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I've just cum after weeks without cumming. Huge load. I didn't need to actually grab my dick and masturbate the usual way, just touch it a little just under the glans. I've swallowed all the cum.

The most fuc*** up dream I ever had and would never share with people I know in real life was one where I peeled my gentalia off my body. Somehow, I ended up pulling off my cli*oris, labia minora, and the vestibule all in one piece and I could see every detail of my flesh clearly while it was in my hand. Before I could try to reattach it somehow, I woke up.

i was masturbating in the kitchen, when my sister walked in. Luckily, I had a big shirt and so I hid my coc* with it. She sat down and started talking, and as I was watching and listening to her, I got a raging boner. As soon as she left, I whipped out my pen** and started furiously masturbating to thoughts of her.

In my mind I have the power to control what happens in the world. Through watching YouTube videos, listening to music and staring at album covers.

I've been this delusional since 2005, I take anxiety medication and a lot of caffeine.

My niece nd I had a secret where I would pay her to give me nude photos of herself she is 19 nd im 22, Shes really hott to bit a slut nd we were planning on having sex but her bf knocked her up

I never think of it as incest but it definitely is, some people say its only with parents or siblings but heres my story.

When i was young i went to a family reunion with my female cousin (im also a female) there we saw a guy we didnt think we were at all related to. (Hes actually my cousin somehow) we both thought he was sexy asf so we started talking to him. My cousin stopped talking to him but me and him talked for years. Eventually we got together and wound up fuc*** amd i sucked his big ass dic* in boscovs family dressing room. Noone knows but us. He's a pretty popular rapper know and i want to hit him up and tell him i want him but idk if it would be weird or not but hey i dont really care

At 18 and being a boy back in the early 60's ment watching who you dated. Some of my friends slipped around and dated black girls, some white girls slipped around and dated black boys. I slipped around and got dic*ed by another 18 year old black boy, we did it lots of times but had to be very carfull, although there were a few times it was close.

i have a humiliation/voyeur fetish of watching hot men screw hot women while she tells me how pathetic of a man i am and tells me how the man screwing her is a real man in comparison to me in looks.

Many years ago I lived in the dorms. Over the course of one year, when I would go to the laundry room (and was alone), I would steal bras out of dryers. I would take them up to my room and put them on myself for crossdressing fun and act like a woman. Or I would stuff them and put them on a pillow as part of my make-shift sex doll. At the end of the semester, I put them in my laundry bag and took it down to the laundry room. I dumped them all on a table. Here's the craziest part: The next day I saw the bras hanging around the dorm (ie. door handles, stair railings). I overhead people talking about them. I was a legend in my own mind.

is this forum really annonymous coz ive been up to some messed up shit

I was molested as a 6 or 7 year old. He was a mentally retarded guy. He took me on the stairs and made out with me and tightly hugged me and rubbed his pelvic against mine. I dont remember how long it lasted. My sex life is ruined. 27 and no sex life.

I'm too scared to pick up a hooker. I kind of know where they hang out...but I'm not sure I could go through with it. I kind of want to...

There is a girl that lives in my apartment building. She is absolutely smoking hot. 5'6" brunette with long flowing hair. She's 25 years old with a great sense in clothes.

I asked her out a couple of times and she shot me down, the second time quite rudely. She doesn't think i look good enough for her from what she told me the second time.

I've left her alone ever since the second rejection even though she has tried to talk to me when we meet in the hallway, stairs or something like that.

This morning when I came home from work working the graveyard shift i pulled into the parking lot and parked my car. I got out and sitting on the ground of the parking lot was this black leather women's purse. No car next to it so it was laying all by itself. I went over to investigate and determined that it belonged to "Lori" the girl I'm talking about. The purse was full of all her stuff so nobody else had gotten into it to rob her yet. Her Jeep Liberty wasn't in the parking lot so she was there. So I picked up her purse and took it to my apartment without anyone seeing me.

i got inside and after a few minutes curiosity and noisyness got the best of me so i started to dig through her purse to see what was inside. As i started going through her stuff i started to get a hard on, for some reason going through this girl's shit, invading her privacy and looking at it and learning about her turned me on. I was going through her wallet looking at her drivers license picture which was a hot one by the way. Seeing her credit cards, debit card, cash and everything else got me worked up that I laid down the wallet on the side of her purse with the wallet still open so i could see her drivers license photo. I then proceeded to whip it out and started jacking off on it. In no time at all i cummed all over the inside of her wallet and on the side of her purse. Damn that was a lot of fun. Especially seeing everything inside her wallet with gobs of cum on it, especially her license pic.

I cleaned up the mess i made and put stuff back in her purse but after a little bit i get the urge to do it again. I grab the purse off the table, take it to the bathroom and jack off on it. The last time i didn't even wipe her purse off after i was done. I don't know if it's the invasion of her privacy, knowing im cumming on some bitch's expensive Marc Jacobs purse and everything of value inside. Knowing she would freak out if she knew what someone was doing to her purse, or the fact that she lost her purse and was probably panicking because of that that every time I think about it i end up jacking off on Lori's stuff. I have done it 3 times today to her purse.

A little bit into the afternoon Lori came home. I saw her jeep pull in. The way she was dressed she must have participated in the nearby Marathon today. A little while later i hear her in the hallway knocking on doors. I listened and she was asking if anyone had seen her purse. From what i could tell no one saw me with it. Eventually she knocked on my door to ask me if I had seen anyone with a black leather purse or had seen one as she had laid it down while loading her car this morning and forgot to pick it up when she left. I have her purse sitting in the bathroom with cum all over it, so what do I do. I proceed to tell her i haven't seen it. She asks if I do come across it to please let her know and then leaves. She doesn't seem to suspect a thing. Time will tell i guess.

Later on tonight im going to jack off on her purse and stuff again. Its weird im getting such a thrill doing this to her stuff.

I wipe my ass as many times as necessary so the paper appears clean. Then I smell the paper to double check. Often the first piece of paper appears clean and odorless which gills me with great pride.

i am a female who is really attracted to transvestite women and gay porn

I am a senior college student. I have a thing for being held by an older man. In particular my uncle. He is so much older than me, but when he holds me I can be there forever. He holds my face and whispers to me, he tells me stories, he holds me tight so my boobs look bigger, he asks me how my nipples are doing. Now that I am a college student, he holds me and kisses me and puts his hand between my legs or grabs my boobs. I have gotten in bed with him and let him undress me and have sex with me. We aren't blood relatives, and he is taking advantage of me, but I love being held by him and having sex with him. My sister asks me how can I let him, but she just needs to let him hold her and she will know why.

me: do you wanna fuc* without a rubber?

hooker: no

me: ok bye

my feet have blisters on them because I wore my shoes without socks

i kinda like it

don't kill yourselves. just laugh.

Sorry in advance if too vulgar. I also posted this on other sites to get advice.

I have been getting sexually frustrated, and I cant stop thinking about sex. I constantly fantasize about any woman i see. I even fantasize about younger girls. Even my aunts, cousins, younger cousins, friends of family. I cant hang out with my female friends without thinking about what they look like nude and vulnerable. I even play out scenarios in my mind where i would drug them or straight out overpower them and rape them. I would never do anything to hurt anyone. Im so horny, that its just the idea of sexual release that gets me hard. Whether its fuc*** a woman, an object or even a guy’s ass. Im not gay, but I just want the feeling of a warm tight hole to pleasure me – which is why i fantasize about little girls too. And I also want to hold and love a girl that id be having sex with, whether they are old, young, friend, family, or stranger. Is there a way that I can legit hook up with anyone, just to fuc* a stranger, not care about anything or who we are [but that is also safe]?