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The way I’m shitting right now makes me feel like I’m disabled
Jesus Christ this shit is ruining me
I think this shit is going to cripple me

No fuchkng shit. Oh god. Shit
Oh Christ
I can’t walk right now

I’m bleeding from my anu*
Fuc*** help me


I miss what I never had.

Not a person; but a feeling, a place, a sensation, an experience. I feel like I've been cheated, that I could've grown in the way I was intended to had this not been taken out of my hands.

I think I may as well kill myself and ask god for another chance.

*no, noteful. there's nothing remotely "sketchy" about this content. Triggering, maybe.

dear god the house smells like diarrhea

Shelton terminate the call from A-6

I havent worn underwear in 18 years

I was going to be a Democrat on Holloween but couldn't get my head up my ass.

i always wanted to understand what drives this society to an extent that it can commint such heinous crimes just for the sake of getting satisfaction and really needing the attention that i acquired by some and this really pisses me off. i need good grades to get a good university to get a better job for a better life, all the while im learning the stuff i dont need thereby reducing my quality of life. This is a true irony and i don't know what is worse, whether to accept it or question it?

the sinking of the uss maine was America's fault. America is a nosy ass country

HA ha. We are all so fuc***. iphones are spying on us 24/7, tracking our every move!!! The matrix has us!! The police state already knows. So many here have done bad things to women or underaged girls. Forced sex, rape, date rape, impregnation of teenagers, forced abortion

Some of the fags here have had dangerous wildly stimulating unprotected gay sex with someone sick when they knew they shouldn’t keep going. Possibly with underaged boys. Possibly spreading AIDS. No condoms.

You all know your crimes. Now everyone in the world does. I’m not talking about Stealing underwear from your friends little sister. I’m talking about things that go to jail for. Like drugs and drunk driving and oh yeah, rape

You’re all lucky that rape is just not a real prosecutable crime anymore for white men of wealth and power. Forced sex can get you in jail if you’re poor or not powerful or black or Mexican or if you’re their teacher maybe - of course there is that one ass*** teacher on here always bragging about banging students and getting one poor girl pregnant - fuc* that guy - he’s going to jail

We all think we’re so fuc*** smart putting all this bad shit on our iphones and Samsung shit but they are selling all that corporate data and in bed with the government like the CIA, FBI, NSA and all those black ops guys

You cannot run or hide. They always find you. Put on your tinfoil hats ass***s. You try to go run and hide in the woods and they find you. Try to ditch your phone and credit cards and they get you still. Your name is attached to your face now

Facial recognition and AI will doom is all. Your phone is always watching. Just try to erase yourself from the internet. Getting off Facebook or Instagram is not enough. You have to have to convince everyone who ever knew you to get off all social media and delete all pictures of you and all documents you’ve used and all emails you’ve ever sent or received and all accounts and property records and school records and medical records and - well that’s impossible now

It’s in the Internet’s forever

You can not escape now

You are all trapped

We are all trapped here together in hell

They are Coming

Listening to Trump babble on about changing minds in this country. Oh, you mean brainwashing? How about making a real difference like stop catering to the wealthy and make this place great again for everyday people?! Even something as simple as getting rid of common core math like you promised. Huh, ass***!

The TV show “Shameless” is full of moral bankruptcy and absolute filth! I can’t stop watching though because I root for these toilet people to fail!

You’ll hear the angels sing, when the guinea gets his wings

I am just wondering how all the moms and dads out there are feeling whose kids haven’t been allowed to have children so they have no grandchildren and yet supposed to be starstruck about harry and meghans baby news? Its a huge insult for many in struggling times. More tax payer money going to the special people to breed while others are thrown in the useless bin like a nazi concentration camp mentality of these royals. Nothing more special about them. This is why this A hole of a prince worn that nazi shoulder piece and white people so dumb not see it yet! His social nazi order has been an evil cruel one and I only hope more people it for what it is. When you see your own white children not getting work or dates and sex to feel wonderful as these loved out royal freaks do, and you see your children with no babies or houses etc then tell me I am right, if you can’t already feel it. So many white people pushed on to disability pensions and not allowed to have sex or children for the past 30 year while these lot fuc* around like the whores they are , really tells you something! not wishing harm on their child but it will born from beasts.

I think it’s important to say that Trump himself may not be a nazi, but he and the Republicans, by pandering to the extreme right, have given license for nazi types to come out from under their rocks.

anyone who actually believes trump is running america is soooooo painfull naieve and stupid...

look what happened to jfk when he tried to call the shots...

hes literally a figurehead. a puppet. wake up people. he might be a fuc*wit but he isnt the problem, the problem is a wholllleee lot worse than even him

Tonight, I heard three relatively intelligent people talking about Donald Trump, and they were saying that he is a saint, and that God sent him to fix this country. He has saved this country and because of him people and countries are afraid and now they want to bargain and do business. Be honest with me people? Am i missing something? Are they talking about the same Pus** Grabbing, tax breaks for the rich guy that can't even speak with a complete sentence?

Welp Kavanaugh has proven its okay to sexually assault whoever you want! Yay!

What makes me happy is knowing that the people on the religious right wing that uses Christianity as a guise for intolerance and hatred are all going to hell!

Many of these hypocrites aren’t even believers. They just lie that they are to get elected and then twist the word of God.

So when the hour comes that they pass through, imagine their sheer horror finding themselves at the gates of hell. Types like Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence, Sar** Palin et al will soil themsleves as their accursed lips turn to molten brass.

Faceless homunculi will then shear off their faces before they are repeatedly raped by satanic elves and their colons shredded by a demonic ejaculate of burning sand.

It makes me horny thinking about it!

I think what we’ve all learned from the Kavanaugh saga is that sexual assault is ok!

More like Rapepublicans, hash tag amirite!