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im pretty sure I have a severe mental illness, or maybe several. how can I tell for sure?

I cant go to a doctor, because they cant find out. I dont want my insurance to ever know because it could hurt my rates and I could lose my job if I get diagnosed with anything

Im terrified that if anyone found out how sick I am theyd lock me up or at least have nothing to do with me

would you rather

a) be an attractive teenage girl who is addicted to cigarettes ?


b) be irresistably attractive to any woman or girl wearing high heels without pantyhose, regardless of her age or race ?

I have a huge thing/fetish for women with long, polished nails. The longer, the better. I'll stop them and get phone pics of their nails, compliment them, and sometimes end up having sex with them. Even if I don't find anything else about them attractive, the nails do it for me. Haven't done it in a long time, but, used to go to shopping centers, malls, etc, look for and follow long-nailed women, and hit them up for pics.

Had one at a food store one time. Hot blonde, sunglasses, jeans skirt, and at least 4", curled, jet-fire engine red nails that drove me absolutely crazy. Followed her into the store, then back out, and hit her up by her car. She was very into it, and gave me 20-some pics, poses, and even said she knew guys with this fetish for her nails. Best one I ever had.

Out at the bar one night, I started talking to an older, black woman, with killer-long, black nails that had me at attention. Couldn't keep my hands off of them or her, and ended up back at her apartment, going at it in bed. She was in her upper 50s, but I didn't care. I had at her and those amazing, black nails for hours.

I won't date or fuc* any woman without long, polished nails.

When I see hot women and hot men in public kissing, hugging, dancing, flirting, etc., sometimes later on I will masturbate to imagining them having sex.

this post is for all the partners out there who think they are watching porn without their SO knowing.

You're wrong. They know. You might be covering all your tracks, thinking you're so smart. You're wrong.

they know and they will only put up with it for so long. that shit is literally rotting your brain and destroying your ability to be intimate with your SO.


the dumb news, the actor who played hilter died. attacks in the sea, politicians battle and weather , news, there is no such thing as news. oh forgot to add in stupid royal segments about meggamouth and why prince william is so childish and immature to have his knickers pulled off by some pubilicent kid a dozen decades ago. serious news that. and my god have all those new married royals aged, great to see that come down for them. silly old issi sill piss and woffle bummering- all bum chuggers ganades up their asses and bum-chum bs, british air problems, elections in some monkey country in asia somewhere. woopty doo-da what a load of gar'bage. say it like mirage ! it makes more sense then, an illusion of the world via the dumb news that makes no sense and makes the world sick. sorry I am having a senior cynical moment right now. it will be over in approximately 11 seconds.

When I see couples in public I imagine them having sex.

bad news : my girlfirend broke up with me.

good news: i am SINGLE!!

i am upset that handsome men like Ted Bundy are in jail while unattractive men roam free

seriously: I fuc*** my cousin last night.
ive been wanting to fuc* her since I first met her when she was in high school several years ago... thing is she was so drunk last night I dont think she’ll remember

if my cat wasnt here looking me in the face right now i would kill myself. i dont want to leave him alone.

Can somebody explain why I am so damn turned on by young beautiful girls feet? I don't understand this! They literally turn me on! Please help!!

something happened in the slip stream and now I dont know when I am, much less which version. where the fuc* is going on?

Big fuc*** deal? Why?

I find myself aroused in a bathtub with an ariel mermaid doll floating in the warm water and im not sure how I got here.

Here's another cool quote I saw somewhere else that's so true:

Beautiful things don't ask for attention!

I stole her underwear and socks out of her gym locker and jerked off in them during 4th peroid gym today. now shes had gym and changed back into her clothes but now shes not wearing any socks.. does that mean shes wearing the underwear I jizzed in or does that mwan shes just not wearing any underwear at all?

California is full of rude, snobby, people. A woman at Shirley's boutique is being sexist, racist, and rude towards a few customers. No one should get service like that.