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I'm always yawning. I get enough sleep. I think.

Years ago I did something pretty stupid. I was at the mall and spotted this super hot girl who couldn't have been more than 15 years old. I couldn't believe how incredibly sexy and beautiful she was. I was in my early 30's at the time. I followed her and her friends around the mall for 3 hours. Eventually they got on the bus and so did I. She got off with one of her friends and I followed them to a house in a nice upper-middle class neighborhood. This was were she lived. Over the next several months I visited the house numerous times at night and discovered her bedroom was in the basement and her window faced the back. It was perfect for spying on her. I saw her undressing lots of times and I masturbated every time. She had perfect breasts and I would say they were 32C. She alao had an amazing ass and nice blonde pubic hair. My god she looked absolutley stunning naked. One night I was watching her and she just got out of the shower and was standing naked in front of her mirror putting lotion on her body. I was jerking off and was ready to cum when some guy came out of nowhere and tackled me. Then he proceeded to kick and punch me. I managed to escape but had a badly broken nose. I never returned to her house. I had to have 3 surgeries to repair my nose. That was pretty stupid of me.

I watched the video of the New Zealand shooting.

I had sexual intercourse with my mother while she was on her deathbed.

I jerked off and came in the panties of my son's 21 year old girlfriend.

I write extremely nasty and pornographic letters to women I don't even know. I describe in raunchy detail what I want to do with them sexually. Some of them are public figures and some of them are just regular, ordinary women. Just the thought of them reading my letters and getting totally freaked out turns me on. Typically I jerk off while writing the letter because it makes me so horny.

I snuck into my parents room when it was really dark when my mom was still at work and my stepdad was sleeping. I dont know why but all of a sudden I wanted to see what his pen** was like. it was already hard when started to touch it and he kinda started to wake up but only half way. I got him to start fuc*** me and he called me my mom's name when he came inside me. It was alot bigger than any of my boyfriends and kinda hurt but I cant stop thinking about and he dosnt even know

Baby girl no lie

FECKLEESS ROYALS- hrh his/her royal highness should be hrfh, his/her royal feckless highness when I think of chuck or cam or harry and nutmeg and kate and will.completely FECKLESS! what a feckless contribution megs gave at feminist debate and dress was nice until I seen the bottom so short. Then her hat today looks like a 1950s nun or nurse? something I doubt she would like to think she can but could ever be either because you have to think of others more then yourself. However, these days most nuns and nurses are a hell of a lot like her narcissistic nature so maybe she could do it. She is just copying Kate’s head-dress now. She shows her competition to be head woman above Kate. And I do support P.Mor*** for a change on what he said about harry’s pretend halo, but they all have that halo problem. Just look how ineffectual they are and FECKLESS.

I have flatulence when I take anti diarrhea medicine.

I'm shy and upstanding in person, but love to get naughty and naked online.
In reality my name is Al, but online I'm alchatt and I am a porn addict. I am like the last person you would meet in person that you'd think would be so naughty, but I am very naughty online. It all began when I bought my first video camera. I thought it would be fun to videotape myself pleasuring myself. I was so turned on looking at my video that I thought others would be turned on,too. So I began uploading my video, along with still photos from the video, to various porn sites and all the sudden I felt like a porn star. I started making more and more videos and sending them to more and more websites, and I just couldn't quit. I was sending them out to anyone that cared to see them. I made no money from them. My reward was just being viewed and accepted. It has been 10 years now that I been doing this and I keep telling myself that enough is enough. I have already broken my New Year's resolution for 2019 to quit all this porning around, but I swear I am going to quit in 2020. Hopefully by then I will see more clearly!

After years of fantasizing and role playing about it, I finally set up a gang bang for my wife. I found 3 guys on POF, and rented a nice room at a local hotel

As soon as we started, I realized I'd made a mistake. Seeing her naked in front of these other men, and starting to breathe heavily from excitement made me instantly jealous. I tried to catch her eye to indicate that I was having second thoughts, but she was already in a world of her own. The last thing I saw before I stormed out of the room was her swallowing one guys massive member while stroking another, and the third had his face buried between her thighs.

I was hopeful that as soon as she realized I had left, she would stop and come find me. It wasn't until nearly three hours later that she came (slightly staggering) into the hotel bar asking where I'd gone.

I hate that she was up in a hotel room getting her brains fuc*** out by 3 different strangers. I hate that she didn't stop when I left, and come chasing after me. I hate that she (obviously) enjoyed every second of it. And most of all, I hate that the whole thing was entirely my idea.

I don't think our marriage is going to survive this.

I have a fantasy about having a pen** & having sex with a girl. I don't want to be a man. I just want a pen**. I want to find a girl, shove my pen** inside her, then get her pregnant.

I use my big boobs as weapons of mass destruction. I have the most deadly titties ever.

My 19 year old son is dating a very hot girl. She is also 19 and is super skinny. Nice ass but small boobs. Just my type. I would love to spread her skonny little legs and ram my big throbbing manhood balls deep inside her. Fill her slippery slit with my hot cum.

Married 25 years. Love my wife to death. However, I also love sucking coc* and watching men cum.

I have a school reunion coming up. When I was at the boarding school, one of the guys I shared a room with was a target for an older boy, and was raped in his own bed a couple of times a week while the rest of us watched.

I've been in contact with the guy who used to do this and, now that he's on board, at some point during the reunion a few of us going to get our former room-mate away from the crowds and off to somewhere nice and quiet. And then we really are going to wander down memory lane by making have sex with his old lover again for old time's sake. And this time we'll record it on our smartphones so that we can blackmail him and make that re-enactments at future reunions are a lot less cloak-and-dagger.

When I was in college I was at a party and hit it off with this chick. We made out, and got heavy and when my hand got close to her snatch, there was a dic*. I felt disgusted having been kissing him but he grabbed my dic* and didn't let go. We ended up with mutual blowjobs and he wanted me to fuc* him so I did. It was a one time thing and I still have anxiety over it. For the longest time I was scared I had caught some STD but I never did.
That was over ten years ago and I got back to that all the time, no chick has ever made me horny like that. I know it is gay as hell but I fantasize about doing it again.

I love the cold, rainy weather we've been having in L.A. recently. I've been driving around late at night and offering to let homeless women spend some time inside my heated Suburban, to get out of the elements for a little while.
They are so grateful that we end up fuc*** in the back, or at the very least, they blow me.
Sure they smell sometimes, but I get what I need as often as I want, and there are absolutely no strings attached. They get in and get warm; I get off; they get out. It's basically a win/win all around.

Added bonus, some of them have wound up being into some super-freaky shit. One of them even had a dog that she let me watch her fool around with.