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my best friend is out of town for the week and his 29 year old wife is all alone... shes an alcoholic and gets blackout drunk everynight.. she told me she stopped taking birth control but he doesnt want to have kids... its time for me to go impregnate her while shes passed out

I fuc*** hate holidays. Always amplify my loneliness. I'm at a point where just seeing joy and happiness brings up suicidal thoughts. Fuc* this.

dont drink alone. there is no fuc*** reason for that. its less fun and you have to know youve got a problem if you do it alone over and over.

dont drink in secret or hide your drinking, where you “are at a bar so youre not alone”. secretive drinking where you have to lie about it to people is a warning sign. you shouldnt have to act like youre a kid trying to hide somethig from your parents.

if you have been blackout drunk more than once this year but like to call it something else, thats a major redflag. if you wake up with people telling you shit you did that apparently did that you have literally zero memor of or waking up somewhere and have literally zero clue how you got there, then you need to ask yourself the hard questions about how it happened.

dont go to the liquor store ao often that all the employees know your name. dont go to so many dofferent liquor stores in an effort to hide this that then all the employees lf multiple liquor stores know your name.

dont drink and drive with kids in the car. just dont. dont do it with your kids in the car, or anybody elses kids either. dont drink and drive with anybody else in the car. as hard as it is for aome people: lets get real, if youve had more than 1-2 drinks you know you shouldnt drive peroid. just dont fuc*** do it.

there. I didnt say for you to stop drinking forever. thats youre call

most people are not alcoholics

somwthing like 10% of drinkers drink Fully half - 50% of all the alcohol. those are the people that im talking to - or the people whonare slowly sliding into that ans maybe dont see it yet.

if you got defensive about readinf this post just because you drink everyday and dont think its a big deal - fine.

you can hate my guts. call me an ass***. a party pooper. a fuc*** loser. thats all fine. just ask yourself why you so mad at me just for making a point to question why would it make you mad for someone to say something as simple as:

“maybe dont drink alone”

i didnt rant about how Im an alcoholic and have been drinking hard every single day for 13 years and how ive ruined everything from relationships to jobs to underwear to my health and everything in between.

I just confessed about that and wanted to give out some ground rules to try to live by.

if even 1 person here started to desire a healthier outlook towards their drinking then thats better than nothing


she lives alone in a hole. no human contact. a single bowl of what smells like old dogfood is slid under the door once a day with a bowl of water. no bed. the room is 10x10, no bed or mat or rug. no windows. no sound. no clock or books or materials of any kind.

she is left alone there for the past several months, almost a year now. the lights gets left on for weeks at a time, then the lights get left off for weeks at a time. trapped in total darkness. all alone.

had my ass eaten for the first time yesterday, and my pus** is still quivering. i have only been with one other man sexually and i am 19. this guy was a hot, older man (~38) whom i’d been admiring from a distance for a while. we finally got the chance to be alone and he took charge (im painfully shy so that’s what i needed). he started off by licking my pus** so slowly, sensually until i was on the edge; he pushed my legs up and buried his face in my ass while rubbing my cli*. i was moaning, crying and dripping wet as he madr me cum...he flipped me over, pulled up my waist so my back was arched and he pounded me until i was close to passing out.

My ex-boyfriend, Grant, hurt me so badly that I will never date again. I will never marry or have children and it is his fault. Grant forced me to keep our relationship a secret and then discarded me like trash fully knowing that I didn’t have a support system while he ran off to celebrate the holidays with his family. While he was celebrating, I was looking at the knife in my drawer and preparing to slash my wrists.

I purposely sat on my hand for an hour and made it fall asleep. Then I took the limp appendage and beat my meat with it. My coc* felt it but my hand didn't.

It's called "the stranger".

my old man says we take him on holidays to show him off? I am speachless, what a ego, as if I do. what is there to show off?
If I wanted to show off I would go alone and take someone worth showing off.

Im legit I sex addict. I havee 3 different partners. One likes to get peggd,, another like voyerism and another is emotionally cold but has bomb dic*. the ladder of eaving these guys alone is..being alone and that scares me.

home alone and not wacking off?
bad day for pon

18 years ago, I had a 1911 .45 acp pistol, loaded, holstered and under the front seat of my truck, on my way back from College Station, Texas.

I had 4 packs of Marlboro reds, and six packs of Marlboro lights for my girlfriend.

I had a box of Nine West high heels, size 8, black, bought as a Christmas present for my girlfriend.

I never got the phone call from her, because I never kept my cell phone on back then in college.

what I would later learn from the message is that She was alone in a ditch. Her old Toyota hatchback had hydroplaned and flipped over trapping her upside down. It was dark on a lonely, cold Texas road on a dark stormy night. No one was going to find her.

By the time I got back to my apartment, it was nearly 5 hours later. I didnt check my cell phone, because I didnt expect a call on my cell. I never used my cell back then. More hours went by, it was near midnight and I still had never heard from my Girlfriend. that seemed odd.

I called my girlfriend’s college roommate at their dorm. she hadnt seen her either. she thought she was with me.

I called my girlfriends cell phone from my apartment, got no answer.

I called my girlfriends moms house, got no answer.

I called my girlfriend’s college roommate again, she was worried no one had heard from her. she said we needed to go look for her, and she asked me to come pick her up.

I was not yet starting to freak out, her roommate was more concerned so I went to calm her down. I knew her roommate liked me and I wanted to keep things on the level, even though it was fine with me to be desired by two different girls. That was a shallow thought. I tried to dismiss it.

I didnt know where I needed to go, so I gases up my truck and went to pick up my girlfriends roomate. she was wearing nothing but pajama pants, tennis shoes, an old sweatshirt. no make up, no socks, no bra or anything she was in a frazzle. She smelled like an ashtray. She did not look alright and clearly was freaking out

we started to drive somewhere and she said ahe had been calling her phone all night. She asked if i had gotten a call, and I said no. She asked if i had a message on my phone...

thats the first time I turned on my cell phone and got the message

it was 9 hours ago

my girlfriend had been in a car wreck and was in a ditch. She had tried to call 9-11 but couldnt get through

we started driving back on the road I knew my girlfriend likely would have taken

it would take us hours to get back to where she probably was... we only had a general description of the last town she had been in

something haunted me as I realized this might be the last time I heard my girlfriends voice. her last recording

as we drive into the night we both started chainsmoking the Marlboros that were supposed to be a gift for my girlfriend

we kept calling my girlfriend’s mom repeatedly but got no answer

We kept calling information to get the sheriffs office for the county we thought it might be

the signal kept dropping outside the hill country in central texas

cell signal in remote parts of texas was pretty poor back then

finally we got through to the Sheriffs dept

there was wreck

they said they couldnt tell me the persons name or what hospital she was sent to

We pleaded that they tell us.. I told her I was the girls boyfriend and explained what was going on

the girl at the sheriffs office asked me to call her on her cell number in 5 mins. She was going to step outside

I called her back and she told the girl was badly injured and in bad shape and what hospital she was at. She told me she was sorry

we drove on through the night, another three and a half hours

it was 4:30am when we made it to the hospital

she was already dead

Depressing holiday. My husband and I live in a different city than the rest of our family.

So we went out to dinner for thanksgiving. the entire time we were there, he was texting and getting on fb.

Even though we were together I felt all alone.

cleaning my rifle alone. my pen** is cold. all I have is a bottle of something awful

Im bleeding out of my anu*. I miss her so much. why did she have to leave me. why donthey always have to leave me when Im drunk again.

my dic* sores arent going away. I got gasoline on them to clean the sores. that was a terrible plan

key questions for thatwitchbtch from the noteful loyalists:

1) do you like cats?

2) do you wear socks?

3) do you bonsai?

4) do you smoke cigarettes ?

5) do you take birth control?

6) do you like Pastor Tod*?

important questions, wed love to know!

dorito's graduation photo symbolism of her eye looks evil demonik and angry mean as crime and satanic. white curse sat alone in white church as a joke to white english church. she can't see that yet that the media as licking her ass up for her fall. butt her butt will! blabaff ma! her disbubha witcha.

I will die... alone and unwanted as the day I was born.

following girl jogging

It’s Dark and she’s all alone. She’s slow and tired. Too tired to fight back. My shorts are loose and I’m not wearing underwear ... for quick access
I have no condom and that’s on purpose
There is no chance of escape

It's my wife's birthday today. For years she has been pulling up gay (male on male) porn vids on her phone and telling me how hot it would be to watch me with another man.
So I talked a gay guy that I work with into helping me fulfill her fantasy today. When she comes home from work this afternoon, she's going to walk in on us 69'ing each other.
Can't wait to see her reaction.

back in 1985 I let free a school of retards. i continued to put them in my van I ended up drowning the youngest 3 last week till this day i regret it one still wont leave me alone what should i do ?lol

It's my birthday today and my wife just asked me what I wanted to do for it and I told her I wanted to spend it with her and the kids. The truth is, I'd rather spend the day alone jerking to porn and eating Chinese take out.