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cleaning my rifle alone. my pen** is cold. all I have is a bottle of something awful

Im bleeding out of my anu*. I miss her so much. why did she have to leave me. why donthey always have to leave me when Im drunk again.

my dic* sores arent going away. I got gasoline on them to clean the sores. that was a terrible plan

key questions for thatwitchbtch from the noteful loyalists:

1) do you like cats?

2) do you wear socks?

3) do you bonsai?

4) do you smoke cigarettes ?

5) do you take birth control?

6) do you like Pastor Tod*?

important questions, wed love to know!

dorito's graduation photo symbolism of her eye looks evil demonik and angry mean as crime and satanic. white curse sat alone in white church as a joke to white english church. she can't see that yet that the media as licking her ass up for her fall. butt her butt will! blabaff ma! her disbubha witcha.

I will die... alone and unwanted as the day I was born.

following girl jogging

It’s Dark and she’s all alone. She’s slow and tired. Too tired to fight back. My shorts are loose and I’m not wearing underwear ... for quick access
I have no condom and that’s on purpose
There is no chance of escape

It's my wife's birthday today. For years she has been pulling up gay (male on male) porn vids on her phone and telling me how hot it would be to watch me with another man.
So I talked a gay guy that I work with into helping me fulfill her fantasy today. When she comes home from work this afternoon, she's going to walk in on us 69'ing each other.
Can't wait to see her reaction.

back in 1985 I let free a school of retards. i continued to put them in my van I ended up drowning the youngest 3 last week till this day i regret it one still wont leave me alone what should i do ?lol

It's my birthday today and my wife just asked me what I wanted to do for it and I told her I wanted to spend it with her and the kids. The truth is, I'd rather spend the day alone jerking to porn and eating Chinese take out.

got a dud scam trad again with some massage belt and bed pad belt you wear around while standing and walking and it hits nerves and lympatic drainage and weight loss. what a load of crap.

Pregnant women are terrible workers and should all be fired - plus they drive Insurance costs up and should be dropped from coverage as soon as they get pregnant

Birth control should also be dropped from all insurance coverage. Women can pay full price if they want it. I don’t want to pay for their sex

If we want to fix problems we also need to bite the bullet and ban Old people over 60 in instance - they should also be dropped from Heath insurance coverages - unless they pay 100% of their premiums out of pocket - if they can’t pay all of it they’re nothing

Sick kids should also be excluded from coverage too. I think they are now excluded againunder Trump - thank god - I didn’t want to pay for anymore medicine for any sick kids!

Should also probably ban social security, Medicare and Medicaid as worthless inefficient handouts. And ban minimum wage laws and most work place regulations, like ridiculous anti discrimination laws too if you want an efficient workplace

Look: deep down you know the U.S. would be a much better place if women were fired as soon as they got pregnant

Can we make a friggin' law that bans fireworks during and around the time of 4th of July in America? I'm a vet of the Afganistan war, spent almost 2 years there in that shithole, and saw and did things that no one should ever have to deal with.

Now I have ass***s in my neighborhood lighting fireworks night and day and I have PTSD and the sound of it all gives me the nervous sweats, like I'm back in combat under fire. Please make this shit stop.

the Toronto Raptors are LeBron James’ bitch!

Easter is nothing without my mother.

I am afraid I will lose my coveted white house job because Trump hates me

should it matter if Im jewish, or black, or a woman, or gay, or hispanic, or anything rlze!?

why is the president clearly targeting me and clearly disciminating against me!!!?!?

please admit this into evidence!!!

we have been imprisoned by Trump have beendenied for too long

dont let Trump silence voices and kill freedom of speech by use of political chicanry -

we deserve better

I cant find my 9mm
wtf do i do now

I’m pregnant!!
(That’s all, it’s just too early to tell everybody and I like saying it!!)

I am 56 today. A lifetime. I am married and I have a family, grandchildren and all. But my one true love is my cousin. He is 66 and just retired and he has a wife and a family and grandchildren and all. When he holds me my life is complete. He has a way of holding me that makes everything OK. We hug a lot, and I usually have my arms around his neck. It is not new, it has been this way with him since I was fourteen and I learned the facts of life with him. Somedays, he just kisses me on the mouth, and i get these long electric feelings running through me from top to bottom and bottom to top. Sometimes, when he holds me and he whspers to me that I am still his favorite girl I get tears in my eyes and I tell him how much I love him. Sometimes, when we make love I dream that I am in heaven and that we are together forever. Today is my birthday and my cousin came by on his way to the club and kissed me and held me for a long minute and whispered to me that I am his favorite girl and he loves me.

My name is La***. My first crush was on Cindy in the sixth grade. She was more or less a tomboy. At the time it was like a real deep need for her to be my one and only friend. She kissed me. I am 33 years old, I am married and I have three children. We are very close friends, as close as two can be, and she still kisses me the same way. She is still a bit of tom boy, she is just a beautiful as ever, she is the aunt of aunts to my kids, she is the friend of friends to me, she has been by my side all my life. I am totally sure that if I had never gotten married, she and I would have a life together. I love her more than words can say. Valentine's day is coming up, and I will prepare a special dinner and she will be there with us as she is every year. I know I won the lottery.

13 years ago I married a man 24 years older than me. He is very much wealthier than me, but I was also in love. I still am.
The benefits is of course the money. What I never realized is that he is not likely to associate with my friends. I have to associate with his friends. I have been invited to a fun superbowl party, my age group, which of course includes lots of kids, including ours. He thinks every one is immature. My same age friends are fortyish, they aren't kids any more. I want to go so bad, so do my kids, their friends are going to be there, and I don't want to go alone. I love him and will respect hîs wishes, I will stay with him, if it is my only choice.

God takes care of us, I am living it right now.

I got pregnant in college and had an abortion. I got married to him right after we graduated and immediately got pregnant again. He went on an audit to Florida and was there for two weeks and while he was there he got this college girl pregnant who was waitressing. We found out when she contacted him to let him know.

I listened and the only thing I could think of is that this girl alone in college is not going to get an abortion. Our family was just going to be a bit bigger and earlier than planned. I called her, talked to her, assured her that all financial issues were going to be handled, I told her this baby was a blessing and our babies were going to be born with a ready made sibling. If she needed to have a place to live, to finish college, whatever, to come live with us. There was plenty of room, I was never planning on working outside of the home, she could easily finish her college, to come live with us.
After she finished that semester and I had her come to visit us, and we made arrangements for her to come and live with us and finish college. Our doctor (she was seeing both of us then) asked if it wouldn't be wise to have a paternity test done. I declined, he had sex with her and she assured me he was the father of her baby. A paternity test was done at her request after the birth to set aside any doubts by anyone and I was proven right.

God has not only given me back the baby that I threw away but he has also given me a new sister. Nothing is planned by us, it is all in His hands, in His celebration of life.