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My cousin once removed is the coolest most beautiful person ive ever known, we are best friends but i wish we could be more. I dont think she woulf but now im more confused than ever since we have cuddled all might 3 or 4 times in the last weel or so and she sometimes scoots back into me and doesnt stop me from holding her breast when i spoon her. I need to get over it because im only going to get hurt. How do i get over this?

I'm a man that showers every-other-day. Sometimes I'll go an extra day if I'm just at home.

how does a menopausal pus** feel?

I haven't had an intimate contact with a woman in decades. As a result of my pent up sexual frustration I suppose I have allowed my mind to go to weird stuff. I look at legal but taboo porn online. These are over 18 year old porn stars acting out various weird scenarios that I would never to in real life, but I allow my mind to go there. Roleplay, fantasy, fetish, bondage, type stuff. Deep down I always wanted love. Good, clean, honest, loyal, true love. But never found it. Like a straight guy in prison, I too have been forced to go place I never thought I would (in my mind). For example, I would never have sex with a friend of mine's wife, but in fantasy I go there. I would never do anything to hurt anyone in reality, but in my mind the skies the limit. It's akin to playin Grant Theft Auto on my Playstation. I can steal cars, rob banks, run folk off the road, but in real life I would never do these things. It's just a twisted relieve. I know the difference between realty and fiction. But honestly, my loneliness has me delving into weirder and weirder porn. I'm basically straight, but of late am looking at not only woman, but men, transexuals, etc. Weird stuff.

I feel like a terrible person, and maybe I really am.

A few months ago I told a few people that I'd been having seizures even though it wasn't true. I don't know why I said it. I was shocked with myself right afterwards, but didn't say anything else. I thought to myself that I would never mention it again and go on with life...

A week or so later I was at work and I started feeling weird. Head was fuzzy, I felt sick to my stomach, my hands and face went numb, I thought maybe I was having a panic attack. My coworker went into my boss's office with me where it was quiet, and for some reason I dropped to the ground and started shaking. The first time I faked a seizure, and I have absolutely no idea why i did. I was ashamed, embarrassed, and angry with myself. It was convincing though, and soon everybody at work knew about it. I continued to do it, fake the seizures. I couldn't stop. I didn't like the attention. I didn't get off on it or anything. I wished I could stop.

My manager convinced me to go to the hospital. Obviously I didn't want to, since the seizures weren't even real. I went anyway though. I went through some tests, they said everything looked good and sent me home with a refural to a neurologist. I made an appointment and my roomate came with, and explained the 'seizures' to him. He said it sounded a lot like epilepsy and ordered more tests.

Over the course of a couple months, I went through test after test. I just went back to the neurologist last week, turns out there actually was something wrong with my brain. My brain scans showed some really unsual brain activity. He doesn't know exactly what it is, but thinks it's epilepsy

Now I don't know. I'm confused. I was only faking it I thought, how could I actually have epilepsy? I can never tell anybody that in the start I was only faking it. Am I horrible?

I'm secretly proud of the fact that the paper nearly always turns out to be clean.

i loved working at Mickey D's so much I joined the military so I could a wear a weird looking hat.

When I was young, I would look through my mom's JC Penny catalogue to see women in bras and bikinis.

I'm secretly addicted to painkillers. I always think I have it under control because I only take 2 or 3 per day but it's been going on for a few years and now I'm worried that I've damaged my liver and kidneys. I had a regular connection for a long time and when that dried up, I found another but had to do something really gross for the man to get them from him. I'm worried and embarrassed and have no one to talk to about this.

I masturbated today, on 9/11, so that the Terrorists can't win.

if you dont do something

then youll die for nothing

we all hate her. ugly witchy anal face mother too is a heap of dung. go away m. the m morker. dory looks so like a black trumpet.

so after hours chillin in the adult bookstore jacking off butt naked in front of anyone that will watch and asking if i could suck some dic*, this older man finally put a dic* in my mouth...i felt like a felt so good to be called a fat coc**ucking bitch as i deep throated his coc*...i asked him if was a good bitch and he would assure me that i was good bitch that sucked a mean dic*...i really got in to it when he started playing with my bitch tits...i have some nice tits to be a man...i love getting them sucked and pinched really such a submissive bitch and i love it...i love being dominated and treated like a bitch when im sucking dic*...i swallowed his load and then some...i didnt get home till 8 this wife would go crazy if she knew i was sucking dic* all night...

im at an adult bookstore lookin for a dic* to suck...harder than you think

im at an adult bookstore lookin for a dic* to suck

I have been so drunk that once I woke up naked. WTF?!

I am a 24 yr old guy of slender build. I am about 5"10, lanky and with my spectacles I do look kinda geekish. I have always been an introvert, and I dunno since when but I have always been attracted to older women right from my teenage years. In fact, I had a huge crush on my friend's mother, my 8th grade biology teacher, my neighbor, even two of my aunts,even though none of those ever materialized. I have also felt ashamed of this particular thing, never could share this with any of my friends. Last month, I finally decided to act on it and seek out an older woman for a casual encounter. I logged on to a NSA encounters sorta website and hit up some older women around me. I really clicked with one of them, let's call her Sar**. Sar** is 31, blonde, a little chubby around her belly and with sizable boobs she does look hot. We talked about several fantasies about mine and she seemed really open to trying out stuff but she was a DOM and I would always have to follow her orders. That was okay with me though.

We decided to meet at a hotel for our session. Sar** was already waiting for me inside the room when I reached. She was wearing only a blue underwired bra and panty. She came forward and smiled at me and put her arms around my neck and hugged me while I was sitting on the bed, so my face was resting on her bare belly. As she caressed my hair, she asked me," You have been waiting for this for a long time haven't you dear?" "Uhh yes," I answered, my face rubbing against her skin. "Well your wait time is over. Won't you pleasure mommy just like she wants you to?" she asked me. I was already turned on by the touch of her skin so I just nodded. "Good. Mommy wants you to tease her belly button with your nose but no hands."
I began creating circles around her belly button with my nose, my breath caressing her stomach. I could feel her goosebumps. "Now kiss mommy's belly dear." She had started running her fingers through my hair. I kissed her upper belly and then worked my lips around her belly button, ending with a big kiss on it. I put my tongue out and began tongue fuc*** her belly button. I could hear some moans and her grip on my head getting stronger. She pushed my head down with my tongue now playing on her lower belly and my nose rubbing against her belly button. She began to guide my head all around her belly with her strong grip, until every inch of exposed skin had been caressed by my tongue and it was slimy wet from my spit. I could feel my dic* throb and wanted to get it out. "Can I fuc* you now mommy?Please."
"Ok dear! She agreed. I put her down on the bed and in a moment I was fuc*** her, pushing inside as much as I could with my fingers playing with her boobs. I made her moan and then scream and when I could not hold it in any longer, I pulled out and cummed on her belly, much to her delight. I rubbed my cum all across her torso and then proceeded to first deep sniff and then tongue fuc* her belly button for a second time, because I was taken over by the smell of her sweat, my spit and my cum combined together inside her belly button. I ended the night sleeping on her belly, using it as my pillow.

Ive been orally raped by my brother for years but some of those times the way i would escape his actions mentally i would vision my exes and crushes so it wouldnt be so painful

my pen** is too big. what can I do?

Nothing like a thonged ass. Love it on especially on a female, but also sometimes on a male ass. Just something how the box or johnson is covered, bit the string goes through the buttcrack with a nice outline ot the anu* framing the ass well (definitely getting boned up thinking about it). Much hotter than porn as it leaves more mystery hence more for my naughty immagination.