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bosses are jealous of me?

ok bitch, you know what? i'm not the owner of a magic button that only i can click, and that automagically makes things go popular! i have been working 10 years of my life for this moment! i invested money, time, tears and sweat on making myself into a good professional, and shall i remind you that i even deserted from my own family to do so!

you want me to help make your website popular? ok, i will! does it need to have quality for people to actually click and like and watch and follow and whatever? yes.
that is why my content there is so popular! because you guys hired me (or should i say i'm working temporarily for free for you guys!) because i was good, i knew how to sell and i already had a fanbase of my own! now my own bosses are jealous of my work because other shit at the store doesn't get sold?! work that i do for free and their asses are the ones getting payed?

hahahah you seriously want me to snap my fingers and make your 5 minutes of fame go down the toilet just as fast as they came?!
fuck off.

wish she had stayed.. could really use some pussy tonight.. x)

so sometimes i run away when other people cry or are hurt because i just can't deal with that shit. i know it's selfish but i just can't. and sometimes i try to talk to new people and i start to trust them and i don't think they know how mug i over think and how scared i get just thinking. and then they do something small to make me realise that we don't feel the same and i feel so fucking stupid an wish i had just kept to myself because it's safe an i can stay gaurded but i'm an idiot because i keep trying and still get hurt and i hate myself and i hate the people that hurt me. fuck all of them. and they don't see that i can't trust people easily and they don't see that i'm hurt and they come back and say hi but it's already over because i've already retreated back into my shell. but it makes me angry because i feel so fucking broken. i just can't cope with letting my guard down because i get close to people and it hurts. and i won't explain it because i feel week and vulnerable so i just ignore them until i'm safe again so fuck you and leave me alone if you can't see that this is difficult for me.

you make me mad! i hate you right now! i should've punched you in the face when you asked me to!

that's it. i give up on you!

since i first got a boner i became fascinated with cock. i grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood and the first guy i sucked was the lawn man. i guess it left a mark on me because i have strong attraction to latino laborers.

he later fucked me, he got me good, all the way, it hurt but it also felt good. i know i am not gay, i have a girlfriend and i like fucking her and everything. i just like cock.

one day i would like to fuck my girlfriend and have myself fucked at the same time. i work in food service, maybe i will get the cook to fuck me while i fuck her. his name is gabriel, he is a nasty mother fucker and he likes fucking the boss.

my 16 yr old niece is so sexually ripe i just want to rip off her clothes and lick her naked body. i can imagine sucking on her hard nipples and hearing her groan with pleasure. i want to run my tongue down her soft tummy to the edge of her pubic hair. i want to breathe in her musky scent and gently pry her legs open to expose her ripe fruit. i would slowly lick and suck on the skin around her pussy before slowly licking her tender lips. then with my thumbs i would part her lips and gently lick the inside, working my way up to her hard little clit. oh yeah, i want to lick her clit and suck it and make her moan with pleasure. her pussy will get so wet and her juice will drip out and run down towards her tight little butt hole. i will softly lick around her anus and back up to her clit again as i insert 2 fingers into her vagina and start finger fucking her. i will continue doing this until she begs me to enter her. then i will mount her and slide my throbbing cock deep inside her pussy all the way to my balls and slowly pull my big cock out all the way. then i will repeat this same thing until my entire dick is dripping with her pussy juice. i will then begin to really fuck her, thrusting my thick, throbbing manhood into until i ejaculate and fill her pussy with my warm cum.

i fear that i am like my mother. my father is a very dominating person, he dominates our lives completely. my mother has always ran around doing what he wants and when he wants. as i got older my mother took me into confidence and she told me about his expectations in the bedroom. knowing my father i don't doubt any of it. he is going to get what he wants, and it doesn't matter what you want.

i have tried to be with boys that are not like my dad. they are ok to talk with, but really it is just like talking to another girl. the guy that fucks me is just like my dad. and i do just like my mom, he calls and tells me to something, off i go to do it. i drop whatever i am doing and his call takes first place. i live at home, and he fucks me here at my house. my mom knows, and she just looks the other way. she knows that saying later or no is a waste of breath. on the weekend, when my dad and my 'boy friend' were watching tv, my bf asked me to fix him something to eat, i was on the phone and asked him to wait, my dad turned to my bf and asked him if he was 'going to let the little bitch' get away with that. i hung up and went and fixed him a sandwich.

i have talked to a counselor, when i am not with him i know that it is wrong, but i cannot say no and i can definitely not say no when he wants to have sex. my counselor says i 'learned' this from my mom, but i wonder if it not genetic. my mom and i just go very alpha males. like i said earlier, the other types of guys are good as friends, but i could never see myself having sex with them.

i think mariah carey's all i want for christmas is you is a horrible, over used shit song that actually has the power to ruin your christmas

i despise how lame bands who put out songs, with little thought process gets all the praise and attention, while the hardest working hardest working bands gets little to non.

stop texting me, for fucks sake, i'm engaged to another man, i've moved on with my life, and you're seeing god knows how many other women at any given time, why the hell would i want to talk to you?
if it were an innocent "hey hows life?" it would be one thing. last time i replied giving you the benefit of the doubt, i asked you about your kids and you sent me two pictures of your dick. for real? i'm getting married to another man, and you have plenty of fuck buddies.
leave. me. alone.

when i heard the news of the events that happened at the navy yard, i cheered and sent a congratulatory message to his facebook account.

been seeing this girl for a month. from the beginning i stated clearly we are not a couple. we just f*ck. last week she gets mad because she saw me out on a date and confronts me about it in her dorm. i tell her we are not going out. this is all we do-and i grabbed her, bent her over the desk and enjoyed myself. she squirmed a little but got into it. later she ignored me and i thought its over. but now that i date this other chick she suddenly pop back into my life and wants to see me. crazy bitch. the thing she doesn't get is she is not dating material. sad thing is i probably will do her again.

i'm so tired of people trying to run my life!

i stole some paper from kinkos copy store one time about 19 years ago

i was trying to impress a 14 year old girl

last night i went out drinking with my friend and these two girls without my fiancee knowing. we ended up crashing at one of the girls and while my friend was asleep, me and the girl whose house it was slowly ended up moving closer and closer till we kissed. the tension was electrifying and i can't stop thinking about it. she asked me if i felt bad about it and i told her the truth... no. i don't feel bad for it. but i hate that i can't stop thinking about it and wanting more!

i'm jealous of anyone who you talk to. i love you so much.

i used to be such a good student, but now my grades have plummeted and i just can't seem to keep up with my work. this stresses me out a great deal, and i constantly worry that the college that i was accepted to will revoke a merit scholarship that i was awarded (before the college got my low midterm grades). or worse, they will decide that they don't really want a student like me at their school.

this will probably sound stupid, but i have turned back to self harm to help calm myself. i know it's not good, but sometimes i just can't help it. i wish i knew why i can't get my act together and get my grades back up.

i am bored with most people. honestly, if we were to meet today, would it be the same? i kind of doubt it.

i am a 22 year old woman and i am attracted to older men. i like older men because they are more confident and mature than guys of my age. my current crush is a 40 year old man. he is a professor at my uni and he is everything a girl would want; he is very handsome he has dark hair blue eyes tall, he probably works out too because his body looks amazing. i don't lool bad either i have blonde long hair, green eyes i am 1. 72 m, i am slim. the reason i am single it's because i always wanted to find a man like him, i wish he would notice that i am into him a lot i wish we were together but i am kinda shy. he smiles to me often during classes and he is aware that i pay a lot of attention to him because i feel most of the times is talking only for me and often asks me what do i think about various subjects but that's it. i guess i am only an interesting student. i want to make me see me as a woman buf i don't know how to do that.

i am so disappointed in myself. i had 3 apples and mints. i am so sick of eating. i am sick of this cycle. i just want it to end once and for all. i pry that the scale has not went up when i get home. and i am still nervous about eating in general. and when i get home. and i have to do my 4 hr workout when i get home. i just want it to end. and get my eating disorder back so i stop eating.