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i have a fart fetish i love when girl girl girl girl lol fart on my face

I went to pick my nose with my index finger and immediately remembered that minutes earlier I had been scratching my ass*** and working my choda with it.

The stench is now lodged in my nose.

I got a woman in permanent vegetative state pregnant.

The best shits are the full, large ones. The ones that stretch your sphincter well but at the same time aren’t uncomfortable. The ones that tail off without leaving lefotver shit in the bowel. The ones that stink. Those are the best shits.

I sodomized myself with a cigar

I'm sexually attached to the robot from the Netflix Lost in Space and I want him to wreck me! :heart_eyes:

Why am I considered a pervert for having a panty fetish? I love to eat pus** more than anything in the world. I love the smell of it, the taste of it, and absolutely EVERYTHING about it

So why is it so weird that if I can't bury my face directly in the thing I love the most, that I go to the next best thing? Something that was sitting right where I want my tongue to be. Something that has absorbed the smell and taste that I long for, and that I can take with me and enjoy when I want.

Sure there MIGHT be an argument that it's wrong that I sneak into women's dirty laundry and take them without their knowledge, or permission, but who is it really hurting? I only steal them if they belong to a woman I can't physically be with, like my sister-in-law, my wife's cousin, or her best friend.

So okay, judge me for being a thief, but I don't get how I'm a weirdo just for enjoying the most intimate scent of a woman.

all i got for Christmas was that my wife let me eat her ass a jackoff...

My friend posted a weird video on youtube about some dorm worker guy and called him a perv inmate. I think he knows something about him. See for yourself with the link.

Mr. Hands talks to me in my dreams.


I can't believe how realistic sex dolls can be! Too bad the really good ones are so expensive. I totally want to perform with one on cam sometime.

I can't believe I fuc*** my ex-husband after being divorced for 4 years.

I'm almost 6 months pregnant, and like with all my other pregnancies, I am horny as fuc*. The problem started when my current husband and I were lying on the bed together and he felt the baby kick through my stomach. He got all weirded out about any thoughts of sex, and says he can't do it with the baby in there.

My ex on the other hand has always had a pregnancy fetish, and couldn't ever get enough when I was pregnant with both of our kids. So in a moment of weekness, with my body literally throbbing with the need for a release, I went to my ex's house. My intent was just to have him go down on me so that I could cum, and relieve the pent up sexual energy. But once he started, there was no turning back. We did absolutely everything imaginable.

Orally, vaginally, anally. Him to me, me to him, I just couldn't get enough. With each of my pregnancies I have begun to lactate earlier and earlier, so he even nursed, and that was just another of the many fluids we ended up lying in when we were done.

It felt so amazing, but I also feel extremely guilty. Both, for cheating on my husband, and for stirring things back up with my ex. I know it was wrong on so many levels, but when the pressure builds back up (and I know it's going to), I know I'm going to go back for more.

I don't know what else to do though. Masterbation just doesn't satisfy me, and the man who is supposed to be taking care of things, simply refuses because he thinks it's "icky". Wtf?

abort your baby now

For the past month, ever since my co-worker found out her boyfriend cheated on her, she has been giving me head at the end of our shift when we close the store together. I think she gets off knowing that he's parked right outside the backdoor while she's sucking me off and swallowing my load.
It's terrifying, and exciting at the same time for me because he's like some badass gang banger who would probably shoot me in the face if he ever found out what was going on. I can't stop though because it feels so fuc*** good, and she's the only girl who has ever swallowed for me.
I get nervous when we walk out because she always goes staight over to his car and gives him a kiss with those lips that were just sliding up and down my dic*.
Who knew that getting a blow job could be so stressful?

I'm YOU.

yesterday's hooker had some issue with her pus** and had problems getting my dic* completely inside. I kind of forced her into positions that allowed deep thrusting. My dic* is not big but her face expression showed she was suffering.

I kinda regret it. I know it's her job, but still...

you shook my confidence, hopefully not for good. I'm working on that. you convinced me that I need another person in my space to regulate my behavior, to "keep me in check", to "challenge" me (which turns out to be a euphemism for someone who gaslights, contradicts, and in general doesn't take me seriously. But if I dare mention that, you'll say that I'm exaggerating), and as a result I still have to learn how to trust my own judgement. I got a weird feeling that you were jealous of me whenever I achieved more than you, and I stopped achieving as a result. How is codependency better than being alone and happy? How can you say that you have my best interest at heart when you enabled/enable so much shitty behavior from me? How can I take you seriously when you make everything into a joke (the exception of course, being when something affects you, everyone around you better be upset too). Honestly I'm tired of bitching about you and I'm exhausted just thinking about you. I've finally grown and it's liberating knowing I don't need you anymore. All those times you pushed me away growing up, I finally got the hint. Thank you.

yesterday I fuc*** a hooker without a condom and she said I could cum inside.


I asked her if she was taking pills.

she said yes.

I told her pills can fail and I don't want a baby.

So I didn't cum at all.

after I went to a brothel and fuc*** another hooker with a condom this time and cummed.

I sucked the cum right from the condom and swallowed it all.

My roommate eats all my food and his fat girlfriend keeps me up all night with their loud sex.

So I blow my nose in his towel every morning