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So my best friend just left her fiance and dropped off the face of the book because she accidently recorded him and his twin sister having sex in their home while she was at work. when she realized what was going on in the video she was going to invite them over and show them but then their mother had a heart attack and died in the sisters house next door before she could show them feeling sad for them she got deleted of the video she felt bad about exposing them. i dont know why after all he and his family put her through she didnt want to ruin his sisters marriage but she was still disgusted by him-so she left -now she is being judged for leaving him when he needed her most— by him and his shitty family. I hate that she has a good heart i saw the video with my own eyes and that was not their first time if it were me i would have leaked it anyway the never gave a fuc* about her

i think this website isnt the best, i think it could be the worst, no it shouldnt exist

had my ass eaten for the first time yesterday, and my pus** is still quivering. i have only been with one other man sexually and i am 19. this guy was a hot, older man (~38) whom i’d been admiring from a distance for a while. we finally got the chance to be alone and he took charge (im painfully shy so that’s what i needed). he started off by licking my pus** so slowly, sensually until i was on the edge; he pushed my legs up and buried his face in my ass while rubbing my cli*. i was moaning, crying and dripping wet as he madr me cum...he flipped me over, pulled up my waist so my back was arched and he pounded me until i was close to passing out.

I found a doctor in Chicago who is willing to remove my pen**. Time to plan my summer vacation.

I have no clue why but I think im turned on with size difference. apparently its called a size kink? something about tall guys standing beside me and the idea they loom over me both intimidates me and excites me. I just feel they can take control whenever and to me, respectfully its really fuc*** hot.

I've been having sex with my hot older sister for years..We enjoy it, are good at it, and have no plans on stopping. Since she took an early buyout from her job, we've been going at it more than ever, including my college years, when I'd spend some weekends at her apartment, nobody knew, and we'd just go at it like animals from Friday night until I left late Sunday.

This past weekend, we got together again during a gathering, as we often do. Steal away for some us time, have sex, then return. She fell in her basement a few weeks ago, and broke her forearm, and is in a cast from wrist to elbow. Limited mobility. My confession, strange is it is (to me, anyway), is that...For some reason, having her in that cast, a bit immobile, seemed to turn me on more and make her that much sexier. Something about, I don't know...Knowing she couldn't do as much, needed my help, or maybe, in a worst-case scenario (not with me), wouldn't be able to defend herself..Just got me going. I've never had this before, with anyone. Having her in that arm cast just revved me up, and I really plowed and plunged inside of her this past weekend.

i went to my brother's wedding on saturday. he's three years younger than me. i didn't say hi to his new wife or his wife's sister (his new sister-in-law)... i guess i should have at least exchanged some pleasantries with them, but i just didn't feel like it.

my brother and i are not that close... we get along ok, but we're not tight... at one point i was thinking of not even showing up, just to spite him.

when we were just kids, we would do stuff... pretend we were a couple, touch each other a little.
sometimes when he thought i was asleep, he would put his erect penis in my hand. he thought i didn't know but i did...i just pretended i was asleep.

we never did crazy incest stuff though. we were just kids... apparently it's actually quite common, kids just experimenting with their natural sexual energy.

anyway, i've never been able to orgasm. i came close a couple of times, but i was young and not sexually educated, so i stopped the process and i guess i blocked myself, because i've never felt the sensation again.
maybe i also felt guilty because of the stuff me and my brother did when we were younger...

anyway, he has a healthy sexual appetite, he used to download (he still does!!) a lot of porn, read magazine etc... i'm sure he makes love to his new wife, and they both have a great time...

i didn't say hi to her at the wedding bc...i really didn't fucking feel like it!!!
maybe it's because she is plain looking (not butt ugly, just very average) and deep down, or not so deep down, i feel like he can do so much better!!!
she doesn't deserve him!!!
i don't want to say it's jealousy. maybe a little... like if a mousy chick like her can get a guy like him (he started off nerdy and kind of pervy, with the porn and all, but my brother's turned out to be very good looking, everyone says so), anyway if miss plain-assed jane can get a guy like him, why can't i find anyone?

i am really cute... we are asian, i am very petite (clothing size xs) and i have nice legs, full lips and a great ass (people used to come up to me and ask me if i was part black-!!)... i am talented - i write, i dance, i even dj... i understand all things happen in due time but seriously, reallly??? she gets a guy like him and i get f*ck all?

anyway, i didn't say hi to her at the wedding, and now i feel guilty. not because of how it might make her feel, but because i didn't do the socially appropriate thing and at least say hi.

what the f... i just didn't feel like it... does that make me a bitch?

fucking plain jane and her chubby assed sister... they should thanking their lucky stars that my brother chose her!!!

i was a flight attendant for many years with air canada. as i got seniority i started flying across the pacific. i was also a bit older and life with my husband wasn't working out for me. i started to masturbate and had developed a secret personal routine for masturbation. and i carried things to help me.

in hong kong, over night, i arrived late and i needed to masturbate really bad, i got myself all lubed up and got out my favorite toy which i used for anal play, got the towel set up on the bed in front of the mirror, inserted my toy which is an oversized black penis as far up my rectum as i could take, spread my legs and got in the doggy position with my rear to mirror so i could look back and see myself, and with my dildo that also vibrates my clitoris, i set about to masturbate until i collapsed. it works every time and it is my favorite form of masturbation.

but i had forgotten to put the do not disturb card on the door, and the maid opened up and found me in full throttle fucking myself with my dildo. she said so sorry and backed out.

ruined the moment for me totally. i wouldn't have recognized her, but i am sure she recognized me and every maid in the hotel knew who i was. which added to the excitement of staying there.

I am 54 and married with 3 grown children. I started peeping in windows at night when I was 16, and I still do it today (although not nearly as often). I am a total voyeur. I love watching girls undressing. I have watched many couples having sex as well. I always masturbate while watching. I know I am sick, but I am harmless. I would never break into a house, hurt someone physically, or steal something. I just want to watch, that's all. It is my belief that if they don't know I am watching, no harm is being done. I don't brag about it, I dont talk about it, and I don't write about it (except here obviously). I consider it to be a victimless crime, but a crime nonetheless. It's an addiction, that's for sure. I've spent thousands of hours engaged in peeping. It has had an impact on my life. I have slowed down a lot and I suspect that one day I will just stop altogether.

angry at someone for missing the 12 step phone meetings. she thinks she knows bout things and doesn't need it. angry at her selfishness. i want her to suffer consequences for what she is doing.

she lives alone in a hole. no human contact. a single bowl of what smells like old dogfood is slid under the door once a day with a bowl of water. no bed. the room is 10x10, no bed or mat or rug. no windows. no sound. no clock or books or materials of any kind.

she is left alone there for the past several months, almost a year now. the lights gets left on for weeks at a time, then the lights get left off for weeks at a time. trapped in total darkness. all alone.

The first time my girlfriend and I tried anal sex she cried the entire time. We've only done it a few times since but each time we have she seems to be crying even more. I haven't told her this but the crying and moaning is a huge turn on. Watching her walk gingerly to the bathroom to clean up afterwards is amazing.

How taut is your anal embouchure?

This Valentines Day really got to me! I have always been alone on V day, even when I was married. I am almost 50 and have never received flowers from a guy! I have two married lovers at the moment. One said Happy V day to me about five times, said he was sorry he didnt' get me anything and visited me so we could kiss. the other one didn't even say Happy V day! I watched so many men buy flowers and year after year I get nothing! My life just sucks. And Yes I know I shouldnt be with married men. I am just venting my feelings of feeling inferior, worthless, used, frustrated, lonely, with no hope of anything getting better. I was so hurt this week I was ready to cry a few times in public!

My fetish has taken a disgustingly nasty turn.

From a very young age, I have always had a panty fetish. It started when I was about 7 or 8, and was playing hide and seek inside my babysitter's house. She had a teenaged daughter, and I was hiding in her bedroom closet. There was a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, and without really knowing what I was doing, I picked up a pair of her panties and sniffed the crotch.

From that very second I was like a heroine junky, always looking for his next fix. I have snuck into the closets and dirty clothes hampers of virtually every girl/woman I have ever known, just to get a whiff, and in most cases, a taste of the crotch of their dirty panties.

But in all those cases, I knew exactly who the panties belonged to. Whether my aunt's, my cousin's, my sister's or her friend's, my own friend's wive's and/or girlfriend's, even my mother in law's, I at least knew where they came from.

But the other day, I hit rock bottom. I was at the laundromat, and I found a pair of panties on the floor by one of the washers. They had not been washed, and the secretions on the crotch were still slightly sticky to the touch. Without hesitation, and obviously without thinking, I rushed into the restroom, and started sniffing and sucking on them while I jerked off into the toilet.

Afterwards I felt disgusted with myself. I have no idea who those panties belonged to. She could be some nasty chick with any number of diseases. Although they didn't smell nasty (quite the opposite actually), you never know.

This has actually scared me, because I didn't even hesitate. And I didn't think about how disgusting it was until after I was done.

It has been like two months since ive seen you and you are literally coming back tomorrow. this whole time everything was fine until I remembered you called me fat and that made my self image plumet and i questioned our relationship and if its even worth any of this. Ive been lonely and horny, i went onto a cam site and this guy told me to go on too. we went and basically touched ourselves until he came and i said i came but i lied of course bc i wanted to leave. he said i was beautiful and i guess thats something i wanted but i feel like absolute shit and i missed you for so long. we are going to have an open relationship and you said it doesnt rly bug you, the thought of me with other dudes. that really bothered me bc i dont understand why u want us to be monogomous now but open later bc u dont mind other ppl in the relationship. i am so lost. ive been crying all night. i have never done this before and i feel like i should break up with you but you havent let me in the past. maybe youd rather stay together in an open relationship than let nature take its course bc we are so far from each other for so long. the thought of tonight makes me shake with anxiety and i want to curl up and die at the thought of hurting you. i love you so much and i just want you to be happy and stay happy. i feel like i am hringing you down, and i feel that way until i remember things like you calling me fat or large and i get pissed again. the sound of all this is really unhealthy. i think once i see you ill know what to do. i have no feelings at all for anyone else, and that was our only rule that we have an open relarionship until we fall for someone else. I only lovr you and i only want to be with you but i feel like im going to hell and youll hate me forever and ever regardless of u “not caring” about me with other dudes. i love you so much and im so sorry, i never want to hurt you

the dumb news, the actor who played hilter died. attacks in the sea, politicians battle and weather , news, there is no such thing as news. oh forgot to add in stupid royal segments about meggamouth and why prince william is so childish and immature to have his knickers pulled off by some pubilicent kid a dozen decades ago. serious news that. and my god have all those new married royals aged, great to see that come down for them. silly old issi sill piss and woffle bummering- all bum chuggers ganades up their asses and bum-chum bs, british air problems, elections in some monkey country in asia somewhere. woopty doo-da what a load of gar'bage. say it like mirage ! it makes more sense then, an illusion of the world via the dumb news that makes no sense and makes the world sick. sorry I am having a senior cynical moment right now. it will be over in approximately 11 seconds.

If the world starts to end I'm going to use the ensuing chaos to go out and settle scores with people I have problems with. There will be street justice administered!

every morning when my wife gets out of the shower she puts one leg up on the bathroom counter and blow dries he cunt.

After 6 years of marriage, my wife confessed to me that her ex was a cuckold (first time i heard this phrase) and she had indulged this fantasy for the duration of their relationship.

I'm not sure what to do with this. she was my first and i always assumed i was her second as she had told me she'd never been with a guy before her ex. this just changes my whole view of her and I'm lost