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I know of a very young girl who killed herself and her mom did too. Its so happened last year and i thought the dad did too.i was wrong. I couldnt face my delusion till now. Its so heartbreaking.

i did something to my daughter when she was just a baby and it haunts me terribly. i had been drinking that day and was very drunk. i did not hurt her physically, but what i did was inexcusable and evil beyond words and was sexual in nature.

i love my wife, and god bless her heart we've been married 25 years. she would be horrified if she knew how many random guys ive sucjed off over the years. look at it this way: she won't swallow my load, but I've swallowed dozens of loads!!!

i masturbated to porn again. i hate myself for doing it. i like many kinds of porn. i don't know if this is normal for a woman or not. i just never been sexually confident or lucky in love. i can see why men would prefer to fuc* a sex doll with perfect body proportions and pretty face without all the arguments and expense. i would almost do anything for a good loving man.

I have an omorashi fetish and I get so turned on when I hold in my piss.

I saw a guy at the gym who had shaved genitals. I was surprised how horny it made me- I went home and masturbated.

Ok this has been a dream of mine and call it corny but I would love if I could bring like 4 women to my house and my husband is there asleep and we all wake him up and have sex until he's drained.

Sometimes I imagine going to a sex store in my local area and getting my pus** ate by a man there waiting for his wife to come out.

Sometimes when I play with myself I imagine my husband with a bunch of men

I always think of having sex with my husband's stepmum

I play with myself to the the thought of walking in on my husband fuc*** my friend and I just play with myself and never say anything until Im ready to ask for a 3sum

I want my female OBGYN to stick her tongue inside of me when she goes down there.

Having a nice start to my morning with Morning coffee, anal dildo, and lacy thong. Definitely keeps constipation at bay and feels amazing.

My sister and I have had sex on several occasions.

I am male and enjoy and love having sex with women. However, I also enjoy seeing a nice looking Coc*. I enjoy stroking it and getting stroked. I really enjoy MFM threesomes where we are all open.

Wife: Let's make love honey!

Me: I'm good - just jerked off to some gay porn.

I have a horrifying craving to rip off my fingers and cut off my legs. I want to bite off my fingernails and have my teeth ease into the softened skin where my fingernails once were. Even if I look at the organs of the human body, with no sexual intentions online, It makes me ooze up with the sensation. It makes my body cringle to the feeling of doing it to myself. I really wanna puke.

I confess. I may have the mind of a sexual offender. I've fantasized about groping random women. Another thing is that I am drawn to checking out women who seem vulnerable...if they have a limp/leg injury, if they walk in heels (harder to balance). I also like smaller women, but I've been drawn to tall slender women as well. I am attracted to tight outfits, as well. I've made comments to women in the past but I've never done anything beyond touch random butts at bars.

This may not be where I need to say this.
I graduated last week, without a job. I am also a lesbian and my family doesn't know it. I am moving to New York. I have been there several times and I hooked up with several women there. I hope to be hook up with a woman and be abused.
My girlfriend from college doesn't want to do anything wild, strange or prohibited. I need some excitement. In New York I got it pretty hard from a woman lawyer, she was hard on me, made me swallow her spit and rim her clean and swallow it. It was disgusting but it was the huge turn on. After New York I will come back to my girlfriend, I swear I will, and I will settle down with her and we will be normal. I just need one more trip, I want to eat shit one more time. I can't do that here and I can't ever ask my girlfriend to let me, so that is why I need to got to New York. Women there are crazy.

I'm a bi male--it's fun but it's exhausting. Like this morning. I went online and checked out hot, skinny, busty women for a while until I got off. Then to even things out I went online to check out handsome, muscly men--today it was men in uniform--until I got off.