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I have complicated views on abortion because I dont know how many ive been responsible for..all I know is that I’ve had unprotected sex with about 75 women in the last 20 years. No condome Ever.

There are at least 34 children I know about that those women had. Often they were with/married to other men. Most of those kids think they are fathered by other men. Some look an awful lot like me in their moms Facebook pictures; but I never say anything or pay child support... Those are just the kids I know about.

There are 9 pregnancies I know I am 100% responsible for. I don’t even have much game, I just sleep around with whoever I can when I get the chance honestly.

I only ever paid for 3 of The abortions. I know there were many many more; I just don’t know how many.

Only 1 of The children lives with me and has my last name.

How many abortions am I responsible for? How many miscarriages? I cannot even fathom how many times I actually got girls pregnant and they didn’t want the baby

I really cannot even guess at the true number of abortions. Maybe it’s only 20 or 30? I can’t imagine it being lower than that. It seems quite likely to be over 100 abortions

100 abortions? Jesus that’s horrifying

I mean: I don’t want 100 kids either. Of the 34 kids where there moms got pregnant while I was having unprotected sex with them; over half were also seeing other guys. They told the other guys they were the father.. I’m sure some of them probably could be

Some of these guys are clearly not the father of these kids though. It’s plainly obvious... but society is what it is: they stay with the mom they have to pay for all her kids if she says so

Maybe if I add the 9 pregnancies I for sure know I caused, maybe I’ve somehow only ever gotten 20 girls pregnant...

Oh and I’m not a player or anything. Hell I’m not even good looking, I just have low standards and will hook up with drunk girls or rebounds or desperate girls, or desperate lonely drunk girls, or really whoever

But I still only have the one daughter who lives with me and has my last name

None went up for adoption that I know about

Zero adoptions out of this whole bunch.

At least 4 abortions for sure. 3 I paid for; 1 I refused to pay for. She was 19 and her sister took her and paid for it I think.

Still: how many abortions?

Do you guys see how fuc*** crazy all of this is?

I don’t care where you are on the pro-choice or pro-life side: this entire situation is fuc***

If you are anti abortion: the number of abortions involved is staggering

If you are pro-choice: how does this not look like a terrible use of the system? I guess it protected the women’s/girl’s interests? I’m really not sure if it did.

It’s pretty fuc*** nuts when you look at it

I just watched the movie on Netflix about Ted Bundy. I really get off on that stuff. It's fascinating, but also sexually arousing. Just thinking about what he did to those beautiful girls makes me hard as a rock.

Mr. No Socks, I have a teenage girl for you. Shes not wearing socks. where do you want her delivered?

Fuc* you. You came back to talk to me just to brag about your full ride scholarship, then ghosted. You know damn well I supported you in your dreams, you'll never find a time when I doubted you. But I was always the villian, huh? Even now that we're exes, I was always the villian to you. It's easy to forget how good someone was when you're in a bubble. I don't know how you're ego can be the size of an elephant while still being so insecure. Well now I'm really the villian- you remember that guy you were so worried about? You know, the one who, dispite having a girlfriend, you insisted was trying to get at me? Guess what we did :wink:

My pubes are my pubes. Come and let's lick my yeast infection?

I'm finally having my pen** removed this summer. I'm not gay or transgender, and I don't hate my pen**; I'm just done with it and it's time for it to go. It has served me very well but I always knew this day would come eventually. It just makes me sad that some surgeon is just going to cut it off and throw it away. I wish I could just pull on my erect pen** and it would pop off, even if I couldn't put it back on again (becasuse I wouldn't want to). I still like my pen**, but I don't want it part of me anymore. It's not huge - just a slightly above average pen**. I wish it would come off and stay the same forever. I'd like to hold it once in a while. Maybe I'd mount it on a plaque. It would look good if I could put it into a glass block as a paperweight, but then I wouldn't be able to touch it anymore. I guess none of those ideas matter. It's being cut off and I'll never see it again.

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just bored rate me or tell me what you think.

I thought it would be easy for me to be a millionaire by 30. It is now 2019. I am on food stamps. and no I was never a millionaire.

I'm sitting here next to him while he's focused on engineering...i just got cold from the thoughts that passed through my mind... i have goose bumps... and I'm flustered... i want to just show him something...he's never had and never will again habe... but i know that it's wrong...

im sitting here with my guy at his friend's house visiting for the weekend. i keep fighting it but he makes me so horny with his beautiful blue gren copper flek eyes and long dark curly hair with his deliscious. watermelon toned lips... :persevere: it didnt help seeing him fresh out the showerlordddd. .

I'm in hospital and I have a hot doctor. I look like shit lol... because ya know, I'm in the hospital.
I want him so bad! I'm getting wet while he's sitting there talking to me :grimacing:
I'm getting bold out here! lol...I better relax cause, I want to ride that dic*!

I fantasize about being fuc*** by a white man while my black boyfriend watches. I’m at work right now and can’t even focus because this thought is consuming my existence.

I wish I had a dic* to fuc* cute Asian girls with. YOU LUCKY BASTARDS WITH PEN**ES.

Mr. No Socks, please get me pregnant. I'm umderage and want to get pregnant and get an abortion.

just for fun


What’s the biggest thing you think that can fit in the ass?

can I have your wife's number?

I'm actively and seriously seeking a platonic sugar daddy or mama willing to spoil me here and there in exchange for companionship/friendship. I know it's not typically what sugar daddies and mamas want out of a sugar baby, but... I know these types exist. I've yet to find my diamond in the rough, but I'm still searching, trying. I know it's selfish, I know it's considered stupid and weird... but I still want to be spoiled. Not with expensive jewelry, not with homes or cars. Not even with financial help. I just want to be given a little money to spend on myself every week or so. I have an addiction to spending online (specifically anime merch, art commissions, and art adopts/customs).

I'm actually a kind, loving person... even though this whole dream of mine makes me sound completely the opposite...

I've gotten a lot of hate for this, and ass***-ish snark from people/trolls... but I'm still trying to find that person (or hell, multiples). Not for sex, not for dating... just friendship/companionship.

Im praying to god im pregnant even though im on birth control.

I wanna shag the lady in ChilledCow's lofi hip hop video. Anybody else?

My tit obsession is so seriously gotten out of hand. I can't even fully hold by on breast because my breasts are too big to handle. I like touching my titties.