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In public I come across as pretty conservative sexually, especially as a male, but in private I look at porn and pay for cam girls.

I am a straigt married man who loves anal stimulation. I have had dildos up my ass that have caused me extreme orgasms. I am not at all attracted to men, but I want to feel a real hot flesh and blook coc* up my ass. I have noticed on porn sites there are absolutely beautiful chicks with dic** with beautiful faces, tits, and hard bellies. Oh how wonderul it would be to have one of these beautiful lady boys fuc* me and cum inside my ass.

I am sure there are real spirit mediums.I am looking for a couple of genuine but free ones.
Genuine replies only.Thanks,

i want to get lung cancer before age 40. I want to smoke so many cigarettes its impossible for me to not die young from lung cancer.. how can I assure this happens?

Anybody else wanna give the finger to the ass***s that are saying "don't donate to fix Notre Dame"? Don't get me wrong, I understand where they're coming from, but how would they feel if people said "don't donate to clean up the Grand Canyon" or something?

some reckoning will happen tonight bitches

I think I have the creatine shits.. is it true that cigarettes can help ?

i didnt wear a condom
now im sick

the muslims have burnt down Notre Damme in Paris

i dont know why iget these random urges to chose my sisters baby. i just did but i had to stop myself from doing so. the devil is working me

I have not watched a second of Game Of Thrones.

alex chiu eats ass.

more at 7.

Wishes granted by 4 Face Buddha.
Facebook user by Facebook username jumai.damon15, Facebook user by Facebook username ainul.wahidah.9 &
Facebook user by Facebook username nin*.kecik.5
want to be slim, look attractive, young, pretty.

Facebook user by Facebook username ainul.wahidah.9 wants to lose weight, reduce her weight & become slim one day.

When I was a teen I had stretch marks that I couldn't seem to heal. So I cut in a way to make it look like they were just major scars.

Now my skin is weaker than it should be. I regret everything.

i wish i had things to do, people to see, and places to go :heartpulse:

I want to fuc* Dr. Kat** Bouman and knownwhat its like to be inside her black hole

Fetch me my forceps, I seem to have gone and impregnated myself again.

i don't even know how to spell my side effects medical conditions.

Good luck to me.

my covk is raw and bleding
its smells awful
i just threw ip on some girl
ass*** wet and leaking
she is covered in sores
and hungry

i cannot believe how stupid Americans are, we watched Donald Trump give a speech about windmills giving cancer and the audience cheering, now all of Scotland is still laughing. Idiot of a president and stupid ignorant sheep following him!!