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why do some women blame the "other women" but not the man? it makes no sense. he should be faithful and know not to cheat.

I watched YouTube videos of women being attacked/groped/followed (caught on camera) and I got turned on by it.

I have cheated on my husband a number of times with different men. Usually when I am out of town on business. I am 47 and find younger men attractive. I usually go for guys in their early 20's.

Sometimes when I'm bored and need some excitement/ an adrenaline rush, I follow women and try to not get caught. Sometimes I'll take a picture of their butt, but not usually. If they get to a car or store or something I'll stop--or I stop when I get too far from where I started from.

when i was in college, i once had sex with three women in one week. two of them were less than 24 hrs apart.

why do i need a girl when i find happiness in playing games in console, eating chips and jerking off twice a day.

oh no companies are data mining my facebook acccount
now they know how many times a day i take a dump and what my favorite mcdonalds combo is
oh the humanity...

I love my daughter, but I wish she would get off of her ass and get a job. She's about to be 25 and has zero ambition to do anything with her life beyond watching TV shows and movies with her friends online. It kills me to see her wasting her life like this.

Only one day in and I already miss reading the personal ads on Craigslist. I wonder where all thd pervs will meet now?

I don't have cable tv.

I am so lonely. So empty and sad. My bitterness and disappointment is profound.

What to do now? How to carry on?

I shall wander the streets at night, peeeing into bedroom windows, watching private things. My erection throbbong and dripping precum. Skin. Breats. Pubic hair. My hand stroking myself to orgasm. Ejaculation.

Disappointment. Despair. A day filled with shame and regret. And then it starts all over again.

LOL epic fail!

i am anorexic//bullimic.

i know that it may kill me eventually, but i would rather be dead than fat.

Is it normal to feel like you can't date because you keep thinking about the last guy you were with, even though you are no longer together? I have not seen him in over 3 months. It still hurts. Not as bad but I still miss him. But I feel as if I try to date I will only think about him and get even sadder. I have kissed one guy since then and that is what happened. It made me miss him more because I wanted him and only him. The sad part is the guy was married. If his wife only knew there is a woman out there hurt over her husband!!! ugh

Opinions please!

10 years later, do you still think smart phones constantly connecting you to the internet, social media and never escaping work is still a great thing?

be honest

Almost 50. no real friends. no place to live. stuck living with relatives that I hate. no money. full job sucks. no boyfriend. no savings. nothing. i just want to die. even my kids hate me. everyone treats me like crap. everyone! I suffer from depression, social anxiety, regular anxiety, and feel so alone it is awful. I feel as if I am trapped and don't deserve to live another way.

for real: i havent worn underwear in almost 20 years

Most wives are clueless as to their husband's life away from them. They have no clue their husband has a whole other life while she is sleeping at home in bed. I hear stories of wives going crazy because they saw a sexual text on their husband's phone. The husband lies and makes up a story about it. In reality, he is out having sex regulary with 'MANY" women, not just one!! And to think they are mad about a text??? I look at women and I just feel bad for them. No clue.

my wife and i both like watching porn and she likes one porn actor in particular. we’d have great sex watching his movies. we went to a sex show a few months ago and he was there as a guest. we ended up talking to him for quite some time and mu wife ended up blowing him in a bathroom stall with my approval. i thought it was hot but now i’m sorry it happened.