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I regret not doing so many things in my life. Like a great opportunity passed me by to make rap songs with a friend. I'm good at writing raps, and rapping. And that opportunity was there for about 3 months or so. But I was so bogged down with schoolwork I never got past writing them on a few miscallaneous peices of paper. And now I'm going off to college so I'll be twice as busy.

Another instance is I never focused on my schoolwork, so I tanked my finals. I mean I still get to go to a very good college if all goes well, but my dream course is now out of my reach, and I keep thinking back to how easy it was to spend just an hour a day for light studying. I would have been amongst the top in my class right now, had I done simply that.

I guess what I'm saying is that life throws innumerable opportunities toward you, but without the determination to do things the right way, with actually what is in hindsight minimal effort, you only see those opportunities once it's far too late to act upon them.

I was a night clerk. She was a cashier. We were 21 and 22. Sex came on like a wildfire, nothing could put it out. I have this clear recollection, laying in her bed, she came out of the shower in her very tight panties, still wet from her shower and her bush sopping wet against her panties. She stood over me, drying her hair asking me what i wanted for breakfast. I sat up on the bed and held her hips and kissed her wet panties, she fell on the bed and we had sex that morning. After I was done, she turned to me and asked me what I wanted for breakfast. How could you possibly not be in love with her.

About 30 years ago I stalked an nfl cheerleader. At the time I was at a really bad point in my life. I was just starting to get clean from drinking heavily and using cocaine, my way of dealing with an abusive father. I found out where she worked and I took her flowers, but because I was a pathetic piece of shit I wore a disguise and pretended to be the flower delivery guy. Then I started sending her cryptic messages that at the time I thought were funny. I should have been arrested and had my ass kicked. That’s what I deserved. But after a few weeks of sending her messages I realized that what I was doing was fuc*** up and I stopped. It’s bothered me for 30 years because I have no idea what affect it had on her life, but it couldn’t have been good. And I have no way to make it right. I never did anything like that again and I have long since straightened myself out through counseling and my own efforts to improve myself. But it was a hard lesson about being careful in what I do because there are some things you can never undo. I have always feared that my actions made her look over her shoulder for a long time, and it makes me angry that I did that to someone.

For the first 35 years of my life I was always around guns. Lots of them. Always had lots of guns. Rides and shotguns, pistols. Semiauto rifles (sometimes called “Assualt rifles” in media) and many semi auto pistols. Grew up hunting and shooting from a Young age. I even did competition shooting in college and afterwards for a decade or more.

Shooting guns, carrying guns legally, going to gunshows, going hunting, being in the woods withguns, taking friends and family shooting
- all of that was part of the southern gun culture I grew up with.

I suppose I might have reflected on it some in College when the Columbine school shooting happened, but I just thought: there’s no real way to stop it if someone wants to break the law - it’s alreadyillegal to shoot people - and also that it was protected by the second amendment.

But lately with all these crazy school shootings - I have started to rethink things again; particularly as I have become a father a few years ago

I’m a registered republican and I vote. I do a lot of work in the oil and gas business, I’m college educated and I’m very pro business and pro military. I still live in the South and still own over 20 guns. I’m still a member of the NRA - but I’m starting to question that more lately

I’m really starting to rethink everything about American gun culture. Something is wrong. Something has to change

Thoughts and prayers aren’t going to cut t.

I am 35 male and, based on different styles and other memories, I think the following took place somewhere between 1989 and 1992. So, I would have been between 7 and 10.

I was in my Simpsons sleeping bag. It had a blue lining, so when inside, everything was bathed in blue. It was like this magical private space. In this blue glow, I have a memory of hairy male teen legs of an athletic build. I remember from the ankles to the thighs but not the shape of the feet or toes or anything above the thighs. I do not remember briefs or any inner thigh, so perhaps he was wearing boxers or soccer shorts. I do not believe anything was erect.

I identify as mildly genderqueer and lust over the type of legs I remember, so I can't help but think this experience screwed me up sexually. I also wonder if there may have been other parts to this encounter I do not allow myself to remember.

M fearful of d competitive exm bt i dont read at all. I hv frgtten hw to read actually...i lov dys grl so i wanted to read fr hr at least so tht i can marry her n gv her n my future family a gud life... i lov hr beyond all... it seems smtyms tht i hv frgtten hw to study... i dont study evn an half a hr per day... m confessong in order to attain power frm almighty tht frm tmmrw i wl wrk hrd in return he makes me successful... i hv hd my ups n downs... but i want dys... pls god hlp me

I almost fell in love with a Marine who is a Trump supporter. I decided to overlook that even if it was against my own beliefs; we never actually became too serious and I only regret not calling him out - what a douche. You're not my soulmate.

i moved out at 17 because my dad abused me, and then my best friend passed away. i ended up letting other guys use and abuse me because i was scared of being alone

when i was young j masturbated with a friends panties and i fully regret it.

when i was a younger girl i would sit on my brothers face without clothes. anytime i didnt get my way i would do it. it was usually a few times a day. i didnt realize he liked it until i was about 10 because he never defended himself. the more i did the more i’d get away with and could do whatever. if i farted on his face i was set for the day lol. this is gross but twice i farted in his mouth and i was set for 2 days :joy: my girl cousins were the only ones that knew because a few times they would hold him down so i could do it. i feel like im the only one that did weird things with a sibling. we never did anything sexual tho!!

I worked on the floor at a furniture store. This man came in, said his wife had died and he wanted a new look. I sold him furniture he doesn't need, we referred him to an interior design firm that remodeled his house.
He didn't need anything, he had a lovely home, much better furniture than the stuff I sold him, he maybe just needed someone to help him rearrange his home.
What I did, pushed by my sales managers, what we did by sending him to the design firm was horrible. He was ripped off. I regret not telling him to walk out, leave, all I saw was my commissions. It is the worst money I ever made, I spent it I can't even give it to charity.

Sort of a regret. I was 24 and had a job in sales for a large company. The company invited me to a sales convention in Las Vegas. I asked my sister to come with me, she was 16. Of course the company did not pay for her. We drove from LA and she stayed with me in the same room. I met a customer, this was part of our job in those days, and he came to our room late at night and insisted on coming in and insisted on sex with me. I had sex with him on one bed while my sister watched. He offered to have sex with her but I begged him not to. He slept in the room with us and the next morning he was fully charged and I sacrificed my sister to him. I stood at the foot of the bed and watched my sister have sex for the first time. This was a long time ago, we are in our sixties now.

Last weekend was the first time I've been back home in Ohio for more than ten years. I went to attend my cousins wedding and ran into many people I havn't seen since I was a teenager. It was embarrassing for almost the entire time both at the wedding and the reception. I'm just guessing but I think I ran into about 10 or 12 or more who are married women now who had seen me naked when I was a teenager. I stopped long ago but from the time I was about 14 up until I went to college I was a full blown exhibitionist which I now regret. Most were friends of my sister or cousin and many not only saw me naked many times but also saw me masturbating. None of them said anything about it to me but I found it humiliating just talking to some of them. I'm 31 years old now and can't believe I ever did such a thing. There were four of them that I am sure saw me naked and or masturbating many times. Three were mostly my sisters friends and one my cousins best friend who was the maid of honor. Thankfully my wife didn't hear anything about it and still doesn't know what I was doing back then.

I think about it all the time. If i could throw caution to the wind and just do it... But life has rules and I play by them. And I am a goody goody but I’m really not. Oh the things I’d do to you but we’ll never even go on a date.

I still rock an iphone 4 with a Bose sounddock on wifi.
it feels like a flip phone.

A little known classic from my teen years. Love it!

anyone remember fuc*youcrew on livejournal?

My penis burn when I pee. Maybe I shouldn't have fucked all those hookers without a condom.

I didn't know how to categorize this because there are so many confessions: I worry I might not be straight and how my family would react (we're super close but my parent isn't super open about this kind of stuff; pretty old school); I watch adult videos online -with my family feet away - always worrying I'll get caught; I feel unbelievably guilty each and every time I "finish" and then feel like a failure when I talk myself into doing it again after promising myself I wouldn't; I'm scared about how often sex is on my mind as well as weird random (occasionally dark/mean thoughts I have about other people). I'm scared of pretty much everything (life, myself, etc,) and I just want to be innocent again and normal and somehow fixed to before I was so aware.

When I used to watch Disney movies as a little girl, I could never find any of the princes attractive at all. I knew that there were others my age at the time that had those silly little crushes on characters like Aladdin, but the whole "true love" theme wasn't really believeable for me. When I watched Fantasia, however, the moment that the demon from the Night On Bald Mountain opened his wings, I just...feelings happened. Thinking on it now that I'm all grown up honestly explains a lot about what I currently find attractive.