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i am so insecure and paranoid that when i come on here, i'm convinced half of the secrets are written by my husband; either about his want for others or disgust in myself. i have to constantly remind myself 'its not all about you. ' thank you all for sharing.

godaddy web hosting seriously sucks ass. fuck!!! a bunch of morons that keep trying to say that it is the customer's fault. anyways, i had to get that off my cheat. fuck!!!

i almost have no actual families and friends, feel like nobody needs me in this world.

i think i should have a husband that can cook and is handy and can do like car stuff/woodworking stuff when i have basically nothing to offer back except being not ugly and having a high sex drive. lol.

umm.. well i feel it's strange to post this but, yes i need advice and i know while guy's go through a cycle to become a man (hold on) no i am not a pedophile so dont say it. im a teeneager who wants to get away from the addiction of jerking off because i dont want to be like those people who do it 24\7. can someone give me advice on what i should do to stop it before it get's to a major addiction?

hey i know that your just not into me, and it's cool, now i don't feel so bad about fucking your older sister.

i've asked to be blocked from the other sites. hope it helps with some situations.

Hey, So i work at a hotel spa to help fund my time at uni, the money isn't bad and i get convenient hours. Most the clients are middle aged women, or hen do's etc, very few men, and those are dragged by wife's or gf. A few weeks ago i got a hot guy in for a full body massage with oil, so he was in the paper pants. As i rubbed oil in to his toned body, i got quite aroused, i really fancied this guy. I have to admit going a bit too far with my hands and sliding them under the paper pants and feeling those firm buttocks. When he turned over he was semi aroused and my heart was pounding, i rubbed oil in to his gorgeous chest, but was staring at his coc*. I wanted to grab it so much, but that kind of thing is a sackable offence. Anyway the massage came to an end, with me feeling rather hot. On the way out he asked could he specifically book me, and when was it quiet. He is coming in tonight and i am on by myself. I really want to break the rules with this guy. He turned me on so much last time, i went to the bathroom and masterbated after he left. This guy looks like he is in his 30s, I'm 19, is it a crush, am i being stupid?

to be fair i didnt grow up until i was 27 and i've been through a lot more stuff than you have...

i wish i knew why a part of me still believes you'll just be different one day...

i wish i knew why that even though i've accepted never seeing you again or ever being in your life i still think you'll become this amazing person. be so different and i just cant imagine you ever being happy with anyone that wasnt me

i mean theres happy enough and theres someone feeling like your other half

its confusing. maybe this is just me releasing the tail of it all. maybe this will be closure

its good to get things out at least

you're still an ass*** but in my mind you're just really young emotionally and acting out like always

one day you'll grow up


this is the bottom line. i was less than careful and got myself pregnant with a mexican bartender in houston and had to return home to live with my parents. i am 25 years old and i have a two and half year old girl and have not been able to get a job to support me.

my daughter's father is long gone, when i served him with child support he disappeared. i have not heard from him or seen a dime from him.

i took a part time job as a receptionist in an insurance agency, but as you can guess it hardly even pays for day care. i just need to get out of the house and my daughter needs to be around other kids.

letting that man get to me was the worst mistake of my life, i can't change the past but i can regret it. i long for the days that i was too good for the boy next door, he is recent law graduate and has a nice girlfriend. he doesn't even say high to me unless it is unavoidable.

i f. up my life. and my baby daughter's too.

i need more friends.

i really do believe that this person i know had something to do with his mothers death both him and his brother... the more and more i think about it... it seems more and more likely something a miss happened... i have no idea what to do about it thou as i have no proof just a hunch as he and his brother made a lot of money after she died and both acted really really strange after the fact... i know something happened deep deep down as i keep dreaming of this lady all the time i just have no idea how they did it...

i've only been with one woman, so tell me how typical this is. after i cum, i can still go pretty much as long as she wants me to until she's finished. i stay hard long after i cum. but this isn't the way sex is portrayed in the movies and when people joke about it. am i unusual?

I think about it all the time. If i could throw caution to the wind and just do it... But life has rules and I play by them. And I am a goody goody but I’m really not. Oh the things I’d do to you but we’ll never even go on a date.

i'm a crossdresser and today i was touching myself in my favorite red dress and black pumps, while i was playing with my fake boob made from a water balloon, it popped and completely soaked me and my bed. i finished what i started but then i took all the female clothes i had and threw them out. i have been addicted to masturbation and having those around was impeding me and tempting me away from overcoming that addiction. ive used masturbation to escape and numb pain and as a means of entertainment, but after doing it for ten years i've decided that i need to stop. i have a girlfriend and i am devoted to her and i love her and i can't keep lusting after other people and imagining myself in other sexual fantasies. so hopefully this will truly be the end, hopefully i won't touch myself again and the next time i climax will be with her after we are married.

Why do I only see confessions of years ago?

my step brother is gay and all my step mom does is applaud him for it. meanwhile i get good grades, keep my nose clean, and don't stand out. but all my family ever talks about is my 16 year old cock sucking, mentally disturbed step brother and how they're proud of him.

of course he doesn't have anything else going for him, but that doesn't matter. he's gay. he's out. he's a cock sucking fucking superhero.

i'm living a lie.

my mind is a mess. i live for the relationships in my phone. it's so unhealthy. it will eventually destroy me. and yet i can't stop. i crave attention. i'm craving love. love me i scream into my phone. desire me. i ache for your approval.

i click on my phone for the hundredth time today and still no message. no one loves me i think. they all have another someone more important to them. smarter, funnier, sexier. not as desperate as me. because that's what i am. i'm pathetically desperate for their approval.

and who are 'they' anyways? they might be real to their families and friends but to me? they are my phone. and yet even as i type this i stare at my phone willing a message to appear.

i'm living a sad, pathetic life.

i'm doing things that aren't me. morals? what morals? self esteem? what's that? here let me send you a naughty pic and you can say all the right things and i'll say all the right things. then will you love me? talk to me?

when will i open my eyes and get it? when will i look up from my phone and think i'm done? when will my real life be enough for me?

it all started so innocently. stay at home mom bored and lonely looking for a nice chat. 2 years later and my life has spun out of control. i never thought it would get this bad. how is it possible i love you when i've never met you? how is it possible i would throw away everything i have to be with you?

i don't know how to move on. i've cried a thousand tears. i've left before only to come back. i'm living in hell. over and over. everyday is the same thing. and it feels there's no way out.

Ok so I legit have a crush on my cousin and I want to have sex with her very badly

Her husband died a few years ago from liver failure because he was a chronic alcoholic when she was in her mid twenties - he was in his mid thirties

She looks damn good. Like sexy AF. She has a son in elementary school from her husband but is in great shape. She works out all the time.
Almost Everytime I see her she is in tight yoga pants and workout gear. The rest of the time she is always wearing sexy high heels and cute outfits

I'm married and have kids and stuff but legit I would for sure fuc* my cousin without a condom if She wanted me to.

To Be honest I've had a crush on her since She got hot when she was in middle school when I was a senior in college


i am a 24 yo lesbian. i have been blessed with natural good looks, small frame and beautiful skin. i inherited these from my mother, who is a beautiful french woman.

when i walk into a room, or a restaurant or any other public place i am on the look out for girls. if i find one that i am attracted to i will look at her, sometimes i overlook, and i can stare. i like very pretty girls who are well dressed with beautiful skin and hair. i am a complete sucker for a pretty girl. all the girls i have dated are very pretty. what breaks us up is attitude. i just want to be with a pretty girl who isn't figuring out if she should be with a girl, and who will let me hold her hand, let me kiss her, and wants to be my girlfriend. i am still looking for my perfect soul mate. i know she is out there, waiting for me.