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i hate my life. i am going to kill myself

when i was 10 or 11 my uncle frank forced me to perform oral sex on hom multiple times. he would babysit me when my parents went to the city for a weekend of boozing and drugging, which was frequently. uncle frank would jerk off on front of me and get me to strip naked. then he would rub it between my legs but not enter me. he never had intercourse with me. but then he would instruct me to perform oral on him until he ejaculated. he would always ejaculate in my mouth and make me swallow it. i remember exactly how it tasted. i guess he assaulted me like this 10 times or more? thanks for that uncle frank mcclelland of las vegas, Nevada. hope you have fun burning in hell while Lucifer shoves a red hot poker up your ass.

I exposed myself to a little girl many years ago. Not just exposed, but actually masturbated in front of her until orgasm. I am deeply ashamed even though it happened 30 years ago. I was into booze and drugs back then. Not an excuse, but I was messed up.

1989. Purple Onion nightclub. Dragged a drunk girl behind the dumpster in the back alley and raped her with a guy named Eddie Camposano.

Greg Mottishaw raped a 13 year old native girl in Sechelt, BC. This was years ago, but I witnesssed the entire horrendous thing and was too scared to tell anyone.

gangnam style sounds like a lot of twerking

I complain too much

I thought I knew what makes me poop and pee

I guess I don't
I guess I have to just wait to see what comes out

michael jackson made me suck his dic* when I was a little boy

my girlfriend left me high and dry. be Continued

I used to be a freaking stud! I was in amazing shape, with washboard abs, a massive chest and shoulders, and huge biceps/triceps. I used to get more pus** in a week than some guys get in a year.

Now, I'm a fat slob who can't tie my shoes without getting out of breath.

I have girlfriend who meets my basic sexual needs, but I regularly masturbate while remembering some of my past conquests.

I hate that it's so easy to get OUT of shape, but damned near impossible to get it back once you've lost it.

F U.

I didn't my ex girlfriend to break up with me.

It happens.

Once in a while I look up the boy who molested me in 2nd grade. I know it is unhealthy, but it is my way of reminding myself how he looks like so if I see him one day, I could avoid him.

Memory module drastically improving. Strong evidence. Some use. More to come. End.

I am coming out the closet as LGBQT. or all of the above.

I used to love Hey Arnold as a kid and thought their relationship with Arnold and Helga was adorable. Now I'm like if Helga was a dude and Arnold was a chick this would be super unacceptable and Helga would probably be an incel.

I lied to people for money.

In retrospect it was a mistake to put that tot soldier in my ass.

Valley View Lane.

You, being three years older, molested me for almost four years on this very street, within the confines of your house. The pain was constant, but no longer will it affect me. Sure, it took me years to even remember and identify that what you did to me was, in fact, abuse. Sure, I abused alcohol for a time, and railroaded many of my relationships, but in the last two years, I've found the means to cope. I even forgave you, because hating you is still allowing you to take residence within my head and heart. I'm not pious; I'm so unbelievably imperfect, I sometimes cringe over it. But I forgave you a year ago, and I forgive you now. Do I fear you've done this to others---even your children? Sure. It's a horrifying thought, really. But I've learned to acknowledge what you did, acknowledge the past, basically, and move on from hating you. I just hope you have turned into a better person.

Watching the Super Bowl with my bf and all I can think about is having every hole stuffed by big, muscular black men.

I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game's winning shot and missed.

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that's why I succeed. —Michael Jordan :basketball: