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I am more of a butt man.

we should be more like bonobos than chimps. bonobos are cool

I am 41, she is 16, and we flirt so intensely. She thinks she is too young for me and that she could never compete with the much older women that I hang out with, but in reality she has no idea what those braces and that fresh does to me, those toned soccer playing legs, and those perky titties that stick right out of your shirt. Yes B.W. (her initials) Yes you can compete with the other girls, and yes you would probably be put before the rest of them if I can figure out how to get this done.

to everyone whos ever hurt me, i forgive you and i love you. everyone, even the ones who hurt me the most deserve another chance. no one deserves to abandon the child within them that just eants to play and be light and be free forever. everyone is such a powerful being. everyone has limitless potential.

I'm in love with one of my best friends. Only problem? She has a girlfriend. When I found she had asked out this girl and she said yes I was filled with grief. So, I made up a lie. I told her that my parents are abusive and that I hated them both. Every chance I get I tell more lies to her just to get her attention and compassion. I hate lying to her. I wish I could stop but this has gotten out of hand. If she ever finds out I don't think I could ever show my face to her or my parents ever again. This is a horrible experience.

I have been with my girlfriend for 3 years and no one in my family even knows i am a lesbian. They think that she is my roomate. Soon enough they should catch on lmao.

Last night at coney island, I got two orders of toast instead of just one

Why are white people so fuc*** racist?

We are laughing at how stupid americans are for electing a president who cant even put together a sentence.

What the fuc* is wrong with you people?

yesterday i had a strange dream. unlike other dreams it was so vivid and clear. i was being chased by unknown group of men. i was running on the rooftops and jumping between buildings. then something hold me and kept me floating in the mid air. i felt my lungs were heavy. it took me straight up to the sky. when i woke up in the morning i could clearly remember the dream and every thing i saw. it was like being on a real movie.

every hardship i have ever faced is sculpting me into the powerful and loving and strong and loving and beautiful healer that i am becoming and i am so thankful that my soul chose this path for me and that my soul was strong enough to overcome all of this and i didnt take the easy way out. i know one day im going to help people and let people learn from my mistakes so they dont have to make them themselves. i know ill be able to help people learn how to transmute hatred into love and gratitude and acceptance because i changed my whole being and my whole way of interacting with the world around me. i still have so much to learn but i know now that im so important for the world and i want to be able to show others how important they are too. i am a beautiful and authentic expression of my soul and i am going to make people uncomfortable and ruffle their feathers and make them question their beliefs all with love!!! thank you universe for allowing me to take this path and show me these lessons along the way!!! all i want to do is empower myself and bring everyone up with me and we can all kearn and grow and become our true expressions of ourselves and who we WANT to become, not what everyone thinks we SHOULD become

nothing feels better than someone feeling safe with you

there is so much love and light waiting out there for you... for everyone if you just love yourself and accept yourself... everyone stays in darkness out of fear... be brave!!! find the limitless power inside yourselves. its there if youd stop letting these dark energies feed on you!!! we didnt come to this planet to make ourselves and eachother sick with anger and hatred and darkness, we came to be happy and have fun and laugh and love eachother.

i wish i could just heal the part of you i hurt and the other parts of you that are hurting. i dont need to possess you, i just want you to be happy and free of darkness.

the universe seriously gave me some love and clarity and now i just want to heal and empower spirits with my life. and have a better relationship with the ocean and trees and animals

i still love you. i will always love you. i would choose you over anyone. no matter how fuc*** things have been, no matter how broken they are. i believe we could fix it. and even if you never wanted that i just want to know if youre ok. i dont care what youve done, to me or anyone. ill always forgive you. i will always love you. i love the fuc* out of you. you never even knew me. i was so fuc*** unwell mentally and emotionally. losing you made me a better person. you know where to find me but i cant find you anymore. im not going to be there much longer. i just wish you would meet me at the tree and just tell me how you are. thats all i want. i still cry about you. i somehow love you even more even though youre so far gone. im not even asking anything but if you feel anything for me then why are we doing this to ourselves we fuc*** love eachother this is so stupid

Years ago some sales rep quit or got fired. She left her laptop in her office when she left but nobody could fine it. They thought she stole it. She didn’t. It sure made a loud sound when it was thrown in the dumpster. Those things weighed a ton back then.

I love taking pictures of girls when they are not suspecting that their pictures is being taken. It is seriously one of the biggest adrenaline rushes ever! I've literally had my heart pounding trying to get the quality shot.

They’re are people on this site whot think their so smart but there not.