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I stole her socks and am wearing them now she doesnt have any and had to wear her shoes without any socks all day, probably all weekend in this winter snow storm and her poor bare feet are freezing cold. the only shoes she brought are ballet flats and the winter precipitation is really coming down hard. so hard

when she whispered “I want your babies inside me” in my ear, is when I knew I should have worn a condom

The hot 20 something blond that moved in next door lets her cat run around the neighborhood. More than once, I’ve lured that cat into our garage, jerked a quick load all over it and watch it saunter back over to blondy’s house. I’ve even seen blondy pet it right afterward while sitting on her porch and it makes me happy that I get to share my spunk with someone other than my wife.

the chinese medicine lady told me I have severe dampness... im very worried

My sister found a song that my dad used to play, dedicated to my mother. Gerry Rafferty- Right Down The Line. It's a beautiful song.

So my dad played it, but he hasn't heard that song for about three years since my mom left. And when he did, I just started crying. Every word he sang hurt.
I hate what she has done, every morning I wake up angry because of her. I've been angry and fuelled with hatred of my mother for three years. I cannot escape the anger and it only intensifies.

I have tried everything to get rid of all these negative, energy draining feelings but nothing has worked.
One thing is for sure- I never want to see her or hear from her again.

something is very wrong with the shit inside me - its not coming out rigt

I feel like I did cocaine... but I havent had in any over three years... no two years

doctors are witches

I was doing great for the past 2 weeks then that all came to a halt when he showed up at my door. Now for the past 5 days i feel like I'm back to square 1(story of my life). This is my fault each and every time for allowing myself to be manipulated by someone who keeps treating me horribly by only seeing me as a sexual option. All year this person has repeatedly caused me emotional pain and still I allow him come bk into my life everytime after I cut him off. I'm so weak when he is physically in my presence and so strong when he is not. When i was away on vacation it was the greatest feeling ever knowing that there was no way he could come see me. It was liberating. I feel like I'm trying my hardest to move on the best way that I can. I've tried going on dates and talking to other guys in hopes that I'll be distracted and motivated enough to forget about him but it doesn't seem to work. I realized getting out of town makes me feel better. The farther away I get, I instantly feel because I know he's not going to be there. When hes not there I'm much stronger and confident. I need to get away atleast 1x a month. Honestly I've been feeling like I want to move away.

Emily, you might be the first to go.
I'm in tears even thinking that.

the woman working on me at the dentists office today smelled strongly of cigarettes and I was intoxicated with how lovely she smelled.. she took two breaks to go “take care of something” and eachtime returned smelling of fresh cigarettes

I'm addicted to chatting with webcam girls but I've run out of money. I need some ideas on how to generate income to pay for this.

anyone watch spanish tv like Univiosion or Telamundo on regular TV and wonder why people complain about immigration?

just wondering

I'm a pro choice catholic.

i tend to keep my mouth shut when i have a stong opinion because nine times out of ten, whatever i am about to say you're not going to like it and i don't have time to feel bad for something i said and really meant.

i need sleep but can't sleep. fuc*.

I cut myself and now my mom is going to punish me if I continue but I can't help myself I don't know what to do

Women, it may come as a surprise, but men also use their brains and think, zoning off, not realizing they are staring at you. Not every thing we do has everything to do with you. Also, men will sometimes look around to gather their surroundings--when we glance your way at night, we're just making sure you're not a psycho waiting to pounce on us.

The phrase "putrid stench" is fuc*** hilarious

I coveted my neighbors wife
I actually coveted several of my neighbors’ wives