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I have Tourette's Syndrome, a facial paaralysis on one side of my face, and a deformed ear (the latter two I was born with). However, nobody has taken a picture or video of me, to my knowledge, and made it go viral on the Internet. Part of me is comforted by this, but part of me is kind of disappointed.

I have noticed lower engagement on recently, a head-scratching development given its first-class content.

Every time I see an Asian woman (Japanese, Chinese, Indian, all of them) wearing a skirt with bare legs, I immediately get hard and fantasize about burying my face in their pus** and ass and making them so so wet.

I went on kik and anonymously messaged him again. He was sending pictures and videos to me on him naked. and he has no idea who I am! I miss him. But he will never know. He's married.

I have only worn clothes a few times in my life, and got home-schooled my entire life. I live in an area where public nudity is tolerated, and my parents were nudists. I feel uncomfortable even wearing just Underwear, because it feels so... unnatural. Also, Pavement, and Rocks do not bug my feet much, even during Summer since I've also been Barefoot most my life. Also... my Job is something I can do from home almost entirely, so that helps.

I only share this since I find my situation funny, because I'm about to go visit a friend of mine who moved into another country where the clothing laws are in full-force, and will be staying a week out there, and I will probably be busy catching up with my friend most of the time... so its gonna be hell for me. wish me luck!

ever just want to walk away from it all and be FREE? And just start a NEW LIFE?

I have a crush on a girl I go to school with, but I am shy at getting to know her. I see other boys who talk to her quietly in class, and she laughs, which puts me down a bit. I get depressed because of this. All I want in this world is a girl who can vibe with me and someone to cuddle and warm up with, not in a sexual way either. Sexual relief is only a temporary solution, I need a lifelong warmth inside.

okay so dog licked my pus** better than any other guy could:joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know how crazy this sounds but in August I began keeping track of how many times two neighborhood girls have seen me naked. I moved into this apartment last June and by the end of that month knew they were sneaking up to my back window at night. All I had to do was lower the window shade but admit it kinda turned me on. They can only see into my bedroom but I began coming out of the bathroom to dry myself after my shower. I pretty much knew what nights they would be out there and from my kitchenette window I could see them coming over from the apartments next door. The one girl I see often outside but the 2nd girl I still don't know who she is or where she lives. For some reason they are usually at my window on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and always on Friday nights and always about 9 pm. I don't get home from work til 8 or 8:15 and after I eat wait for them to show up. I then go in the bedroom letting them watch me undress before I shower then come back in still wet as I dry off. Knowing they are watching me makes me get an erection and by the middle of July I began masturbating for them. The first week in August is when I began keeping count of how many times they saw me naked. The girl who lives next door has seen me 22 times and the other girl 19 times. They have both watched me masturbate 16 times. I don't know for sure when they started this but it must have been right when I moved in back in June. I see that girl next door many times outside but never spoke to her. I don't know who they are and don't want to know. They must like watching me and average is 2 to 4 nights a week. Sometimes I'm dissapointed when they don't show up when I think they will be at my window.

Just when I was I was thinking about how desolate and isolated it sounds outside, a bird started singing and it almost brought me to tears.

Life sucks these days, but things are starting to look up.

SHTF Plan to evacuate asap!

You have to be ready to go in less than 20 minutes notice. its that bad. Trump and Kanye! Kavanaugh and Russia! China and North Korea! Sexual Assualt charges against men coming years after the raping! Poor Bill Cosby! What is our society coming to!? Get your bug out bags ready to roll up into the mountians!!! Get all your camping and survivalist gear, get extra warm jackets and warm hats and good pants and extra thick socks and good sturdy boots. It’s gonna be a long March!

If you thought 9-11 was bad? The terrorists and Russians are coming to wipe us out! Inside job? Iraq? Bush? Blood for Oil? No no no nothing like what’s coming on the horizons. Mark my words. Dark Storm Clouds

America is full of illegal immigrants who are extremly rude. One boy in a black shirt with glasses is mocking people for no reason at an ACE hardware store. This brat has no manners. Fuc* that ass***.

I love laughing at America! They are so stupid!! A pathological lying sexual predator as their president, a rapist on their supreme court, an entire Republican party bought and paid for by the rich who are raping the country, trying to build a wall and a space force, billions of dollars of tax breaks to the super rich and blaming social security,medicare and medicaid for their stupidity in spending, and the stupid idiot American people love it!! HA HA HA keep making us laugh America. Laughing at you all the way from Europe

also my brothers and sisters, remember this too. the higher you elevate yourself, the harder those trapped in lower levels of consciousness will try to pull you back down to their level. they dont wanna see you reach a new level because they rather believe their level of consciousness is the only way because they have abandoned their own growth.

so remember, if people be trying to pull you down, that means youre reaching hhigher levels.

celebrate your ascension

I wish you would just be honest with me. Tell me how you really feel.

I am turned on by hot girls flirting with and grinding on hot guys. This is why I sometimes go to bars/clubs at night. I am especially turned on by white girls doing this with black guys. But if they're muscular, any guy will do. I like to watch this happening and maybe even take a picture if I can be discreet. Then I go home and fantasize about what happened after the club. I'm more turned on by single people doing this than couples. Yes, I'm bi, which helps.

I drink too much.

Why are midwesterners so fuc*** ugly? I thought Scandinavians were supposed to be attractive and all that shit.

I'm not a coward for thinking of cutting you off. I'm a coward for NOT cutting you off by now. I am still afraid of backlash to an extent, but those days are coming to a close. We are not" friends". You're a manipulative, antagonistic, childish bitch who I'm ashamed to call my mother. I don't care anymore how you charm others (you had emotional intelligence I never had; and it gave you an edge when we were at odds) but leave me seeing who you really are. If you do acknowledge my trauma, it is so carefully minimized as to make you better and me a "liar". Thanks for that, by the way. I was coerced into saying nothing happened to salvage your reputation within the family, at the expense of my own.
Don't get me wrong, I love you. But I don't like you, I don't trust you, and I damn sure don't respect you. If your childhood was bad, it was nothing compared to mine. I'm done with you attempting to work out your issues through me. I'm your only child, which is why you "treat me like a baby"? You treat me like an idiot. It's almost as if you want me to have no coping skills, no backbone, and no self-esteem. No one sees my pain, and I"m cornered.

we literally create our reality with our thoughts and and our words. if there is any hardship in your universe seek to understand why youre creating it. what are your limiting self beliefs? why do you believe everything has to be so hard and such a struggle? why cant you relax into ease? is it that you dont believe youre worthy of ease? you dont see how powerful and godlike you are? you dont see that you are creation itself? dont get stuck in a cycle of performing black magic on yourself, this is what negativity is. it is also quantam entanglement. realise thoughts and words are magic and hold their own energetic frequency and when you catch yourself being negative dont negatively view what youre doing because that it also black magic. just be like ok that is dark energy, i recognise that darkness. and forgive yourself. beating the darkness is a process and you have to be vigilant. there is a lot of darkness on this earth but an equal amount of light. illuminate the darkness with your awareness and use your light magic to create ease and abundance in your lives. we are all powerful creators. x