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how many babies have you aborted so far?

i always have extremely violent and sexual thoughts towards women. whenever i think about a woman i am consumed with thoughts of beating her, stabbing her, and have sex with her while she bleeds out. a typical fantasy that plays out in my head is one of me having sex with a woman doggy style. seconds before i orgasm i slit her throat from behind with a sharp knife. blood spurts from her neck as i cum inside her. it doesnt end there. my sick fantasy continues long after she dies. i do things to her corpse. i dismember it and have sex with her skull. i remove her eyeballs and have sex with the holes. i know i am sick and need help. i feel like my dreams may become reality very soon.

I'm aborting a shit.

how about having an abortion today?

I am a 54 year old married man and I have a large collection of stolen panties hidden in a suitcase in my basement. Many of those panties belonged to preteen girls, daughters of friends and family. Those ones are my favorites. I like to rub the soft fabric against my hard, throbbing meat. My collection spans 35 years. Some of those little girls are grown women now. I wonder what they would think if they knew I jerked off with panties they wore 30 years ago! LMAO! Oh how I love the feeling of them wrapped around my massive member as I jerk it fast and hard. Oh yes, daddy cums so hard with your little panties! Daddy likes to fill the cotton gusset with him warm cream. Squirt! Squirt! Squirt! Daddy's cum spurts all over your pretty pink panties! So much cum! I always wanted to blow my load inside a tight little girl, but I guess her panties will have to do.

I am so dumb… I am falling in love with my gym teacher and im not sure what to do. Its kinda weird because im 15 and he’s 36. I know his full name and his phone number (but he doesn’t know that). I have dreams about him and everything. I may have stolen a few of his things but its not like im obssessed or anything. I just dont know what to do. Should i tell him? But he’s married and has children and i dont want to ruin that. And his daughter is in my class too. What do i do?

when my daughter was a baby i used her as a sort of fleshlight. smothered my thing in baby lotion and rubbed it on the outside of her baby slit until i creamed. so much cream. filled her crack with it. dripping wet with daddy cream.

I was house sittting for my brother and his wife while they went to Italy for 2 weeks. Of course I went through all their shit, and I wasn't disappointed. Found a big dildo in her underwear drawer and used it in my ass while jerking off with her panties. Had to wash her panties a couple of times because I filled them with cum.

i want someone to fuc* me so bad that i even imagine an intruder ramming me on my bed or the kitchen floor

I got really turned on at work today and found something we sell to use as a you know what and you know whated in a parking lot on my lunch break :hushed:

People have stories of how their uncle, father, et. kissed them but my mother kissed me on the lips when I was 11...horrifying

I wish I had been aborted.

I would abort for a living

I didn't use a condom

Tonight I will make love to my wife. I will eat her out and she will suck me off. We will do the 69 with her on top, grinding her dripping wet snatch into my face as I tongue her hole and lick her cli*oris. Then I will bang her in different positions and finish inside her doggy style. While I am filling her pink hole with my man cream, I will think about the guy I sucked off in the parking lot at Lowe's earlier today.

When I was a 5 year old boy my uncle sexually abused me. I remember sitting on his lap naked, and he was rubbing and pulling on my thing. I also remember his thing, which seemed as big as a monster. He told me to do things to it and I did. I jerked it, kissed it and licked it. I remember the creamy white liquid and how salty it was. He did this with me several times. Here's the thing that might surprise a lot of people: I didn't mind what he did with me. Years later I would seek out other males for sexual encounters. I am a married man today, but I still engage in the occasional blowjob session with guys I meet online.

I met a guy online and we have been secretly having sex together in the back of his van for months now. We usually meet after work and perform oral on each other. I am a married man and so is he. We are going to kick it up a notch and try anal. I am excited and a little nervous, but it is something I've always wanted to do. I want to do it to him and blow my load inside his tight hole

One night I was home alone and horny. My wife was out with some of her girlfriends and my 17 year old son and 15 year old daughter went to a late movie with my sister-in-law and her two kids. So I was home alone, which is rare for me. I was drinking vodka that night and smoked a joint. Needless to say, I wasn't feeling any pain. I decided to get myself off doing something I had only done once before: jerking off with my daughter's panties. I know how disgusting that must sound to a lot of you, but I've always had a panty fetish, and the fact that they belonged to my beautiful daughter turned me on even more, perhaps because of the fact that it's so taboo. I was naked on my bed with her panties wrapped around my manhood, jerking hard and fast. I remember having this intense orgasm and there was lots of cum. I rubbed my cum up and down my shaft and her panties. That is the last thing I remember. As I lay there in ecstasy and drunkenness, I passed out. Next thing I remember is my wife screaming at me, "What the fuc* are you doing you sick fuc*!" I woke up startled and confused. Was I dreaming? I saw my wife in a rage, screaming at me. I looked at myself and saw that I was naked. My member and belly covered with cum. My daughter's pink panties wrapped around the base of my manhood, wet with cum. Suddenly my whole world came crashing down around me. Apparently my daughter and son came home before my wife and saw me like that onnthe bed. They phoned my wife and told her I was passed out naked. She came home in a hurry and found me like that. The next several weeks were full of shame and disappointment. My wife was so angry. She wouldn't even talk to me. I ended up seeking professional help just to prove to my wife that I was sorry and ashamed. Which I was. But that didn't stop me from playing with panties. I still do it to this day, but I'm much more careful not to get caught.

fewer and fewer people are posting here

i am a man in my early to mid 20s who loves to wear womens panties. im dont know why i love to wear panties, but the seeds of my interest started when i was a kid after looking at macy magazines and seeing the female in cute panties wondering to myself what it would feel like to wear them.

despite all this however, i never once wore them as a kid (mosly because it would feel gross to wear my moms when shes not around, even at that age it felt awkward to do), but i would always have that thought in the back of my mind until after i left high school and got a job. there i fnally decided to go online and start panty shopping.

i started out with one pair of satin panties to get the feel and look of what its like to wear them, then after a whole day of wearing them i bought more over these past two years. what started out as curiosity has now become a part of my lifestyle. i currently have an entire dresser drawer full of pretty, frilly, and colorful satin panties that i wear almost all the time at anyplace. the only times i dont wear panties is during family get togethers and my job. but aside from that, i am an avid 24/7 panty wearer and proud of it.