move. Brett kissed me. Brett got me naked. Brett was on top of me. Brett was inside of me. Three times that night Brett made me his.

April is Revenge month?! Uhm. Idk how i made anyone pay the consequences. Does practicing black magic count? Hmmm.

teenage abortion or teenage pregnancy?

you decide

I am in love with Emily Blunt. Head over heels.

on the toilet and been here all morning. the ammount of shit coming out of me is absolutly disturbing

I cant remember how I got here last night

I really really need to stop drinking so much

I love my mother. I love being inside her. Throbbing. Throbbing. I love her slippery warmth, the way it surrounds me and pulls me in deeper. My body collapses on top of her drenched in sweat, my manhood spent inside her. I stay like that until I am shriveled and stuck to her like glue.

i was looking at bras on a buy sell trade app. i found a women with 4 bras i wanted. i told we just moved and two boxes of our underwear was missing.i told her my wife needed them. so she starts asking what we need and her boyfriend had underwear for me.i had to tell her i wear panties. she was like ill bring everything i can. she just wanted the money for the i go meet her and she hands me 2 plastic bags full of bras panties and a few night gowns.she says this is your bag and there is special treat in it for you. i couldnt wait to get home and see what all was there. there was a bag in the middle with 4 pairs of her worn panties. that was the biggest rush i have ever felt.