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Sometimes, I want to kill myself because I know I won't be accepted as gay or trans

I'm a sexually fluid person and no that doesn't refer to my private parts being wet, it's a sexual orientation.

side note:

i've never met someone who was diagnosed with depression who wasn't a shit person.

lesson: if you're a piece of shit you will hate yourself and your life and be depressed. so don't be a piece of shit.

i just cured depression!!!

Hi, I have been holding on to this secret for a long time now and I can't share it with anyone I know, I want to share it but I know I will be judged by others. This situation is not something I planned or ever wanted to happen. I am having an affair with a younger man, it's all a huge complication, I'm married and so is he. I am not happy in my marriage and don't love my husband anymore, I was going to live this way forever, I was fine with it. when I met this other man, it was in school I was sociable with him but that was the extent of it for me, he kissed me on the cheek one day. I didn't think anything of it, I ignored what was brewing inside me. He continued to lavish me with his attention and resulted in me crumbling. one day he called me out on how I was feeling and I kissed him after that well you can just guess what happened after that. I had never had sex like that with anyone. I had never orgasmed the way he makes me orgasm. I know it's wrong, this man makes me so weak, I just want to give him what ever he wants. He's Hispanic, I've never been with a Hispanic man, I have to say he's very intense and amazingly loving, he makes it important to staisfy me. He tells me how much he loves me. He lives an hour away from me so I don't see him often at all but he says he's going to fix that he's going to move his family to my town. I don't know how that's going to work.

I met with his wife again yesterday. This time to talk about me living in their rent house. I can only pay 400 a month. I need the child support. Unfortunately I don't have a law degree like her. She makes me feel like I was the one that caused this. I wasn't. I didn't have his child by immaculate conception. Right now I need the help and support. I don't have any other family here except them. It is stupid for her to ask me to hold my emotions in. I am not trying to mess up her life, but my life is pretty messed up right now and I need her help not her criticism. A hug once in a while would go a long way and if she would offer to babysit for me that would help too.

My co worker was slurping the last bits of her frapp out of her cup for five minutes, annoying the crap out of the whole office until someone told her to knock it off. Then, she proceeded to eat pretzles, crunching loudly. The supervisor had to ask her to eat quietly. She then proceeded to hum, tap her nails and make nonsensical noises. I have Misophonia and it was making me nuts. I finally snapped and asked her why she needs to be the center of attention constantly and asked her the grow the eff up.
She is such a needy cun*. I hate her.

hahahahaha you faggots are so fuc*** up. who are you trying to trigger with all the racist/pedophilic/horrendously unsexual posts??? is this just a posting site for you losers to try and be the biggest piece of shit? im so confused... i mean all of you are already so relentlessly pathetic and emasculated that there really is nothing to prove... you really can't get any worse. you really all are morons... pathetic... imbeciles... repulsive

why havent any of you killed yourselves yet? you're actually such tumours, you really are damaging society even by expelling carbon dioxide...

please consider ending your lives.

seriously though. i wish just one of you had the balls so say something to my face one day in private so i could smash your nose into the back of your skull. honestly. but alas, pus*** gon hide.

i just cant believe sometimes how fuc*** lit i am and also i have a really nice upper body. hope you dont get triggered by that. if you do you probably have self esteem issues and maybe get it checked out???

Why do i hate black people so much?? i want to change my feelings towards them but those half monkey people are always ruining my days

Black helicopters are coming!!!

They’ve been circling around all night looking. I think they’ve found me in this girl’s basement.

They are tracking all of us through our phones! Listening always, even when the phone is off. Reading what we type and read. Watching us all through both the front and rear cameras.

The matrix has all of us. Few of you have time left to run and hide.

RUN NOW BEFORE THE SECRET POLICE COME. You better go. 30 minutes or less!!!

Quickly pack your bug out bags or road trip backpacks or whatever right now! A few changes of clothes, basic essentials, lighter to start fires to keep warm, flashlight (but be careful), medicine/first aid kit, multi tool or pocket knife are handy (but be careful of weapons laws!), portable food and water bottles, small sleeping bag or blanket since you may have to sleep outside hiding in the woods

Ditch your phone and credit cards, and ditch your computer after you wipe the memory! put your phones in the microwave!!! then toss into a river!!! withdraw all the cash you can from your cards or banks, then cut up the credit or debit cards!! they can track you by those cards! carry only cash and no electronics and you better get the hell out of town now!!!

Become a Grey man!! GO OFF THE GRID!! learn to blend in and hide in plain sight if you have to! always bring a few different changes of clothes to change yor looks! have a few different style hats!! have some sunglasses and maybe other pairs of glasses if you wear them!! you have to change your look wvery few days anytime you go into town or the secret police securty cameras will identify you!!!

Don’t take your own car if they’ve ever stopped you for even a single speeding ticket or if the car is in your name - you must remove all traces!!!

It’s too late for me! Please take your women folks and any children and go run for the Hills before it’s too late!!!

my exGF who was raped just OD’d - and its all my fault

7 years ago my ex girlfriend was brutally raped in her apartment off campus

For years I told her I thought it was another one of her ex boyfriends who was seeking revenge - the police thought so too but couldn’t prove it

She insisted it was a lone nut who broke in and raped her

It traumatized her

She became paranoid.

Worse she started popping pills. She took adderall because of her need to study and got addicted

But the adderall made her do more of everything else. More alcohol. More cigarettes. More other pills.

She became a wreck. Constantly on pills. Constantly chain smoking.

It ruined her. She tried to get treatment

But treatment failed her and she flunked out

She had Odd jobs - Starbucks barista until she got fired for being high at work - waitresss at applebys until she was fired for drinking on the job every day before lunch

Last Christmas shecame to my door and wanted to stay with me - she offered me whatever I wanted

She told me that Trumps men were after her. His fixers

Clearly she was high as a kite. She reeked like an ashtray and had a nasty cough. Her skin was pale like death. It was freezing cold outside and she looked like she’d just left a slutty Halloween party- except it was Christmas

I turned her away

On Christmas I shut my door to her

She didn’t even have a coat

I didn’t even give her food of anything

I just turned her away and told her she needed to go somewhere else

I didn’t want my new girlfriend to find out I was in touch with her at all -

My new girlfriend is very judgmental about things like this - she’s a sophomore at a very evangelical Christian college and is a very devout Christian girl but she is deeply suspicious of everyone from my past when I used to Do a lot of drugs And drink all the time 7-12 years ago - like wrecklessly alcoholic back then

My new GF and I met last ear at a Cross-Fit class that I didn’t realize was a Christian cross fit class - and she made it her mission to “save” me from drinking

And she really has helped me turn my life around and get clean and fit - which I give her credit for

But my new girlfriend is very much against giving handouts to drug addicts - she said it’s only hurting them by letting them perpetuate the cycle of self abuse

I cut my ex girlfriend out of my
Life completely after that

Afterwards I blocked my from my Facebook

Wouldn’t answer her calls

Cut off

I can’t believe I turned her away on Christmas Day

I tried to pretend it didn’t bother me

I tried to stay quiet

But when I had friends message me that myold ex GF had ODd

I broke down crying at work

And I had to shut my door

I left work early to go to a bar to drunk alone

I fuc*** hate myself

I’m such a skumbag

I turned away my first true love when she needed me most

And now she’s Gone

I fuc*** deserve to die

I’m everywhere. I’m California. I’m Texas. I’m in Boston. I’m New York. Im Colorado. I’m Georgia. I’m michigan. I’m Tennessee. I’m Chicago. Im Detroit. I’m New Orleans.
I’m Las Vegas.

I’m Paris. I’m Rome. I’m Berlin. I’m Athens.

I’m in the Alps.
I’m in the Rockies.
I’m in the Appalachians.

I’ll be in Japan. When robots sleep.

I’ll be London.

I’ll be in Russia

I’ll always be China

I’m out from the past

I’m everywhere all the time.

In your videos and

The internet

Look me up where I live on You Tube

All the greats become immortal like me. Too weird to live, too rare to die.

I didn’t deserve it. It was all a terrible accident

I got lucky

Now my mind is free

My crimes have made me a free man

Open your third eye

See through space and time

You are here

I’m with you

I’m already there inside you

Breathing you

Eating your food and drinking your milkshake

Go return some videotapes

I’ll be outside

I have masturbated every day at work - usually several
Times a day in the office bathroom ...

For the past 10 years

I smoked cigarettes secretly, about a half a pack a day for the first 6 years I worked there - sneaking away for smoke breaks was a chore and was cutting into my mastrbation time

At my old job, I’d masturbate several times a day - both in the office bathroom, but also in the small library area

I’d also straight up just shut the door to my office and masturbate up there on the 8th floor all by myself

There were not many people working on the 8th floor and I was frequently the only one there

I still smoked a lot of cigarettes secretly throughout the 1 year I worked there

Before that I was in a grad school program; I masturbated in just about every bathroom in the main campus building for 3 years

I also masturbated in the library there too

I also masturbated in the gym there too and at the campus bookstore bathroom and in other libraries and bathrooms on campus

I also was smoking heavily during that time, somewhat secretly, but every hour or half hour I needed more cigarettes

I had about 5 different internships during that time between two mo this to 6 months and I masturbated in the bathrooms, or occasionally offices of every single one

I was also smoking a lot of cigarettes secretly back then - every day throughout the day

I also had been a teacher for two years before that at two different schools

I masturbated at school frequently, in bathrooms but also on my planning period in my class room

I also smoked cigarettes constantly when I was a teacher, and I was luck both times to be at schools under construction and this in outdoor temporary buildings at back of campus where I could easily duck out for cigarettes between classes, or sometimes even during class

Before that, I’d been in college at attended 3 different universities

I jerked off in almost every building on campus I could get into
Usually in bathrooms
But not always

Inside every library

Inside the gym

In dorms and apartments

Sometimes in liberaries when no one else was around

I also smoked cigarettes pretty heavily throughout college - I wasn’t exactly hiding it back then

I smoked cigarettes heavily and jerked off several times every single day for 4 years and it was great

My only “job” in college was a part time Copy boy job for the Comm Dept

I spent a lot of time jerking off alone in the Copy room

I also spent a lot of time chain smoking cigarettes outside the Copy room then racing back inside because I was freezing Cold outside

Before college, in high school I jerked off every single day of school

But mostly I just did that at home in my bed or bathtub

I did jerk off at school in bathrooms maybe once or twice a week on average

I smoked cigarettes daily my junior and senior year

Only my smoking friends knew How much I loved smoking

I hid that from everyone else

Even though I deeply loved cigarettes

And still do

I had only started masturbating the year before that in middle school

I spent an awful lot of time in 8th grade jerking off and playing with myself at school

It’s been along time of jerking off 2-4 times a day the past 25 years

She is so butterface. and i love her body but not her. what should i do?

One of my friends is indian. He is dirty and farts too much. He stole my power bank. and he never share his stuffs to others

wow...just wow dude. The reading material here makes me realize I have no idea about anything to do with women's sexuality. I've read just about the full spectrum of it, from asexuality to nymphomania... but still, when I read shit like that, I can't help but think, "these people really fuc*** up their personal sexuality" because it really puts my own sexuality-related angst and shit into perspective. This is my first day on this site and after reading a bunch of these I definitely feel like my own problems of that nature aren't quite so bad as I thought they were this morning. Jeez man, 7.6 billion or so humans out here so I guess I shouldn't be surprised there's a whole lot of weirdos

my future is even brighter than my smile :)

I had so much to say to you caroline, i miss your friendship the most i screwed it all up im sorry, love you

my life gets worse and worse. i cant take it anymore. i wish i died when i was one. i am now 50. i have nothing. am nothing. no one wants me. i get treated like crap. i let myself be used.

I was 20, in college, when I noticed that I had something in my vagina. I was prolapsing my uterus. I had to have surgery. I have not been able to get pregnant. I offerered to have my eggs harvested and fertilized by him and my sister has offered to be the surrogate to carry the baby, but even that seems to be too far out there. Failure to get pregnant is failure to launch. My marriage is over.