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It doesn’t feel right. I’m too old for Her. She’s 23 but has a 7 year old. I’m 42, divorced, and alcoholic. I never wanted kids, but having more kids is all this girls talked about last night at dinner. Some how she talked me into coming back to her tiny apartment and I drank 3 bottles of cheap wine, and fell asleep on her bed without my pants

Now I’m hungover and can’t find my car keys. I can’t technically find my socks or underwear either. Spilled wine on them and really all my clothes and she immediately went into mom mode and told me she’d wash them. But they are not in the tiny laundry room she has here. She’s passed out stone cold, apparently she never drinks more than 1 glass of wine but last night she had almost a whole bottle.

She cried so much last night. Told me she needed a real man in her life. All of that. It got me hard and I fell for it. Now I’m looking around

I’m pretty sure I didn’t use a condom. I didn’t have one. Fuc*.

To leave her right now before she even wakes up in the morning seems wrong.

She swore she had a birthday right before we had sex back in May, and 16 is the legal age of consent in Arkansas... I had been working as a substitute teacher for a few weeks and trying to get a full time job and we had been flirting pretty heavy all through April and May. Like at one point before spring break in April she came up to me after class and handed me her underwear and told me she needed to see me...

When I asked She told me her birthday was at the end of May and we hooked up that Memorial Day weekend and we took off and went to Hot Springs for a long weekend... Now she’s texting me saying she’s pregnant and I’m the father...

she’s only a sophomore in high school next fall

What the hell do I do here now??

Georgie is going to break my heart. And I'm going to let her

I have hair that needs to be dyed but i still think i can get by as an eligible bachelor at the age of 35. woo go self-esteem and confidence.:joy:

My sister-in-law’s youngest child is mine.

The worst thing is being in love with someone you can never ever have! And worse knowing they never ever want you again...

I really Do hate my fuc*** life...I just wish that it all would change

My husband is a DRUNK now, and I told him that I was never in love with him before we even married!

the worst thing in the world is ti be in love withsomeone you can never have. ever!

I have been with my gf for more than 5 years. We have sex 2-3 times a week. The only rpoblem is that she doesn't like to give blowjobs. Maybe once every six months she will do it. I don't want to make it a deal breaker but it's frustrating as hell.

I have been married to my wife for almost 17 years. I love my wife tremendously, but I have come to resent her. We have sex, on average about once every 3 or 4 months. When we do have sex she seems to treat it like a chore. I consider myself an attractive guy, and I always strive to attend to her needs when we have sex, but she is often depressed and tells me she just doesnt have any desire for sex. We have discussed our sexual needs numerous times but she doesnt seem to be able to change. I dont want to leave her, nor do I want to find a mistress but I am at a point where I feel unappreciated and am considering doing something I know I will regret.

I've come to find that you're everything that I've ever wanted and want in a lover.. but at the same time, are you everything I NEED?

I don't know why I have this insatiable need to be loved, in a relationship, and just held close. I'm a queer woman in the south, in bum fuc* egypt. There is nobody here, or anyone that's even remotely considerate of my feelings... Why can't I find someone who just loves me... Why do i need to be loved so badly.

the therapist helped me realize that my ex was incredibly selfish, unable to take blame for her choices, immature, prone to poor decisions and keen to cut people out of her life that dare tell her the painful truth about her choices. Despite all that i miss her and sad its over.

I love him.
He's just so nice and sweet, he teases me about my height (4'11) and I love it. He watches anime like I do, and he plays video games like I do.
I think he likes me too.
It pains me being away from him for summer break.
I love him so much, and I think he likes me too.

I've lied to my closest friends my entire life, some little white lies some much much bigger. I have made an effort for everyone to know that I hate lying. Lying has been a defense mechanism after thinking it through, I have to pinpoint when and why it exactly started. I started dating my best friend who was really honest with me and i've known her for 5 years. The relationship only last a month and 1/2 however in this short amount of time I made her feel like she was constantly making mistakes, she made one that was huge(to me, not cheating worthy) and I broke up with her. In the process of being upset and being a liar I told her that we were no longer going to be friends. After a week and a day I finally mustered the courage to talk to her. She was saying her goodbyes and after basically saying the final goodbye and I came to the realization that I was going to lose her forever and I did the unthinkable. I spoke the truth, and it came pouring out. I embarrassed myself, showed that I was desperate, basically showed her without a shadow of a doubt that I was not the person she thought I was. She wants to remain friends but I don't agree, I want more considering she was someone who motivated me to lose weight, work harder in my career, and now finally tell the truth. She believes she can do these things as just a friend but the truth is she can't, friends don't move in that way. I am giving her space to reflect at the moment however the conclusion of this is really clear and we will remain as just friends. Since the truth is being told here I am glad I have finally spoke the truth since I always wanted to be an honest person but I just would speak or spew out lies for no reason. I thank her for everything she has done for me in this 1 1/2 month we were together. If she decides to give it another go(i'd say roughly 5% chance of that happening) then I feel we will grow closer and things will work out. If she doesn't and she reads this one day, thank you for what you did for me. There is 1 more lie I never told you about, coming into this relationship I already loved you, but I didn't want to say it because I know you don't feel the same way and it would scare you away. 22 years with a life long regret, but lesson well learned.

Batman Raped me

Brutally. It was night. I had been out partying with friend,we got fuc*** up and went to steal some electronic. Fuc*** Batman showed up, all dressed like a bat and shit. Like a ninja. He ruined my shit. Bustedeveryone up. Knocked out.
Next thing I know dude is raping me

Like theres Batman raping the fuc* out of me. I’m all crying. He finished off in me and just left me there. Naked and raped

I haven’t been ok since then. 4 years ago. I can’t have sex anymore. Damaged gooods. I’m fuc***

Im 17. Im in love with a Mormon missionary. he's going home soon. my heart is so weak and breaking. My heart has been through so much and now this.

Pissed off at my husband right now. I dropped a jar of pickles (it was in a plastic container) and pickle juice went everywhere.

Instead of helping me clean it up, he sits on his lazy fat ass playing games.

Yet, when he spills anything, I clean it up. But does he even offer to help, no. He is worthless piece of shit.

at least 4 of the women i was involved with had borderline personality disorder