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cleaning my rifle alone. my pen** is cold. all I have is a bottle of something awful

Im bleeding out of my anu*. I miss her so much. why did she have to leave me. why donthey always have to leave me when Im drunk again.

my dic* sores arent going away. I got gasoline on them to clean the sores. that was a terrible plan

what is your favorite thing about TWB?
i love her kind eyes

in my dream house, there will be a copy of mein kampf chained to the toilet in the master bathroom, like the pens at the bank.

i am so tired of the boys at my school. they are so stupid. plus they have no clue how to please a female. literally, no guy of any age has ever made me cum. stupid little boys.

TWB what shoes are younwearing without socks today? I really need to know!
thanks! Sockless Steve

I love all of you and hate all of me.

this happened when was around 15 or 16 and i still fantasize about it to this day. it was the mid-nineties and i lived in rural iowa, out on a country road so you could usually hear when someone pulled in as it was a mile to the closest house and we had a few farm dogs so they would usually bark when someone drove by or pulled in. well, as most teenagers i was very horny and masturbated a lot. i had already had lost my virginity at this point and had a handful of bj's or so but still would masturbate at least once a day. on this particular day i was home alone, my two older brothers were gone for something, my dad was away on business and my mom had some auxiliary meeting for most the morning so i figured i'd rub one out. i would usually do this in the living room watching porn but this time i was just in my room looking at a couple of magazines i had. i was getting into it pretty good laying on my back on my bed completely naked when out of the corner of my eye i saw my mom watching me through the crack in my door. i saw her in the reflection in the mirror on top of my dresser so she didn't know that i had noticed her. i paused for just a second but then for some reason i decided to continue and got a wave of pure adrenaline as it was turning me on that she was watching. i really started stroking at that point and came all over myself in full view of her letting out quite a few moans as i did.

at this point i saw her leave and i just laid there for a few seconds panting and then i heard the bathroom door shut and the shower turn on. i still don't know for sure but i have always fantasized that she pleasured herself in the shower thinking of me. we had one of those detachable shower head with the different settings and i swear i heard her turn it to the jet setting and a few soft moans. yes, i was listening at the door.

i came again shortly after just thinking about it and many of times since thinking what could have happened if she entered my room.

Working class whites are more likely to marry outside their race than upper class. In working class white families, having a mixed child is far less shameful than in the upper class families. Why is this? I'm just speaking from my own experience and observations.

I miss what I never had.

Not a person; but a feeling, a place, a sensation, an experience. I feel like I've been cheated, that I could've grown in the way I was intended to had this not been taken out of my hands.

I think I may as well kill myself and ask god for another chance.

*no, noteful. there's nothing remotely "sketchy" about this content. Triggering, maybe.

It’s time for America’s favorite joke show, “Is it racist?”

-A flight full of people has both engines go out. The pilot calls for emergency measures, as the plane prepares for a possible crash landing. Amidst the chaos a passenger tries to begin having sex with the African-American woman next to him. She fights him off and sunmons a flight attendant. “What the hell are you doing, sir?” they ask, exacerbated.

“I heard when a plane goes down,” he replies, “Only the black box survives.”

Is it racist?

truth: I really want to have children with my younger cousin. shes 11 years younger than me, and just started work as a school teacher. problem is were both married.

There, I said it

I am in love with my cousin. I have been hiding these feelings for years, but the guilt of keeping this secret is slowly consuming me. We are close, and I love her as my cousin and a friend, but if she ever found out about this she would hate me. Everyone would. I’m a fuc*** coward.

whether we want to admit it or not: the hard truth is, men should be between 7 and 17 years older than whatever girl or woman they are dating until they are 40. after then, they should be at least 20 years older than the woman

My fingers are freezing. I think it might be all the drugs or caffine messing me up

why does my boss have to be such an ass***? he yells at everyone all the time everyday? he makes the girls cry and doesnt give a shit? he threatens people? he acts like the worst parts of donald trump without any of the billionaire showmanship. he is a literal scrouge and talks shit about everyone behind their back

why does he have to be this way? hes 65 and rich. he makes a million dollars a year and works all the time because he has no friends and does nothing fun anymore - he used to go on trips to ball games or hunting trips or ski trips but lately all he does is work work work work work and make life hell on everyone who reports to him or works for him then he threatens them and bitches about them and complains to everyone

why are white men bosses in the late 50s or 60s like this? is it generational? whats their fuc*** problem?

everytime I smell cigarettes I get turned on, I miss them so fuc*** much —— when I smell the scent of lingering cigarettes on a woman I get hard immediately.

I miss smoking so much. I smoked for 19 years everyday and I absolutely loved it. I cannot stand that the doctors made me quit

TWB please wear socks always. Even in bed.

my fucking neighbors never pick up their dog's shit after it poops, i got sick of it and i took a dump on their door mat in the middle of the night last night.

I let a friend from college fuc* me last week because we were drunk and I just thought, "Why not?" I'm a straight, married guy, and I cannot believe how amazing it felt (after he got fully inside me) to have his cum fill me up. I want it more. I don't know if this means I'm gay, but man, I loved feeling that hot cum inside me.