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Maybe I overreacted when I removed my Instagram account? Maybe I thought that everything was hopeless trying to get your attention? I honestly just don't feel confident and I no longer feel hope when it comes to romance. But maybe I honestly really wanted you I thought you are the only man for me? But I guess I look like a fool. Because I'm just a foolish little girl even if I'm an adult woman seeking Your Love and approval. Maybe I just wanted you to contact me? I attempted to try to get you to respond to me and contact me. I gave you out my phone number in my address. But still no contact from you. Why can't I just regain faith in Romance? Because my hope is no longer here my heart will surely turn cold and the rot will surely set in my heart and grow. I can't take it anymore knowing I'm not loved. Because I'm a failure. Because I'm not good enough. I'm not good enough for you to love me. And honestly that is why I removed my Instagram. Because I felt like my obsession with you got too overwhelming for me because I felt like my obsession with you got too overwhelming for me to handle. So if I ghost you it's because I know you don't care and you're not here for me. Plus you actually have a life and you are non-stop busy and I'm rather irrelevant and plus I don't fit Society standards for what makes a woman beautiful. Plus you are with woman who is Beautiful by Society standards. And I hate her for having you. Because are purely want you for myself. So it's not a liar when I say I feel genuine jealousy. And it's not a lie when I say I can't stand her guts. And I wish you would just disappear Or I wish that you two would just break up. And I wish that you would leave her for me and I wish that you would leave her for me. But life is never fair like that. I'm not used to getting things my way. I'm used to living in a reality I'm not happy with. I'm used to feeling alone. And I've used to depression and severe anxiety.

i hate being married. my husvand is ok but i miss my freedom

Tomorrow I’m losing my virginity to a boy i have a crush on who doesn’t love me. He’s in law school and doesn’t have time or feelings for me, but I do and he doesn’t know that. I wanted to lose my virginity to someone who loves me, and that was supposed to be my ex, but he didn’t want me anymore. men always tell me how badly they want to fuc* me, but it seems no one will ever fall in love with me, and it hurts.

just learned a woman who I am mutually sexually attracted to will be coming in a day early to the same work conference I will be going to in two weeks

should I plan to have sex with her?

im married ten years but shes single and very interested in me

last month she said she missed me at the comference the night before - I told her thehotel was out of rooms - she straight up told me “oh you could have stayed with me! “

I told her next time id let her know

she told me that would be great

sometimes when I have sex with my wife I fantasize it is her sister.
I have had a crush on her for a while now..

i still think about my first girlfriend and stalk her on social media.. we have not been together for almost 18 years and we are both now married but I always think about her.

i know where she works (in a supermarket) and have thought about going there shopping hoping to run into her.

I love my boyfriend, but I also love the thought of bashing his fuc*** head in when he grinds and slaps his jaw in his sleep. Most of the time, I just stay awake till he goes to work in the morning.

what is your favorite thing about TWB?
i love her kind eyes

whether we want to admit it or not: the hard truth is, men should be between 7 and 17 years older than whatever girl or woman they are dating until they are 40. after then, they should be at least 20 years older than the woman

my mother in law is very conservative, she always makes sure she is well dressed and covered around me. in 6 years she has only given half hugs so we never really touch each other (as she has said it is not right)
We have visited her this week and I got a full hug when we got there. We have been sightseeing and taking photos and she has been hugging very close with her breasts touching me.. something she has always been careful to avoid.. she is always making sure we are touching as close as possible when we are taking photos together.
Am I thinking too much about this or does she have a crush on me?

I really just want to have a long and rough sex. Like don't fuc*** be soft on me, fuc* me like you mean it. Ram into me, spank me, drag me, play with me, choke me. Whisper dirty fuc*** things into my ear while you squeeze my tits and bite me, thrusting into me until I scream. I want to see the marks afterwards, I want to be tied up and played with, I want to be watched while fuc*** someone else. Mmmm if I could I would fuc* multiple guys at once. Slam me on top of your dic* while someone watches, jacking off to us. Oh my fuc*** gosh just thinking about it gets me dripping. Having two dic** in me at once, one in my pus** and the other in my ass, and having a coc* shoved down my throat at the some time. Where the hell are these guys at?

also i just want to know does anyone think that maybe that person was interested in me but finding out i have a significant other they just dont want to be friends?

oh my god you are an amazing person i love your personality and sense of humor but im in a relationship, but i would still be fine being friends. i dont necessarily find you attractive physically or romantically but i do enjoy talking to you, but i am getting the hint that you're ghosting me. so i guess ill just have to leave you alone.

My son got traded from his hockey team, to a different hockey team. I am abjectly crushed and so, so disappointed. Not for my son, he'll have a great season regardless. It's because I desparately wanted to have extramarital sex with his former coach. :hockey::worried:

I’ve been verbally abused at work for a decade now. I keep the job because I fear lack of job security and because I’m not brave enough to go get another job - even when I’ve had other job options

I’m scared of not having a job

We have a daughter too and that is an even bigger motivator for me to keep my job and make as much money -
And job security

Thats just me

But im a coward

I want to quit my job making $150,000 a year and take a teacher job making $38,000

My wife is also a teacher

I think we could live just fine on two teacher salaries - but she wants me to make more money so shes encorages me to keep the higher paying job

We lived just fine when I was 27 and in grad school and my future wife /then girlfriend was just 18 and a freshman in college

We lived well on student loans of about $1500 a month total - so like $18,000 a year ? two years like that and we loved it!

We lived great! We didn’t feel poor at all! We had Christmas tree and a happy little one bedroom apartment down on the gulf coast !

Maybe that’s why I feel like I messed up

Because I met my future wife when I was her teacher

I was 25 and she was just barely 16

We dated in secret and then she moved in with me right after high school

I just wish I could go back to that time

It was so much simpler

You’re a brave man for making a stand

I admire anyone brave enough to do a job they love even if the money isnt great

TWB will you try wearing your shoes without socks this week!? its sexy and cute I promise you’ll love it!

It was me, all of it, but you know that already. I know it was all you also. We were very very flawed but we were different from the others, you know that already too.
Thank yous and Im sorrys dont really mean much anymore. You know my soul as I know yours.
I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Look forward to meeting you again in the stars one day.
"You only love her when you let her go."

i had sex in a bathroom again. i feel like such a slut. i feel dead inside, and i don't know why.

My husband of 10 years barely pays attention to me. We have 4 kids. At one point he made me feel like the only woman in the world. Now, he doesn't even notice the hurt. I feel like at 29 I sould be happy and enjoying life. Not sitting around waiting for my husband to look up from his phone, come home from hunting, or stop watching sports.

summer of 2001, when i was a Senior in college, I had sex with my ex girlfriend’s college roommate who was a freshman. I didnt feel like it was date rape at the time,

even though she asked to stay over at my apartment after a concert, and she even laid down on my bed. she seemed ok once we started making out, but got nervous when I took her panties off. She told me she was a virgin and not on birth control, but before she could say much else I got on top of her and slipped inside of her

immediately she started to cry and frankly that just made me harder and turned me on more. I think she was saying “please no” but I pretended not to hear, then before I knew what happened I came inside her

she cried for an hour or more, but she still went to sleep in my bed that night. she slept naked because I told her that would be better. it was clear she was uncomfortable and felt off

in the morning, I took her to get breakfast. she still seemed like she was in shock

she never called it rape

she never called the police or anything like that

in fact she even called a few weeks later wanting to go on a date

its just that I ghosted her in fall of 2001... even though I heard she had mysteriously gained weight (she had always been skinny), then she dropped out.. I heard later she maybe had gotten pregnant but I pretended like it wasnt me, or couldnt be me.

of course nobody ever knew I had slept with her summer of 2001.

It just haunts me to this day

She was a skinny, nerdy girl who was a virgin and never had a boyfriend. its clear to me now looking back on it who really would have been most likely to have gotten her pregnant

it almost certianly had to be me who got her pregnant

Ive tried looking her up on facebook

but I cannot remember her last name and dont know anyone who still knows her last name

I cant shake the haunting feeling like I got her pregnant

from what was essentially a date rape

ans that somewhere out there I have a 16 year old child that ive never met