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when i was 16 years old i had gay sex with our pastor, a middle-aged married man. we did oral and anal on 3 different occasions. he didn't rape or molest me, it was 100,% consensual. i wanted our relationship to continue but he ended it. i think he felt ashamed.

Do you ever sometimes feel like God is in the midst of some of your orgasms?

What tastes better than it smells?

I enjoy masturbating to midget p0rno while fantasizing about having $ex with Smurfs. And I wonder what a Smurf would taste like if I suck ones peter would they taste like blueberries? I also want to have $ex with Tinkerbell. I'm also a pan$exual hermaphrodite who gets in fights with lawn gnomes and plastic pink flamingos and my zodiac sign is Aquarius and I'm from Oklahoma and I enjoy drinking my own urine and I have a fetish for golden showers. Call me Frederick Aquaman Michaels. Yes I do have a big peter for a hermaphrodite. And I don't have boobs like a woman I have pancake Man tits. You wanta suck my pancake tits? Pour maple syrup on and lick the maple syrup off them pancake tits. I'm a handsome hermaphrodite and I will be your dirt $ex toy.

I can’t fuc*** believe our company cancelled end of the year bonuses right before the Office Christmas party without telling anybody! They have given them out every year for the ten years I’ve been here and our business is doing great. Why would the boss do this?

so ive been with my fiance for almost 6 years now and ive loved him always.. but i feel like he doesnt want to be around me.. ill ask him if he wants to go do something with me and hell say "maybe idk im kind of tired" or something else along those lines, and then a few hours later he will come over to me and say that he is going out with his friends to do what i asked him to do with me and he'll be back later.. idk know why but it is taking a big toll on my side if the relationship with him. i try to explain to him that when he does this it hurts me but he really just doesnt seem to grasp what i am telling him. just tells me to stop being a bitch and let him relax. idk what im doing wrong i am cleaning cooking taking care of our son and running and getting him what he asks me to get him wether it be a soda from the kitchen or the remote that is a foot from him. i have been trying but i am so tired if being treated like a servant... in the begining of our relationship he didnt have a job and i did and i was covering all of the bills and getting groceries and buying him his video games and whatever else he would ask for within reason. i couldnt afford much but when i couldnt get him what he wanted he would throw the biggest fit and i was never sure how long it would last. an hour a day i didnt know.. but now since we have our son he is working and i am being a stay at home mom and he seems to think that gives him even more power over me. and says "i pay for everything im the reason we have a roof over our heads" and i just think didnt i do that for you? and i never once complained? did i say if it werent for me youd be homeless? no i never said that. but at every moment that i had done something that could end badly he never seemed to have my back he always found a way to make me feel like shit for what i was doing even when he was doing something i told him might end badly but that i supported him and he would always make it seem like something that would be so great for us and it would turn into a mountain of bills and regret i always had his back.. and i would try to make him see that it was going to be fine and it was. but i never got an apology for him not supporting me. he is not physically abusive. but menatally abusive? yes i do believe he is.. i dont think he realizes that he is. but if i am acting like a bitch everyday.. in part it is because of how he has treated me. how i have allowed him to treat me... but idk how to get him to understand this or get him to stop.. we have a son together and i want him to have 2 parents that can love each other and him right but i feel stuck. i have no one here to help me right now. my family is in another state across the country and the only person who couldve helped would be my biological father but he is an alcoholic and my finace said that if i ever took my son there (he is 9 months sober now) that he would take him from me and my family across the country is not wealthy and cant helpntonget me out there and my finace doesnt want our son to go there either ends up in another situation to my father... i feel completly trapped.

I think my roommate is inlove with me. We have known eachother for childhood and have been living together for 5 years because of finacial difficulty. My family often made jokes about my roommate for years about how weirdly close we are. Now I'm starting to wonder if what they're saying has merit to it.

i fucking hate toddler and baby boys. they make me extremely angry. especially when they think they're all so cute and touch and play with their little smelly peenusses. i want to chop them off and laugh as the blood spurts out everywhere. i love muslim forced circumcisions. i google them and watch them often. i love seeing the little bastards cry and scream as their lil nusses are cut and mutilated against their will. they are even held down and forced to endure this agony. sometimes, i even can see their dirty and filthy butt holes. they are wide open and must stink like shit. the lil fuckers are all smiles and are happy until they realize that their stinkin peenus is about to be butchered! i love the sadistic doctors that do this to them! they don't even give a shit about their pain, fear, or agony. i hate looking at their balls and lil peenusses. they need to be castrated so they cannot rape or hurt any more females in the world. we all know that males can't control their perverse sexual urges. well, they could, but they choose not to. bastards...

She had more or less consented to going on a date with me after a few drinks, and she was happy exams were done but sad her friends had all left early...and then after several more drinks without her ordering any food she clearly seemed at least somewhat interested in coming over to my apartment since i told her it was near the bar and only a short walk.. it was freezing cold and wintery

Plus I bought all her drinks. It can’t be date rape if the guy pays for drinks and she accepts them

After several drinks, (7?) She claimed she was sleepy so I told her it was ok to lay down and take a nap

I made a few more drinks but she was already falling asleep when I started to make out with her

She was so tiny. Probably barely 5feet tall, maybe 5 ft 1 with the high heeled ankle boots she was wearing. She was so small,
I think she might have had an eating disorder like a lot of other college aged girls do because I doubt she weighed over 100 pounds, she was just a lot skinnier than she looked with her big fuzzy fleece sweater and big puffy Patagonia jacket

I tried to get a few more drinks down her

I think maybe she didn’t notice me not wearing a condom. Except she kept falling asleep

She woke up a bit when I started pulling on her pants And she said it was a bad time of the month and that her ovaries were sore because she had to stop taking her birth control pills last month because of severe migraines

But she wasn’t bleeding so she wasn’t in her period so I don’t know why she said her ovaries were hurting so much

Even though she pushed my hand away the first few times I tried to get her pants off eventually she fell asleep

Then I could do whatever I wanted I guess

She didn’t notice that I wasn’t even wearing a condom and that I finished inside her because she was blacked out

She was so drunk that she overslept and nearly missed her train home.

When she woke up in a panic about where she was started to cry I think maybe she was confused and had forgotten what had happened

Then She rushed out the door into the freezing winter storm and left tons of clothes behind like, she totally forgot her ear muffs, her insulated gloves, thermal socks, long underwear, scarf etc she just put on her pants, ankle boots, fleece and jacket and ran out the door

I wish I had her name or number so I could find her and surprise her

When I was younger, my cousin would come over alot. We're 4 years apart and both of us are girls. Whenever my cousin came over, we performed sexual acts on each other. The first time it happened, she showed me and for years we had done it. I never told anyone about it because I didn't want to get her in trouble and i didn't want to be the bad guy. I've held that secret for a long time and we don't do that anymore because I stopped it when I got older. I don't think she wanted it to stop but I did because I realized that it wasn't right.

People are so freaking weak and easily offended these days. In a Pathfinder (D&D knock off) there is a discussion of rather or not a DM needs to get special permission from a player to do bad things to their character after that character got captured by the enemy and the players failed to save her.

It's a game for 1. Your character isn't real for 2. The DM is meant to do bad things to characters if you screw up or the dice turn against you for 3. And last but not least if you can't handle something bad happening to your imaginary character you probably shouldn't be playing a roleplaying game.

Wife and I took a shower together this morning, then got dressed as we talked about our respective plans for the day.

I distinctly recall her putting on her pànties, because it was a pink and gray stiped thong that I like seeing her in.

When she got home this evening, she said that she had had a rough day, and was going to soak in a hot bath for a while. I went into the bathroom to ask her if she wanted me to make her some tea, and couldn't help but notice that when she took off her pants, not only did she not have on the thong she'd put on this morning, but she wasn't wearing panties at all.

I asked her what happened to her panties, and after only a slight pause, she said that she hadn't worn any today. Now I know that she does go commando sometimes, but I also know that I watched her put some on this morning.

So now I'm sitting here trying to convince myself that there's a rational explanation becsuse I'm too much of a coward to face the probable truth. This isn't the first red flag, but I'd rather live in denial than live alone.

yesterday's hooker had some issue with her pus** and had problems getting my dic* completely inside. I kind of forced her into positions that allowed deep thrusting. My dic* is not big but her face expression showed she was suffering.

I kinda regret it. I know it's her job, but still...

my boyfriend and me were having sex cause i skipped english class and went to his house. i had an orgasm like big time and couldn't control myself and i started like peeing all over it was weird tho like it was shooting out i was so embarrassed but he kept saying he liked it which i thought was weird. has this ever happened to anyone else??

Does it still count as a teen pregnancy if she got pregnant when she was still 19 and was going to turn 20 the month before our baby was going to be born, but then she got an abortion?

I stole her socks and am wearing them now she doesnt have any and had to wear her shoes without any socks all day, probably all weekend in this winter snow storm and her poor bare feet are freezing cold. the only shoes she brought are ballet flats and the winter precipitation is really coming down hard. so hard

i don't wanna kiss if his diseased penis has been in your mouth.

Trump is going down! The law is closing in!

when she whispered “I want your babies inside me” in my ear, is when I knew I should have worn a condom

I try my best to be understanding and mindful of what my father is going through. But it has always been quite difficult for me as my father divorced my mother out of the blue and ran off to the Philippines and made a new family when I was 10 years old. Sometimes I wonder if he ever thinks about me and regrets not being there. Or if he tries to forget about me and refresh his life, whilst my mother struggles to make ends meet when he took all of the money out of the house they built together. I try not to feel anger or resentment. But as I come closer and closer to my wedding day, I wish I had a father to walk me down the aisle. First world problems I know. I definitely appreciate the family I currently have, there is just one part of me that feels empty.