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lost virginty to a 30 year old at 14yowhen i was 20 years old i had sex with an 18 year old girl the youngest id been with at the time that was over16 years ago ..ive not been with a girl as old as 18 sinceworked with 12 to 15 year old students for 13 years estimate an average of 10 to 12 concentual sexual partners since that 1st 18 yo angel. and almost everyone of themwere a consistant if not that at least a few encounters. id estimate 1 staraight male teacher like me per 2 schools, 1 gay nale teacher per 6 to 10...ive always fabricated a home life with a wife and 3 daughters to not a pedophile puberty is puberty...and nature is 6 foot 5 250lbs and if you have a pretty daughter my condollences ive talleyed500+ orgasms to 130 to 150 13 to 16 yo womenand only 3 didnt come back willingly for another..ive had 5 come stay with my daughers saturday night . you know how girls are i know of 4 married men in my middle/uppermiddle class neighborhood that relate were not rare and if shes started were on her scent just know that and deal with it

Fearless Z, i hope youre doing ok on your island... i wonder how youve been.

i left h__. i actually gor up and did it. ook me years.
im looking for a new job. hoping to go abroad.
since fearless blogging closed down i cant reach you... what a shame.

I recently started talking with a man on a dating site. We flirted and talked, and one day I joked with him about watching him shower after a workout. The next day he said he wanted us to play out that fantasy. So I went to his house, never having even met this man before, and went upstairs. He was in his bathroom, and when I got there i cracked the door open a little and peeked inside. He began to undress, pretending he didn't know I was there. He undressed slowly for me. When he pulled off his pants he was already hard. He got in the shower and soaped up. He masturbated, of course, as did I from the doorway. When he was done, I slipped back out again. Since then, we've done other fantasy scenarios. My favorite is where I pretend to be passed out drunk and he comes in and does whatever he wants with me. We have not had sex but we've done about everything else, except kiss. We've been doing these scenarios once per week for about 3 months now. We've never been out together, or talked on the phone.

I had sex with my girlfriend's 86 year old mother today.

My girlfriend's mom had a stroke a while back, and is now bed ridden, and can't talk. She's concious, and aware of what's going on around her, and answers to "Yes" and "No" questions by squeezing with her good hand. The doctors say that because of her age and overall health, her condition is not likely to improve, and will most likely worsen.

I've been with my girlfriend for close to 7 years. She's the youngest of 9 children that her mom had from 5 different men, and is the one who got elected to care for her in her current condition. Apparently, her mom used to be a bit of a slut back in the day, and when she was in better health, she used to joke that if she'd met me before her daughter had, she'd have shown me such a good time that I never would have given her daughter a second look.

So the other day, my girlfriend was holding her hand when I walked into the room. She raised her good eyebrow, smiled with one side of her mouth, and squeezed my girlfriend's hand. My girlfriend laughed, and said, "I think my mom still wants you". Her mom squeezed her hand again (indicating "Yes"). Shocked, my girlfriend asked her with all seriousness if she wanted to have sex with me, and she again responded with a Yes squeeze.

So long story short (I know, I know, too late) we cleaned and prepped her mom, and I gave her something that she hasn't had in over 20 years We had to use lube, because she was super dry at first, but she appeared to love every minute of it. Even when my girlfriend left the room for a minute, and I slipped it in her ass to she what she would do, she squeezed Yes when I asked her if she liked it.

Ultimately, her eyes rolled back, and she came, so I pulled out and shot my load all over her pubic area, which she also seemed to enjoy.

I don't know of this is something we're going to continue, but it wasn't bad. She seems a lot more relaxed now, so we'll see how she does.

I dated a guy 8 years older than me 2 years ago and things ended abruptly because he wanted sex and I didn’t want lose my virginity to him. We recently got back in contact and I told myself I wouldn’t become involved physically again but I want him more than I’ve ever wanted anyone in bed (non penetrative activities). I think I’m gonna let him seduce me because I’m too lonely and horny to turn down the only man who turns me on by just talking or looking at me. He also apologized for being an ass*** before and I know he won’t ever force me to have s*x either way. I’m not at all emotionally attached to him but I want his body and passion again.

2 weeks sober. Feels like Im coming through the woods into a clearing. Dont know if this is a moment of clairity or not, Im not sure but I dont think so. I m trying to get clean and gave up drinking for lent. For my family.. my daughter and wife. they deserve better than Ive been giving them. my wife has deserved better for a decade now. Dont know what happens after Easter.

My wife wants to have sex with a BBC and have me watch. I'm not sure I am comfortable with this. What if she likes it? What if I don't? Has your marrage stayed strong after your wife had a big black one?

I've had sex with 8 different men in the last month and none of them were my husband.

i don't want my ex to keep annoying again.

I should give out her email. lol and spam her

im deeply in love and connected spirtually to my sons father . A man who at times makes Lucifer himself look like a joke. Toxic cant committ a true womenizer uses women to get what he wants then on to thr next one. he has the darkest side to him that i swear you put holy water on him or ask the demon his name he may catch on fire. i wish this was a joke but iv seen it felt it and been attacked by it. Saying this stuff you would think a sane women would run like Hell . i try to keep him at a distance but i still find myself back in his bed from time to time the i love yous but not commitment behind them. in a perfect world i wish he was diffrent i wish our past was diffrrnt so i could be with my soul mate . god thay sounds insane. it just sucks and it hurts

I keep thinking back to this day when my friend and I were assigned to be partners for a school art project. This was before we'd started dating, way back before I ever told him I liked him. He invited me to his house after school so we could work on the assignment, and I should have been happy to spend time with him. I mean, he was my greatest friend at the time. But I was melancholic and heavy-hearted all day because I couldn't stop thinking about how much I liked him and how he didn't have a clue. It was really tearing me up inside.
His parents were out of town and we'd been at the dinner table working on the project for a few hours. There was a huge thunderstorm going on outside and we kept seeing all these news reports on the tv saying that they might have to shut down a few roads because of flooding. It was awful. On top of that, the windows were leaking and the lights kept flickering and dimming like the power was on the verge of going out. It was getting really late and I was supposed to be back at my house by then, but I couldn't because of the storm, so we kept working.
Then his parents called him on the phone and he went outside and sat on the front steps to talk to them. I was watching him from the doorway and I just thought he looked so cool right then. I mean, the rain was really crashing down, all of the trees were swaying back forth, there were lightning bolts in the sky, car alarms were going off. It was chaos. And he was sitting right before all of that chaos, oblivious to it. I remember thinking that I'd rather draw him sitting on the front steps talking on the phone in the midst of a thunderstorm like that than work on some mindless art project for school. I also remember looking at the outline of his shoulder blades on his shirt and thinking that they reminded me so much of angel’s wings.
And then I all of a sudden felt like I was about to cry because I just didn't know what I was supposed to do. I wanted to tell him how I felt about him but I was so afraid that it would destroy our friendship, especially because I truly thought he was straight back then. It was killing me, it really was. So I went back to the dinner table and worked on our project because my heart couldn't bear to watch him any longer. I don't know how much time passed but I ended up falling asleep then and there and I woke up to his hand on my shoulder and I heard him say "Hey. You might as well spend the night, it's twelve-thirty a.m."
So we went up to his room, and I remember how I could still feel the weight of his hand on my shoulder long after it wasn't there anymore, and how I wished he would put his hand on my shoulder again and leave it there, but he didn't. He gave me one of his shirts and sweatpants to change into, and he let me sleep on the recliner in his room. But I couldn't sleep at all. I think this was the very first time I spent the night over at his house, and it was also the very first time I wore his clothes. And that was all I could think about for the next couple of hours. It was around three in the morning when he sat up in his bed and asked me if I was awake. When I told him I was, he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk, and I said sure.
We ended up walking into town and taking the stairs to the roof of this multi-storey car park building. While we were up there, I kept looking at these two stray cats that were asleep together on top of an old truck. I was thinking that they were probably a couple, and he asked me what was on my mind. So I looked at him, and god, I almost did it. I was so close my heart was hammering. I almost told him ‘I think I might love you, it’s been on my mind for so long now.’ But I was afraid of what might’ve happened next. It felt too rushed, too risky. So I just shook my head, said nothing, and got that horrible I’m-about-to-cry feeling in my throat again. When we finally we

mr oral surgeon had sex with me while I was under. im just learning about this now, 10 years later. apparently, I have no legal option to sue because its been too long

my and my boyfriend broke up like three months ago becaue he said he lost feelings. i still love him to this day. he had a new girlfriend and it makes me so sad and mad. we still have a class together and i flirt with him everyday because i wish he would break up with her to get back with me. i dont think thatll ever happen tho.

Is it normal as a married woman to often fantasize about other men? I feel like I am bored with my marriage and that my husband doesnt give me the attention I need.

I am a non religious person who is deeply in love with a very religious man. I am not sure how this could ever work.

People who are toxic to themselves will end up bringing you down with them..or make you involved in their messed up little worlds. The ones who are really toxic to themselves are pretty obvious and easy to spot. Its the people who seem on the surface to be ok and stable...but behind them is a train wreck of cars . They always have a story about why none of its their fault...or they just laugh it off like it doesnt mean much. If it takes a break up, therapy, a move, a job change, whatever...move slowly and carefully but in a straight line to the exit. It may take you a year to clean out the cob webs of emotion to make you see clearly..but trust me..its better. Livable not living.

Another fight tonight but I am not bothered, since I have no emotions left for him. I am actually happy to be able to sleep in a different bed. It feels so nice not to be next to him. I can breathe a little. I kind of knew we are done after we had our first girl. There is nothing deep about him. My life is logistics. Take children, go shopping, see friends, have sex (do I really have to?), clean his socks, earn more money. He has no respect for me. He has no idea who I am and honestly I forgot who I am. I miss being in love end being loved. I miss being excited. We hate each other. He takes every chance he can to be away, he doesn't respect my time, sadness is not allowed...anger is not allowed (well maybe his own).
I am no longer sad we are fighting, I am not hurt by his words or realization I am not loved...but I will fall apart in coupe of days when I will be forced to except I have to continue this marriage. I will cry knowing there is no way out and knowing I just have to swallow this new pile of shit and continue my life on autopilot. I am drowning in myself. I hate when I try to be invisible because otherwise he will be annoyed by me. He feels super annoyed if I ask him to do something for me. Give me a ride. Get me a cup of tea. Make a call for me. He absolutely hates it. Being invisible, emotionless, dead suits him well.
Tomorrow is 8th of March... International women's day...for it's a reminder who I used to be, and what I expected from my life. It will be sad silent day where I would hide from people so they wouldn't notice how far away I am from promises I gave to myself

My advice to you men that if you want to get a girlfriend don't act too desperate... as in don't act like a mosquito hovering around a woman and learn to respect the word no. Because if a woman tells you no she means no. You're not going to get a girlfriend if you act like a desperate loser. And most definitely if you still live with your mother you're not going to get a girlfriend. If you are way too common and easy to have then you're not interesting and eventually women will lose interest in you really fast even if they do date you. learn to be on more original and unique and read a book and educate yourself. And study What Women Want. Oh and another thing with dating sites fill out your profile and put actual photos up and put effort on your dating site don't just go on the dating site to find a woman to have sex with her. Because women will see right through that and see that is a red flag the very fact that you just want to have sex and you're not serious about commitment. Most women will avoid you if they realize this. And if they realize that you are not serious about commitment and you just want sex they will avoid you like the Black Plague. I'm a woman giving you guys advice right now. And if you want to be really smart you will take my advice.

Nice article for couples:

My boyfriend is literally the hottest little thing. He's 5'4 and skinny, but nobody knows that he can pick me up and he's hot as hell. He really turns me on, but I don't tell people because nobody wants to hear about it and I don't like to talk about my sex life. I thought I was a lesbian before I met him, but I know now that I'm for sure not.