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I know there are many exhibitionists around but wonder how many are female like me. I quess strippers have to have a certain desire to expose themselves but I don't completely understand why I delibertley expose myself to men I sometimes know and many men I don't know. I have been dating and livng with my boyfriend for over three years and truly love him. If he ever found out how many men I have exosed myself to or how many guys have seen me naked he could never forgive me. I travel with my job mostly to east coast cities and have plenty of opurtunities. When I'm in Florida I visit mosly small stores where I try on bathing suits leaving either curtains or doors open enough for men to see me. I even do it in malls all over the east coast. I look around for men waiting for their wives or girlfriends in the stores near the dressing rooms. I prefer staying in motels rather than a hotel so I can easily leave curtains open and after years of travelling I know which are the best to bare myself. All I know is how much it excites me when I know a man is seeing me exposed especially if I am completely naked. It always arouses me to the point of masturbation and there have been numerous times over the years that guys have seen me satisfying myself. I'm 28 now and have been doing this since I was about 15. |At that time neighborhood boys and some male family friends saw me naked a few many times. Its like an obsession and I keep telling myself I'm going to stop doing it but never do stop. Why does it not embarrass me like it would most women. Its just the opposite when I know a guy is seeing me naked I get wet and so aroused it drives me crazy sometimes.

I am divorcing my wife because i believe she is a narcissistic woman and i have been under her control for a 4 years w/o knowing what a narcissist was. Has anyone ever been through this.

Know you wont see this. I hate everything. I cant trust anyone or anything. Its so confusing. Im always thinking of ways everyone will betray and fuc* me over. In fact i cant help but to think it. I cant get around them ethier. Its realy starting to confuse me. Because everytime you do something nice or invite me over or something. I just completely over think every detail as if im expecting you to fuc* me over. And i think i actualy do expect it. My mind. Its almost as if its trying to warn me. And its so confusing. I dont knoe ehat to believe. Im sure you where wondering why i said i dont even trust myself. Thats why. I have been having the happy then sad then furious moments randomly. Im happy one minute then the next for no reason im just depressed. Then by the end of the day ill be pissed at everyone and everything. Then ill just be confused. Ill just think and think about shit idk is even possible for people to fuc* me over like that. I mean i sometimes think that they all just pretend to like me because they feel bad for me. They pitty me because i have no one. They laugh at it even. Then... Then i think about you. At first i am relieved. "Finaly someone i trust". Then my mind starts to question me. "Is she realy trust worthy" it says. "Does she realy like you?"... Then i start imagining all these different things you screwing me over again and again and i was blinded by trust. Idk how much longer i can hold out on it :sob::sob::sob: i actualy hate myself. I dont knoe how els to feel about it. I cant even hold my own trust with the girl im pouring my soul into. Then i think about how if im wrong. Then ill lose her anyway. Shes gone. Poof. If i fuc* everything up because i was paraniod then... no more. Some days. It litterly hurts to think about it. I get a migrane. Like i did today.

My first thought on this is law agencies need to be able to see faces at first glance. What if the person behind the hijab wasn't really her... prison break strategy? What if she was hiding a razor under the hijab? Any number of weapons can be hidden under a hijab. If she is allowed any number of other inmates can "switch" religions to gain an added layer of confusion. There are gang related worries to think about as well.

Move or stay?
Today i sat in my easy chair , reading a book . I live on 12 acres on the back 3 surrounded by wood and a lake . While i read my back wall exploded tor a picture off my wall and then my wife china cabinet suddenly broke into a million pieces. Damn deer hunters ...guess i best move the decoys off the lawn huh?

How to be like Henry Evans from “The Good Son”?
I want to be just like Henry Evans. How can I be just like him? I love his personality, his morals, his way of thinking, his perspectives, his mind, etc.

Let me start off by saing that I do not want to die I swear. For the last three years or so, I have had the urge to stab myself in the stomach. No where else. I don't know why... There are no other self-harm or suicidal thoughts that I can recall, but when I am relaxing by myself I start thinking about it.

Like, what if I just did it. I understand that it will be super painful, but can you imagine the wooden handle sticking straight up out of your flesh? A little sliver of silver peeking underneath, surrounded by blood that is just rolling out from the protruding object?

And then my brain seems to reboot and I will get a sense of, no this is a terrible idea don't even consider it. I don't know what this means.

I touch myself often and dont wash my hands. My reasoning is I am clean. To me it is similar to touching my forearm.

The vision is flaky. How can I separate the white E from the black E? It's probably the same as separating the left B from the right B? I can feel the Z flowing. Not in this life?

people's immune systems are weak nowadays. Too many medecines. Too much desinfection. We all need some contact with viruses and bacteria to train our immunity.

the solution: fuc* hookers without wearing a condom.

can someone please explain this for me?
I don't like the look or feel of pen**.
I don't like and gag on the very thought of one in my mouth
the thought of cum in my mouth or anywhere on my body repulses me.

So, why is it that I can't stop and willingly, gladly and appreciatively drop to my hands and knees or happily get on my back lift my legs and love, adore and damned near beg and pleed for one penetrating my a55?

I'm a masculine 45 year old man and have never sucked, nor will I ever, a coc*, but dam!!! I will drop into total submission when a man says he wants to fu** me. I cum every time but the thought of even touching his pen** makes me sick to my stomache.


I'm a guy and have masturbated several times today. Now my head aches. Does it happen to you guys?

I want to hear from other women, lesbians, in their thirties. My love life is a mess. I don't want to count the number of failed starts. One night stands. I have had a total on one relationship that can be described as real. But even that relationship lost its fire. I don't want to continue going from bed to bed.
I am a professional with a nice income, a good background. What makes it difficult for me is the drama, at my age right now, I will call it immaturity in these women that I meet. I have tried just about everything, from dating sites, to bars, and most especially to referrals. Is it me, am I too demanding? Maybe. What I am asking for is a bit of self awareness, give up on the crying and self pity, stand up and hold yourself up high. Is that too much to ask? I will help a younger woman come of age, I am willing to invest in helping her grow up, push through her twenties and become an adult. But I need help here. No drugs, no alcohol, no incredibly bad debt, and an education. And a desire to be a grown up. This is real life, not a bad script of a movie.

I cheated on my gf of 5 years with her best friend. I had been doing so since 1 year now. I kept lying to both of them that I dont talk to the other person but yesterday they both found out about it and now have broken up with me. I feel guilty and sorry inside for doing such a terrible thing. I love my Gf of 5 years a lot but developed a strong feeling for her friend as well last year and i ended up doing such a terrible thing. I feel guilty inside and am unable to forgive myself. Also it pains me inside when i think about how heart broken the girls are because of me. I have explained to them and apologised honestly to them and now they dont want to talk to me ever. What should I do to calm myself up?

You suck at giving advice ¡!!! I posted something 3weeks ago and nothing!

What happens if you tell a girl ,who you fell for , exactly how much you felt for her ? You already addressed this issue in short form I.e. She told me in a one sided conversation she just wanted to be friends. I never had the chance to even tell her how I felt. Ever since that day 2 months ago. When I've seen her, she looked miserable. When we see each other, it was like we were total strangers, but it was completely awkward. So the past 2 months has been tearing me up because I saw how she felt and I felt guilty, but I haven't told her that now I have to face her in a couple days. And I'm afraid I don't know what to say to her.

I masturbate multiple times a day, but I have no desire to have sex with anyone. I mean, I find men and women to be attractive (some incredibly so), but imagining any kind of genitalia grosses me out. I literally become nauseated just thinking about it. Is there something wrong with me? I’m told by numerous people that I’m very attractive, and everyone asks me why I’m single. I always lie and say “I’m focusing on my career right now,” which isn’t true at all. I’m single because I can’t bear the thought of ever having sex with anyone again.

I lost my virginity ten years ago and have had sex with a dozen people since then, and I’ve gone long periods of time without sex (multiple years) without even missing it, but this is the first time in my life that I’m completely repulsed by it. I never orgasm during sex anyway, but I can get myself off instantly. In fact, I have to orgasm multiple times a day or I’ll get anxious because I work in a high-stress environment.

The last person I had sex with (for 6 months) ended up being a manipulative, emotionally-abusive dic*wad that started fuc*** my best friend (he coerced me into having a threesome that I didn’t want and then started fuc*** her when I was out of town for a few weeks). I wondered if this left some emotional scars that are maybe contributing to my dilemm*?

The only reason I’m thinking about this now is because my “friend” and I have kept a long-distance thing going off and on for seven years now, but we give each other space if either one of us meets someone else. We always end up talking again once it’s over though. Even though we haven’t seen each other in seven years, I may have the opportunity to move to his country, and we’ve started discussing the possibility of a relationship once I arrive. I care for him undoubtedly and he’s a really great guy that I know genuinely cares about me, but I don’t know how to tell him that I may not be able to have sex with him when I see him.

What should I do? Help?

P.S. Sorry for the long rant, but this is something that’s causing me a great deal of anxiety because I’m too embarassed to talk to anyone about it and my best friend is now an ex-best friend due to the whole backstabbing incident mentioned above.

is it weird to not have a religion?
not denying there is a god, but not saying there is one. not even being unsure.

i suddenly kind of want to be jewish.

thats not how religion works, but,

i think im going to be jewish.
jewish beleifs,
jewish celebrations,

its just seems weird and i dont know how to begin.

Opinions please!

So about a year ago, i met this girl and we became friends because of someone on my bus. Me and her (lets call her Meli***) became really close and she was like a big sister to me. Well i became "friends" with the fakest hoe in my town and Meli*** got upset (i didnt know was fake at the time) and i was hanging out with girl and stuff and Meli*** texted me this long ass paragraph and started calling me fake bc i was hanging out with Ale*** ( girl). Meli** was just being a freaking ass hole and so i blocked her. Well a few months ago i was at the rink and someone was trynna fight me *cough cough someone who hated me bc of Ale**** and Meli*** stook up for me and shit and then we like started hanging out more and stuff. 5 months ago, we were at the football together and i was walking around with her and i found out she was moving and i cried my eyes out until i fell asleep. The day she got all pissed off AGAIN FOR LIKE THE 10TH TIME SINCE SHES BEEN GONE! and was calling me a bitch and mess bc i said that MY ACTUAL SISTER was my favorite sister. Like youve been gone for 5 almost 6 months and even when you were here you wouldnt talk to me about anything. Saturday will be 6 months since she moved and i was supposed to video chat her bc "she misses me" but i have this school trip thing so i aint gonna be able to but im not gonna tell her until after i get home and say "sorry i forgot abt it" like she always does to me. Should i actually do that and be petty or tell her now so she dong get all pissed off again?