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I want to have arms and legs tied to the bed posts, and have a man use a vibrator on full force on my cli* and pus**, forcing me to cum multiple times.

I’m a 20 yr old man who has fantasized for years about my mom cheating on my dad and often chat with people about it. I have no intentions of doing this, but part of me wants it to happen for real. The thought of it is the only way I can arouse myself. I love both of my parents a lot, they are a happy and strong couple who have done so much for me and the fact that I am like this makes me feel so ashamed and disgusted with myself.

My teacher is not aware but I'm the teenage bastard who keeps senting her photos of my PENI$. By the way of a high-school student in my sophomore year.

I secretly live in your attic and you don't know who I am and I call you by the nickname Goldie because you are the sexy blonde Woman who I have eyes on. Late at night I like to sneak out attic well I know you're asleep and I have sex with you while you're asleep. You're not even aware that I'm having sex with you while you're asleep because I'm aware that you take a medication that knocks you out cold. While your sleep I have sex with you and I cum inside your vagina so if you get pregnant just know I am the father. So now you understand why you're so aroused in your sleep and why you wake up in a wet bed because you're not having wet dreams and it's just me making you orgasm while I have sex with you. I also want you to understand I don't want you to go to an abortion clinic I want you to keep our babies and all over them. You won't find me if you try looking for me because I have powers I can make myself invisible I can make so you can't see me. And I've been squatting in your attic for over 4 years. I know you have some weird phobia of that attic because I read your Journal I know the attic creeps you out. You don't realize I have a mattress up there and at late at night I steal some of your food out of the fridge and one of the nights I stoled your Journal too. Things often turn up missing because of me. for example I'd like to steal your urine soiled underwear just so that I can take in your smell and savor every minute of it and I mostly like the ones that are soiled in your menstrual blood. I want you to understand of your secret lover who makes love to you late at night. I'm a real man I'm not an incubus. I'm a homeless man making you orgasm. sometimes I even watch you masturbating. I want you I love your big beautiful breasts. I also like your big beautiful bubble butt and I realize for a white woman you have a nicely around butt. I know you've been paranoid for sometime taking somebody lives in your house well it's the truth I do live in your house. And no it's not in your head. I hope you miss your next menstrual cycle I hope I succeed in getting you pregnant with my really thick cloudy sperm. I want you to have our love children. ~~~Sincerely your stalker who lives in the attic. ~~~

Take me to Enumclaw.

can anybody tell me the title of the song I had in my head a while ago?

Give me money so I can be hypebeast.

I enjoy punching myself in my own vagina. And I don't understand why it makes me orgasm so much. I mostly like to punch myself in the vagina while I'm taking a shower. I don't like to finger myself in the butthole when I'm in the shower.

I was the one that dug up your mother's grave and had sex with her dead corpse. F*ck you PC Millennium pu$$y b*tch generation"! I also dug your grandmother's grave and had sex with her too.

Eveytime I see you my heart skips a beat. I am not really sure why I am crazy about you but I am. I know it is best to just try and suppress these feelings but I want so badly to hold you.

This past weekend, me and my sister went out to party and drink. After we finished we went to her place. I’ve seen my sister in her bra and panties before, but that was a few years ago. This time as she undressed, I noticed that her body had matured into a sexy work of art. I was fixated on her nice ass, in her bikini panties. Her legs so smooth and her tits filled her out. When she was in the kitchen, I teased her, by squeezing her ass. She just laughed and thought I was just playing around. That night I slept on the couch, but I could still feel her luscious ass in my hands. she looked and felt so good. I think I’m attracted to her now, even though she’s my sister.

I am a horny 23 year old no female that gets off to random sexual confessions and wants as many men/women to comment what they would sexually do to me. I wanna read them and masturbate.

The Bomb shelter and doomsday preppers business is booming - they know what’s coming. I recently made a truck delivery to this place in East Texas that makes bomb shelters all day everyday, and the guy I talked to there said their business has been exploding since Trump was elected and that he has been getting a lot more orders for high end bomb shelters. This is fuc*** real kids

I ain’t talking about no boy scout weekend gettaway camping trip neither. This isn’t about ghost stories and camp fires and drying your wet hiking socks overnight on a hanging line. This is some real end of days shit going on. This guy is moving serious equipment for people with serious funding.

I have a fetish that I like to call Wet and Wild. Basically my fetish is to have sex in water and I also like to get super wet when I have sex in general even if I'm not in a body of water. I also like taking sensual sexual showers with someone I have sex with. I also want to sponge bath my sex partner. I'm biologically a female and my zodiac sign is Aries. And I also think of myself as intensely sensual and erotic. And I love being a sex therapist who preaches sex makes everything better. I believe that sex is very therapeutical and very healthy for every adult.

Lonely in Chicago. I typed that in and I am not alone, but I am lonely. I am 37 and I have not found someone to have a relationship with. On the way home a man sat across from me on the train. I got off and he got off. I walked and he walked. I braced myself and kept walking. I went into my building and I left the door so all he had to do was push the door to get in. I walked up the stairs and waited at my door. I left the door open and waited looking out the window at the street. He came in and did what he meant to do and left. I locked my door and straightened up, cleaned the kitchen, went into my room and showered, fixed some soup and went to bed alone again.

I wish I could start over.

I have to say that I owe Mr. No Socks an apology. I used to roll my eyes at his stories, especially when he would write several paragraphs to throw you off, and then slip in the no socks thing near the end. But last month I needed a new phone. The girl who sold it to me was drop dead gorgeous. She could have sold me a bag of air. But she was wearing skinny jeans that stopped about an inch above her ankles, and the cuff was tight to her legs. She was wearing, you guessed it, shoes with no socks. I have to admit it was pretty damn sexy. So, Mr. No Socks, I apologize. You are definitely on to something.

I am 30 years old. A white female from a household of five girls, a doctor father and a lawyer mother. I am not like my sisters. Yes I do want children, in fact I am hurting about that now. But I just cannot get married to a man. Sorry but that just won't work. Something in my chemistry won't let it happen, I know I have to procreate and that means I have to allow a man to impregnate me but that doesn't mean that I have to live with him, not in my book. I have chosen my brother-in-law to impregnate me, my sister is not happy about it but such is life. Better him than some random stranger. I am going to yoga and meditation to build up the nerve to let him impregnate me. I just have to be in the zone for it.

Absolutely crazy about a married man with 4 kids... His wife doesn't appreciate him. Goodness knows I would.

I found a doctor in Chicago who is willing to remove my pen**. Time to plan my summer vacation.