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I am 20 now and live in Pittsburgh but go to school at a New Jersey college. My best friend Hanah began inviting me to spend weekends during the school year with her parents last September. They own a large Motel in south Jersey and each weekend I was given my own room at no charge. It was always the same unit each time and by mid November I discovered that her father was peeking into the unit from inside his supply room. I found two openings in the wall both under pictures with clear or smokey glass in them. I discovered them one night when he must have forgotten to turn lights off in the supply room. One was in the bathroom and the other the bedroom so I knew I had been giving him quite a show for a couple months. My first reaction was embarrassment since its certain he had seen me naked many times and had more than likely watched me masturbate which I do regualarly when I am there. I'm not sure why but after thinking about it a short time it began to arouse me knowing he was watching me. I'm heading back to Pittsburgh tomarrow for the Summer but know I am invited back next semester with her father personally inviting me. A typical weekend there had him watching me both Frday and Saturday nights and I could see out of the window when he would be walking towards the supply room which was directly in back of the motel room I always got. Shamefully I intentionally waited until I knew he was in there before getting undressed. Just stripping down knowing he was watching is a turn on for me I can't explain. At least one of those nights or both I either masturbated in the shower or waited until I got in bed leaving the lights on. Knowing he was watiching me had me so aroused I often had multible orgasms never realizing how powerful the feeling affected me. Just having him see me naked was arousing for me but masturbating became more intense and rewarding as strange as it may sound. I'm sure Hanah and he rmother have no idea what he is doing and I can only imagine how many other girls or women he has spied on especially during Summer months when his Motel is so busy with tourists.

girl at my work looks exactly like my ex even the same body but only difference is she has left her hair colour natural...

seriously my ex should leave her hair the way it is. it looks so amazing. on every girl. every time.

she listened to me when i said take the nose ring out but not when i said have your natural hair colour... i dont get why she wouldnt just listen to me i am right

I can't stop thinking about my last affair lover. We have not talked in over 6 months and i still think about him. it went away for a little while. I was doing better and now I am back. I am so depressed and I just want to die. I have no one in my life to count on. my life is completely depressing and I can't take it anymore. Should I contact him? just to get some closure or something? I feel as if I need something more.

so like hows making constant pedophilic posts and commenting on them- literally talking to yourself- going? is it fun?? do you have a full life???

your life must be so boring

i dunno why youre getting so triggered. call me whatever names you want, time and time again ive avoided spending time with any of you. i am not looking for friendship. its my job. im just there for money and ill be there for a few more months at the very least. just learn to deal with it. i wont harm you if you dont harm me, its pretty simple. just move on with your life??? either way ill still be here, not giving a fuc*. and the more you push me the more ill make your life hard. just leave me alone and ill be a good worker, i have no beef. fuc* with me and ill leave trails of destruction behind me and youre gonna be the one cleaning it up.

never fuck anyone crazier than yourself.

i'm in love with my best friend... whenever i'm in class, i try to focus on my schoolwork, but all i can think about is my best friend... i hung out with her yesterday and it was fun. i got butterflies when i was around her, and i couldn't keep my feelings for her inside any longer. i almost told her i like her, but i managed to keep my mouth shut.

what should i do? i've asked her out before but she rejected me the first time. i still wanna tell her i like her, but i'm scared she's gonna reject me again...
there's this guy she's been talking to for a month.
i don't know whether to pursue my best friend, or keep my mouth shut and move on.

i was raped by something that is invisiable at first i was talking to it in the spiritual world and then i did a roleplay with something i could not see and someone was telling me that having sex with a angel would be painful and i was saying i did not ask about that because i though it was impossible anyway but then i met a angel who said it was micheal and it raped me and i tried to tell the chistians what happened but they blocked me and said angels dont hurt anyone and after i was raped it made me thank him for raping me and it was the most confused i have eve been talking to spirits and i have been trying to figure out why it happened online but so far nothing has come up everyone says he never hut anyone he just is a messenger and i know he hurt me but no one believes me

it's very unlikely... i mean.. who gets pregnant from that? but what if.. just what if she is? she's only 17.. has her whole life ahead of her.. i can't possibly destroy that.. i'm scared.. hoping for the best this week. i need good news that she's not :(

question to the admin: how many visitors does the site have?

And is the number lower than it was some time ago?


i have an extreme fetish for girls feet . i actually go to the mall or park just to find girls wearing sandals so i can look at their feet. and i take pictures of all my friends daughters feet whenever i can

Blantons Bourbon And Cane’s Fried Chicken

Bitches. its the fuc*** Truth

I have a habit of taking advantage of my hot older sister for sex when she's under stress. We've been going at it for years, consensually, so it's not like we're strangers to each other's bodies, but, I do seem to enjoy jumping on the situation (and her) when she's stressed out.

Last week, her daughter moved in with a guy. On the outside, we're all supportive, but privately..We all have our reservations, including my hot sister. As the moving date drew near, I stopped by her house to talk, saw how not good with this she really was, and started massaging her bare shoulders and lifting her tank top up and off, to her closed-eyed relaxation. Caressing her marvelous 36C's was next, and met with equal relaxation and sighs.

Having her in that position and relaxed from stress state, her shorts were next to go, then thong undies, and taking her upstairs to finish the deal. A few times, actually. When I left, she thanked me for stopping over and making her feel better. As this moving in thing with her daughter proceeds, I'm certain of more stressed hot sister stop-ins and wide-open sex.

Part of me hopes it goes well for the new couple roomates, but part of me doesn't...The more stressed my hot sister gets, the more I'll easily have at her.

Chester Tam (guy from Hot Rod and the Lonely Island) is strangely attractive.

i caught my ex husband fucking our daughters little 9 year old friend in the middle of the night when our daughter had a sleep over. this was about 8 or 9 years ago and i have never said anything. i ran into my ex husband at dinner this past weekend and he was on a date with this young 18 or 19 year old girl. i was just told by my daughter that she is the same friend that i saw him fucking years ago. my husband is 47 years old

i was repeatedly molested by my older brother from a young age until i was family was just something that happened in our family and no one talked about...he would come into my room late at night and touch me...sometimes he would use his mouth on me too. ive never admitted it but it felt good sometimes! and i climaxed occasionally. so i dont know if it was actually abuse or just experimenting??? he never held me down or forced me and only penetrated me once. but there is a six year age difference so what do you think?

Let me tell you one thing: You have never known pain in your life until you suffer a papercut on your glans pen**.

drinking on the job seems normal to me

I frequently take drinks before I go to work

Back when I was a teacher from 2000 until 2015, I used to drink several drinks in my coffee throughout the day. I also smoked on the job, all the time. Id chain smoke Marlboro Reds non stop from when I’d get up, when showering, when getting ready and driving an hour long commute to work, and I’d chain smoke a few more cigs in my car right before rolling into work

I had to pour a bit of Jamison whisky into my coffee every morning to soothe my throat

I also had to go run out of my classroom every hour or so to my car to quickly smoke another cigarette or two

Every time I’d come back, Just before the start of my next class I’d pour another shot of Jamison from my locked desk drawer and into my large coffee cup and top it off from the coffee pot in my room

During my planning period I’d duck out and smoke 8-9 cigarettes one after the other in my car

I’d have another class then I have a 30 minute lunch break again where I usually just went out to my car to smoke cigarettes, usually about 7 or so - and I’d take another drink of whisky

I always always always kept a bottle of crown royal in my car

Honestly I had started drinking crown royal when I was 14

I’d been smoking since I was 11 and by the time I was 16 I was already smoking two packs a day

In college I got to where I was smoking at least 3 packs a day

Teaching while continuing to smoke 2 to 3 packs a day was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done

At the end it wasn’t my chain smoking that got me fired

It wasn’t me drinking on the job every day

It wasn’t even the open secret that I’d hooked up with several teenage girls and even gotten one pregnant

It was paperwork

I had not been turning in my new lesson plans as required by the new state rules

When I got audited I was written up for it

When our school board had to cut funding for teachers after the state legislators slashed teacher salaries and gutted school funding - schools had to fire teachers

Even though I had rave reviews from all my students - I got let got along with about 7 black teachers

I’m pretty sure the 7 black teachers were fired because racism

I was fired because I never did my paperwork right

That same year my ex wife left me and took the kids and moved out of state

I was in a bad way and was drinking all the time the last two months I was collecting paychecks in the summer while not working

Later that Summer after I left I got a job tending bar

Im 43 now, and i wish i had just started off as a Bar tender first - its great

It lets me smoke on the job, which is good, because I’m smoking more than ever these days more like three and a half to four packs a day

It also isn’t frowned on if I have a few drinks on the job - at least not at the ruddy old bar where I work

To each there own.

Drinking on the job is fine

One year ago my wife was 55 but still had a smoking hot sexy body. One year later she is 56 and her body looks like a bag of wet noodles.

i saw my sisters vagina and found out she has a dildo. now i masterbate to her all the time. i want to fuck my sister that is so weird and wrong. if she came up to me and said do you want to have sex with me i would do it. isnt that crazy? who thinks like this like i would actually take my dick and stick it into my own sister and i would like it and it would make me cum. wow