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I'm independent. I tell myself Republicans aren't the "bad" guys but at the same time... yeah they are

I'm 44 married 2 kids. Been married happily for 6 years. A couple months ago I went to a prostitute. She was 19. Now I'm hooked and see several girls a week. I've spent way too much money. I'm fuc*** ashamed of myself. I don't know how to stop. It's all I think about.

I was at a coc*tail party talking to this group of people and this acquaintance of mine (who I don’t even like) made some remark to me along the lines of “working hard or hardly working”.

Well I ain’t putting up with that shit so I proceeded to describe in lurid detail his wife’s sexual history with a black man. Needless to say, things devolved quickly. The circle of people became shocked, and the next thing you know the guy was being restrained trying to attack me, spit flying out of his red face. Another guy threatened me and suggested I leave, so I sauntered out. Then I masturbated in my car in the parking lot.

at 17 i followed my sister into adult club dancing. i was not the only girl my age either, everyone had fake ids and no one cared. the light came on to me when my sister at 22 was too old for the club and pushed out. many of the girls, but not all and not me, turned tricks on the side.

the money i made dancing was over 1000 a week. quitting to take a low paying job was the hardest thing i ever did. if it wasn't because i saw my sister get pushed out i would still be dancing. i haven't danced for over a year. my job is boring, i am perpetually broke, i miss the life, i don't fit in. btw, i am 19 and i work as clerk in a doctor's office.

My wife has recently lost 15 pounds andI once again love screwing her. She’s been fat for several years so seeing her Ales now is like getting some strange. She says she’s going to lose 20 more andI can’t hardly wait. BTW it inspired me to lose the extra 10 I’ve been carrying around too. We had become almost too fat to phuck.

I wrote a confession on here 4 months ago and now it has reappeared but with one different sentence and with bad grammar. Hmmm. Wonder why?

so last weekend i went to a local pub with my woman, a couple of my pals and their women. i went to take a piss, and when i came back my buddy said that some guy grabbed my woman's tit and said something to her, so they knocked him down and dragged him out back. i went to the alley where my buddy had him pinned down. i beat him fairly badly. the first to go was his nose... it was like it wasn't there anymore, just a piece of flabby flesh. i busted one of his eye sockets up pretty bad, and as i went on to beat his head into the pavement, i heard his skull crack. i kicked him in the ribs a few times for good measure, and left him there. i went back into the bar and got my friends and we left.

i don't know if he lived or died.

i can still see his face when i close my eyes. he shouldn't have touched her, the drunk bastard.

I am envious of my cousin getting men easy, the point is, is it that she gets them so easily then me, or is it that she is just easy? ie sleazy.

So the Turpins came from WV. Oh surprise.

I will never openly criticize someone else for being in a polyamorous/open relationship. It's none of my business as I'm not involved anyway. But I do think it's disgusting. I don't mind belonging completely to someone else, as they belong completely to me. If that concept grosses anyone out, so be it. We're not here to make each other happy.

It's liberating to release my inner tumultuous emotions. Whether the release is conveyed in writing or verbally inwardly to myself, it's irrelevant. However, it's also worrying. I can't differentiate between - If these emotions are normal or abnormal :(

my wife is pretty conservative sexually and can only cum once. Sex is very boring and I'm no longer interested

My girlfriend and I broke up because she had feelings for some other guy. It was a 4 hour tearful break up. She went off with this guy. He used her and dumped her all within a few months. Now she says to talk. I told her no. It's killing me.

I never understood why most girls chose hot dogs. Cucumbers have the perfect hardness, ridges, and length!

you never get any ass locked up in your room! :astonished:

i have on good authority that the russians are behind it

no one will believe me

they have a weather machine

the shi* is real

you think storms happening like this every year is an accident?

About 6 months or so back I befriended a homeless woman. After a long chat I offered her to stay with me in a hotel for a few days to get off the street. For 3 days I fuc*ed this homeless woman day and night, until we had to check out.
Since then, we haven't seen each other, but the other day I was driving down the street and I saw her with a swollen tummy, and pregnant. I'm a father and I may never see my kid.

i need someone to help me. god send some one to help me. I can't do everything alone! I a human not perfect. give me justice.

My girlfriend and I live with her brother I am currently unemployed and add stay at home while add she goes to work all day and her brother works at night so he is home with me. I feel so bad cause I don't know how to tell her I am really gay as soon as she goes to work me and her brother are in his bed ripping each other's clothes off I feel so bad what do I do.

Only in the United States would we have a government shutdown. Government shutdown is the most absurd statement, it's an oxymoron.

Do your fuc*** jobs or get out!!!