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I've been really depressed lately, but that's not the point. Today I genuinely smiled because while doing laundry today, as I was walking back to my apartment, this beautiful stray cat I've seen around for months finally came up to me and started rubbing against my leg and pushing its head up against my hand as cats do. As cheesy as it sounds it felt like an anime scene, for those of you familiar. I was so touched by this little moment I started cryin of joy, because I had finally smiled out of something pure, by my own volition, and not just to be polite or whatever. Idk i just really felt like writing it down, it's too insignificant to say to anyone I know, but it means a lot to me.

Im a depressed young woman who likes to make others happy by theraputical conversations and giving advice, its not the best ever advice but its the best advice i could give in their situations but nobody really helps me out with my problems and im fine without it but whenever im down (which is pretty often these few years) they always help me back up, i sometimes feel like i dont deserve it but they just do it anyway and it lifts my spirits Higher, I'm so happy to have this many people in my life even though ive been getting bullied for almost all my youth

I once told a nurse who was pregnant with twins that let's hope it's not Siamese twins. I was visting my mother in the hospital at the time and the nurse cheaking on her was pregnant with twin boys. I wasn't really thinking about it when I said it. Because I have a really messed up Dark Twisted sense of humor and I also enjoy deeply offensive humor. And most women don't understand my sense of humor and I am a female with a sense of humor that relates to guys better.

I tell my psychiastrist I am having side effects of medication
including excessive sweating
she tells me invest in an air conditioner.

thanks for the side effects
i mean medication

I majored in chinese engineering in high school with a minor in chinkonics.

You know how most most artistic ideas aree met with a mix of fans, critics and haters? Well, I have been designing my first tattoo for nearly an entire year. I have gone through about 20 revisions on my computer, printing out each one and modeling it, then perfecting it some more. I finally got around to getting a consult with a local artist with great reviews and am scheduled to get it done next moth. The artist loved it and was very impressed with the professionalism. I then showed my design to everyone in the office. Not one single note of hesitation. EVERY BODY LOVES IT :laughing::upside_down: I am head over heels excited about this! I've never had such a slam dunk of a visual design! I know this sounds a bit manic. But guess what? I've slept on this and slept on this and shared my ideas with tons of people for a year and it's-- guess what-- STILL A GOOD IDEA :grin::sweat_smile: Yay!

When the brown eye winks, the whole room stinks.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, what happened in that 10 seconds? who knows? that was 10 seconds ago. man up and be happy

side note:

i've never met someone who was diagnosed with depression who wasn't a shit person.

lesson: if you're a piece of shit you will hate yourself and your life and be depressed. so don't be a piece of shit.

i just cured depression!!!

I worked for Starbucks for three years. The store that I worked in was horrible. My manager was a bully. She would target one or two people whom she didn't like, harrass them and make their shift miserable. She would use and take advantage of the people that she did like and would refer to black customers as nig***s.She would also take it out on your schedule if you didn't lick her ass. Starbucks turned a blind eye and a deaf ear until she was suspected of theft. The fat cun* is finally gone. It made my day to hear that she was fired. Finally!!

Taking walks and listening to confessions is a daily thing for me. :wink:

i am stuck and powerless. i am weak. i am nothing. right? wrong? time is near.

I don't know what I would do if I was the sole winner of the powerball.
prob get married, have kids, get a bachelor and master's degree, get q nice home, take care of parents and brother

just thinking out loud
what would you do?
the most i ever won was on a scratch off ticket for 60 dollars.
thanks thanks

yesterday i was so bored. so i sneaked into my neighbor's room. and i saw her in the corner. then i forcefully carried her to the bed and kept her in my lap and started fingering her. the neighbor heard and noise. he came and said "that's not how you play a guitar.


Me likey.

never drank, smoked, did drugs or even hit anyone. But the worst thing I ever did: one day home alone after school I was so angry for some reason I decided to grab an egg, open the back door and throw it ass hard as possible over the neighbours roof into the sky, nobody knows and I still don't know where it landed.

Love what she did with the bike, looks great!

Yo dawg! I heard you liked tables... So i put a table on your table so you can table while you table!

I'm turning 20 this year and I tried weed earlier this week for the first time in my life. I had a happy and light hearted high. I got in the shower and washed my face... ooooh boy did that feel incredible. I could feel the little hairs on my cheeks as the suds rubbed over them. It was like having a face massage.

I was scared for years to try it and now that I have... It's not as bad as people make it out to be. Wouldn't mind smoking it again once in a while. Gonna stay far far faaar away from powders and pills though.