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In any given week - for each time I go to a coffee shop, I’d say there are at least 4-5 women Id like to fuc*

There are occasionally women at a coffee shop that I would be willing to fuc* whether they liked it or not. That is to say, there are often women at a coffee shop thatI would like to rape

I’ve never been very good at picking up women at coffee shops or similar venues

Honestly the last three girls I picked up were just high school students when’s i was working as a substitute teacher between

And I’ve mostly just hooked up with two of those girls as they got older. One I got pregnant in 2005. she was only as sophmore...She’s married to another man now.

the other girl I got pregnant in 2014, and she and the child live with me.

I’m not very attractive and so I haven’t had many women. I only got to have sex with those girls because they were teenagers and didn’t know any better to stay away from the substitute teacher

That said: I’d generally fuc* any girl I could at a coffee shop.

Since summer is coming soon, I intend to get my hair trimmed in preparation for the hot weather. I usually just have my pixie cut cleaned up, but this time I kind of want to get a fade as a surprise and I'm interested in trying out a new style.

did something very bad to a teenage girl who got an abortion

feel guilty still on the anniversary

need to be tortured by new CIA torture master very very badly

Very very badly. I want it to hurt exquisitely. I want to feel pain I’ve never imagined before at the hands of the CIA. I want the torturers to be my fellow Americans

I want it to hurt so badly I faint, and can’t walk straight or talk right afterwards. I want to be tortured into permanent and painful crippling disability! I want the CIA and FBI to do this to me!

I hereby waive my 8th amendment rights! Please come use the most Inhumane, cruel and unusual punishment on me! Please make it hurt so badly I beg you to stop!!! Ignore my pleas! Never stop torturing me until it’s far far too late.

Please CIA and FBI, I very badly desire you to torture me horribly in unspeakable ways!

I'm into casts and broken bones. It's hard. I basically do not have any normal sexuality outside of this fetish. I am a younger guy and, to make matters even more deviant, I am not into women in casts. I am into hot athletic guys in casts. Lately, I have been trying to aim for health and not apply casts or pretend I have a broken arm or leg. But, especially when summer comes around, my mind turns to fancy in the same way a straight guy thinks of girls. The smell of the fiberglass, the feel of the padding, the cool story, the signatures. But I am trying to avoid falling prey to this desire. I work out and run and try to stay on the straight side of things. I wish I was normal.

My brother just got divorced, and I'm thinking of contacting his ex-wife. I've always had the hots for her. Although I'm married, I think she likes me too. She once let it out at a family gathering that she wished she married me, not my brother.

The thing is that she is pretty religious. I'm not sure if she would be into having a fling. I would fuc* her in a heartbeat. My wife no longer screws me, so I'm thinking that it would be okay, if I can get a piece. I'm just not sure how to get the process started.

Can't hide it anymore, I LOVE fat women. The bigger the better. Puberty held no secrets from me, I knew what I liked from day one. Something about how they look and the way they're shaped is so damn appealing. And it's not enough for a girl to have a potbelly, the whole woman must be large, big chest, belly, hips, thighs, butt, the whole deal. Just hearing the ground thump and shake under their feet as they waddle, or watching the way their limbs & bellies jiggle is enough to turn my bones into jelly.

Look, I dont treat women as sex objects, I never date if its someone I dont want to lovingly spend the rest of my life with, I dont go around fattening people up or advocating gaining weight, I'm well aware obesity poses health issues. It's just, my desire for a girl with meat on her bones is too strong to ignore, and worser still, living in an anti-fat world is a burden all on its own.

I have this desire to walk naked in my neighbour one dark night. I would be clothed by the darkness yet feel the warm night air against every inch of my body. I know it is crazy for a woman in her 30s to think this way but it's just a desire i can't shake, probably because I am a home nudist...i just don't have the courage to go public i guess:thinking::thinking:.

I'll call myself HeadHunter cause all I think of is sucking dic*. I'm married for 9 years now have 3 beautiful kids and an amazing husband but sucking him isn't enough. I met strangers at bars, work and even online we meet up and if I'm feeling him I blow him. I've sucked off 10 dudes in one day at the most. Several of my husband friends I've gave oral to over the years they kept quiet cause they wanted to keep getting it. That was when we were back home though. I sneak out of bed some nights when I get the urge. I know it's getting worse cause I'm willing to pay to suck a nice,clean dic*. I just need and want it all the time. I need help but I don't know what to do.

i have an extreme fetish for girls feet . i actually go to the mall or park just to find girls wearing sandals so i can look at their feet. and i take pictures of all my friends daughters feet whenever i can

I’m 28 and in Corporate Comm ... I think I just slept with our outside Lawyer whose 39 years old and married

now what?

I secretly want to be in a polygamous relationship with my fiance ex wife.He moved across state to be with me but misses the kids so much. I often feel I separated them I wish we could be one big happy family. Not to mention she's sexy as hell to me. What should I do I can't help thinking or fantasizing about it. I'd love to have her between my legs and me between hers.

told this semi attractive girl Id date her as long as she swore shed always wear her shoes without socks

told her id buy her dinner, pay for whatever she wants, take her on trips, and she could crash at my place whenever she wanted stay as long as she liked - also promised to buy her many pairs of nice shoes and sexy shoes

she agreed that deal was just too good to pass up

just threw my girlfriends birth control away and didnt tell her. we just left for a 10 day cruise after she just finished her freshman year of college and I just finished grad school! I want to celebrate

I didnt bring any condoms either.

this is gonna be an awesome trip!

I go on Omegle and lie and say I'm a 23 year old daddy looking for younger guys to fuc*. In reality I'm 17 and nonbinary. I just get so horny role playing with twinks and sissy boys. I love it

Nobody really has a purpose. Or Meaning. All the things we think are important are imagined. All accomplishments will be erased. All success eclipsedand forgotten. All love ultimately faded, broken, lost, abandoned.

We can pretend to be special. We can pretend to have purpose or meaning.

We can try to distract ourself a with sex or masturbation or porn or drugs or alcohol or cigarettes or internet or phones or video games

We can try to distract ourselves with work and school and people wethink are our friends or want to be our girlfriends

We can pretend that things like graduation mean something, or that Mother’s Day means something

But none of it means anything. We are on a rock flying through the black empty void of space. Our liveswink our without purpose or meaning. Innocent children and good people suffer and die for no reason. Corrupt and wealthy men plunder nations now still, just like tyrant kings of old.

Corporate soulless capitalism and commodification rules our day, just like imbedded racism, sexism, and homophobia. We all absorb the synthetic mass produced pop culture, even the so called alternative cultures are ultimately calculated, measured and drawn up. We are all Always already invented by societies that came before us to no end or purpose.

The empires will all fall and crumble into dust.

And yet all this terrible and pointless suffering all slips away, as nothing matters. We all die someday and are forgotten

Tell me any of this is not true. I’m listening

I love little sissy boys that wear feminine clothes and moan like girls when they're fuc***. I want to put on a strap-on and fuc* their little pink holes until their milky cum shoots everywhere.

Oh my god, sometimes the obviousness of my worthlessness is simply life and existence has no meaning, no purpose. It never has. I have always known this Darkness. There is nothing in the Void.
None of us exist on purpose. None of us have any meaning. Nothing matters. Our lives are all empty, hollow, meaningless.

We can try to distract ourselves with sex and porn and masturbation on drugs and alcohol and cigarettes and sports and more cigarettes and alcohol and movies and more cigarettes and booze and video games and still more cigarettes and alcohol and drugs and go to churches and books filled with lies and then lie about all the cigarettes and alcohol we need every day just to get by in this meaningless world and meaningless life then complain about our rotten health

Fuc* all of this

where can I go to get a job that allows me to smoke cigarettes at work!?

I need a job where I can smoke cigarettes at work. Seriously. I’m about to be a Senior in college, and I’ve gotten to where I’m smoking cigs all the time! My smoking in the past four years has gotten outta control and I really need a job where I can smoke on the job - Like I have to leave to smoke every hour while watching movies! Even then, the whole time I’m just sitting there obsessing about how badly I need a cigarette! im totally addicted!!!

So what are some jobs I can do where I can smoke on the job?

So certain states let people smoke at work?

Please help me! Thanks!

I am 27, female, unattached. I work in accounting. The marketing department lady has always been nice to me, and we usually have lunch. She is in her forties, also unattached. The short of it is that she came on to me, she had asked me out to lunch to this small Italian restaurant. She told me she admired me, liked me, but she wanted more, she wanted to show me how much she liked me. She took my hand and whispered all these sex things she wanted to do, very slowly and very thoroughly, whith her hands, with her mouth, with her body, that when she was through with me I would truly know why I was given a female body, at the end of her description she held my face and kissed my lips. Before we got back to the office she stopped me and told me that no man can make me feel like a woman, that was something only a woman can do and she was there to take me to that place, where women know women, and women are women, and she kissed me again.
I am not going to lie, while she was talking to me in the restaurant I was so uncomfortably hot, I was dripping, while she held me on the street and told me she was going to make me feel like a woman and she kissed me I almost fell. When she looks at me in the office I get flushed and have to turn around. Part of me wants to experience what she said she wanted to do, but the other part of me tells me not to do it, stay the course, find a man and stay away from her.