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i hate white people watch me rant

end of times near! nuclear, chemical , biological.
Get ready! Look at the world today. Russia. North Korea. Israel. Gaza. China. Suria. Iran. Trump. Egypt. Lybia. This is how it goes down. Biblical prophecy or not. Get ready now

Get your bug out bags packed right now!!. In the car and at home. Food, water, medicine, spare clothes, fire starter, basic camping tools like hatchets or knives or multi tool, that’s the 101. A compact folding shovel is more useful than you’d ever imagine. Compact sleeping bag, or billet. Keep it under 15 pounds, preferably under 12 lbs, and have enough food and water for 3 days. Plan to be able to walk at least 10-12 miles a day. Practice walking everywhere. Practice mode

Double check your list: Compact tent, and Sleeping bags in car or garage Folded Tarp. Pack your car or garage like you might have to be away from home for a few weeks. Be able to load your car in 10 minutes or less from home if not already pre-loaded. Mine is pre-loaded.

Food like granola bars but also cannned food like beans. Water filters and purifiers, but also bottled water. Flashlights, extra batteries. Cash. Jewelry to trade.

Medicine/drugs are key. All weather clothing. Rainproof jacket. Good boots. Good socks, if you wear socks. Clean underwear. Extra pairs. Matches. Lighter. Compass. Band aids. You’ll get blisters. Bottle of alcohol, either for drinking or trade. Cigarettes if you smoke, or for trade. Bullets if you have a gun, or for trade. Look at 3rd world countries: people barter for booze, cigarettes , bullets/ ammo, and medicine/ drugs when the currency is shot to hell. Thatand food if things are real bad. Pills, bullets, cigs, those things have value. Stock up now.

Have an escape plan. Think about radiation and fall out. Wind direction. Are you in a target zone.

Who in your friends or family has military or police background? Who has survival skills? Hunters? Campers? Hikers? Learn these skills. Learn mechanics. Start watching YouTube videos on prepping. Lots of peepers are stupid. Many are smart. Start watching videos right now - pack your big out bag first - then watch more YouTube videos on prepping.

Make your wife or girlfriend prep with you if you have one. Mine left me, so I have to prep alone whenever I don’t have custody of my daughter. When I do I have her prep with me by practicing “camping” and “going hiking”

Nature hikes are great cover for prepping. It seems normal. Not like you are a survivalist wacko.

Learn to become a Grey Man. To walk unseen and unnoticed either in a Crowd or alone.

Learn to forage. Practice. Both in the wild and in city.

Go spend the night on the streets with the homeless. I learned so much from them. Every time I go spend a few nights on the street, Ilearn something new. They survive weeks or months, some of them years, with nothing. Nothing.

Give back to the homeless after you have stayed with them. Give them your leftover prepped food. I used gift cards to buy extra food, batteries, other supplies for homeless. We all can learn from that toughness.

Plan your camping weekend now. Holiday weekend coming up.

Summer is here.

Look at the world today. It could be our last.

Be ready.

This time it’s real. Be ready.

women never wear pantyhose anymore? why

abortions should be mandatory!

im not wearing underwear

where can I find a girl willing to wear her shoes without socks for me? like every day for the rest of her life?

I have a job and can pay the bills. she can live with me rent free, I have cable and internet. Ill buy her groceries, and clothes, and of course shoes.

where can I find a girl would be imterested in a free place to stay in exchange for just not being allowed to own socks or ever wear them and always wearing her shoes barefoot without socks!?

my secretary is Always taking smoke breaks - like multiple breaks wveey single hour!

Literally every fuc*** time I call for her, she is ALWAYS out on a fuc*** cigarette break!!

Jesus Christ how many fuc*** cigarettes does she smoke a day? It’s so fuc*** annoying plus she absolutely reeks of cigarettes! I swear to god I can smell her coming down the hall or anytime she comes in my office to bring me anything

Survivalists - Iran deal is toast - Nuclear War now imminent!

Trump has done it. He pulled out! It was a bad deal anyways but now Iran is going to first strike us! The escalation to nuclear war is now inevitable in the very short term!

Get the hell out of populated places ASAP! Get your Bug Out Bags ready, food, water, medicine, gearc etc - Ready to go right now! Like, get that shit ready this afternoon -

Leave your work or school right away! Go straight home and start eating packed as quickly as possible - QUICKLY pack the 3 day bag first if you don’t already have it ready - and then start loading up your car or bike- add more cans of food, more water, water filters, fire starters, etc

Bring valuable goods and weapons. Get cash and buy supplies and get spare clothes, boots, jackets - get all your shit ready!!

This is How nuclear War Starts. Just like this!

Get out of major cities, especially east coast and NYC and DC. Get away from all major military bases

Get at least 20-30 miles away from any major city (city with a professional sports team) or any major military installation - any Air Fore, Army, Marine or Naval Base - Military installations and major cities will be taken out first!

Fill up on gas, get extra canned food, and water and get whatever women you can find and get them into your car and your ass outta here!

If you don’t, then we are all gonna die in the nuclear fires of Armageddon!!!

the end of days is coming - civilization as you know it is coming to an end

start prepping now. get bug out bags (BoB) ready. hoarde food, water and camping supplies amd medicine now. flats of bottled water and canned food; extra batteries, water filters, and solar charger too are key. tents and sleep bags and more backpacks and good hiking clothes, weatherproof jackets and hats and boots. must have weapons, knives, hatches, axes, bows, or whatever you can get - keep 3-6 month supply at home and a fully packed bug out bag to last 72+ hours minimum in your car at all times

beready at all times.

get your every day carry (EDC) ready -good folding knife like Benchmade, Spyderco, ken onion, etc plus an “Altoids EDC” kit - keep in yor pockets - never go anywhere without a folding knife or leatherman type multitool

look: Im telling you guys because I want you to be safe

I have inside information: its going to be going down really soon

all the signs are there for people paying attention to the fake news and rhe real news


stop whatever you are doing right this minute and start prepping immediately beforw ira too late!!

you meed to be ready to be the Man your women need!

be ready!

youve been warned!

my shit came out looking like spagetti

butI didnt eat spagetti

what the hell is wrong with me ?

Saw this girl, she was 23, she had a banner celebrating her birthday is how I knew that. Anyway she was wearing a short skirt and could see right up her skirt (as could anybody sitting near) No panties, she wasn't spreading her legs, but could see enough where it appeared shaved.

Yet, if I were to pull my dic* out, I would get arrested and put on a sexual registry.

If you say anything to a woman who does stuff like that it's either slut shaming or sexual harrassment.

The PC police has gone crazy

I should be empathetic towards people with Bell’s Palsy since I was born with a facial paralysis on one side (sort of a congential Bell’s Palsy). And I am to an extent. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have a symmetirical face and then lose it. But, a part of me is a little jealous because they had a “normal” face for a while and will likely have their “normal” face return.

I have a facial paralysis, so it looks like I'm winking every time I blink. I also have Tourette's Syndrome--my head can get twitchy. I'm somewhat surprised about a few things:

1) I have yet to see myself go viral because somebody took a picture and/or video of this walking oddity and posted it online.
2) Though I get occasional looks of suspicion, no woman has verbally attacked me because she thought I was winking at her (particularly in the #meetoo era).
3) No man has gotten angry at me because he thought I was winking at him or his girlfriend/wife.
4) To my knowledge, the police have not been called concerning a strange acting man.
5) I have yet to be labeled a pedophile (and raised the ire of somebody) because a child told their parent I was "winking" at. them.

I'm kinda thankful that I'm ignored a bit.

Trump and the Russians are going to get us all killed. mark my words

Dropping like flies. Trump effect?

no socks girls, no socks!

Can't stand men who call me a milf or want a mommy figure. I'm a grown adult, I'm attracted to people who are also grown adults. I am not wasting two seconds of my life nuturing or babying a pathethic man. If you need an older women to "teach you" how to stick your dic* in a hole, you shouldn't be having sex. And if you're down on your knees trying to lick like a dog, you should be kicked in the face repeatedly until you learn how to screw, not be worthless and weak. You shouldn't need reassurance on how to have sex with a woman, it's natural! I hate men today...submissive men and these stupid milf fetishists aren't worth a penny.

I am really not into politics. I slightly remember Obama's presidency. All I remember is Obamacare really.

Is it me or Trump is always in the news for television like antics?

"So you're saying he liked to play with your tits?" "Yes"

I can't stand the b*tches that sell pyramid scheme bullshit on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Like, your ugly overpriced leggings aren't useful as dishrags, stop adding me to your stupid online parties. Or worse, the essential oil bullshit. The founder of Young Living Oils let his infant die in childbirth because he was so insistent on not using real medical facilities. (Google Gary Young+infant death) And now people sell his overpriced horrible smelling oils and some idiot who failed 9th grade will claim if you buy from her you can cure anything by rubbing the oils on your brain stem. (Does she even have one, handing out bs advice like that?) Or you get the weight loss ones where you insult your "friends" to try to sell them overpriced sar*n wrap or unregulated supplements.

I have more respect for somebody who takes a job as a cashier at Wal-Mart, at least you aren't harassing your friends and family with bullshit pyramid schemes. And honestly, you should feel bad about it if you're selling that crap. Don't be surprised when none of your "friends" give a damn when you go into bankruptcky. Also, if you mark it as spam, FB will delete their BS sale posts, they aren't supposed to be selling on personal profiles.