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i have a sickness and need to be cured asap not no f*cking therapy.

I am a 5’8 1/2 women with small boobs but big feet. Just feel ugly sometimes even though total strangers tell me I’m pretty.

i don't like to talk when there is nothing left to say.

A few weeks ago I went to Universal resort (one of the hotels they own) in Orlando and heard about polecon, so went over there.

Anyway, there were some cute girls, some not so cute, and a few that could work the pole real well.

I told my wife that I was just going back to the hotel. I didn't tell her I was going to go watch some chicks dance on the pole though.

When your mom lost her virginity at 17 and constantly reminds you. Family is forever and hard to ignore wherever you go... dudes aren’t... 27 year old virgin still.

i am a married 53 year old man and i was sexually abused by my uncle when i was 5 years old. i barely remember it. just a foggy memory. i do remember him touching me, sort of. i also vaguely remember seeing his thing hard and doing things with my mouth. i think he performed oral sex on me but I'm not sure. i have never told anyone.

I was driving down the country road when out of the side window I saw the horse and his glistening pen** dangling from his center like a fifth leg.

It’s not like me to be impulsive, but I stopped. Taking a deep breath I got out of my car and hopped the fence, heading toward the steed. When I arrived at the great beast, it let out a majestic bellow. “Eeerrrooowahahahahaha”. Lowering my pants, I took position beneath the equine and bent my bare ass upward.

Several hours later I awoke in a hospital room. My intestines burned and my anu* was heavily gauzed. My colon had been ruptured but I was alive. A doctor entered and recommended a psychiatric exam. I declined.

I am 20 now and live in Pittsburgh but go to school at a New Jersey college. My best friend Hanah began inviting me to spend weekends during the school year with her parents last September. They own a large Motel in south Jersey and each weekend I was given my own room at no charge. It was always the same unit each time and by mid November I discovered that her father was peeking into the unit from inside his supply room. I found two openings in the wall both under pictures with clear or smokey glass in them. I discovered them one night when he must have forgotten to turn lights off in the supply room. One was in the bathroom and the other the bedroom so I knew I had been giving him quite a show for a couple months. My first reaction was embarrassment since its certain he had seen me naked many times and had more than likely watched me masturbate which I do regualarly when I am there. I'm not sure why but after thinking about it a short time it began to arouse me knowing he was watching me. I'm heading back to Pittsburgh tomarrow for the Summer but know I am invited back next semester with her father personally inviting me. A typical weekend there had him watching me both Frday and Saturday nights and I could see out of the window when he would be walking towards the supply room which was directly in back of the motel room I always got. Shamefully I intentionally waited until I knew he was in there before getting undressed. Just stripping down knowing he was watching is a turn on for me I can't explain. At least one of those nights or both I either masturbated in the shower or waited until I got in bed leaving the lights on. Knowing he was watiching me had me so aroused I often had multible orgasms never realizing how powerful the feeling affected me. Just having him see me naked was arousing for me but masturbating became more intense and rewarding as strange as it may sound. I'm sure Hanah and he rmother have no idea what he is doing and I can only imagine how many other girls or women he has spied on especially during Summer months when his Motel is so busy with tourists.

This just happened today.

I was helping my dad move boxes when I ran across two gold coins. I decided I wanted to keep one and send the other to my boyfriend. I was fully aware at the time that I was stealing, and that it was worth a lot -- the coins were quite heavy. I just thought I could get away with it; to me, that made it... okay? Acceptable? I don't know. But in any case, I kept the coins, for about two weeks.

Even when Dad told me that he'd gotten the coins from his mother, I didn't tell him about it. I even denied any intent to steal -- "If I wanted gold, I'd wait til I could buy it myself" -- while I had the coins in my pocket.

The only reason I gave them up was because Dad said I'd get the last hamburger if I found the coins. So "find" them I did.

I still want those coins.

I've found out so many things from social media about people I'll never see again. Mark... I never had Myspace but since trying to get an attention of a boy, I joined Facebook and I never left Facebook. Now I participate in Facebook auctions and find out lots of cool stuff sometimes. For the most part though, I know way too much about anybody.

many years ago I slapped my father. I still think of it often and feel extremely guilty.

My wife likes the bottled water I get from the hotel rooms I bang prostitutes in. That's all.

who cares about your petty confessions, I do. i also need new prescription eyeglasses so i can spend more time on the computer. I want an antiglare screen.

So I grew up in a household of my mom and 5 sibilings in the order of half step full step full me. Growing up they were all my real sibilings and I never looked at anything in the biological standard. My 2 step brothers (older D younger G) were full and they both molested me D more than G. It when I was really young and I didn't understand. One time D had me go in a closet close my eyes and guess what I was touching. It was a "game" he liked to play. He used to grab my boobs when he thought I was sleeping and rub up against me. One time he asked me to drop my towel and I wasn't even 10 yet. I told G and my older sister and they said no D wouldn't do that. Then G would sometimes touch me (through clothes) and rub up against me but not for long. D continued for a while though. To my knowledge I don't think they know they both did that. D even touched me there on skin underneath blankets and I didn't know what to do. What really scares me is the fact that I think I might have liked it but I don't know if it was because i was sick or naive and too young to understand it wasn't a game or right. Now D is a single dad out of wedlock (but a good father) and G is engaged. I am happy for them but it was so long ago I don't know if it is relevant. I haven't told a single soul. I have watched porn and masturbated and I am disgusted with myself. I try to tell myself it is normal but I feel like it is only normal for a guy and I don't know if i'm sick or it is a result. I feel like I should tell someone but don't know if i ever will. I am so disgusted with this and it is the hardest thing I have ever had to write.

honestly everyone around me seems to not regret anything and i am sure some of them are lying but mostly i feel like everything i do leaves me with regrets but its like an addiction i cant stop doing things i knoe ill regret later

Guilt confession. Years ago, when I was on the road for work all the time, I'd stop off at shopping malls, big stores, anywhere there were a lot of people, including lots of women, to take breaks and walk around. I'd have my small camera, then phone, with me, and take pics of women's asses, bodies, or when they bent over. Did that a lot, and know I got away with a ton more than I should have.

Sometimes, too..I'd say fairly often..I'd target women who were alone, and either walk past them fast and grabe their ass, or, pass them out, turn around, and pass them from the other side and sneak in a feel of their tits or, if wearing a crop top or belly shirt, open midsection. I was always fast about it and would keep walking, and if thought they were following me or coming after me, walk fast and take side aisles, go into stores, or the first exit I found to make my escape.

Only really got caught once, and woman got security. When they came to me, I told them I worked for a promotions company (which I did, on occasion) and was taking photos of possible sites. Gave them my contact person's name, who did have me doing those things once in a while, so, my story checked out. Nobody knew I really had about 30 pics of hot women on that camers.

i feel really bad about inadvertently scaring this woman and wish I could apologize. I was walking on the sidewalk in deep thought (I had just gotten off a long bus ride too and from Boulder and was in thinking-mode) and happened to notice a woman walking with her boyfriend and dog coming towards me in the same lane. They moved to the side with the dog and I glanced at them to see if they were going to move back and because my eyes were wandering as I thought and had a serious look on my face while wearing sunglasses. She then caught me and she grabbed her boyfriend's arm as if to protect her self. I then just looked straight ahead but I noticed her watching me with suspicion as I passed. This sort of thing happens to me a bit and it bothers me when it does.

I spilled baked beans all over myself while watching cars 2 in theatres and a black teenage shouted "this nigga eatin beans and everyone" laughed.

I did speedball when I was 15. I still feel awful about it

I regret not doing so many things in my life. Like a great opportunity passed me by to make rap songs with a friend. I'm good at writing raps, and rapping. And that opportunity was there for about 3 months or so. But I was so bogged down with schoolwork I never got past writing them on a few miscallaneous peices of paper. And now I'm going off to college so I'll be twice as busy.

Another instance is I never focused on my schoolwork, so I tanked my finals. I mean I still get to go to a very good college if all goes well, but my dream course is now out of my reach, and I keep thinking back to how easy it was to spend just an hour a day for light studying. I would have been amongst the top in my class right now, had I done simply that.

I guess what I'm saying is that life throws innumerable opportunities toward you, but without the determination to do things the right way, with actually what is in hindsight minimal effort, you only see those opportunities once it's far too late to act upon them.