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shave with the passion of barbers!

19514 gladwater ct. Houston, Texas 77433 Girl: 15 years old

youre such a cutie. that is all

its crazy to think that you could just shove a knife in a powerpoint and end your life so easily., preferably one in each hand so you increase chances of the current going through your heart. legit and exit to life in most rooms in the first world

sheltering your kid really, really, fuc*s up their judgement.

please don't do this to your kids, or yourself.

gettin real tired of seein your name everywhere tod*.

LOL, just prove them wrong!

really man? really? wtf?!

Be smart ladies/girls. Human trafficking is real!

Unfortunately I accidentally dated a prostitute who has borderline personality disorder and ever since I've dated her she's convinced people to threaten me, physical attack me and stalk me. One of her clients actually sexually assaulted me after a long string of breaking into my house. She still won't leave me alone. She got a tattoo symbolising her dedicating her lifelong dedication to ruining my life. She's extremely suicidal and cuts herself but I've stopped feeling sorry for her, there is no good part in her. I honestly wish I never even met up with her, it's been nothing but a nightmare ever since and nothing was ever enjoyable. She's so rude and neurotic it's impossible to even like her. She fuc*s all of her friends siblings and partners. Sometimes even their dads. She's just such a psycho and I don't know how to get her away from me. She literally took photos of herself in lingerie with a bruise she only got because she begged me to hit her so many times during sex because she makes everyone hit her cos she's psycho and likes bdsm to the extreme and put it on her shitty blog, then when I broke it off with her 6 months later went to the police saying I beat her up. While we were in the court room she messaged me saying I looked sexy and she wanted to meet me in the bathroom (I didn't). After the judge saw all the evidence of her asking me to hurt her repeatedly I was not charged. I spoke with her on good terms a year ago and she acted normal and then got her boyfriend to abuse and threaten me in the street and said I was abusing her!!! So I told them both I was going to the police and they left me alone. I'm so sick of her shit. I don't understand why she can't stop trying to ruin my life. She is literally the worst person I've ever known. Now she is threatening me again because I asked her how her cat is. Honestly, I would advise to stay away from hookers. They don't feel any sense of ethics or morals. They're just terrible people. She has taught me that.

hookers have officially pulled ahead by one ladder rung over news reporters and liberal social justice activists, when it comes to integrity, moral standing and usefullness to society.

I hate people's faces.
Media, film, real life, drawings, anything. Faces are just annoying to me.
I feel emotionally connected to characters with no faces. Lately object head characters have been close to my heart. But TV's, cameras, the smell of cigarettes, and baseball bats all seem to be connected to me.
I adore old TV's. I can't get enough of those little visual tears in an old VHS suffering generation loss, or the little flicker on the screen before a show appears.
As for the smoke, I believe it might be because of the occurences in my childhood where I would smell it. If I smelled cigarettes my brain just jumped to "I will be a good day now". Smoking is very dangerous, and I don't recommend it, but I'm sure I'll end up hooked later on in life.
I'm a little curious if anyone else feels empathy and sees personality in these things. I could sit in a room with a pair of scissors, a TV, a VHS and a lighter and be able to give each one personalities and traits. It's probably part of my drive to be an artist, though it's been going on for years so I'm not too sure.

had a dream i got asked on a date to hungry jacks

said yeah

woke up before getting there

the older i get the more i appreciate people who are genuine and real and kind. its actually so nice interacting with someone like that whether theyre a chick dude or grandpa hey. so many huge egos out there.

so grateful that i havent gone down that path, every challenge i face just ends up humbling me more and teaching me about grace and being in the moment. hard to believe how huge my ego used to be and how hardcore i used to hold onto grudges. so grateful i get to live a life free of that, its like a ball of hate clenching your stomach and sucking all of your energy like a black hole. my place inside myself now nourishes and heals me these days and i couldnt be any more grateful for that if i tried.

being able to let go i can cry if something hurts and let it go, then its no longer an issue. then im back to my life. can pretty much live a healing or destructive life in my opinion, not much in between as apathy only destroys yourself

peace dudezzz

earlier today i was feeling like utter shit, but now, after writing about my feelings for a little while like how i used to when i was younger, i'm feeling much better. i didn't know why i was feeling how i was feeling, and i still don't, but even if you don't know why, sometimes just writing about how you feel is enough to help you feel better. and honestly, i should be asleep right now, but i just feel like writing until i pass out (which honestly might be very soon rip). i dunno though, i'm just glad i'm feeling better

i hate the fact that my crush and my enemy are hitting it off and i am just watching everything happen like a loser. my crush is the coolest person ever and i feel like we have a lot in common. if only i had the balls to go and actually converse with my crush i wouldn't have been feeling this regretful. plus watching them flirt is like adding fuel to the fire. this is not a problem as such since i don't really give heed to petty crushes but sometimes those "what if"s pop into my mind and make me lowkey depressed. i feel like this isn't who i am, i hate getting jealous over people who aren't worthy of being jealous of. i can only hope i get over this mental dilemm* and move on.

I've been an abusive partner when I was much younger and it's made me very aware of unhealthy power balances in relationships. I can tell my close friend is in an abusive relationship and it makes me so angry and sad but I know there's literally nothing I can do

Our whole friendship I think I was fighting feeling anything more for you out of respect and I don't know your reasons for your behaviour but I just know I would never stand down and not protect anyone who needed it let alone my friends. Regardless, walking away from you feels like being stabbed in the heart. I hope your level of courage gets you what you want in life, or if not I hope it grows.

Man he is working hard to build his work experience to be a Trump lawyer.