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Would a guy date a girl who self harms or has scars? And what do guys think of girls who self harm?

So a brief summar* is that I’ve had a crush on my friends younger brother since elementary/middle school and I just brushed it off for a long time and we grew apart but in junior year we grew back together and the more I hung out with them the more I saw their younger brother and the more i realized I still had a crush on him but I still brushed it off and I moved away for college but now I’ve moved home for the summer and I’m spending a ton of time with the friend again and I picked up is brothers from baseball and seeing their brother realized I still have a crush on him even though it’s weird because he’s 15 and I’m 18 and I have the sweetest boyfriend ever but idk what to do because every time I see him I wanna cuddle up next to him and hug him and Ik it’s weird and gross but idk what to do

Hi, I'm a 17 year old girl and I have a twin brother who I love more than anyone in the world, as a brother. I can't see life without him. When it's a sleepless night for whatever reason and one or both of us can't get to sleep, we cuddle in the same bed. I'm little spoon, he's big spoon. Now one in four times he gets an erection because biology stupidly dictates that his junk has to get hard when pressed against my rear, accidentally or not. Normally we just ignore it and go to sleep. The first time it couldn't be ignored (we were 15) he solved the problem by jerking off, but I didn't think it was fair on him for only him to be totally bare so I undressed too and I'll admit I watched from start to finish but I didn't do anything to him or myself. Once his junk was under control and he'd gotten completely cleaned up we returned to cuddling, minus our clothes in case it happened again. Honestly the trust between us is unreal, I felt perfectly safe and at ease even with neither of us in clothes and cuddled up. The same thing has happened a small few more times throughout the two years since, and a bit in vice versa but we've never touched the other sexually ( I mean we haven't joined up for sexual acts, the cuddling on sleepless nights and occasional nude one continued but nothing more).

Honestly we're perfectly happy with this arrangement, we don't plan to take it any further and we're still very much twin brother and sister, but the trust and openness between us seems to be exclusive to us. Does this mean we're committing incest or are we just really open, loving and trusting?

ok so im a straight guy, and this bi guy sent me a dic* pic and asked for one so i sent one back. does that make me gay? i dont wven like him like that or anything, it just made the situation less awkward. c

I effin hate my cousins on father side. They knew my father's cheating with my mom, yet they tolerated it. They even favored that girl. They dont respect my mom. All my mom did was to please them, tho she's kinda nagger sometimes.
I wanted to strangle my cousins faces, spank them right in their jaw. They even greeted that girl on her bday, but with mom, they aren't present. Like wtf! U guys have family to.

okay so this started at the end of February and is continuing now into April. it started like this: whenever I would eat, doesn't matter when or what, I would either get full after 1 or 2 bites, or I would get an intense stabbing pain in my stomach. the fullness after barely eating went away, but the stabbing pain has continued. it happens randomly, not even just during eating anymore, and is really painful. I've experienc gas and indigestion before and it doesn't feel lile that. and as girl, I know what ovulation and period cramp pains feel like, and it's nothing like that. but when I told my mom about it, she said it's probably just my period. even though it's happening way before, during, and way after my period. that fact that it's happening all the time like that makes me think it's not my period. but my mom just keeps chalking it up to that. it's really frustrating. sometimes the pain is higher up, closer to my chest, or lower in my stomach under my bellybutton. and it's either all around my stomach, or just on the right side. I have no idea what this is or what I should do. and my mom won't take me to the docter. what do I do?

I was thinking, as a kid, I should have worn boxer shorts as my choice of underwear instead of briefs. I would have worn solid colored ones with the same colored wasitband, then later desgins. Spots, Looney Tunes, etc.
In summer school when I was ten my underwear fell out of my bag, they were white with blue trim, I forgot the desgin. I think had they been boxers they would have been blue. I would had rushed to pick them up and put them back. Before anyone could see what was in my dresser draws!
Yes I think boxer shorts. What do you think?
Please comment.

In all honesty...

If I could swallow your erect pen** to the point where it was completely down my throat, and your balls were comfortably resting inside my mouth, and then I was able to stroke you to ejaculation using nothing more than the contractions of my throat (meaning that neither your coc*, or your balls come out of my mouth at all), would it matter if I was a man, or a woman?

how can I go to the US, and work there!

My dic* is curved, what do you think about that? It's like a banana on it's side, it point up and leans to the left. it's 8 inches fyi

My thoughts on diana and her two boys. So, this is just my opinion based on what people in counselling say to me, but I believe that those two boys married too young in life and seeing they are still always still talking about their mother and their wives copying her clothing tells me, they are not over their issues yet and have not dealt with issues before going into a marriage and tilting their hats to a dead woman all the time wearing copy clothing styles is really very childish and shows a lack of self trust and self development on the behalf of the wives that they chose. At least Charles did marry much later in life each time. I was 40 when I married and I have 2 kids and I don't want to dress like my husbands decessed mother. I don't want to dress like any dead person at that, come to think of it.

Morality check:

Say you've been like brothers with your best friend for over 30 years. You served together, were best man at each other's weddings, and godfather to each other's kids. You were there for him when he went through a really ugly divorce, and then he was there for you when your wife ripped out your heart and walked out on you
Then, about a year after your divorce, you find out that he's fuc*** your ex-wife. They both swear that nothing ever happened while you were together, but you don't know if you believe them. Either way, it's a dic* move on his part, right? So you stop speaking to him, wish him dead, and try to move on with your life.

Jump to 5 years later. They're still together and you find out he's dying of kidney failure. You also know that you might be a compatible donor because you have the same blood type.

Part of me still loves the man that was my brother for so long, and through so much, while another part of me feels like I could stare into his eyes, grinning, as he takes his last breath.

I don't know how to get past the hate.

l really really like this girl i know and I'm so scared to come out. my parents, i know won't accept it and the girl is supposedly straight but i don't know because she's held my face real close to hers a couple of times and lays on me so i don't know what to do

im trans i and dont know how to tell my dad

im 20 years old ,&been crushing on my friend ,which she's 38 &bi-sexual ,I'm a lesbian we both know our bondaries ,& place but she like flirts with me or play hit me from time to time.But when im around her she makes me nervous ,sometimes like i cant look her in the face to long cus she makes me smile but idk if she knows i use to like her ,like i like everything about her & i really love cougars ,shes a nice red hair ,really nice & care about me .but lately we been barely talking kinda got into it cus she feel i dont want to be friends with her which i love being with her but idk how to show her ,& i really CARE about her ,i mean it been times i been jealous but whats important is if shes happy & what makes her happy .At first i couldnt stay away from her idk something about her I love maybe the way she treats me she makes me happy.Everywhere we go people think were dating but were not i just want her to know where she stand in my eyes .

I feel worried that I might be a male in a female's body, I'm really insecure and confused about my gender right now. I hope one day, male or female, I figure things out.

just curious what people think about me. so rate my pics. [Link Rejected]

When I visit to post nonsense I never know what category to tag it under. There is a gamut of choices: Taboo (unforgettable/gross/weird), DayMakers (Jokes/Funnies/Boats/the page cuts whatever else it is off), Desires (Dreams/Fantasies/Goals), and beyond.

Does it even matter? Is there an optimal category? I would like to know, because I plan on posting bullshit here as long as I live.

Sometimes when I go down on my girlfriend, she grabs her phone and pulls up some porn videos to watch. She says it helps her when she has a lot on her mind, and wants to clear it out so she can fully enjoy what we're doing. It seems to work, I guess, because no matter how hard of a day she's had, she always cums. But of course my insecurities end up getting the best of me, and I start to wonder if maybe I'm not doing it right, and she needs more stimulation.

Has anybody else ever had a similar experience? Am I just being stupid? Part of me says I should just be happy that she never says she's not in the mood, but then there are those damned insecurities.