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I didn't know that door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen were still a thing until last night during dinner. This strange little short, chubby guy with no smile and a big nose, who was all buttoned up, and wore a pointy beanie knocked at my door. I wish I had taken his picture. He kind of looked like this
))8(k:; |>  standing there, holding a Kirby vacuum in his hand, asking to come inside to demonstrate. I said "no" and shut the door. I'm not even sure if that guy was legit??

My ass*** neighbor had been bugging me for months about me feeding raccoons. They’re cute! Anyways he doesn’t think so because of some bullshit about hygiene etc. Anyways I finally got tired of his complaining so when he came over to do it again I tucked my replica handgun in my belt and waited for him. When he started speaking I just looked at him all menacing and stuff. Then I says to him I said “I know where your children go to school” as I pulled back my coat to reveal the gun.

Holy fuc* the guy snaps. First he tries to swing at me but then backs off into his house, his face red. Talk about no sense of humor. Ten minutes later the cops are crawling the neighborhood, and the SWAT team shows up! I was questioned for hours and charged with criminal harassment. What a humorless bunch of pricks!

I am a happily married woman in my late 20s, and live a quiet life, but i have an urge for sexual adventure. Lately i have started touching myself in public places, as a game, seeing if i can get aroused without being seen, i have also started imagining sex with strangers when i see them, all sorts, other women, to much older men, it's exciting. I want to involve my husband, i want to fuc* in public, or go out without panties and encourage him to touch me. I might even consider dogging, something sexy about strangers watching. Not sure i am brave enough to let him know i have these desires

i'm still in love with the person my gf caught me cheating on her with, and i don't think those feelings are ever going to go away. i gave up that relationship to try and make things work with my gf, and promised i'd never speak to them again, but it's getting harder to resist that temptation. i wonder if i made the right choice.

Take off that underwear right this minute and I promise you that you will never regret it

I have a problem. A big problem and I feel like I need to share it with somebody, anybody. I have a boyfriend and he is older than me. Not by much. Only 2 years. We have had sex and I love it, but I have a kink. A bdsm kink. I want him to control me. I want to be punished when I an naughty and rewarded when I am good. I am obsessive about this. I love it when he shows any type of control. This is becoming unhealthy. I want him to fully control my every move. Is this bad? Horrible?

Who wouldn't want to enroll?

I know a paranoid schizo and admit I am scared of all the maybe(s).

i have a crush. let's call him J.

so J and I met from tinder. J has everything I have ever dreamed of a man could be. he has muscles, tattoos, strong body but a very cute face. he has this super cute rabbit teeth that makes his smile 10000x better. our conversation started good. he said he's interested in me because I'm different than other girls he met. i am independent and I'm working at my age, 19. he treats me real good. a couple days later, I stop by his apartment. he was so happy that i could come over. i still remember his face when i said i could stop by his place. we drink and get quite tipsy. we did a lot of things afterwards. during the "things" we do, he said a lot of things. yes he did say a lot to me when he's drunk. he told me how beautiful i am, how he's so in to me. how cute i was. and everything a girl would really love to hear. I stayed at his place for 5 days, and it was the best week i ever had. he really did treated me like I'm his queen. that's when i know, I'm in love. but after i went back home. we did not talk as much as we used to. he was not longer keep in touch. and eventually, i didn't heard anything ever again from him. i chat him a few times, but all his response was "?". all his responses are only a single heart emoji. but some times, he commented on my pictures and tell me that i looked beautiful.

What can you guys tell me about him? does he even remember me? cause I'm madly in love already

I want to go to a party like this. Where are they?

Charlie Rose showed me his penis!

Would you participate in assisted suicide?

I fuc*** hate that I can't quit smoking these goddamned cigarettes!?

If I could go back in time 19 years - Id slap the shi* out of my teenage self for starting to smoke two packs a Day And getting me so addicted I can't ever quit

Guns scare me. I have three assault rifles and 7 semi automatic Pistols - one of which I haven't been able to find for a few months

Worse, I have a severe drinking and substance abuse problem and a young daughter that lives with me...For the past years, several times a week I drink until I blackout on the couch. I drink every single day.

I have woken up regularly with no memory of how I got somewhere. I have pissed myself more times than I care to admit and had numerous sketchy sexual encounters with random women or girls without any protection

It's why my wife left me

I have woken up in a strange woman's bed in a hotel room before, just a few months ago. I didn't even know her name.

I have woken up with a loaded gun in my hand with no idea how it happened

I'm genuinely scared you guys. I dont know what to do ?!?

Please help me. I don't want to die.

I would kill myself if I ever didn't anything at All to accidentally hurt my princess. She is my angel. She is the only reason I have to live.

I don't know what to do now? Please

Trying to quit drinking is making me sick

Why the fuc* won't my resting heart rate go down on my fuc*** fit bit!?

Im exercising regularly, eating healthy, cut back on drinking, trying to sleep more, drink less cafine

Honestly, sexual harassment is fun for both men and women most times - controversial claim these days I know - but get real

We have a new girl who just started at the office, about 20 or so, short, chubby, nerdy, but cute. Big Ass Taking classes at community college, graduated from high school two years ago.

It's been 3 days and I'm already flirting with her pretty heavy. She loves it. She's single. I'm married, almost 40, have kids, etc. but I'm in good shape. I'm number 3 in the office. Waybehind the manager and senior manager; but after them I'm the boss of everyone else. She digs it.

I can tell she really likes the attention.

Why the Hell is everyone so willing to crucify every politician Or celebrity or entertainer that ever slapped a girls ass or grabbed her boobs?

Most girls like it!

My first instant arousal occurred when my boss, a much older man, yelled at me and dressed me down for a non-work decision I had made that ended up hurting me financially. After he finished bawling me out my heart was racing, I was totally flushed and very wet.

I was in love with him after that for the longest time.

I am worried about sharing anonymously on the internet.

Confessing to a college escapade. I was paid three hundred dollars to ferry, drive, a car from our college town to Florida for this older couple, plus a ticket back by air.

At a rest stop in Georgia, a man standing beside me at the urinal struck up a conversation and when we left he kept up the conversation, and when we steppe out of the building he kept up the conversation. I kept talking, not thinking what was going on. He showed me a motor home, one of those that is like a greyhound bus, and asked me if I wanted to look inside.

Once inside he told me he would pay me fifty dollars to suck my dic* and pay me two hundred dollars to suck his dick. The fifty was easy, the two hundred was harder. Once I got started he told me that for two hundred he wanted to see his cum in my mouth. I earned my two hundred. After we were done with that he bought me dinner at roadside diner. We drove there in the car I was driving to Florida, and when we returned to the rest stop I sucked him a second time for free.