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I decided to show my crush my butt and at the time I thought that I made a complete mockery of myself farting in his face by complete accident. I was totally embarrassed and I didn't realize I was going to pass gas from the Taco Bell burrito I ate. But he didn't seem to mind it. And it turns out he secretly had a fetish for farts. So now we are dating and we have been dating for more than 5 months. And he tells me to continue to fart in his general direction. Sometimes he'll even encouraged me to fart in his face. I'm surprised the guys even like women that fart? I thought that he would think I wasn't lady like enough for him and I thought he'd be completely grossed out by me if I farted in his general direction. One day I totally want to turn this into a chickflick where the backstory is Girl meets Boy and farts in his face accidentally while she's attempting to show off her butt well flirting with her crush. Because so far it seems like I have a successful love story? I wonder if things would have played out the same if I didn't fart in his face to begin with? I'm in my early twenties and I'm in college and I'm madly in love with a man who has a fart fetish. I know all my girlfriends don't believe me. I tell all my homegirls that they should fart in a man's face or general direction to win a man over. Because some men you just never know what they're into right? Well for all you know a man might even have a golden shower fetish? And I had an ex-boyfriend from high school when I was in my sophomore year and he insisted he wanted me to pee on him.

i love Tod*ddd. i cant get him out of my head

so i was out swimming with 20yo cousin im 21 and we’ve been hanging out for a while and i was holding her you know like started out as a game splashing water and all and i kinda saw she’s like so beautiful so i went in to kiss her she didnt push me away 2nd now shes still avoiding me i know its wrong we are related but i think ive fallen for her FML

i went out with this guy, had a really good date and he asked me to be his girlfriend, but we ended it a week later after he said how he didn’t think he was good for me and that he wasn’t relationship material. i’m back home for the summer and kind of want to just have a casual thing, but feel like it’s a dumb idea. I’m moving across country though, so I wouldn’t have to see him ever again or have the intention of wanting a relationship.

I leaked my ex's nudes a few months ago anf i feel absolutely fuc*** terrible cause she seriously glowed up and if i didnt do that we might still be together to this day

hi, i am 29 years old boy and currently in love with a girl who is 22, we are so much love that we really cant live with eachother. before commiting in relaionship we first together promised ecah other to marry. But i am insecure about somethings. she is such a sweet girl and talented, she is foccusing on her career and we might have to stay for long distance realtionship for like 2 years. thats not a problem. but the real problem is that when she completes her studies and wants to marry me ill be 33-34 years old. and i know indian parents do consider age in marriege. i just cant live without her and she too. We dont wanna lose eachother at any cost. i felt i just wanted to share this, thanks for reading. hope erverthing happens for good.

the water was too hot in my bath. in your opinion anyways. I was on mushrooms but i wasn’t endangering myself in a way that warranted your reaction. You got so mad at me, you sprayed wine in my face from the cup you were holding, and you hit the wall beside my head with your fist, and you said “I dont care how you get back ,you have to find your own way, because im not going to help you. You can find your own way back to your house. You’re such a bitch, I hate you. Everyone here thinks you’re being a baby. You’re embarrassing yourself.” and then you left and you told them all your version of events and i could hear you through the door saying how i was having a breakdown and was being stupid, and mean to you.

I can’t let go of this.

I cheated on my girlfriend last night. I'm overseas for a bit for work and I paid a stripper for a handy. I've never done anything like this and I'm so ashamed and upset and regretful. I don't even know why I did it. I am just about falling in love with my girlfriend (it's still fairly early days) and I am completely attracted to her emotionally and physically and we have a great sex life. I feel sick, I can't eat properly, struggling to sleep cannot focus on anything and I'm just crying all the time. I'm not saying that for pity, I just hope I change anyone's mind who is considering doing the same, it is not worth it. I don't know how the fuc* I justified it at the time

So I'm torn whether I tell her or not. On the one hand, I owe her honesty and she deserves a lot better than me. On the other hand, she's been cheated on before (was engaged to the guy) and that messed her up for a while. I don't know how she'd cope dealing with it again. I can feel she's falling for me too. It would never happen again and I feel like what she doesn't know can't hurt her. I've learned my lesson and I won't catch an STD from a handy so I'm not putting her at risk. I have a few more weeks to think about what I'm going to do before I come home.

I am such a fuc* up and I can't believe I did it to such a sweet caring loving loyal woman. I just needed to write that out

I'm scared I will never love as fully as before, and without it nothing I do brings me any real fulfilment. Not sex, new relationships, achievements nor money nor volunteering. Everything I do is just distraction from that inability, that emotional handicap i've developed. Not sure what to do about it.

I do not normally post stories, but I thought maybe it would help myself if I did. Earlier today I ran into an old friend from high school (Codename:Harris), who I admittedly had a crush on. I never told anyone that I liked him and would even lie if people asked me if I had a crush. The reason why I never told is because his friend had a crush on me. This guy, who I will call Jasper confessed to me multiple times and I turned him down each time. He wasn’t my type of guy, but he was nice.
Anyway, I kept my crush on Harris a secret, because I didn’t want to hurt their friendship. Harris would be considered odd by a lot of people and was bullied in the past, so I didn’t want to hurt a friendship that he really needed. If we did date and it didn’t turn out right for us then he that friendship would be compromised.
Seeing him today made me think about it all and whether or not I made the right decision. Harris and Jasper are still friends today and honestly it’s probably too late for me. I don’t know what I’m looking for by posting this. I think I just want to get a secret out without anyone knowing who they or I am.

When I read about all the stuff Ted Bundy did I get totally excited and FAP! FAP! FAP! FAP!

She thinks she's so slick. My wife left her phone unlocked and ran out to a local store. I looked. saw a website open on her phone called show it off. tapped on it and it logged her right in. She's been sharing pics of herself, some with me in them, "our private pictures" for others to see and comment on. Still not sure if I should be pissed off or wait and keep an eye on this. If it's just pic sharing and anon commentary, I think I'm ok with that. I admit I find it a little arrousing to read men and women complimenting her / us.

I know this isn’t really a proper place for what I’m about to write, but I just need to get it off my chest somewhere, so this site will do, even though I’m not expecting any sensible replies.

When my wife and I got married a couple of years ago, we went on honeymoon to the Philippines. We had rented an isolated small house near the beach. On our wedding night, three men broke in. We were robbed of money, credit cards and jewellery. But, worst of all, they forced us into the bedroom where they made my sobbing wife undress and get on the bed. And, while I was held at knife-point, they took turns with her. She was clearly extremely distressed as she was penetrated and forced to begin having intercourse with her first rapist but, during the third rape, as he approached his climax and started thrusting more energetically, she clearly achieved orgasm.
When we finally talked it through for the first time earlier this year, she said that she’d been worked up all day about having sex with me and so she could hardly help climaxing, rape or not – especially as she had to take three of them, one after the other. While I try to understand that, part of me still can’t deal with the image of her gasping with the intensity of her orgasm while her rapist frantically slammed away at her – hell, she was still crying out even when he ejaculated!

I try to be understanding but, deep down, I question if I’ll ever be able to deal with the memory of my wife wide-eyed and gasping with ecstasy as her rapist blew his load. She’d been (to use the awful word) “horny” all day, so I can understand that an protracted bout of vigorous sex could trigger the response, gang rape or not. I think it’s just the fact that she and her rapist seemed to come almost at the same instant that’s got into my head. I can still see him at that moment, turning to look at his friends – at me – with that triumphant look on his face. And I can still picture her afterwards as her laughing rapists got dressed - not crying or sobbing or trying to clean herself up, but just lying there wide-eyed, the insides of her thighs glistening with semen, trying to catch her breath after her mind-blowing orgasm. It drives me crazy.

I'm a girl, 24.
There's this girl that i'd met a while ago, worked on the same project for a few months, we fitted well together and everything was going smoothly, soon we became friends. We started hanging out after work, on weekends, eventually we end up spending most of our time with each other. We both felt an attraction between us early on, it was gradual and effortless so it wasn't surprising for either of us that we're now best friends.

About three months ago she had to move back to the city for work. Well I missed her...everything about her...very much. Now thinking about it, perhaps a little too much even for a best friend. Anyway, after she'd settled down she invited me to visit and hangout, she sounded weird over the phone but i didn't think too much of it at the time. I went as soon as I can.

I arrived at noon she seemed happy, so I am too. She showed me around, introduced me some of her friends and spent some time together, it was good fun. But while all of that was happening, I realized something didn't make sense, despite thinking it would go away naturally but actually being with her is making the feeling of missing her even more intense. So naturally I started to have a panic attack, she'd realized and we end up leaving the group early, apparently she thought that the shots we were having had hit me so we went home.

Back at her place, curling up in a small couch hugging a pillow somehow helps with the panicking, she asked me if i was okay, i weren't talking much but i think i said "yeah", she said "okay" then went away to who knows where. While she was doing that i manage to regain my composure by being a rational adult.

Two cups of tea. She went and made those.
"I missed you" she said with the smile that could let her get away with anything,
"I missed you" I replied chills down my back, heart out of my chest, feeling stupid for being dramatic.
We cuddled and watched tv and that was the first time in a while that i'd felt, lacking of a better term "safe"? i don't know, it was like one of those moments that you'd want to last forever.

The show ends, we were so sleepy, she took the empty mugs walked to the kitchen and started washing them. As she left the room those intense feeling took over me once again thinking i was going to leave tomorrow, I went and hug her from behind, she feel so warm, her hair smells like cinnamon, I can hear her heart beating. She puts the mugs on the drying rack, it was so quite without the running water, she turns around and said "I wish you could stay for longer." with that frickin smile.

I hesitated. I kissed her, stopped and lingered. She pulled me in and kisses me back slowly.
I hadn't imagine this moment before, how her lips would feel, her reaction, the meaning of it, it was all too overwhelming for both of us but we continued as if nothing else mattered.

The morning after whatever happened, we sat in bed and talked for hours, we came to a unpleasant yet simple conclusion that being together now wouldn't be any good for either of us. So that's that. Oh did I mentioned somewhere along the line, my boyfriend of 4 years.

So for the past few weeks, whenever my boyfriend and i have sex, my brain would automatically think of her as i'm getting close and i would orgasm while picturing her orgasming. And that's why i'm here. Well shit. I will now go rewatch all the past seasons of GOT and feel dead inside.

Some people can function perfectly well in society. They can get a job, find a house have a life...etc. But even though they can do that..their whole life behind them has been a train wreck. I was in love with one of those people and it took me a year to realize they were never going to get better...and sooner or later they were gonna screw it all up again. Still..its hard not to still care.

When I was about 4 my uncle sexually molested me (male) and my older brother who was 6 at the time. It happened 2 or 3 times. He would put his hands down our pants and play with our things while masturbating himself. One time he took my brother into a bedroom at his place and closed the door. I do not know what he did because my brother never told me. Then, when I was about 14, I had oral sex with my brother. We did it a few times and my brother ejaculated in my mouth. Nothing happened again until I was in my 20's and engaged to my future wife. I went over to a friend's house one night and we got drunk. Then my friend told me he was bi and had been with a few men before. We ended up sleeping together and having unprotected oral and anal sex. Since then I have been with 12 or more guys for oral sex. I am still married to my wife and have 3 kids. No one knows I am bi because I am very much in the closet. I guess I am pretty messed up in the head, but I do enjoy giving and receiving head.

i think you only get to fall in love once as a kid and once as adult. you dont really control it, although you wish you did. it just happens with a person who pushed the correct button. could be ego or sex or looks or they just happened to be at the right place and time.. its never something deep and important, its the superficial stuff that fuc*s you up.
i am scred i wasted my opportunities on people who i really shouldnt have ever loved.
i am scared i will never love like that again. if i cant, whats the point of it all. no matter what i do i will still feel lonely.

I love watching women go through airport security wearing shoes without socks.. it gets me hard every time watching them have to take off their shoes, walk barefoot on the floor, then wait barefoot for her shoes to come through xray and then slip her barefeet backinside

I just watched two teenage girls do it atthe airport this morning while also wearing basically see through leggings ... I openly stared at their asses in the long line for a solid 30 minutes and secretly took hundreds of pics with my iphone.. it was completely clear neither one of them had underwear

everyone could see they had no underwear.. I watched all the white men eyeball fuc* these poor girls.. both were wearing running shoes without socks, and one hand bandaids on her heels presumably from blisters.. one had a tight tshirt on it with a 10k Race name on it from last month, and a sports bra, the other had a loose workout sweatshirt with bare middrift

I fuc*** love international airports

I might like girls more than I thought I did. I've identified as Asexual for around 5-ish years and to some extent I still do. I have no interest in sex and I still don't find anyone to be particularly attractive, but I've noticed I've had a fondness for girls lately. I'll listen to songs or read posts about girls in love with girls and it just makes me feel so warm but also really scared at the same time.

I've just been thinking about it so much now. I love the idea of having a girlfriend and just loving women, but there's also one guy who I really *want* to love and I can't tell if I actually have feelings for him or if I'm just in denial about liking girls.

I know my family would accept me, just as they did when I came out as ace, but it's still really scary. Part of me feels like I'm lying everytime I talk about being asexual now. I still don't feel attraction I think, but I feel like I'm hiding an important part of myself by not talking about the way I've been feeling. I'm so confused. I was so sure of my identity before but I really don't know anymore.

I just needed to tell someone that I might be an ace-lesbian? or maybe just a lesbian? or at the very least biromantic?

mom, you are a selfish, manipulative, antagonistic cun* bitch. i no longer want you in my life. you drain my energy and make me feel like a worthless piece of shit. you infantilized me and stunted my growth. yes, you did enable the fuc* out of me. does that give your husband the right to intimidate and put bruises on me, just for slamming a door? meanwhile his biological son can go thru several cars, go to expensive rehabs, and throw man sized temper tantrums.

you were grateful i was so “easy to deal with” at the time. you selfish cun*. you planted false memories in my head, all while saying i was “exaggerating” abuse, or just plain making it up. i dont know if theres an official dx for your problem (as personality disorders are supposedly notoriously difficult to treat), and i no longer care.

if you died and left me with nothing from your “estate” (ps, is marrying your mortgage payment all it’s cracked up to be?), id be happy simply knowing id never have to interact with you again. i only wish that you lose everything you hokd dear, as it’ll be impossible for you to keep up your facade. in the meantime, kindly fuc* off with your two-faced, candy coated bullshit. i dont need you anymore, and ive never been happier.
-your daughter