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I am fascinated by teen pregnancy

What is wrong with me? I’m almost 40! I desire to get a teenage girl pregnant again very badly... I was 25 at the time and dating a freshman in college who had just turned 18... we started dating her senior year of high school when she was 17... when I was her teacher... she got pregnant spring of her freshman year and wanted to keep the baby but I made her get an abortion

The abortion was a terrible mistake and the guilt of the sin has haunted me ever since then as I know I am Doomed to go to Hell


A fetish and fascination with teen pregnancy has persisted for me ever since then... I had to leave teaching because I couldn’t keep my hands off the young girls and eventually I was afraid I’d get caught and sent to jail... I have a regular office job now and I haven’t put my hands on a teenage girl in 6 years... which is the statute of limitations in Arkansas ... but I still pine for young teenage girls even as I get older and older ... mainly because I want them pregnant

My teenage pregnancy fetish has festered and grown worse. I now actively desire for girls to get pregnant as teenagers - even though it’s always a moving goal post for me. but I know it’s an elusive and dangerous cycle

Is this normal? Is this ok for me to want?

Not just for myself - but I actively WANT other teenage girls to get pregnant!

Any teenage girl I see I think: wouldn’t it be better if she was pregnant!

When I see a young teenage girl who is pregnant I am floored and I adore her. It’s hard to know for sure, but I hope it didn’t look odd for a middle aged man like me (I’m nearly 40 but I look much much older due to hard living and hard drinking as a chronic alcoholic and a longtime heavy cigarette smoker, I could easily pass for 45 to 50+)

It seemed so peculiar for Me to love all pregnant teenage girls... but then I started reading about it online

In some way, isn’t older men with teenage girls what nature intended?isnt that what evolution pushed humanity towards?

For men to be older and established and women to be young teens with maximum fertility? I’m established now. I have a steady job and an apartment and a paid for car and all that. It’s evolutionary biology - I’m established and can provide for children - therefor it makes sense for a young fertile teenage girl to have children with me

Wasn’t It normal in the Bible?

Wasn’t it normal even until the late 1800s? I did some genealogy online, and found an ancestor of mine who married at 33, to a 16 year old girl and then when she died giving birth to their 3rd child in 1880, he remarried the next year at age 39 to a 15 year old girl and they had 6 more children

Apparently that was totally normal back then... everyone’s family is going to have instances of guys in their 30s or 40s marrying and having children with 15 year old girls ...

in fact it’s hard to find any records from the 1800s of men who weren’t having children with women between the ages of 15 to 19, at least the first children, and the women then had children throughout the rest of their twenties - but they always started with teenage pregnancy

So what changed? Why were we allowed to have children with teenage girls for hundreds or thousands of years

Now suddenly both evolution and the Bible are wrong?

is it weird that I just imagine situations that could never happen even though I'm an adult?

I am genuinely happy that I have been a committed regular smoker since 1999. I’ve smoked two and a half to three packs a day for twenty years and I never ever want to quit!!! I love cigarettes and everything about them. While Intried my first cigarette in 1991 in middle school, and again in 1993 and 1994, it wasn’t until my junior year of high school in 1996 that I finally got my own pack. Then in 1997, I started picking up my own packs of cigarettes more often, even though I was only 17.

I’d smoke a few cigarettes before school and then after school and I loved it. My freshman year of college in 1998, Instarted buying my own packs of cigarettes. I was still mostly a social smoker or sometimes a secretive smoker. Dating a smoker helped get me going.

I love that I actively tried to make myself smoke more cigarettes in 1999. I love that I’d make myself smoke a cigarette both before and after ever class and every morning when I’d wake up and every time I got in a car or out of a car or every time I waited on a bus or got off a bus or everytimr I walked tonclass, I made myself smoke another cigarette. I’d make myself smoke one and then two both before after every meal and then I got to where I wanted to keep smoking during meals.

I love that I committed in 1999, at the age of 19, to becoming a heavy smoker for the rest of my life. I love that I can’t even go thirty mi it’s without a cigarette. If I’m honest it’s closer to 15.

I hate that modern western society penalizes cigarette smokers so much. Like we are low class. I hate it.

I absolutely genuinely love that I have found a way to work from home mostly, or from my car, so I can smoke as much as I want all day long.

I hope all you other smokers out there like me can take hope that there are at least some of us out here keeping the faith.

I love smoking and everything about it!!

For 19 years, I was bulimic. My teeth have suffered and I’m pretty sure it was a major cause of a night in the hospital. No one in my family or my group of friends ever confronted me in any way, despite obvious signs. Now, I have been eating healthy for 10 months and am actually a healthy weight. I feel good. I am proud of what I’ve finally overcome. But I can’t say a word to my family and friends. I deserve a pat on the back, but I’m not allowed to talk about it. I’m happy, but frustrated.

My last new years resolution was to not do anymore cocaine.

A year has passed and I haven't touched it since!

Glad this forum is still here. I haven't been here because you can't read the comments.
Over Christmas I've had my young niece come stay with me while her parents went on a cruise. She is twelve going on twentytwo. She has discovered her crotch. Sit with her legs open on the couch and rub her crotch. Her mother warned me about this, but in real life it is quite different. Jeans, PJs, or just in her panties, a wild ass jungle crotch and her finger rub hard against her cli*. Her panties are always wet, and she prefers to watch TV in her paties. She rubs and looks down at her crotch searching for something and then goes back to feeling herself and rubbing hard. She hasn't gotten to the point of inserting things inherself but that is next, I am glad she is going home at the end of the week. At night I rub my crotch, I just can't help it, I am twentytwo so I know what she is feeling, but I have my friendly rubber hose to keep me company.

How do you fix alcoholism?

What do i do if my girlfriend is an alcoholic and also won’t quit smoking cigarettes ? She’s a great - nearly perfect girlfriend otherwise !

I'm about to begin a new life with my older English former teacher.

christmas stress made me start smoking cigarettes again. fuc*.

Holy Fuc* how am I going to make it through the next 3+ hours of this family Christmas shit ?

How do I quit drinking booze the samw way I quit smoking cigarettes?

I’m an alcoholic and have a problem but AA is not for me. Been drinking too much at least 10 years. 3 years ago when I finally became a father, I quit my secretive smoking addiction, that had been going on steadily for 19 years, since I was in high school hiding my cigarette smoking from my parents.

I don’t think I even planned a “hard quit” from smoking, because I had spent years hiding my smoking from my non smoking girlfriend in college, only about 5 years after college when I smoked heavily and openly living in another city - I chainsmoked two to three packs a day and had I stayed living in another city and started seriously dating angirl who smoked alot like me then I would likely still be smoking now and loving it even though its bad for me

instead, about 10 years ago I went back to hiding my smoking when I moved back to my hometown and then met my non smoking wife - socially I’ve been a “non smoker” for years here - 10 years - but I’ve also been openly a big drinker. beer, wine, gin, whisky, bourbon, scotch, everything. socially nearly all my friends drink. even around the kids. many drink alot, even in our late 30s. plus at work I have to go to social functions where everyone is drinking. But im tired of being drunk dad. How do I fix it?

Some wonder why in the world I have stayed at this job for 10 years with such a cruel boss - ive been paid reasonably well but not great, and really not even as nearly as well as I probably deserve based upon my performance and the money I make the company

the truth is Im scared to lose this job. im scared to get fired. im scared I cant get another job as good as this one. im scared because Ive made mistakes in my life that if another employer found out, might get me fired

so I stay here - running in circles for ten years now getting yelled at daily, because Im too scared to try anything else

Very much stressed out about my schoolwork and life and kinda sorta want to just break dwon and quit

Highschool is great!!!

If I could get a time machine to go back to 2003 I’d do a lot of things differently - but then my entire life would be different too

Do any of you have the Dampness? The acupuncture lady said I had a bad case of it. My armpits, forehead, socks and underwear were soaked and my feet hurt. I have anxiety and bowel problems, I thought maybe from drinking too much but maybe it’s dairy or peanuts? How do I fix this?

Why do I need an AR-15 assualt rifle fully loaded with high capacity magazines and armor piercing ammo and a red dot scope to go Christmas shopping?

is it really that dangerous that my regular old Glock 9mm pistol loaded with hollowpoints can’t get the job done?

Sometimes I don’t shower for days at a time. What I’ve discovered is that can make you stink.

the ATF regulates all of my favorite things. They are the real fun police. First it was my guns, then it was my sweet sweet cigarettes, lately its been all the alcohol Ihave to consume.

Ithink they know Im an alcoholic

Sex is controlling my life and it's becoming an hindrance. I find myself often rushing out all over the state, making lies for what I'm doing, and trying to get into the pus** of any woman who will let me. I try to mitigate this by keeping myself busy but without fail, I run out of things to do and start sweet talking anyone trusting enough, insisting we bareback because I wanna shoot inside no matter what, like I'm addicted to this hidden life. I'm starting to realize how crazy I'm acting now. I'm visiting my parents and I just found and chatted a random woman from Tinder that we should meet later tonight for this.I realize this is pointless because I already have people who let me yet I keep this dangerous practice up. I want the strength to just ask for help but I'm embarrassed of divulging I'm this degenerate.

What would it be if I quit drinking alcohol for New Years resolution after being a notoriously heavy drinker for the past 12 years?