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after decades of hookers, masturbation and worrying about not getting girls, I feel I'm just bored and tired about the matter. I never wanted a wife but I know I might have ended up having one if I had been succesful with girls.

Now I just don't want any girls.

I feel I dodged one big bullet! lol

I was talking to this guy for a while and I really started to fall for him. We then met up and had an intimate connection and I thought things were going really well. a few weeks later he hit me with "my ex contacted me. I think i'm going to get back together with her. I'm sorry." he really broke my heart.
Fast forward about five months to today he texts me "hey" that he really messed up going back to her. he's in a really difficult place and is just asking me for forgiveness. I can't forgive him easily. But deep down inside I still have feelings for him.
I'm stuck. I have no idea what to do. any suggestions?

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dating a woman who works at a fertility clinic

She’s a nurse at a fertility clinic. Recently divorced. She has 3 kids, sole custody. She’s only 42 but looks good like early 30s and very fit. always wears scrubs and tennis shoes without socks, and nothing else but man, even in scrubs all the time, she looks really good.

We met on cinco de mayo. She was lonely so I bought her margaritas and she got wasted. We hooked up without protection.

She called me this morning to say she’s missed her period, but that it’s nothing I need to worry about.

I told her if she’s pregnant I’m 100% with her, and I will support her, and her children, and that’s have always wanted to be a supportive father and have a family.

She started crying and said that I was the man of her dreams and that she doesn’t deserve me. I told her I’d like to see her again tonight. She said yes.

This is really happening.

My ex is defs into ugly white guys, and she's hot! She dated me and now is dating someone even whiter and uglier who also looks like me. Good for him. I remember how lucky I felt getting a hot bird like her in the sack and having her drool over me like noone ever did before. This is like one of those devils catch things though. You will have a beautiful girl drool over you and give you many sexually satisfying experiences. (but she's crazy lmao and you'll be incredibly unhappy within 6 months)

I'm totally falling for my coworkers wife; she works for the same company, too. I'm single fyi. We often go to lunch or out for drinks after work, and a lot of times, it's just the two of us. Her husband knows about this; it's not a secret. We can talk to each other about pretty much anything and we have the same sense of humor. Needless to say, she is also absolutely beautiful! She's even said that she thinks we "get each other." She knows how I feel about her and it doesn't seem to phase her. She's told me that I'm "allowed to like whoever i want." I am literally texting her right now and it's close to midnight! I shouldn't be texting someone else's wife at this time of night, right!? Her husband is the one who hired me at work and used to be my boss, and earlier this year, he helped me get a promotion. I feel like such an awful person. This is not so slowly killing me inside.

I secretly feels like throwing up whenever my friends who are known to be playboys come up to me and say they want to be married to clean innocent virgins once they're done with playing around.

Everyone has left. I finished school ten years ago and have been at the same job for a decade... now I’m changing jobs and leave at the end of the week ... I don’t start my new job in a new city until August 1st. I’ve got nothing left to do but go to the planet fitness gym near my apartment and work out and maybe gym stalk cute girls more or less non stop for the next two months

my longtime ex-girlfriend dumped me last month on Easter, and has already moved to New York. I’ve been drifting since then. She was my world for years. We were going to start a family. Now nothing.

Never found the answers at the bottom of a bottle. I looked a lot. I drank until I got drunk every day after that, and most of this month so far. Drinking this much has made me sick and fat. I need to stop. Going to the gym seems like a healthy way out. Even though, honestly half the time I’m just staring at girls on the treadmill while I secretly rubbing myself and trying to not let them see me following them around.

I’m so lonely right now.
4 of my of my best friends all left for better work earlier this month. Two moved to Texas and two moved to Chicago

My roommate left too about 3 weeks ago, on May 1st. I still have the lease on the apartment here until end of July.

I have never lived alone in my life. Now, I will be alone every day for 3 months.

The gym is almost all I have left.

I have an HP laptop, and an used iPhone 5, with one old charger and one beat up set of ear buds. I have 1 addidas gym bag, and 1 good sized Swiss Army backpack that has a laptop pouch, and one shaving kit with some toiletries, deodorant, razor, toothpaste, polo cologne etc. All the clothes I have I can fit into my gym bag and backpack easily.

It feels like I’m living out of a suitcase now. My girlfriend took so many of my things. I don’t even want to ask for them back anymore. This is all i have left and that’s fine: I have 1 Columbia Light jacket, 1 pair of decent Levi’s jeans, 1 pair of old beat up jeans, 1 nice polo shirt, and about 5 T-shirt’s, and two pair of gym shorts. Somehow I only 3 pairs of boxers. 5 pairs of socks. 1 pair of running shoes, one pair of boots. That’s really it. maybe 3 work shirts and 2 work pants, and one pair of work boots. I’m supposed to turn the work clothes back in when I’m done at the end of the week. I’ll see if they want me to.

The only thing left in my apartment is an old single bed mattress on the floor, and an old Coleman lightweight sleeping bag.

My fridge is empty. I got mad last night and threw out all the leftover food and poured all my alcohol down the drain. Then I smashed all the bottles against the dumpster in the apartment complex.

I have a large bottle of smart water on the counter and that’s about it. I have a small bag of peanuts I took from work in my backpack. I may pick up a few more bags of peanuts before I leave.

I fee broke and broken. I technically have some money in the bank after paying rent and utilities. $724 to be exact. I’m supposed to get one final check on Friday. $1034 after taxes.

My half the rent and utilities is supposed to run $450 for June and another $450 for July so that just about means I’ll only get about $100 to blow out of my last paycheck. my Ex-roommate swears he’s gonna pay his share of the rent so ai don’t get evicted. All the furniture was his. The futon, all the dressers and tables, coffee tables, all the glasses and dishes and silverware.

I realized when I helped him pack up his shit a few weeks ago that almost nothing in the apartment was mine. He left me a few cups of top ramen noodles that can be made in the microwave. That’s good because I don’t currently own a pot.

I cancelled internet last month to save money, but I actually can steal my neighbors WiFi if Insit in one corner of the apartment. Good enough to watch YouTube videos

Drinking and smoking all my money away on alcohol and cigarettes was stupid all those years. When I was with my ex girlfriend aid

new girlfriend cant take birth control because of migraines

She told me after a few late night drinks last night that she hasn’t been with a man in over 5 years and that part of the reason is that she can’t take birth control ... but she is also allergic to latex, so can’t use condoms

I told her I would pull out, and she made me promise I would. ... But I didn’t pull out. I never do.

Now she’s completely paranoid that she’s going to get pregnant

She’s just turned 30 this spring, and just got promoted in corporate communications at her company and just started an MBA program last fall - she said she doesn’t have time to have children

But she also said she was raised catholic and even though she believes in women’s rights, she cannot fathom the idea of her actually getting an abortion

She said she wants to see me again (we literally went on our first day only 1 week ago) and that she’s tired of being alone

What the hell do we do now?

I can't believe she's actually dating someone. She moved on. We've been on and off for so long I'm pretty sure I know her well enough to know she's not over me. Even a quick Facebook stalk of new boy seems a lot like me, she sure has a type. I feel sorry for the guy. He's swept up in the honeymoon phase oblivious to the oncoming hurricane. I did that vicious cycle enough times to know. And I did it enough to know she would not forget about me that easily. It still hurts to see but. That's life I guess

If I had known it was going to be the last time I would have made the last kiss special. I can't even remember him kissing me bye that time. I knew from day one it would end one day and I knew it would be awful when it did end. And it was. but is was so unexpected. I blame myself because I know it ended because of how I was acting. I got jealous and possessive. And he was married and I knew it!! I know I fell for him. He doesn't know. I tryed hard to hide it. It was just so amazing when we were together. I have no interest in anyone else. Just this past week I have been feeling better. I am not thinking about him as much. I really don't want anyone at this point. But I have this feeling like there was no ending. I have this feeling as if I need to contact him again. I jsut want to say something general to him. like wish him a happy holiday and thats it. I think he will respond to me, but it may not be what I want to hear. I have really low self esteem. I know he lied to me. I think my brain is finally realizing that he lied about why he didn't want to see me anyone and I'm getting to point where I don't want anyone who lies to me. its turning me off. I wonder if the others before fell hard like I did. Hes just that kind of guy.

after I put my daughter to bed, I go downstairs and drink myself to sleep alone on the couch everynight

i just turned 30 and have had 3 long term relationships, one of them ended with a failed marriage. almost two years ago i started dating this great guy that i thought was going to be that once in a lifetime kind of love. we had our issues. i fuc*** up and ended up cheating and it came out. since that time i realized how stupid i had been and become extremely dedicated to him. we broke up a couple of times but ended up getting back together. he got drunk at a wedding and i plugged his phone in for him and his phone vibrated at midnight which ended up being an email of a photo of his ex boyfriend. i then found that he had other pictures in his email. i also found videos and emails that i never thought i would find. there were craigslist ads he had created and other exs he had slept with since we got together. we’ve now been broken up for almost three months and i keep trying to let him go but i cant and i am continually unsure of what i should do. he is terrible with communication and i keep crawling back. i want to be strong and tell myself im worth more but my heart keeps on pushing me back to him. i feel constantly like im not worth very much and broken because of him. even after everything i still love him and want to be with him. am i just being a complete fool?

I've been struggling a lot lately with depression.
Part of the problem is that I'm a closeted lesbian, and the stress of coming out is weighing me down. So far I've only told close friends and my dad.
But one of my friends in particular is super caring, and even if she doesn't suffer with depression she tries hard to understand.
It's been a few months now, and with that much time to conclude it, I definately fell in love with her.
We were seeing a movie when I had a breakdown, and instead of just patting my back, she held my hand and cradled me. She didn't care about the other people around us. I had been held before, for only a few seconds, but she never seemed too bothered to stick there for nearly an hour.
That same week our school went on a trip and needed to ride in a tour bus, but we had walked so much that everyone was tired. The last thing I remembered was being tired and sad, then waking up to find her holding me again, her head resting on mine, gently stroking my arm.
She is very open about being Christian. She is also very open about being straight.
But sometimes when she's giggling or being a huge dork and Marvel, I can't help but wish we could be together.

I didnt think I could fall in love with someone.
Ive been through a lot of shit like a lot of us have- so much so that I had given up completely at the idea of being with someone- I was comfortable being alone

I did though. By ill timed circumstance and mutual friends of course.

This person is so far away logic stands that no something like this isnt possible- and I would be safe. I was wrong we have been talking for a year now and I knew I loved them this past October.

Then I had to decide not to be in love or... how do you call it distance myself. Because I think you dont really stop loving someone you just recognize its not meant to be.

I had to do this because while this person is amazing their traumas have caused them to discern that they are incapable of loving someone. They confessed to me last night that yea they hoped for the best between us.. but they dont think they could love anyone ever.

honestly it is a lot for me to ask that they let there guard down especially since we only know eachother from facetime, phone calls, texting and other various platforms of social media. None of it is enough to be the equivalent of being in the same room with the person.

I have to be ok with that.
I see the value in what it is we have, I can always trust them.

I hate hearing that there is a reason for everything because it puts a sense of optimism for a neatly tied ending or solution.

Because I know the ending to all of this is us slowly disintegrating from eachother. I dont want that. He doesnt want that. but what else is there?

this woman is sabotaging my plans!

This bitch is doing it. She’s 40 and divorced and lonely and skinny as hell. Like maybe 100 pounds max, and about 6 feet tall. She always wears 4-5 inch high heels making her even taller. She always smells like cigarettes, and tries to hide it. She hates her life, and she wants to make everyone else miserable!

ive worked for over a year to make this happen and all she can do is be a soulless burecrat without any care for anyone else. jesus I wish someone would just go fuc* some happiness into her, so she wouldnt be such a bitch!

We lost more American school children to gun violence this year than than we lost soldiers in war zones

what the fuc* is wrong with you people?

my girlfriend left me for some guy who picked her up and romanced her pants off. A guy who had a Loooooooog history of picking up girls on Internet dating sites. A guy who admitted to screwing tons of women. A guy Who told her even if he got her pregnant he wouldn’t hang around. A guy who up and left after 2 months. now she sits around thinking that was the greatest romance of her life and wanting him back. i guess thats just how life works. I guess I should feel lucky not to be around her anymore. im still sad.

I like a woman of any body-type as long as she has big boobs

this guy that i liked is so confusin one minute he says things to seem like he wants a relationship then the next he turns you down and says the SAME thing he says to other girls like you are an interesting girl and he doesnt want a relationship.then why say and do things like couples do. we held hands,kissed, was intimate stayed up till we fell asleep. i feel like it was all just for the sex. hes never been with an black girl before ever. he even lauhed a little when i asked was it to see what it feels like to be intimate with a black girl... hes a dic*, a fuc*boy everything. Conor M. is a douche bag